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					                                                Squadron Line PTO Minutes
                                                    November 4, 2009
In attendance were: Joelle Sullivan, Tracy Tietje, Jen Schulz, Cheryl Cook, Leslie Traubert, Kirsten Carew, Carol Noble, Sherisse Hughes,
Susan Rossignol, Debbie Beckius, Susan Murphy, Cheryl Sojkowski, Debbie Poniatowski, Laura Schless.

Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.

Principal’s Report: Scott Baker reported on continuing to build on the traits of Respect/Responsibility/Kindness in our school. The first
shine celebration will be held on Friday, November 6th. One priority is to continue to practice these traits at home and throughout the
community with the use of the magnets on our cars. The school will continue to do the shine celebrations throughout the year as well as
the Presidents Club. He will continue to look for input to keep the program going.

Kerry Jones reported that the kids are utilizing the purell and illnesses are down. She attended Little City/J. Fosters fundraising night and
thanked everyone for their support. The code red drill went over well and they had great success in getting the kids to their proper
locations until police arrived. If there is any feedback from parents regarding the code red drill, please email Kerry. They will happen
three times a year, and will be more spontaneous the next time.

Staff will most likely stay consistent for next year as the Squadron Line population will eventually decrease by 10%.

We are looking at a locker upgrade as a project over the next five years, as well as UV blinds to help with energy efficiency.

November 18th at 6:00 p.m. there will be a Board of Finance public forum to discuss any major issues.

Treasurers Report: Tracy reported that financial results through October are pretty much as we forecasted at the last meeting. A handful of
“kick off“ activities at the beginning of the year contributed over $2,000 of good news. Unfortunately, the lack of gift wrap sales (of
roughly $2,300) more than offset that good news. We are a couple of hundred dollars below the plan. If the book fair does not hit planned
numbers, we will have to make some decisions regarding planned spending for the rest of the year.

Presidents Report: Joelle reported that the music department had requested 2 Elmo cameras. She read a letter from the music department
explaining the reason for their request. Joelle then made a motion to purchase the cameras with the HOTS School grant $ for the
department, which will cost $600 each. It was approved. The Resident Artist Funding which normally goes to 2 nd grade will no longer
exist. The Curriculum Enrichment will pick up the money and going forward we will look at finding another way to fund the Resident
Artist for the 2nd grade.

Thank you to Hospitality and gift wrap for your hard work. The Sally Foster Gift Wrap fundraiser continues to decline and we will look
at some new ideas to raise money for next year.

Committee Updates:

Carol Noble reported that on the 5th grade fundraiser night, J. Foster gave us %25 of his sales which was $200. We are still not sure about
Little City, but we are expecting a good amount from Will. Thank you to all the scoopers, and in the future maybe look into getting some
Admin and teachers to help as well.

Dec 1st is Perfect Toy/Kumquat night which is another fundraiser for the 5 th grade.

Sherisse Hughes updated us on the science fair which will be the first week of February. The deadline for entering is two weeks before the
event. Some good resources for projects are The Mad Science Program, classroom ideas, and self directed science kits from the indoor
recess boxes. Anyone who enters the science fair will get a free admission to the Science Center. The State Science Fair is open to
students in 7th grade and higher.

Kirsten Carew reminded us of the Family Movie Night on November 13th. She had 125 prepaid tickets and was hoping to get more at the
door. She encouraged kids to make posters advertising the night and asked for 8-10 more parent volunteers to help on the night.

5th grade drama try-outs will be on November 4th. The 6th grade drama try-outs will be on November 5th.

Please check out the bulletin boards, they are doing a great job so far this year.
We will decide on an incentives contest and will announce that soon. Do we want to get sheets for the box tops so that kids can fill them
in at home?

Cheryl Cook talked about the Book Fair which starts the first week of December. They will be setting up November 30 th from 9-1 if
anyone is interested in helping.

Tuesday, Dec 1st will be Donuts With Dads. Dunkin Donuts will donate 500 munchkins , and will give us a %10 discount on the next

Wednesday, December 2nd we will be open late until 6:30 p.m.. Thursday morning will be an event focusing on bringing someone special
that morning. Parents will bake for that event and the book fair will be open until 6:30 p.m. Friday, the last day, it will be open form 9-12.
The committee is still in need of volunteers for the book fair.

The nominating committee announced Leslie Traubert as the President Elect for this year, an official vote will take place in January.

Meeting adjourned at 9:55 a.m.

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