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Choosing The Right Drift Chassis

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									                        Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                         Written By: MCtrlSys (Author: Keijidosha Motorsports)

                                                                   Ok, I will admit that this is a tough one
                                                                     right out of the gate. Not only will you
                                                                      get a thousand different answers to
                                                                    this question but you know there is no
                                                                     “right” answer. The question of “How
                                                                    do I choose the right drift chassis?” is
                                                                    wrong in itself. The question needs to
                                                                   be rephrased as “What is the right drift
                                                                     chassis for me and my driving style?”
                                                                        This in itself is a trap as the fact
remains that if you are asking this question then you are probably right at the beginning of the hobby.
This being the case you have no idea what your drift style is or what you personally want from the car.
 Knowing this you have to trust in others to tell you what the right choice is or at least how to find the
right choice for you. Believe me this will change as well down the road and you will probably be knee
     deep in RC drift chassis before your obsession peaks and your bank account implodes. Now,
   knowing all of this I have to admit that I am at the beginning of this hobby as well and really don’t
  know as much as I should about it. What I do have however is a obsessive need to read technical
 documentation and a need to give back to the hobby that brings me this much joy. Besides that this
   document is not here, as I said before, to tell you what you need. More to the point it is to tell you
                 what is available and what fits the specifications for the basic drift setup.
When I started this article I was under the assumption that there were only a handful of chassis that fit
the bill. I was clearly wrong. What I found was a few days of copying pasting and taking notes for just
 the basics of these vehicles. This was not as easy a task as I had thought. I had not counted on the
    manufacturers from Japan and Europe on this either. What I plan to do with this document is to
    reserve 1 page for each kit. Maybe 2 or 3 for any of the kits that had an exceptional amount of
       information that was not in Japanese. The specifications that I went with were as follows:

                                      The chassis must be 4WD
                     The chassis must be a touring type or drift specific chassis
 It must have standard connections for expendable parts (You must be able to fit standard parts onto
                   the chassis for parts that wear out readily like wheels and tires)
                                Replacement parts must be available.
                                  The chassis must be fully tunable.

               These specifications rule out cheesy kids RCs like Nikko, Tyco and such.

                                Well on to the list of drift capable chassis.
                        Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                         Team Associated TC3

                                                                Although this car is technically out of
                                                               production I still see it around from time
                                                                to time so I consider it still active. It is
                                                                shaft drive and the value is no longer
                                                               available via normal hobby shops. You
                                                               will find an occasional straggler on the
                                                              odd shop online or ebay. This is the list of
                                                                     features as pulled from Team
                                                                         Associated’s website.

Aluminum Parts
  ▪   Blue anodized aluminum threaded shock bodies, VCS Macro shocks.
  ▪   Aluminum motor mount with a built-in heat sink.
  ▪   Factory Blue aluminum battery hold down strap.
  ▪   Factory Team Counterfeit transponder mount.
  ▪   Factory Team Radial clip-on heat sink.
  ▪   Factory Team Blue aluminum screws.
Graphite Parts
  ▪   Factory Team Graphite chassis.
  ▪   Factory Team Graphite chassis parts: front and rear arms (with adjustable droop), front block
      carriers, front steering blocks, rear hub carriers, front and rear chassis braces, wheel hex
Other Parts
  ▪   Blue anodized alloy MIP CVDs, front & rear.
  ▪   Factory Team Unobtainium shock shafts.
  ▪   Threaded Macro Shock bodies.
  ▪   Factory Blue titanium turnbuckles front & rear.
  ▪   Precision stainless steel PTFE-sealed ball bearings.
  ▪   Carbide ball Associated differentials.
  ▪   Foam bumper.
  ▪   TC3 decal sheet.
  ▪   Rear bumper.
  ▪   Lightweight Molded Outdrives.

 From what I remember this was AE’s first attempt at a real touring car. Not a bad first try either. Cool
      thing about it is there is still a ton of replacement parts out there including from the companies
                                         website. You can find more info at

                    Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                    Team Associated TC4

                                                        The next chassis in the Team Associated
                                                        TC series is the TC4. This is also a shaft
                                                         driven car and can still be bought in a
                                                        number of hobby shops including Tower
                                                          Hobbies. The kit can be picked up for
                                                         around 220 dollars. Again here are the
                                                       features pulled from the Team Associated
                                                       website (These were actually pulled from
                                                        XRC magazine according to the site and
                                                       are technically for the ready to run version
                                                       of the TC4. Obviously there is more to the
                                                                features than just this) :

•   Double-decked impact-resistant plastic and lightweight foam bumper system.
•   Shock towers with four upper shock mounting hole options.
•   6061 T6 blue anodized aluminum drive shaft fits in strong composite drive cups.
•   Machined aluminum motor mount for greater motor stability and functions as an integral heat
    sink to draw heat away from today’s hotter modified motors.
•   Floating hinge pin system allowed us to develop an anti-dive, anti-squat suspension
    adjustment shim system front and rear.
•   Optimized steering system features a dual-bellcrank/ rack configuration.
•   Front and rear suspension links feature vertical ballstud adjustment for making precise
    changes in your chassis’ roll-center.
•   LRP A.i. digital speed control, installed.
•   Team Associated XP2 radio system, installed.
•   Reedy Radon 17-turn electric motor, installed.

                              The website address for the car is:

                        Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                 Team Associated TC5, TC5F and TC5R

                                                                 I could not find an image of the standard
                                                                      TC5 but above you can see the F
                                                                   The F goes for 370 the R for 370 and
                                                                     the standard for 350 dollars. For 20
                                                                    bucks I think go for one of the higher
                                                                  versions it will be worth it. The features
                                                                           for the R List as follows:

• Belt drive with adjustable differential heights and belt tension
• Blue aluminum outdrives
• Hardened steel CVAs with cross-pin retaining clips
• Blue aluminum clamping wheel hexes
• 20 precision ball-bearings
• Blue aluminum bulkheads and motor mount
• Woven carbon fiber battery strap included
• ITF 2mm woven carbon fiber chassis and top plate
• Front and rear anti-roll bars included
• VCS2 shock package
• Titanium turnbuckles
• Genuine Kimbrough 48-pitch spur gear included
• 3mm inner hinge pins and 2.5mm outer hinge pins
• Adjustable roll centers hinge-pin angle
• Vertical ball studs
• 3mm woven carbon fiber shock towers
• Mono bellcrank steering with adjustable servo saver
• Indexed balancing holes in shock towers
• Spool option included

                                                                      The only difference I see with the F
                                                                     model is that it uses foam tires and is
                                                                     set up for that traction level and the
                                                                               following features:
                       Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
• Rigid 2.5mm woven carbon fiber chassis and top plate
• "Hard" suspension rears, 6° caster blocks and 1° rear hubs

 The TC5 standard is basically the same car as both of these just keep all of the similar features and
   throw out the dissimilar. The two cars can also been seen at the following website addresses:

                                         TC5 Standard Page


                                     TC5 Factory Spec (F) Page


                                             TC5 R Page

                        Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                         Team Losi Drift-R Sedan

                                                                    This is Team Losi’s only attempt that I
                                                                 have ever seen at making a drift specific
                                                                    chassis. For all of those out there old
                                                                    enough to remember the first Losi Jr.
                                                                   car kit, this is like the Jr. version of the
                                                                   JRX-S Type R kit. This car only comes
                                                                  in a ready to run version as far as I can
                                                                   tell and for the most part the chassis is
                                                                    made up of the famous Losi steffezel
                material. This car lists for about 300 dollars. The features list off below:

 •    Multi-functional headlights and solid glow taillights
 •    Detailed side-view mirrors, wheels, wing and exhaust
 •    Street-ready detailed LS300 drift body
 •    Exclusive sealed belt drivetrain
 •    JR® XR2i programmable radio
 •    Losi electronic speed control with reverse by Novak
 •    High-performance 19-turn motor
 •    JR's Z-590 high-torque steering servo
 •    Foam bumper for added protection when drifting
 •    Easy access front and rear ball differentials

Not exactly the most detailed of reports so I will attempt to fill in some of it. Most of this kits emphasis
       is around aesthetics but the car does come with aluminum body shocks, belt drive, complete
        ball bearing kit, limited slip ball diff, CVD drive shafts, adjustable camber, caster and toe in.
        From what I can tell from the specs and everything else that it is a drift version of the JRX-S
      Sport RTR 2. It is more about looks than any real changes in the design. You can find the rest

                    Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                  Team Losi JRX-S Type R

                                                            Ok, this chassis is hot. I really like the
                                                           cooling fans at the back of the chassis.
                                                             Usually I don’t like belt drives but this
                                                               one is great. It seems to me like it
                                                              actually lives up to Honda’s Type R
                                                          standard. Anyway as I said this is a belt
                                                            drive unit with full carbon chassis and
                                                          shock towers. The list below is the list of
                                                          features that is on Team Losi’s site but I
                                                            feel like they hardly do the car justice.
                                                          The kit runs for around 440 dollars and I
                                                           have to say well worth the money that
                                                                          you pay for it.

•   EA3 suspension components provide strength and durability
•   Revised suspension geometry for improved handling
•   Revised drivetrain layout with centrally located, rear-mounted motor
•   New belt materials and drive pulley geometry
•   New "narrow diff" setup
•   Machined aluminum bulkheads and chassis braces
•   Balanced weight layout for improved handling and response
•   Ultra-narrow chassis and top deck
•   New ball bearing steering system
•   New front upper arm design for strength and stability
•   F/R diff setup ideal for carpet racing
•   Race proven adjustable bladder shocks with single or double O-ring configuration
•   Bottom-load battery configuration accepts NiMH or LiPo packs

                              You can get the rest of the story at

                       Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                             Traxxas 4-Tec

                                                                  The next vehicle is the Traxxas 4-Tec.
                                                                  Not the most advertised touring car in
                                                                 the world but from what I can tell it is a
                                                                 good lower end chassis. It is belt drive
                                                                 and runs for about 170 for the standard
                                                                  kit. (not ready to run) The features of
                                                                         this chassis are as follows:

• Powerful, Stinger™ 20-turn modified motor
• Ball bearing transmission
• Dual-belt all-wheel-drive system
• Front and rear adjustable ball differentials
• 4-wheel, fully-independent, long travel suspension
• Fully adjustable suspension including front and rear camber,
  front toe-in and front caster
• High-volume, oil-filled Ultra Shocks™
• Telescoping, U-joint driveshafts
• Adjustable, easy-to-change gear ratios
• Bellcrank steering
• Strong, fiber-composite suspension arms
• Tough, fiber-composite chassis construction
• Beautiful Prographix® body available in 4 color schemes
• Pre-glued racing tires & rims

 These features are for the ready to run kit with was the only list on the Traxxas site for this vehicle.
                                   The page can be located here:

                     Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                          Kyosho TF5, TF5 Stallion and TF5 Mazda 6

                                                            The TF5, TF5 Stallion and TF5 Mazda
                                                               6 are all a part of the same general
                                                            chassis from what I can tell. The TF5 is
                                                             the shaft drive, carbon chassis model
                                                            which goes for 425. The TF5 Stallion is
                                                              the belt drive carbon chassis version
                                                               which goes for 550. Finally the TF5
                                                            Mazda 6 is the sport model which has a
                                                             plastic chassis and is shaft driven and
                                                              runs for 280. The first is the TF5 and
                                                                      here are the features:

•   Design optimizes drive characteristics and suspension geometry.
•   Equipped with new-type oil shocks as standard.
•   Front and rear lower suspension arms and pivot can be offset at nine 0.75mm steps.
•   All four lower suspension holders are interchangeable.
•   A choice of either a one-way or a spool (rigid) to be used on the front diff.
•   Aluminum parts finished in the TF-5s signature anodized red color.
•   Rear transmission features ball differential.
•   Racing feature-packed with stabilizers on front and rear as well as universal swing shafts on all
    four wheels.
•   Touring car chassis designed around the core components of the Lazer ZX-5.
•   Extracts the best control characteristics of shaft-drive with the power both on and off -
    particularly good with a stock motor.
•   Battery mount allows battery position to be adjusted by 3mm.
•   Increased reliability of sealed diff and transmission is ideal for parking lot racing.
•   Full ball bearing specifications with 17 ball bearings included.
                     Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                                                  Next is the TF5 Stallion belt
                                                                  drive. The features are listed

                                                                  •      Design optimizes drive
                                                                  characteristics and suspension
                                                                  •      Equipped with new-type oil
                                                                  shocks as standard.
                                                                  •      Front and rear lower
                                                                  suspension arms and pivot can
                                                                  be offset at nine 0.75mm steps.
                                                                  •      All four lower suspension
                                                                  holders are interchangeable.
                                                                  •      A choice of either a one-
                                                                  way or a spool (rigid) to be used
    on the front diff.
•   Aluminum parts finished in the TF-5s signature anodized red color.
•   Rear transmission features ball differential.
•   Racing feature-packed with stabilizers on front and rear as well as universal swing shafts on all
    four wheels.
•   Chassis makes optimal use of belt-drives counter-torque control, transfer of drive power and
    mass balance.
•   Equalization of chassis roll characteristics with single wiper used for steering linkage etc.
•   Bolt positions for attaching components to main chassis are symmetrically arranged. Chassis
    design optimizes counter-torque when loads are applied from the motor.
•   Benefits of easily adjusted ball diff without removing parts can be appreciated most in the heat
    of race battle.
•   Includes a full set of 14 precision ball bearings.

                                                                  Lastly is the TF5 Mazda 6
                                                                  version which from what I can tell
                                                                  is like the sport version of the
                                                                  TF5. For what it has though it is
                                                                  hard to think of this as a sport.
                                                                  Also the price is for a ready to
                                                                  run kit so that makes up for any
                                                                  overpricing you perceive. The
                                                                  features are listed below:
                        Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
 •    Readyset packaged around the TF-5
 •    Vivid color scheme stencil printed onto a finished body.
 •    Sealed drive system ideal for parking lot racing performance.
 •    Drive system features full ball bearing specifications.
 •    Equipped with resin joint type universal swing shafts.
 •    Aluminum parts are anodized in red for spectacular color style.
 •    Composition of each part designed for impact resistance, ideal for a Readyset.
 •    Tires are pre-glued and motor control amp is also pre-set.
 •    Use optional motor and tire combinations to extract even more performance from the chassis.
 •    Compatible with TF-5 options and replacement parts and can be converted into different TF-5
  •   Loaded with user-friendly 20-turn G20 motor with built-in cooling fan. Provides constant high
      power over long run times.

The areas that you can find the full pages for these vehicles are as listed here.:

                               The TF5 (Shaft Drive) can be seen here.


                            The TF5 Stallion (Belt Drive) can be seen here.


                                 The TF5 Mazda 6 Can be seen here.

                        Choosing The Right Drift Chassis

                                                                     HPI Sprint 2 and Sprint 2 Drift

                                                                HPI is one of the leaders in RC drift kits.
                                                                These two kits are in essence the same
                                                                     so really I will be interchanging
                                                              information and images between the two.
                                                               If there is a choice I would go for the drift
                                                                 version as I believe they are about the
                                                              same price. They are both belt driven and
                                                                 run about 140 each. Since the kits are
                                                                     made for drift it is easier to get
                                                               replacement and hop-up parts for it. HPI
         also supplies a massive number of bodies for 190mm and 200mm kits so there is really no
        reason to go far beyond HPI for most of your needs for the car. The features for the Sprint 2
        Drift are below. BTW there is also a sport version of these kits available but the website does
                       not indicate any differences between the 2 so I will not list it here.

• The included 190mm body is clear, pre-trimmed and ready for your custom paint scheme. Realistic
  vinyl decals are supplied and pre-cut for easy application. Convenient window masks and protective
  film are also included.
  • Officially licensed Rays/Volk TE37 chrome plated wheels. 6mm offset rear wheels fill out the
  fenders and give the wheels the wide look seen on full-size drift cars.
  • Hard compound Type A drift tires for controllable drifting with realistic looks and aggressive tread
  • Foam bumper protects the car from potentially damaging impacts.
  • Adjustable rear body posts allow you to mount a variety of different bodies without trimming or
  replacing the posts.
  • Fine tune your suspension with adjustable turnbuckles.
  • Complete set of ball bearings for a smooth and efficient drivetrain.
  • Oil-filled coil-over shock absorbers with specially chosen springs for drifting.
  • 2 degree and 3 degree rear hubs for additional tuning choices.
  • Durable injected molded nylon main chassis.
  • Front and rear shock towers with optimized shock absorber and camber link positions for ideal
  suspension geometry.
  • Optional low profile front shock tower is included in the kit which allows the use of the full range of
  HPI 190mm bodies.
  • Droop screws allow you to "race tune" your suspension settings.
  • Precise bellcrank steering.

                            Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                         HPI E10 Touring and E10 Drift

                                                                       I have to admit that I said I wouldn’t
                                                                      make my own judgement calls in this
                                                                    article but I am a bit skeptical of this kit.
                                                                      The whole kit looks like ABS plastic, I
                                                                         don’t like the way the shocks are
                                                                       mounted and overall it looks like the
                                                                     construction is cheesy. I am not saying
                                                                      to shun the kit because of what I said
                                                                      but be aware that this is a low end kit
                                                                    and it may act like it. Study it thoroughly
                                                                    before shelling out the cash for this kit. If
                                                                     you still like it then by all means get it.
    The kit is shaft drive and runs for about 80 dollars. The features are below and if you haven’t noticed
                                                it is ready to run.

•   Painted & Trimmed Body
•   Adjustable Body Mounts
•   Quick Change Battery Holder
•   Shaft Drive 4WD System
•   Shock Absorbing Foam Bumper
•   High Torque Saturn 27T 540 Motor
•   7.2V Rechargeable Battery
•   AC Charger
•   TF-1 AM Radio System with RF-1 Receiver and SF-1 Steering Servo
•   EN-1 Electronic Speed Control with Reverse
•   T-Drift tires
•   Chrome Gram Lights 57S-Pro Wheels
•   Painted & Trimmed Body
•   Adjustable Body Mounts
•   Quick Change Battery Holder
•   Shaft Drive 4WD System
•   Shock Absorbing Foam Bumper
•   High Torque Saturn 27T 540 Motor
•   T-Grip tires
•   Chrome Gram Lights 57S-Pro Wheels

                                               The website is here

                         Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                              Hot Bodies Cyclone S, TC and Moore Speed

                                                          From what I know about Hot Bodies they are
                                                          the higher end of HPI. You can really see that
                                                            with the Cyclone. All of the models are belt
                                                             driven but the S model is mostly plastic/
                                                           composite and the TC and the Moore Speed
                                                            are graphite weave chassis plates. The S
                                                           model runs about 160 and has the following

• Carbon Plastic
  Caster Blocks
  Front Knuckle Arm
  Rear Hubs
• Aluminium
  Motor Mount Plate
  Middle Block Plate
• Reinforced
  Upper Deck
  Middle Deck
  Shock Towers
  Pivot Blocks
• Full Ball Bearings
• Adjustable camber links
• Ball Differential (Front/Rear)
• Plastic Shocks
• Glued Tires

                               You can find the webpage for this model at.

                       Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                                            The other two (TC and Moore Speed) are
                                                            the racing models. They are mostly
                                                            graphite and anodized purple aluminum.
                                                            The Moore Speed is the top end model
                                                            as it is the one that was created to the
                                                            specs of the teams top racer. The TC
                                                            runs about 430 and the Moore Speed has
                                                            been discontinued but most likely can still
                                                            be picked up but I am unsure of what the
                                                            price would be. Below are the specs for
                                                            the TC first and then the Moore Speed

 •    Pro Spec Ball Diff in rear
 •    HB Two-Way front one-way/spool
 •    Larger 18T centre pulleys
 •    FRP middle block deck for increased rear traction
 •    Revised main chassis for improved weight distribution
 •    Altered upper deck with provisions for HB ATC (Adjustable Torsion Control) posts
 •    Stronger upper bulkheads for improved crash protection
 •    Thicker low-mount shock towers to fit extra-low bodyshells
 •    New reversible suspension arms with more suspension mount options
 •    Easy-adjust sway bar holders for fast fine-tuning
 •    Moulded battery tray for easy fitting of batteries
 •    Extra-efficient universal dogbones
 •    Fantastic lower price

Now the features for the Moore Speed

 •    Top quality woven graphite main chassis, upper deck
 •    Highly efficient dual-belt drivetrain
 •    Fully adjustable ball differential in rear
 •    Thick woven graphite shock towers with 'half-hole' adjustments
 •    Hard-anodized threaded shocks with volume bladders, low-friction o-rings and upper & lower
      threaded caps
 •    Carbon-composite suspension arms
 •    Completely adjustable suspension, including: front sweep, anti-dive, anti-squat, kick-up, front/
      rear toe, wheelbase, weight balance F/R, ride height, camber, caster
 •    Full range of sway bars front and rear
                   Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
•   aluminum motor mount
•   aluminum front, middle and rear bulkheads
•   aluminum pivot blocks for suspension mounting
•   aluminum driveshafts
•   Final drive ratio optimized for modified racing
•   Race-quality 64 pitch spur gear
•   Easy-adjust belt tensioner
•   Serrated wheel nuts for secure wheel attachment
•   Sturdy foam bumper
•   Dual-plate foam bumper attachment with woven graphite upper brace
•   Full purple anodizing for great looks

                                The page for the TC is here


                   And for the Moore Speed (World Championship Edition)

                        Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                             Shumacher Mi3

                                                             Back when I was still racing off-road buggy,
                                                              Shumacher was one of the most coveted
                                                               manufacturers out there. The Cat series
                                                              was awesome and indestructible. It seems
                                                             they carried the trend out to the Mi3 touring
                                                               chassis. It is a belt drive unit running for
                                                              about 420 but is well worth it as it is an all
                                                               graphite and aluminum kit. The features
                                                                              are as follows.

• Fully adjustable, suspension geometry, wheelbase, caster, camber, roll centre, track width,
  ackerman, droop, anti dive, anti squat, front toe in/out, ride height and much more.
• 2mm Aerospace carbon fibre chassis and top deck with optimised flex.
• Efficient transmission with twin Kevlar belts and precision CNC pulleys.
• Alloy eccentric adjusters for optimum belt tension.
• Easy diff height adjustment to allow changes in drive shaft plunge. This can be used to increase or
  decrease traction.
• Industry first static layshaft with ultra low rotating mass gear pulley assembly.
• Quick release diffs – Just 2 screws!!
• Super easy to work on design.
• Design optimised for 4, 5, 6 cell and LiPo battery packs.
• Symmetrical chassis layout with few screws minimises tweak.
• Ultra smooth Nickel-Teflon plated threaded alloy shock absorbers for extreme smoothness and
• Purple alloy CV drive shafts with hard anodised axles and low friction blades.
• Stiff 3mm shock towers with optimised shock positions.
• Lightweight machined diff pulley, Ceramic diff balls, aerospace thrust bearing and fixed trilobe diff
• New heavy duty front spool with CNC pulley.
• Twin pivot block design allows infinite adjustment of roll centres, toe-in, anti-squat, and track width
          on front and rear.
• New twin axis inner camber links for infinite camber link height and length adjustment.
• Lightweight 'Rev-Lite' 24mm dish wheels.
• Fully adjustable steering including Velocity Ratio, Ackermann Angle and Ackerman Rate.
• Narrow efficient thin back belts.
• Purple titanium turnbuckles and pivot pins.
• Ultra Low Anti roll bars.
• Revlite wheels.
                          Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
•   Lightweight foam bumper.
•   Spring steel pins and turnbuckles.
•   New Carbon Fibre Wishbones
•   New Stronger Rear Hub Carrier
•   Purple alloy M3 and M4 nuts.
•   Battery fixing with tape or optional battery strap.
•   Speed secret parts available to fine tune to all track conditions.

                                     More information can be found at.

                       Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                     Robotronic Avid Touring Car

                                                         All I have to say about this car is that it looks
                                                            amazing. I mean seriously when do you
                                                          ever see anodized aluminum drive carriers?
                                                            The chassis is utterly beautiful and for a
                                                            smaller RC company to make something
                                                         like this is amazing. The car is belt drive and
                                                          runs for about 420. The features from there
                                                                       speak for themselves.

• two belt drive train for higher efficiency
 • super size belt pulleys for less friction and maximum torque
 • lightweight design means less rotating mass for maximum acceleration
 • aluminum high-torque-differential for smooth operation
 • large diff-balls for long life and smooth operation
 • One-Way diff front for more steering and higher corner speed
 • steel universal joints with removable blades for maximum power and durability
 • super lock system for wheel screws
 • central nut attaches spur gear and reduces gear wobble
 • central weight-distribution allows for optimum balance
 • precision aluminum front steering knuckles and rear hubs
 • extra-large ball bearings for less friction, longer life and reduces slop
 • ultra narrow and low chassis layout for lowest center of gravity and predefined flex zones
 • clear layout of rc-components
 • large air intakes for better motor cooling
 • super low carbon fiber upper deck form-fit to the gear plates allows for perfect positioning and
 avoids tweak when crashing
 • lightweight aluminum one-piece gear-plates with carbon fiber strengthening plates are form-fit to
 the chassis for anti-tweak and perfect positioning when assembling
 • aluminum steering arms with ball bearings and adjustable ackermann
 • super strong 3mm carbon shock stays are form-fit to the gear plates for anti tweak and perfect
 positioning when assembling
 • battery-fixing-system with tweak-free battery-strap, can also use strapping tape
                       Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
• aluminum suspension mounts are form-fit to the chassis plate for perfect positioning
• 3 different roll-center plates allow quick adjustment of kick-up and roll-center
• Sway bars front and rear
• large ball ends allow for silky smooth operation of suspension, steering and less play
• teflon coated precision aluminum shock bodies for less wear and friction
• shock cap with bleed-function for easier oil-filling
• easy and quick adjustment of suspension geometry

                                        The webpage is here.

                        Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                             Trinity T-Spec

                                                                Ok, I am a bit biased about this chassis.
                                                                This is the one I personally use. It is a bit
                                                                 on the heavy side for drifting and it isn’t
                                                               the best kit out there but once you get the
                                                                chassis dialed in it is smooth. My drifting
                                                                 skill is nil but I was still able to drift with
                                                                 this chassis. Anyway it is a shaft driven
                                                               chassis and runs about 110. The features
                                                                  of the car are (These are from Tower
                                                                     Hobbies not the Trinity website):

• Chassis: Plastic tub style
• Drive: Four wheel shaft drive
• Motor: Not included
• Ball Bearings: Full set included
• Shocks: Oil-Filled, nylon fully threaded with coil over spring
• Gearbox: Sealed front & rear
• Differentials: Front and rear ball differentials
• Transmission: Single speed
• Tires: 1.9" (48mm) diameter x 1" (26mm) wide rubber slick tires
• Wheels: 1.9" (48mm) x 1" (26mm) white mesh Y-spoke w/12mm hex adapter
• Speed Control: Not included
• Bumpers: Front large plastic with foam
• Suspension: Adjustable pillow ball front & rear
• Camber Tie Rods: Fully Adjustable, camber is how the tires sit vertically
• Steering Tie Rods: Fully Adjustable, caster/toe-in is the angle at which the ties point inward as
  viewed from above
• Steering: Bell-Crank Type
• Servo Saver: Built in on Bell-Crank

                                            The page is here

                    Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                              Tamiya TT-01 Standard, D, R and E

                                                                 The Tamiya TT-01 has been around
                                                                 for a while. Long enough it seems to
                                                                  have spawned three other versions
                                                                   of itself. The R version is as the R
                                                                   version for Honda. The top racing
                                                                   version. The D is the drift model.
                                                                  The E is the newest iteration and of
                                                                 course the standard is the original. I
                                                                    will focus on the D. Here are the
                                                                         features for that version.

•   Lightweight and user-friendly TT-01D based chassis for effortless assembly.
•   TT-01D drift-spec modifications include drift tires, adjustable suspension tuning, full ball
    bearings, sport- tuned motor, aluminum heat sink, CVA mini shock dampers and short springs.
•   4WD shaft driven bathtub chassis with coil spring damped, 4-wheel independent double
    wishbone suspension and sealed front and rear differential gearbox.
•   Includes electronic speed controller (TEU-101 BK)
•   Includes LEDs for head and tail lights that turn on automatically when the car is switched on.
    Add the TLU-02 Light Control Unit (ITEM 53937) for greater control of light operations.
•   Wide variety of tune-up parts are separately available to customize your machine.

                    The page you can find the rest of the information on is.


                        Actually this is the page for all of the TT-01 kits.
                        Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                              Tamiya TA05

                                                         I swear that finding solid information on the
                                                         Tamiya USA site i difficult if not impossible.
                                                         They have so many versions of the same
                                                         chassis that it is hard to know what you are
                                                         getting when you talk about a chassis. The
                                                         picture you see to the right is the TA05 this
                                                         goes for about 280. Here is the Tamiya feature
                                                         list for the TA05

•     2-belt driven 4WD high performance R/C (TA05).
•     Chassis structure designed for ultra-low center of gravity and optimum balance.
•     Comes with large logo stickers.
•     Single-deck frame and other features make performing maintenance easier than ever.
•     Full ball bearing configuration for maximum efficiency.
•     Durable and lightweight polycarbonate body.

As I said it is not very informative. The link I am giving here is for a list of the TA05 series not for the
                                specific chassis so make your own judgements.

                    Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                       Tamiya TA05IFS

                                                        The TA05IFS is a belt driven unit with a
                                                        price tag of about 330. To the left is the
                                                        only image I could find for this chassis. It
                                                        is one of the more interesting suspension
                                                        setups I have seen in a while. Tamiya is
                                                        famous for creative engineering in this
                                                        respect. Below are the features I could
                                                        find for this chassis. Again Tamiya is not
                                                        really forthcoming with info.

•   Innovative TA05-IFS chassis features inboard front suspension with horizontally-mounted oil
    dampers for accurate depiction of low nose body.
•   Front and rear reversible suspensions provide excellent handling and precise suspension
•   All-new moldings for the NSX body, rear wing, and side mirrors to faithfully reproduce the
    actual cars aerodynamic form.
•   Clear polycarbonate body is both lightweight and durable. Use Tamiya Polycarbonate Spray
    paints for a superb finish.
•   Wide range of Option Parts separately available to customize your machine.

                    The page that this data was brought to you from is here.

                   Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                    Tamiya TRF-415 MSXX (Marc Rheinard Edition 2007)

                                                      This chassis is one from the Tamiya Race
                                                      Factory series. This chassis is a belt drive
                                                      and goes for about 310. Maybe less now
                                                       since the 416 is coming out but we will
                                                         see. The features listed are below.

•   Lower Deck 2.5mm carbon fiber (same as MSXX)
•   Upper Deck 2.00mm carbon fiber (new design)
•   Damper Stay 3mm (same as MSX)
•   Damper Support Carbon fiber (same as MSXX)
•   Rear Upper Brace Separate type (new design)
•   Front Unit Direct drive
•   Center Pulley 16T
•   Rear Unit Direct drive
•   Diff. Pulley 36T
•   Suspension Arm Reversible suspension
•   Dampers TRF Dampers (new design)
•   Suspension Pin Titanium-coated
•   Screws Steel
•   Air Scoop Included
•   Wheel Axles Steel
•   Bumper (same as TB Evo.5)
•   Stickers (new design)
•   Actual product does not include R/C system,
•   battery, tires, ESC or motor.

          The specs for this chassis were taken from Tower Hobbies at this address:

                       Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                           Tamiya TRF-416

                                                             This kit is the successor to the 415 model
                                                             and has alot of the same specifications.
                                                             At this time the kit is still not available
                                                             and even the stores do not have any real
                                                             specifications to advertise with. What I
                                                             have put here is what I could copy from
                                                             the Tamiya site. They did not have a real
                                                             features list.

In recent years, world-class on-road R/C touring car race events have encouraged the use of
brushless motors in conjunction with event-controlled tires. To achieve success under such
conditions, a fine balance must be achieved between handling and tire wear. It is with this in mind that
Tamiya designers developed the concept of the brand new TRF416 chassis.

• 1/10 scale assembly kit R/C model of the TRF416 chassis.
• New 2.25mm lower deck design emphasizes simplicity, while the 2mm upper deck has been
• Front and rear bulkheads feature the same width while everything about the chassis down to the
  screw locations has been designed for optimum symmetry for better roll characteristics.
• In order to obtain maximum traction, both the motor and the center shaft positions have been
  moved back to shift more weight to the rear of the car.
• Drivetrain features front one-way, center direct-drive, and rear ball diff.
• Front and rear uprights equipped with 1050 size ball bearings.
• 37T pulleys for front and rear, while an 18T pulley is installed in the center.
• R/C system, body, tires, motor, ESC, battery & charger separately required.

                           The page where I found the information is here.

                      Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                        TB Evolution 5 MS

                                                            This chassis is of the TB series and is
                                                          new enough to not have much in the way
                                                           of information like the 416. There is not
                                                            even an estimated price as of yet. The
                                                          chassis is shaft driven and sports graphite
                                                             planes and aluminum bulkheads and
                                                          shock bodies. The rest of what I could find
                                                                            is here.

   The ultimate shaft-driven 4WD chassis in the TB Evolution Series, the TB Evolution 5, has been
             further tuned and refined to become this limited edition TB Evolution 5 MS.

• Race-spec 1/10 R/C TB Evolution 5 MS chassis kit.
• Features TRF416-style steering and suspension systems.
• New motor layout sees motor mounted further forward to improve handling characteristics and
  make spur gear changes much easier.
• Durable aluminum diff. joint is capable of harnessing the power from even high-output motors.
• Protective covers over the swing shaft connection ensures smooth and unobstructed operation.
• Front part of lower deck is made from durable nylon material and is mounted with a small-size
  bumper that reduces interference with road in case of a roll.
• Reversible-type suspension features short-span suspension arms, enabling minute settings
• 2-channel R/C system with ESC, motor, body, tires, battery pack and charger all separately

                                     More information is here.

                       Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                             Tamiya TB03

 Yet another Tamiya touring kit. You might see a trend forming here. No matter how many of these I
                                                           am showing you there are at least 3 times
                                                           more listed that are either discontinued or
                                                            not viable for the purpose at hand. Keep
                                                           in mind that alot of those discontinued kits
                                                           are still being sold through hobby shops all
                                                             over the place and it is not that they are
                                                               bad kits its just that they are surplus.
                                                               Sometimes you can grab great deals
                                                              because of this. The only problem with
                                                             surplus kits is that parts are usually not
                                                             readily available so be ready to have to
                                                           use non-specific parts, hunt down parts or
                                                           manufacture them yourself. In this article I
                                                            am only listing current or readily available
                                                             kits. Sometimes hard to locate ones but
                                                          still available. The features from the site for
                                      the TB02 are as follows

• The new TB-03 chassis is totally improved upon its predecessor the TB-02.
• Bathtub frame comes with a motor cooling duct to improve heat dissipation for better performance.
• In-board Front Suspension system features horizontally-mounted front dampers to enable a low-
  nose profile to mount the new-mold aerodynamic polycarbonate body shell.
• The body shell is also compatible with TA05-IFS chassis
• Newly-designed one-piece aluminum motor mount makes changing and adjusting gears a breeze.
• Equipped with front and rear ball differentials for greater power transmission efficiency.
• Race-proven reversible short suspension and TRF416 front and rear knuckles.
• Includes body, wheels, tires, and Type 540 motor.
• ESC, 2-channel R/C system, 7.2V battery and charger separately required.

                                         More information at:

                   Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                   Tamiya TB-02 Drift Spec

                                                         This is an attempt by Tamiya to build a drift
                                                          specific chassis. From what I can tell it is
                                                         very much like the TT01 but with aluminum
                                                           shocks, drift tires and chrome rims. It is
                                                           shaft drive and runs for about 320. I am
                                                         assuming since the TT01 is a good chassis
                                                           that this one should be as well but don’t
                                                          quote me on that. Anyway the features for
                                                            this car as posted by Tamiya are listed

•   Shaft-driven 4WD TB-02 chassis features durable bathtub frame and longitudinally-mounted
•   The following parts have been added to distinguish the TB-02D from the normal spec chassis.
    New 24mm wide Drift Tires Motor Heat Sink (blue) TRF Special Damper (Hard Black Coating)
    Aluminum Propeller Shaft (blue) On-Road Tuned Hard Spring Set 5-Spoke Metal Plated
    Wheels Aluminum Motor Heat Sink (blue) TB-02 Urethane Bumper S Sport-tuned Motor Newly
    designed body stickers Special Carrying Case
•   Body, R/C system, ESC, 7.2V battery & charger separately required.
•   Compatible with any 1/10 scale R/C car bodies except wide tread and short wheelbase bodies.

                            The site for available info on this kit is:

                        Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                  Yokomo DP-DP1 Drift Plus Chassis

                                                      Ok so enough from the Tamiya camp. Now we
                                                      get to one of the most recognized names in RC
                                                     drift. Yokomo. This is the company who often has
                                                        the original drifters from D1GP come to their
                                                     races. You will often see characters like Nomura
                                                       Ken, Yasuyuki Kazama, Youichi Imamura and
                                                     Drift Samurai at their RC drift races. From what I
                                                      have been told they are excellent chassis. The
                                                        DP-DP1 is a shaft drive chassis that runs for
                                                      about 160 Euros. You do the math on that. This
                                                      is available in the US but I couldn’t find a solid
                                                        price except in Europe. Anyway I will list the
                                                                        features below.

•   Aluminum Oil-Filled Shocks With Bladders
•   Spur Gear Cover
•   Blue-Anodized Center Shaft
•   Front And Rear Solid Diffs
•   Full Ball Bearings
•   High Efficiently Shaft Drive Full Time 4WD System (Sealed Gear Cases)
•   High Strength Molded Composite Chassis
•   Fully Adjustable Double-Wishbone Suspension
•   Turnbuckle Tie-Rods For Adjustable Alignment
•   Solid Axles For LSD Effect (Front And Rear)
•   Front Universal Driveshafts, Rear Dog Bones
•   Die-Cast Aluminum Clamping Type Motor Mount
•   Spur Gear (70T)
•   Pinion Gear (30T)
•   Ball Bearings (21 pcs)

                                I received this info from a hobby shop.

                        Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                    Yokomo Drift Master Limited Edition

                                                                This is the big boy of the Yokomo drift
                                                                cars from what I remember. This is a
                                                              graphite and aluminum chassis powered
                                                              by shaft drive. The car itself lists for about
                                                              247 Euros. If you want to drift the car that
                                                                      Masami drifts then this is it.
                                                                All the features I could find are here.

• Front ball diff. center one way
• Aluminum rear solid axle
• Aluminum suspension mount front and back
• Stabilizer front and back
• Bumper weight set
• Aluminum joint sleeve
• Aluminum make special battery post
• Special carbon battery plate
• Multiple body post
• Titanium turn buckle set
• Titanium bis set

                                         I found these specs here:

                         Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                          ABC Hobby M Chassis

                                                                        I have to say from this point on I
                                                                        don’t know much about the cars I
                                                                     post. They are all manufacturers that
                                                                     I didn’t know still existed, never knew
                                                                     existed or existed in another country.
                                                                          The first is the ABC Hobby M-
                                                                      Chassis. It’s claim to fame seems to
                                                                      be how short it is. These were made
                                                                          to take the bodies of of small
                                                                      hatchbacks and smaller cars like the
                                                                        Datsun 510 and such. It is a neat
                                                                       idea I think and one I think should
                                                                        have shown up a long time ago. I
                                                                    couldn’t find much on this chassis but
          I will put up what I can. The chassis is shaft driven and sells for about 220. The features are

•   Shaft Drive Twin Deck 4WD chassis - Pre Assembled
•   Ball Diffs
•   Aluminium Motor Mount
•   Oil Dampers
•   Universal shafts
•   Tyres and wheels

                         Not much but it was all I could find. The info came from
                         Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                                XRay T2 008

This is what I call a really high end kit. The car is belt driven and runs for about 530. XRay is one of
the manufacturers that I remember from the original days of RC racing. Now I apologize about the list
of features that I am about to give for this kit but it wasn’t my fault. This came off of the site, So here it
is about 3 pages worth of specs and features. The specs before I got rid of the useless stuff was 5
pages worth.

• Less sensitive to changing track conditions, super-consistent performance during all runs
• New centrally-positioned layshaft split bulkheads give improved balance due to better weight
  distribution of the centered motor position for faster left-right transitions
• New ultra-lightweight bulkheads CNC-machined from premium Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum
• New motor mount bulkhead positions the motor even lower creating ultra low center of gravity
• New super-lightweight composite front Solid Axle with XRAY's smart Quick-change outdrive system
  for easier and faster out drive exchange (EU Edition only)
• New Solid Axle (EU Edition only) with the direct placement of drive shafts in outdrives eliminates
  play between drive shaft and outdrives, improving steering precision and increases overall steering
• New ultra-smooth composite adjustable ball-differential with XRAY Labyrinth Dust Covers™ (US
  Edition front + rear, EU Edition rear only); eliminates need for drive shaft blades = reduced servicing
• Individual optimized drive train ratio's for specific foam- and rubber-tire racing conditions:
• US Edition: 34T front & rear diff pulleys / 20T center layshaft pulleys
• EU Edition: 38T front & rear diff pulleys / 16T center layshaft pulleys
• Specially-optimized drive shaft lengths for specific foam- and rubber-tire racing conditions:
• US Edition: standard 50mm CVD drive shafts for use with foam tires (which are generally higher
  traction than rubber tires); optimum transfer of traction to the wheels
• EU Edition: new longer 52mm front/rear CVD drive shafts positioned more towards centerline in diff/
  solid axle outdrives to generate more overall traction and make the car easier to drive on low-
  traction tracks
• New position of rear diff for improved forward traction
                          Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
•   New premium-quality, longer rear drive belt with Kevlar® reinforcement fibers
•   Drive shafts and pulleys are fully compatible and interchangeable between EU and US Editions
•   New narrow top decks (both EU and US Editions)
•   Servo saver positioned in absolute center of the chassis
•   New center aluminum top deck mount specially designed for rubber tires on carpet - decreases front
    suspension traction and eliminates front tires overheating, ensuring consistent handling during runs
•   New front bulkheads with extra reinforcement legs allow for additional chassis flex adjustment from
    the bottom of the chassis
•   New front and rear diff height adjusters allow independent adjustment of diff height
•   New longer front & rear suspension arms for improved traction and easier handling
•   New optimized shock mounting position for improving steering and traction
•   Both suspension arms feature incorporated anti-roll bar mounts, with rear arms featuring two
    different anti-roll bar mounts for super-fine adjustment of anti-roll bar; EU Edition includes both front
    and rear 1.2mm anti-roll bars
•   New C-hubs with larger opening for easier & faster assembly/disassembly of the CVDs; prevents
    binding of CVD with C-hub in serious crashes
•   New C-hubs available in all standard caster angles (2°, 4° and 6°) and two different hardnesses (EU
    - medium, US - hard)
•   New rear uprights with integrated 0° toe-in to improve stability; available in two hardness (EU -
    medium, US - hard)
•   Steering blocks available in two hardness (EU - medium, US - hard)
•   New front suspension arms allow 2mm adjustment of front arm position
•   New front & rear lower shock towers for lower CG and improved steering response
•   Rear shock tower features new extra position for Quick Roll-Center™ position, the new upper
    position allows the complete rear upper link to be positioned higher for improved cornering speeds
    in long sweepers on open tracks
•   New front shock tower specially machined for ultra-low weight without compromising strength
•   New shorter shock body and shock shaft for improved suspension lift
•   Front & rear shock towers feature new shock positions optimized for new shorter shock absorbers
•   New middle alu layshaft with centrally-positioned spur gear for improved balance
•   Overall reduction in car weight
•   EU Edition available in two different interchangeable chassis versions: 5-cell and 6-cell
•   Brushless system ready and optimized
•   LiPo 3200mAh ready and optimized (LiPo 4800mAh fits EU 2.5mm chassis only)

XRAY T2'008 EU Rubber-Spec Editions - Extra Features:

•   EU Rubber-Spec Editions are specially designed for rubber tire racing conditions
•   5-cell, 2.5mm chassis or 6-cell, 2.5mm chassis
•   Narrow top deck
•   New hard rubber-spec front and rear suspension arms - marked with "H"
•   New medium rubber-spec steering blocks, C-hubs, and rear uprights
•   New front XRAY Composite Solid Axle
•   New super-smooth adjustable composite rear ball-differential with XRAY Labyrinth Dust Covers™
•   New longer 52mm HUDY Spring Steel CVD drive shafts
•   38T front and rear pulleys / 16T center layshaft pulleys
•   Front silver and rear gold racing springs
                       Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
• 84T 48P spur gear - extra-hard material, wobble-free design
• 1.2mm front and rear anti-roll bars

                                  You can get the long version at.

                         Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                                                      Exceed Drift Star RTR

                                                                This seems like a low end kit not only
                                                           because of the low price but because this kit
                                                            is fraggin ugly. I hate to say this but this kit
                                                               looks like the kid who used to come to
                                                              school with multicolored patches on his
                                                             pants. Maybe the development team was
                                                           fired mid project. I don’t know really but this
                                                              looks like the Tamiya that the CEOs kid
                                                            desinged. Well anyway it is a shaft drive kit
                                                           and runs for about 100 dollars. The features
                                                                            are as follows:

•   Four wheel drive system
•   Excellent front/rear camber and toe-in setup
•   Powerful RC 540 motor
•   Anodized aluminum centre long drive shaft
•   High performance front/rear differentials
•   Stable suspension arms and solid front/rear shock tower
•   Oil filled aluminum capped shocks
•   Precise steering fitting delivers quick response.
•   High precision SP03018 electric speed control ESC
•   Complete ball bearings for a smooth and an efficient drive.
•   High performance anti-skid drift tires, chromes plated spoke rims and pre-mound drift wheels
•   7.2V 1800maH Ni-MH battery power
•   Extra large front bumper foam provides protection against sudden impacts.

                                The information I found on this was here:

                         Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                          Top Racing Scythe ARP

    There’s really not much I can say about this chassis except “Holy shit! What the hell is that thing!”
    Well maybe not but the design is rather unique from what I have seen so far. The Scythe is a belt
    drive chassis and seems to be made completely from graphite, aluminum and titanium. It goes for
                                 about and the features are listed below.

•   2.5mm U.S. Spec. “Equi-Flex” Carbon Fiber Main Chassis
•   2.0mm Ver. 2 Upper Chassis for Easy Spur Gear Maintenance
•   Separate Type Bulkhead Assembly for Easy Drive Train Maintenance
•   New Drive Pulleys with “Anti-Skip” Pitch Profile
•   New Internal Drive Ratios Optimized for Rubber and Foam Tire Racing
•   New High Strength Steel D-Cut “Never Get Loose” Universal PinRear Alloy Dog Bone for a
    Lighter Drive Train
•   Ver. 2 Universal Joint for Smoother and More Durable Drive Operation
•   Rear Belt Tensioner
•   “Clamp-Type” New Offset Wheel Hex Adaptor
•   Front and Rear Carbon Fiber Composite Suspension Arms
•   All Parts are compatible with Scythe from Sy Brand

ARP-Specific Features

•   Regular Profile Shock Towers
•   ARP 2.0mm Ver. 2 Upper Deck
•   Separate-Type Suspension Mounts
•   37T/17T Internal Drive Ratio (1:2.18)
•   Front Steel Spool and Rear Light Weight Differential

                               The information, where I found it, is here:

Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
Alex Racing Design Barricuda, CER D08 and Stinger 08

                                          Man I have never seen so many
                                           Japanese companies since the
                                             1980s import car boom. The
                                            moment I started researching
                                         chassis for drift I ran into so much
                                               Kanji that I may know the
                                          language in about a year. I may
                                         have to just post images on some
                                           of these as english feature lists
                                           are few and far between. Here
                                             was what I was able to find
                                              however. To the left are all
                                           chassis from Alex Racing. They
                                               are as follows from top to
                                             bottom. Stinger (Shaft Drive,
                                            $370), Barracuda (Shaft Drive,
                                              $300) and CER (Belt Drive,
                                              $439). The feature lists are
                                           below and list in the same order
                                                as the images to the left.

                                          Stinger Features

                                          •2.5mm woven carbon fiber
                                          chassis with 3.25mm shock
                                          towers, upper chassis rails, and
                                          center spine
                                          •Center driveshaft is braced by
                                          the bulkheads for perfect
                                          •Super thick ring gears for near
                                          indestructible durability and zero
                                          flex are encased in a lightweight
                                          aluminum housing at either end
                                          •Twist resistant graphite center
                                          shaft with aluminum dog bone
                                          •Double bearing one way up
                                          •Precision ball diff with durable
                                          steel outdrives in the rear
                         Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
•   Integrated chassis brace/motor mount/center shaft guide eliminates torque steer
•   New mounting design for the super smooth rack type steering set up with Delrin rollers
•   Aluminum threaded shock bodies, double silicon O-ring cartridge, and Titanium Nitride shock shafts
•   Captured adjustable pivot ball suspension pins and impact resistant suspension arms front and rear
•   Rebuildable universal driveshafts and full high speed bearings throughout
•   Adjustable front and rear camber and toe, anti squat, kick up, droop, roll center, Ackermann
    positioning, and multiple shock positioning

Barracuda Features

•   2.5mm black graphite chassis and top plate with 3mm shock towers
•   Unique driveshaft hanger system is keyed to the bulkheads for perfect alignment
•   Super thick rear ring gears for near indestructible durability and zero flex
•   Twist resistant graphite center shaft with aluminum dog bone ends
•   Double bearing one way up front
•   Precision ball diff with light weight Delrin outdrives in the rear
•   Single point attachment motor mount eliminates torque steer
•   Silky smooth rack type steering set up with Delrin rollers
•   Aluminum threaded shock bodies, double silicon O-ring cartridge, and Titanium Nitride shock shafts
•   Pivot ball mounted long span super impact resistant suspension arms front and rear
•   Rebuildable universal driveshafts and full high speed bearings throughout
•   Adjustable front and rear camber and toe, anti squat, kick up, droop, roll center, Ackermann
    positioning, and multiple shock positioning

CER Features

                      I could find no features list but I did find this blip on

  Japanese manufacturer, Alex Racing Design, has announced details of their latest 190mm electric
touring car, the CER. Featuring a very unconventional layout, the car sports a front centrally mounted
  motor, similar to the Losi JRXS-R but then on the front of the car, rear mounted cells and centrally
 mounted steering servo. The car is fully tricked out in red anodized metals (also available in 4 other
   colors), C-hubs on the front, CVDs all around and comes with rear ball diff and front solid axle as
   standard. The car looks good, however the height of the spur gear and associated drive parts is
  worrying for center of gravity reasons, but we will have to wait on some results to prove if this front
                              mounted motor configuration is the way to go.

                  I got the information for the Stinger and Barracuda from these pages.

    Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                    For the CER from here
                        Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                          XPress MRR2 (Mini Road Runner 2) Junior & Pro

                                                                  Here is another interesting one. There
                                                                  is not much information that I have on
                                                                    it. What I do know is that these kits
                                                                       were made to sport a mini body
                                                                     (hatchback and such) and that the
                                                                      Junior and Pro were made on the
                                                                  same concept which means if you buy
                                                                   the Junior you can upgrade it part by
                                                                  part if you ever want the Pro. I like the
                                                                  way the design looks and like the ABC
                                                                       Hobby M-Chassis I like the sub-
                                                                  compact design. Here are the feature
                                  lists I found off of the XPress site.


•   Turnbuckle camber/ caster link system
•   High efficiency 2 belt driven 4WD drive system
•   Low C.G. structure
•   32 Tooth differential pulley
•   Damper with tunable spring strength
•   High performance ball bearing
•   64 pitch spur delrin gear
•   Alloy motor mount
•   Drive ratio: 2.133


• Turnbuckle camber/ caster link
• High efficiency 2 belt driven 4WD
  drive system
• Low C.G. structure
• 32 Tooth differential pulley
• Damper with tunable spring
• High performance ball bearing
• 64 pitch spur delrin gear
• Alloy motor mount
                        Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
• Drive ratio: 2.133

                              The information on this can be found at:

                         Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                             Serpent s400

                                                                           Serpent is also one of the
                                                                        lesser known manufacturers
                                                                        from long ago that has stuck
                                                                        around even if they aren’t in
                                                                         the spotlight anymore. The
                                                                          company has always made
                                                                         very high level kits and the
                                                                           s400 is proof of that. The
                                                                         s400 is belt driven and runs
                                                                         for about $450. The feature
                                                                               list is as follows:

•   4wd Electric touring car chassis
•   Ultra low center of gravity
•   Very strong components
•   High quality carbon fiber parts
•   Anodized machined aluminum parts
•   High-speed ball-bearings
•   Fully adjustable suspension
•   Front spool, rear ball-differential
•   Low friction belts
•   Durable transmission part
•   Pre-built RCC shock absorbers

                                The information for this was gotten here:

                       Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                Team Magic E4 ,E4JR, E4JS & E4RS

                  E4JR                                                         E4JS

                  E4RS                                                            E4

 Here are all of the chassis available from Team Magic, they list as the E4, E4JR, E4JS and E4RS. It
 seems that the E4 is the top end model and it goes down to the E4RS, E4JR, and E4JS. Hell, I just
found out that they have a E4FS Drift as well. From what I can tell the FS is for custom features. I am
guessing of course. The progression is logical. The JS seems to be the entry model and then each is
 a step up progressively to the E4 itself which is the all graphite and aluminum top model. All of these
                            are belt drive and the cost is about (see below):

                                            E4JS = $209
                                            E4JR = $299
                                            E4RS = $439
                                             E4 = $429
                                          E4FS Drift = $409
                          Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                   The features of each are listed below:

E4 Features:

•   Narrowest carbon fiber chassis
•   Alum. battery tray
•   Alum. belt pulley
•   Alum. bulkhead and cover
•   Alum. hinge pin mount
•   Centralized motor and battery deign
•   Quick release front and rear diff
•   Quick release main shaft
•   Fully adjustable setup design
•   Flying Wing arm design
•   Front solid axle/one-way
•   Rear ball diff
•   High corner speed

E4RS Features:

•   Most lipo battery & brushless motor can be used
•   New 2.5mm carbon fiber, 96mm wide narrow chassis
•   New 2mm carbon top deck
•   Front/rear 3mm carbon shock tower
•   Front ST steel universal drive shaft
•   Rear hard coated alum. 7075 universal drive shaft
•   Alum. 7075 turnbuckles
•   New Shocks
•   New thickened arms
•   New widened belts
•   Front solid axle
•   Rear ball differential (quick release design)New lightweight nylon pulley
•   Alum. 7075 FF & RR hinge pin mount
•   Alum. 7075 bulkhead
•   New front lower Flying Wing arm
•   Centralized motor and battery design
•   Quick release main shaft
•   Motor cooling mount
•   Front/rear anti-roll bar

E4JR Features:

•   Great Value
•   Three Belt Transmission
•   Narrow Chassis & Low CG Design
•   Centralized Motor and Battery Design
                         Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
•   Most Lipo Battery & Brushless Motor Can Be Used
•   New Shocks
•   New Widened Belts
•   New Thickened Flying Wing Suspension Arm
•   Front & Rear Alum. 7075 Universal Drive Shaft
•   Front & Rear Ball Differential (Quick Release Design)New Lightweight Nylon Pulley
•   Fully Upgradable
•   Fine Mounted Rubber Tires
•   H.A.R.D. Radio System (made by Futaba)
•   H.A.R.D. JR Dual Mode ESC (w/reverse)
•   H.A.R.D. X3 Motor
•   Pre-Painted Maz 190mm Touring Car Body (E4JR RTR style, base color needed)

E4JS Features:

•   Great Value
•   Three Belt Transmission
•   Narrow Chassis & Low CG Design
•   Centralized Motor and Battery Design
•   Most Lipo Battery & Brushless Motor Can Be Used
•   New Shocks
•   New Widened Belts
•   New Thickened Flying Wing Suspension Arm
•   Front & Rear Alum. 7075 Universal Drive Shaft
•   Front & Rear Ball Differential (Quick Release Design)
•   New Lightweight Nylon Pulley
•   Fully Upgradable

E4FS DRIFT Features:

•   Most lipo battery & brushless motor can be used
•   New 3mm carbon fiber, 96mm wide narrow chassis
•   New 2.5mm carbon top deck (with two new alum. posts linked to chassis for strength)
•   Front/rear 3mm carbon shock tower
•   Front/rear hard coated alum. 7075 universal drive shaft
•   Alum. 7075 turnbuckles
•   New ShocksNew thickened arms
•   New widened belts
•   Single bell crank steering system
•   Locked Rear differential (quick release design)
•   One-way Front differential
•   New lightweight nylon pulley
•   Alum. 7075 FF & RR hinge pin mount
•   Alum. 7075 bulkhead
•   New rear lower Flying Wing arm for foam tires (1 degree toe-in angle)
•   New front lower Flying Wing arm
•   Centralized motor and battery design
                      Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
• Quick release main shaft
• Motor cooling mount
• Front/rear anti-roll bar

                             I got the info on these kits on these pages:





                                         E4FS Drift
                        Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
                                       Tech Racing TS-10 D Spirit

                                                                       I stumbled across this chassis by
                                                                      accident. The problem looking this
                                                                   one up is that it is made in Japan and
                                                                     given the lack of english I wonder if
                                                                   that is the only place it is sold as well.
                                                                  Although the information below was all
                                                                      retrieved from what seemed like a
                                                                   british or aussie site. (They always get
                                                                     the good japanese cars) I could not
                                                                         find a feature list in english so I
                                                                         included what was on the site I
  originally found the car on. I hope it is enough to satiate your lusts. The car is obviously belt drive
 although I have no idea of what the unit costs and even if I did it would be in Yen. Below is the info I
                                             found on the car.

   Technology of high speed drift machine DT-1 Speed is utilized, new style. Drift traveling of force
 actualizes from the entrance to the exit! Actualizing the angle and preeminent stability of threat with
 the center motor & the front and back isometric belt. It stabilizes with deep angle, the running which
 can be charmed becomes possible. Approximately with spool diff. equipment the machine stabilizes
     even with the hard brake. Because of this, preponderant you can bring profitably with chase.
      Achievement and the name are the “TS-10 D-SPIRIT” drift spirits as for running of power.

                            Specifications (the first rod limited specification)

• Fiberglass make 2.5t main chassis & fiberglass make 2.5t upper deck
• Approximately fiberglass make 2.5t damper stay & Super-low friction belt & front and back friction
  damper (with option oil damper installing possibility)
• Front and back spool diff.

                       I found what little information on this car that I have here:

                  Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
   Team Atlas Beat E54-M1
                                                                 This one is not quite as elusive as
                                                                 the last one but it may be for
                                                                 people in the US. I had found this
                                                                 on an Australian site but with the
                                                                 way things are these days you
                                                                 can get just about anything if you
                                                                 try. This car seems to be the same
                                                                 as a few others in it is geared to
                                                                 replicate sub-compact cars. The
                                                                 car is belt drive and goes online
                                                                 for approximately 170 dollars.
                                                                 Guess what guys, no features list
                                                                 on this one!

                         You can find information in japanese here:


                               Or in english (minimally) here:
                         Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
Ok so that was the last one. I cannot find anymore here or any other country. I am sure that if you try
 you can find one that I did not but after all of the work I did for this article I don’t care. Funny thing is
that this time next year the article will be outdated and I’ll have to just shoot myself. Anyway as I said
  in the beginning of the article the choice as to what you want in a chassis is yours. Only you know
  what you want in a drift vehicle and only you know how you drive. There are a couple of thoughts I
    wanted to pass on from when I started trying drift out. Also a few things I got from Calvin Wan’s
drifting basics book. Maybe they will help you to make a decision. So here it goes, expert advise from
                                           a know-nothing rookie:

1) The shorter the car the more likely it is to spin out.
2) The rear springs on the car should be really heavy (take that as a variable) so that the tire grip on
   the back is less which will make it easier to drift.
3) Locking the rear differential will aid in drift
4) A shaft driven car will result in better throttle response and make drifting easier.
5) Drift is very hard on transmissions, rebuild thoroughly and often
6) The lighter the car the easier it will be to control during drift.
7) High speed servos will provide better steering response and should be one of the first things to
   look at. (Don’t think that this will make up for the fact that you suck as a driver though.)
8) Motors are not as important as the actual overall balance and response of the chassis. This isn’t a
   grip race you aren’t looking for an extra fraction of a second time or anything. Instead of looking for
   the perfect motor try playing with the gearing first.
9) Just because the chassis costs more does not mean it will be better for drift. Most chassis used for
   drift are originally 4WD touring cars and are way overdone for drift.
10) Tires are key, they are one of the things you will need to look at if you have too much or too little
   grip. Also the wheels will directly effect the gear ratio so factor them into the equation when gearing
   the motor.
11) Another weight consideration. Rotational mass. The less there is the better the throttle response.
   Think about losing weight on anything in the drivetrain but also keep in mind the stress these
   components will undergo as I learned the hard way. Make sure the materials used for the drivetrain
   are sturdy or else you will just end up with broken parts.
12) Remember to not only charge your batteries but to discharge them as well. If you do not the
   battery will retain the memory of how much it was charged and discharged. Also the battery will
   also retain the memory of how fast you discharged it and output the same. You will need to make
   or purchase a good discharger. You can make one by wiring 6 - 1156 Automotive bulbs in parallel
   and soldering a battery connector to it. Don’t let anyone tell you that a 2 bulb version will work.
13) Motors are like mind that. The fact is that motors vary slightly by wind,
   timing and a few other factors. The more winds the better the torque the less the higher the RPM.
   You will have to make up your mind on this. Personally I make hybrid motors to suit my needs. I will
   swap out motor cans, armatures, bearings/bushings, brushes, brush springs and end bells to get
   what I want from the motor even going so far as to swap parts between stock and modified motors
   although I am pretty sure ROAR and IFMAR look down on that. Short sighted bastards.
14) Modify your car only as to what you want. Don’t let the rest of the drivers push you to buy more so
   that you can beat them. Skill is the key to winning or losing, not parts. This is why I shun ROAR
   and IFMAR sanctioned events, because I believe they push people to purchase from one specific
   company or another by approving only what they want. I don’t like ruling bodies, they always mess
   things up.
                       Choosing The Right Drift Chassis
15) If you want some real info from a real drifter try Calvin Wan’s - Drifting Performance Handbook
  from Motorbooks Workshop and or Best Motoring’s - Drift Bible (Hosted by none other than Keiichi
  Tsuchiya, the real drift king). Its always good to go back to the source. (BTW, Keiichi is the Drift
  King, he is not the person who originated the practice. The origin of drift would be Kunimitsu
16) Remember, this is supposed to be fun you know. Don’t ever let it become too serious. You’ll blow
  out the sides of your brain like old tires.

  All of that being said, enjoy yourself and I hope that what I have written here will help you in some
 way shape or form. Keep in mind though take everything that you hear with a grain of salt and try to
 be creative. Just because someone says that it is so doesn’t make it thus. You have a brain, use it.
 Some day you may be a leader in your particular niche. Other than that also take me with a grain of
    salt as I do not drift in real life and have minimal experience in RC drift. Here however are my
qualifications just so you know. I have been racing on and off road RC cars for going on 15 years now
 and am a certified diesel equipment technician (read mechanic) so I do know a bit about cars. I am
          just trying to add to my hobby. For further information please look at the sites below.

                             -MCtrlSys (Author: Keijidosha Motorsports)

Choosing The Right Drift Chassis



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