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									Parent Guild Board Meeting
January 31, 2011
8:30am – Parish Room

In attendance: Sharon Rands, Linda Cook, Kate Nilsen, Jennifer Morrissey, Suzanne
Williams, Christy Pagel, Debra Scotto, Claire Giles and Kristin Hunt

Please note there will be 3 months of minutes to approve in March

Upcoming meetings and Events(Linda Cook)

PGO General Meeting:
General Parent meeting for Feb. will be in Parish Room due to Uniform Exchange.
Our guest speaker for the March PGO meeting will be Dr. Ann Corwin.

Welcome to Middle School will be on February 15th.
The Alumni Panel will be on February 24th.

Treasurers Report(Kate Nilsen)

Prayer Breakfast - $377.00 (budget was $300.00, $77.00 over budget)

Back to School Barbeque $1638.00 (budget was $1800.00, $162.00 under budget)

Christmas Tree Fundraiser will be on Fundraising Account.

Scrip(Sarah Brechbill)

Vote was taken as to whether or not we will continue Scrip all year or seasonally.

Proposal #1: Scrip will be sold before Thanksgiving through Christmas
Motioned by Sarah; Seconded by Kate; Agreed by all.

EScrip and Ralph’s will continue all year.

We will recommend to Finance that Scrip and Gift Wrap be moved to pure fundraisers
for school…to end rebate program at St. Edward.

Motioned by Sarah, Seconded by Kate, Agreed by all

Kate will bring it up at Finance meeting.

Proposal B will be in the event that Finance says no.

Proposal B: Rebate Program changed to 50/50 like MDHS and SMCHS.
Motioned by Sarah, Seconded by Claire, Agreed by all.

Book Fair(Stacie Pugliese)

The Book Fair is off to a great start. Sunday’s gross was $4000.00. Next year, Book Fair
should reserve room for Thursday Night before Book Fair to allow for delivery time and
set up.

Box Tops(Marianne Parada)

No report

Spirit Wear

No report

Gift Wrap(Jennifer Morrissey)

Innisbrook will be our company again next year. Our rep will be at Sept. 6, 2011
assembly to do the Kick-off.

The committee will need 4 people if rebate is no longer going to be offered.

Total sales- $25,000.00
Total profit without rebates -$12,000.00
Rebates as of January - $6000.00

** Fiesta, Gift Wrap, Scrip, Christmas Trees are all going towards Tuition Assistance.

** In–n-Out: we will apply for it for the 2011-2012; i will also go towards Tuition
Assistance if we are selected.

** Christmas Tree Fundraiser next year will go to PGO

** School needs to raise $100,000.00 for Tuition Assistance

Monarch Main Event (Sue Buckley)

February 26, 2011
Recuepero Family won Limo for the evening.
Directory will be sent home with oldest child.
Raffle tickets are on sale for Taylor Swift concert Aug. 27, 2011
There are only 40 seats left for event.
** Currently, we owe $75,000.00 on Science Lab
Fiesta (Sharon Rands)
No one is stepping up to do Country Store.

Christmas Trees (Linda Cook)

Christmas Tree Fundraiser needs a section in Volunteer Book for 2011-2012.

Community Relations ( Suzanne Williams)

No Monarch Newsletter until Marni gets back from sick leave.

Volunteer Coordinator ( Mary Payne)

No report

Hospitality( Christy Pagel)

Alumni Panel is Feb. 24th – budget for event is $300.00
Fr. Steve’s birthday gift – Boysenberry Pie and Net Book

Room Mom Chair

Prayer Partner Picnic Feb. 4th Rikki Daniels is planning this event.
Kindergarten is included in this event.

Principal’s Report (Sharon Rands)

Tykes Program is being moved to Preschool.
Kindergarten: we will have 3 full day Kindergarten classes.
Our enrollment is 670 this year.
Next year, our full capacity will be 657.

Summer Program has been reinvented.
     *Mrs. Isley and Mrs. Williams
     *2 full weeks; 8:00am- 1:00pm
     *last two weeks of July

Vacation Bible School will be the 2nd week of July.

Spanish Cultural Group will be coming to our school on Feb. 7th.

Living Stations will be every Wednesday during Lent. This will be an elective for the 8th
8th graders will be participating in “You Can Be a Chemist” Test. Four students will go
on to compete at the Discovery Center.

We need bleachers outside for athletic events.

Meeting adjourned at 10:35am.

Respectfully submitted by Kristin Hunt

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