frog muscular system by CrisologaLapuz

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This is an example of frog muscular system. This document is useful for studying frog muscular system.

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									                                 Body System Notes
Central Nervous System: Contains the brain and spinal cord.
Circulatory System: Supplies every part of the body with oxygen, nutrients, and
chemicals and carries away wastes and carbon dioxide; organs include the heart and
Digestive System: Breaks down food so the body can absorb it as nutrients; organs
include stomach, esophagus, and small intestine.
Endocrine System: Produces hormones that regulate mood, growth, metabolism, and
reproduction; organs are the hypothalamus and thyroid.
Excretory System: Removes excess water and waste from the body; organs include
urinary bladder and kidneys.
Muscular System: Allows movement- voluntary and involuntary; some organs or biceps
and triceps.
Peripheral Nervous System: Controls behavior and information processing; organs are
the nerves and neurons.
Respiratory System: Supplies the blood with oxygen and helps rid the body of carbon
dioxide; organs include diaphragm and trachea.
Skeletal System: Provides shape, protection, and acts as an anchor for muscles;
organs include ligaments, tendons, and bones.

                                 Frog Organ Functions
Gallbladder: The organ that stores bile.
Large Intestine: Contains waste, sperm, and or urine.
Liver: Secretes a digestive juice called bile.
Small Intestine: Absorption of digested nutrients occurs in this organ.
Spleen: A holding area for blood.
Stomach: The first major site of chemical digestion.

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