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                The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

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                     Coconut Oil: What ‘s The Deal?

                    t seems everywhere you turn these days there
                    are companies promoting their products as the
                    best, the healthiest, the new miracle cure for eve-
                rything from hair loss to cancer. It can be confusing
                to sift through all of the information to find the facts.

                        But Isn’t Coconut Oil Unhealthy?

                Coconut oil was blacklisted years ago because it
                was labeled a «dangerous, saturated fat» and was
                quickly pulled from common usage. Tropical oils
                were labeled bad and unhealthy, and Americans
                shunned them without a second thought. Now, coco-              Look for the certified organic label to ensure that
                nut oil is not only making a come back, but making a           your coconut oil is the healthiest available
                comeback as a healthy, nutritional supplement that
                cures everything from hepatitis to HIV. How can
                something move so quickly from «bad» to «good»?

                                    Flawed Study

                The negative research that was published about
                coconut oil in the past was a result of one study that
                was conducted over forty years ago! The study used
                hydrogenated coconut oil, the type that is altered
                from it’s natural form and not virgin oils. remember,
                too, that hydrogenation has now been shown to be
                bad for the body.

                So, was it the coconut oil or the hydrogenation that

                was the problem?
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                The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

                coconuts growing                                         nut. If the copra is used as a starting material, the
                                                                         unrefined coconut oil is not suitable for consump-
                                                                         tion and has to be purified and refined.

                                                                         The copra is not dried by sanitary methods so it must
                                                                         go through a process where it is refined, bleached,
                                                                         and deodorized.This is accomplished by the use of
                                                                         high heat, then the oil is filtered through bleaching
                                                                         clay to remove the impurities. at that point sodium
                                                                         hydroxide is used to remove free fatty acids and
                                                                         improve the shelf life of the finished oil.

                                                                         Most, if not all of the coconut oil that is commercially
                                                                         and mass produced is made in this way. During this
                                                                         process much of the nutritional value, as well as the
                                                                         natural health benefits of the oil are removed and
                                                                         what is left is a tasteless, useless oil.
                image: Fair Trade Farmers
                dehusking Coconuts.                                      Since it is not organic there also may be traces of
                                                                         chemicals used to fertilize the coconut plants as
                                                                         well as pesticides in the oil. These chemicals are
                                                                         the basis of many illnesses!

                                                                                          Organic Coconut Oil

                                                                         Organic, virgin coconut oil is handled and pro-
                                                                         cessed much differently. The virgin coconut oil is
                                                                         made by using non-copra (fresh coconut meat).
                                                                         Since the natural coconut oil is pure it is very stable
                                                                         and has a shelf life which can be measured in pe-
                                                                         riods of years. It also retains all of it’s delicate taste
                                                                         and nutritional qualities. It needs no further heat,
                                                                         or chemical refining.

                                                                         There are currently two ways of manufacturing
       -child delivers fresh coconut      Virgin Coconut Oil.
                oil from the family farm
                                                                                                Method One

                  Standard or Organic Coconut Oil?
                                                                         Method one uses a process of quick drying the co-
                Much of the commercial grade coconut oils are            conut meat which is then used to press out the oil
                made from the dried kernel of the coconut, called        by mechanical means.
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                copra. Copra is the dried coconut meat of the coco-


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                The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

                                   Method Two                                          The Human Body Needs Fat

                Method two is a process called wet-milling. During         The current medical research indicates that at least
                this method the oil is extracted from the fresh coco-      thirty percent (30%) of our diet should be made up
                nut meat without prior drying. The coconut milk is         of fats. Each fat is not equal, however, affecting the
                expressed by pressing and then the oil is separated        body in a different way. Coconut oil is generally
                from the water. Several methods can be used to             favorable, and has been shown to create a more
                separate the oil from the water including; boiling,        favorable hdl/ldl ratio in the body. Coconut oil is a
                fermentation, refrigeration, enzymes, and mecha-           saturated fat, which have been described as having
                nical centrifuge                                           a negative effect on the cholesterol but coconut oil
                                                                           is different from other saturated fats in many ways.
                In either of these methods the health and nutritional
                benefits of the coconut oil are retained, and because                Good Source of Medium Chain
                it is organic there are no chemical residues. The                           Triglycerides
                delicate flavors are also retained.
                                                                           Coconut oil is the highest vegan source (62%) of
                                                                           medium chain triglycerides. At least half of these
                                                                           medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are made up of
                                                                           lauric acid which is the single most important fatty
                                                                           acid in building and maintaining a healthy immune
                                                                           system. The amount of lauric acid in coconut oil is
                                                                           similar to the percentage in breast milk. No other
                                                                           vegetable oil has lauric acid and only milk and butter
                                                                           come close to the percentage, measuring in at 3%!

                                                                                         What About Cholesterol?

                                                                           Virgin coconut oil has been show to raise cholesteral
                                                                           level in some individuals, however it is the beneficial
                                                                           and protective levels that are raised contributing to
                                                                           a healthier ratio of hdl/ldl cholesterol.

                image: -virgin coconut oil                     Studies have also shown that the current popular
                                                                           oil, canola oil, actually was one of the worst oils to
                          Nutrition for the Heart                          use, producing high levels of trans-fatty acids when
                                                                           used in cooking.
                So, now that you know that you want organi, virgin,
                coconut oil...Do you know why? What exactly are            Virgin coconut oil actually helps to prevent harde-

                the nutritional benefits of ingesting this stuff?          ning of the arteries.
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                The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

                   Nutrition for the Immune System                          chain fatty acids also act to speed up metabolism
                                                                            causing the body to actually burn more calories and
                Monolaurin, the precursor to lauric acid, has helped        therefore promoting weight loss.
                in killing many viruses.The research indicates that
                it also offers some protection against cancer causing       Healthy fats in the diet help the body to feel full and
                substances and free radicals. It does this by disrup-       to not overeat. Consider that low fat and fat free
                ting the lipid membranes of envelope viruses and            diets have been pushed for at least two decades
                also inactivated bacteria, yeast and fungi.                 and we are not seeing people become thinner by
                                                                            following them. Rather, on average, the fatness of the
                Some of the pathogens reported by researchers to            population continues to rise! This is partially due to
                be inactivated by Monolaurin include;                       the hormones and chemicals we ingest continually,
                                                                            and partly due to the fact that with low fat choices
                   •   HIV                                                  we eat more carbohydrates than our bodies need
                   •   Measles                                              resulting in obesity.
                   •   Vercular stomatitis virus (VSV)
                   •   Herpes simplex virus (HSV-1)                                     How to Use Coconut Oil
                   •   Visna, cytomegalovirus (CMV)
                   •   Influenza virus                                      Getting the full benefits of coconut oil every single
                   •   Pneumonovirus                                        day is easy. Simply eating a tablespoonful with each
                   •   Syncytial virus                                      meal and one before bed is the easiest way. Na-
                   •   Rubeola                                              tural, virgin coconut oil is delicious and tastes of
                                                                            coconut. You can substitute coconut oil for butter
                Some bacteria inactivated by monolaurin include:            or margarine, or even vegetable shortening in your
                                                                            recipes. Heating the coconut oil during normal coo-
                   •   Listeria                                             king and baking does not cause it to be hydrogenated
                   •   Staphylococcus aureus                                or change the beneficial structure of it in any way.
                   •   Streptococcus agalactiae
                   •   Groups A, B, F and G streptococci                                           Topical Use

                These health benefits can be achieved by eating                 • Because of the antibacterial, and anti-fungal
                approximately one -fourth a cup (four tablespoon                  properties coconut oil can be used topically
                fulls) of virgin organic coconut oil per day. In fact,            on the skin to help with acne, burns, dry
                the fats derived from coconut oil are routinely being             skin, or skin infections.
                used in hospitals, baby formulas and sports drinks              • Using the coconut oil as a pre-conditioner,
                to increase the strength of the individual immune                 before shampooing, on the hair and scalp
                system.                                                           will guard against dandruff and keep hair
                                                                                  smooth, soft, and shiny.
                       Nutrition for the Metabolism                             • It is a great personal lubricant, completely

                                                                                  natural and helps to guard against yeast
                Coconut oil is actually a fat that promotes weight                infections. Since you don’t use a lot at a time
                loss. Because the medium chain fatty acids do not                 it is much more frugal than commercial
                circulate throughout the bloodstream like other                   preparations.
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                fats but are sent straight to the liver where they
                are metabolized and converted into energy, acting
                as carbohydrates rather than fats. These medium


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                The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

                                    Cosmetic Use

                   • Use it to keep lips soft and guard against
                   • Coconut oil is a fabulous moisturizer for
                     delicate, and older skin, helping to guard
                     against the brown discolorations caused
                     by metabolization of free radicals and also
                     helping to keep the skin elastic.
                   • A combination of crushed garlic and coco-
                     nut oil spread on the feet at night will help
                     cure athlete’s foot fungus.
                   • Coconut oil makes a great massage oil.

                             Enhance Your Health

                `While coconut oil may not be the answer for every
                disease of the human body, using it on a regular
                basis can go a long way to enhance health and well
                being into old age. By using certified organic, virgin
                coconut oil daily energy levels can be increased,
                metabolism can be sped up, and the body’s immune
                system can be protected and strengthened.

                Using it on skin can help keep skin soft, supple and
                smooth. With so many ways to utilize it, coconut oil
                is part of a healthy lifestyle.

                In warm weather coconut oil will liquefy at room
                temperature and in cold weather it will be a solid.
                Keep this in mind when storing your oil and if you
                will want to use it as a solid store it in the refrigerator.

                When using the coconut oil as a massage oil it helps
                to keep it in a squirt bottle but again, in cold weather
                it will solidify and you will need to warm it quickly
                in warm water to turn it to a liquid again.

                As you are buying coconut oil look for not only cer-
                tified organic but Fair Trade oils. As long as you are
                doing healthy things for your body you might as
                well be doing healthy things for the planet.
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