PTA Executive Board Meeting

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					                                  PTA Executive Board Meeting
                                       January 12, 2011
                                         Front Lobby

Attendees: Alissa Blankenship, Matt Brooks, Kevin Epstein, Teri Herzog, Peggy Kenney, Phyllis Lovett,
Carrie McAteer, Kari Meyer, Catherine Miller, Mary Beth Moore, Mary K. Prioletti, Liz Rhein, Lisa

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Kari Meyer welcomed everyone to the PTA Executive Board meeting.

The agenda was reviewed and approved. Minutes for November and December were distributed
electronically prior to the meeting and approved.

Kari Meyer thanked Jay Brzezynski for continuing the change the school’s sign during the recent snow.
She also announced that the recent TerraCycle raffle went well. A total of 13 pounds of juice bags were
received to recycle. Peggy Kenney thanked the PTA for the Entertainment Books.

President’s Report – Kari Meyer

Kari Meyer distributed the PTAs Resolution for FCPS School Board Action of SW Region Boundary
Study. The resolution highlights the concerns the PTA presidents at impacted schools have over the
Boundary Study. The Board discussed the resolution and the pros and cons of supporting the resolution.
A motion was made to adopt the resolution and seconded. The motion passed with a majority vote.

A motion was made and seconded to send the resolution to the PTA general membership. The motion
was passed. Action Item: Kari Meyer and Catherine Miller to determine if Survey Monkey could be
used to send the resolution out to the general membership.

Kari invited Lisa Legos of Sally Foster to make a presentation to the Board about using Sally Foster as a
gift wrap fund raiser.

Treasurer’s Report – Phyllis Lovett

Jean Naka opened the November 30, 2010 and December 31, 2010 bank statements. Catherine Miller
reviewed the bank statements and reports all is in order.

The profit and loss statements for December and January were distributed and reviewed.

Three disbursement requests were made:
    Kim Donahue for $550 for Gary Lloyd the story teller. This will be an all-day program for the
       entire school ending with Extreme Reading for fifth graders. Approved unanimously from the
       Cultural Arts budget line.
    From the Fourth Grade and Second Grade teams for Jamestown Settlement. The cost is $1.25 per
       student. The cost will be no more than $160 for the fourth grade and no more than $125 for the
       second grade. Approved unanimously from the Cultural Arts budget line.
January 12, 2011
PTA Executive Board Meeting

Ways and Means Report – Teri Herzog & Mary Beth Moore

Mary Beth Moore reported she has worked with Ledo’s Pizza and they will offer a month of fund raising
for Willow Springs. She will coordinate with various classrooms to have a family night out at Ledo’s
Pizzas during the month of March.

Mary Beth made a motion to use Sally Foster as the fund raiser for gift wrap. The motion was approved

Volunteers Report – Catherine Miller and Carrie McAteer

Volunteers are needed for the Student/Teacher Volleyball night. We are also in need of a Supply Packet

Recording Secretary- Teri Herzog filled in for Laura Buice

There are no outstanding action items.

Corresponding Secretary- Susan Skare

No report

Committees Report

World Festival – Kari Meyer reported meetings have been held and all is on plan.

Fun Fair – Alissa Blankenship reported emails are being sent to parents asking for donations and
volunteers. Letters have been sent to merchants for Silent Auction donations.

Principal’s Report – Liz Rhein

Our technology specialist has moved to Centreville High School. He has been replaced by Paul Deverne
who will be at Willow Springs one day per week.

A walkie talkie has been given to Joanne Gulakowski as part of the safety program at a cost of $500 per

Assistant Principal’s Report – Peggy Kenney

Peggy Kenney reported that letters have been sent to parents with results of the CogAT and Naglieri

Letters have been sent to the homes of sixth grade AAP students to sign up for the Iowa Algebra Aptitude
January 12, 2011
PTA Executive Board Meeting

Willow Springs has been selected to participate in the Nations Report Card. Fourth graders will take a test
on February 23 in either mathematics or reading.

Teacher Representatives – Mary K. Prioletti

Mary K. Prioletti thanked the Board for the room rugs and Entertainment Books.

Old Business


New Business

George Mason University ticket flyers have been sent home and 194 tickets were sold. There will be 35

There will be four games played at the Volleyball Spirit Night.

The Nominating Committee for the 2011 – 2012 PTA Board is now forming. Wendy Everard, Jean Naka
and Megan Soyster-Heinz were recommended to participate. Any others interested should inform Kari.


Important Dates:

Martin Luther King Holiday January 17
Chorus Concert January 25
GMU Basketball WS F.O.X. Jumpers and Chorus performing January 26
Student Holidays January 31 – February 1
Spring Picture Day February 15
Next PTA meeting February 16

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Teri Herzog
VP, Ways and Means

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