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                                                        Flying Paper Airplanes
                                               by Massimo Mula

                                               All you need is a piece of paper to have fun making
                                               airplanes that really fly! This book is for the whole
                                               family. At very little cost, parents will enjoy making
                                               something with their children and testing the flight
                                               characteristics of different airplanes. Children will
                                               easily be able to make flying objects with well-
                                               defined characteristics. You can play with paper
                                               airplanes indoors or outside: just choose the project
                                               that best suits the place. If your plane does not fly
                                               very well, all you need is another piece of paper to
                                               make another plane in just a few minutes.
                                               This book gives parents, teens, and children
Technical Characteristics:                     technical advice on how to build airplanes and other
Pages: 64
Size: 18.5 x 26 cm
                                               paper flying objects just by folding paper and using
Color Photos: about 80                         materials and tools easily found in the house
Color Illustrations: about 50                  (scissors, tape, etc.).
Text characters: 100,000
                                               Children can make many projects all by themselves.
                                               Teens or adults will have no problem in making some
Each Project Indicates:                        of the more complex projects. All the airplanes can
   •   Difficulty
   •   If parental guidance is                 really fly.
       required                                There are step-by-step photographs and photos show
   •   Materials needed                        the models and their details, both in a studio setting
   •   Airplane category
   •   Type of flight                          and outdoors. There are also detailed drawings
                                               explaining construction.
    •    3 “traditional” models                Book      outline:
         (Arrow, Stuka, Trapezium)
    •    5 models of varying                     •       Paper airplane structure
         difficulty                              •       Construction criteria
         (All-Wing, Stiletto, Comet,
         Manta-II, Fighter)
                                                 •       Rudiments of “applied origami” (fundamental
    •    2 original creations by the                     folds, a few simple tricks, creating the “bases”
         author (M1-BAT, Eagle)                          to build airplanes)
         3 models made from
         stickers (“Kiriplani”; difficulty:         •    Basic aerodynamic notions
         high)                                      •    Launching techniques
         4 “flying objects”                         •    Trim corrections
         (Tornado, Tubular, Ely, Fishy)
                                                    •    Helpful tips
                                                    •    Paper airplane games (to have fun with paper
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                                               The book has color photographs and illustrations

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