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									                            COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA
                           Board of Directors Meeting

February 20, 2003
David Clare
Albert N. Smith
Venson Wallin
Ron Lanier
Lori Epik
Norman Walker
Ginger Lynch

Richard McClenic
Matt Joyner
Andrew Larsen
Sandy Halverson
Karen Nuckols

Michael Scione
Shilpa Joshi
Dana Martin Johnson-Assistant Attorney General
Jim Rothrock-Commissioner, Department of Rehabilitative Services
Linda Wallis

Prior to the call to order, Commissioner Jim Rothrock welcomed the ATLFA
Board and congratulated the ATLFA on spinning off from DRS. He also
indicated that DRS is working with the ATLFA on the potential management of
the Consumer Service Fund and will collaborate with the ATLFA on issues of
mutual interest and concern. Mr. Rothrock also talked about the emerging
leadership group at Department of Rehab Services, currently working on
creating virtual telecommuting/telework offices for Department of Rehab
Services. He stressed the need for funding for telecommuting and telework.

Chairman, David Clare, called the meeting to order at approximately 10:35 AM

The November minutes were reviewed. Venson Wallin made a motion to approve
the minutes. The motion was seconded, and the minutes were approved as
The motion passed.

Linda Wallis introduced herself as a participant with Partners in Policy
Making, a Federally funded, State run program from the Virginia Board for
People with Disabilities. This program tries to teach self-advocacy and
inform the programs available to families who are trying to get services for
themselves or for the families. Ms. Wallis talked about the need to include
people with non-physical disabilities but utilizing assistive technology. Ms.
Wallis said that it would be of vital assistance for people needing
therapeutic services and want to be responsible, a loan from ATLFA seems to
be appropriate. She asked the Board if there is any possibility of including
such services as assistive technology in future. Chairman, David Clare asked
Ms. Wallis to provide more information about the institutions that provide
educational and rehabilitative services for people with non-physical
disabilities and said that ATLFA can certainly look into this in future.

Treasurer's Report
The Board was provided the Balance Sheet as of January 31, 2003 and a
statement of Cash Flow from July, 2002 through January, 2003. Venson Wallin
read the report to the Board. Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP- AFP)
account has $2,733758.27 Local Government Investment Pool- Federal (LGIP-
Federal) has $710,864.01. State funds are invested in the Local Government
Investment Pool (LGIP) account totaling $43,3729.99. The SunTrust checking
Federal account has $3,091.10. The SunTrust Bank checking account has
$9,694.92 The SunTrust Bank checking- AFP account has $12,797.33. The
SunTrust Money Market Federal account has $222,790.07 while the State funded
Money Market account has $92,932.49. The SunTrust Money Market AFP account
has $167,906.08. ATLFA's Wachovia Money Market account has $20,263.06. Total
ATLFA's unrestricted cash assets are $4,407,827.32. Total account receivables
are $139,911.50 and total assets are $ 4,629,207.52

There was a discussion concerning the investment of ATLFA funds into
Department of Treasury’s Local Government Investment Pool (LGIP) vs other
alternatives. Executive Director, Mike Scione stated that for the past couple
of years the LGIP has appeared to be the best investment option, at least
until interest rate rise to higher levels.
Al Smith made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report as presented. The
motion was seconded. All the Board members voted affirmatively.
The Motion passed.

Equipment, Furniture and Office Space
Mike stated that DRS was supporting administrative costs. With the spin off
ATLFA will have to purchase equipment and furniture to set up the office.
There were some funds left over from Title III grant with DRS. ATLFA used
those funds with a permission of NIDRR . to purchase a computer, fax
machines and printers.

Office Space-Mike talked about the proposal to share office space with VATS
at the Central DRS office. He also discussed the pros and cons of staying
with VATS at DRS main building vs moving to some other area, like Innsbrook.
Venson Wallin made a motion to authorize the Executive Director, Mike Scione
to actively pursue with a realtor and develop a proposal for outside office
space and let DRS know that they need to make a decision by Feb. 28, 2003.
All the Board members voted affirmatively. The motion passed.

Furniture – There was a discussion on getting the used furniture from the
State at some cost-effective way. Lori Epik suggested to get on the list to
buy things out of the State Warehouse. Dana Martin Johnson explained the
procedure and stated that State Agencies and public bodies are allowed to get
on the list.
Business Loans
Mike stated that the Business loans program is moving forward. SunTrust is
issuing a press release with all major Virginia newspapers. Mike stated that
ATLFA already has the first business loan application to send over to

Loan Committee Appointment
Mike announced that Ginger Lynch has resigned the loan committee. Andrew
Larsen is being appointed as a loan committee member in her place.

Consumer Service Fund MOU
Mike discussed the Memorandum of Understanding between ATLFA and Department
of Rehabilitative Services to all the Board members. Mike stated this
agreement would allow:
1. ATLFA to become Fiscal Agent and the Administrator for Consumer Service
2. There is a possibility that ATLFA will have some financial benefit in the
   long run.
3. Simplified combined application for ATLFA and CSF will help consumers due
   no waiting for fund requests for up to $5,000.00.
Mike asked the Board to set up another LGIP account for Consumer Service Fund
and explained how the funds in this new LGIP account would be managed.

Hiring Consumer Service Fund Manager
Mike talked about the need to hire a Program Manager for the Consumer Service
Fund. This position will also help ATLFA with some administrative work. Mike
informed the Board that the advertisement is posted in the Sunday Paper of
Richmond Times Dispatch. Mike stated the Board, that as per Code of Virginia,
the Board needs to decide the compensation and benefits for this position.

Spin Off Items
Benefits package for ATLFA Employees
David Clare said that the Executive Committee is working on developing a
benefits package for ATLFA employees. It is hoped that the ATLFA will be able
to offer benefits to its employees that are comparable to those offered by
the state. Mike will share a matrix with the Executive Committee that he has
developed regarding the comparison of benefits that are usually available to
Non-Profit organizations with the benefits State offers. This matrix is based
on the information provided to him by a Board member Karen Nuckols.
Norman Walker made a motion to authorize the Executive Committee to develop a
benefits package by the next Board meeting for ratification by the Board. All
the Board members voted affirmatively. The Motion Passed.

Financial Issues
Mike said that a budget was submitted to ATLFA Treasurer, Venson Wallin.
However, as the ATLFA does not pay rent and will be hiring additional
personnel, that it is not a meaningful budget. A full budget for fiscal year
2004 will be developed for review at the May Board meeting.

 Venson briefed the Board about the Meeting with CPA firm, Wells, Coleman and
Company, LLP. Venson stated that the CPA firm will perform a compilation and
review of financial statements and review internal controls. They will also
provide recommendations regarding the accounting policies and procedures.
Travel Policies
Mike stated that per the Code of Virginia, Public Bodies may follow State
Travel Policies or follow the policies of a funding source. Dana Martin
Johnson said that the ATLFA does not have to follow the policies but should
be in substantial compliance. Mike indicated that hotel stays both for the
Board and for staff will be approved at 50% above the state rate, but the
meals per diem will follow the state’s policy. Venson Wallin suggested that
the mileage reimbursement be tied to the rate to IRS. Venson Wallin made a
motion to change the mileage reimbursement rate from $0.325 a mile to $0.36
per mile. All the Board members voted affirmatively. The motion passed.
Dana Martin Johnson offered to help write the policies for travel.

Staffing Needs
Mike said that he had indicated in the past a need to hire a part-time
employee to handle communications and marketing, in light of the public
service announcement. Mike stated that he would like to hire a person with
disability for this position. However, the CSF Manager position would be
hired first, and the part-time position employed if it was still needed.

Other Authorized Purposes
Mike briefed the Board about the Loan Committee and Subcommittee meeting held
on January 16, 2003 on ‘Other Authorized purposes’. Mike reviewed a summary
of the discussions held at that meeting. Dana Martin Johnson suggested the
ATLFA list all the other authorized purposes that could be funded through the
funding sources and include an Appendix what cannot be covered by ATLFA. Mike
asked the Board members to send any suggestions within next two weeks to be
included in the Loan Policy Manual.

Public Service Announcement
Mike Scione talked about the proposed aggressive marketing strategies for
ATLFA. Mike thanked Andrew Larsen in his efforts to get GE financial as a
sponsor for the Public Service Announcement. The Public Service Announcement
would include one minute of taping for Television advertisement and a radio
spot of 30 and 60 seconds. Dana Martin Johnson talked about the legalities in
using actual ATLFA clients in PSA. Mike indicated that he will pay a stipend
to individuals who will be videotaped. Mike asked the Board members to
suggest persons with disabilities who would like to help us with the Public
Service Announcement.

Closed Session
Venson Wallin made the following motion to go the executive session:
I move that this meeting convene in a closed session for the purpose of
reviewing and discussing the status of Direct Loans and certain notes
guaranteed by the ATLFA and to discuss various legal issues. Closed session
will be held to maintain confidentiality of financial, medical,
rehabilitative and person information of the applicants according to 2.2-3711
A-1 of Freedom of Information Act.

A motion was made and seconded to convene the Board meeting in regular
The motion passed.
David Clare asked the Board if the only matters discussed in closed session
were those for the purpose of the closed session. All members answered in the
affirmative. The motion passed.

During Executive Session, the Board reviewed 9 loans, approved 4 loans
including two approved with counter offers and declined 5 loans. Board
decided to charge off two Direct Loans. A motion was made to ratify the
decisions made by the loan committee since the last Board Meeting. Motion was
seconded. The motion passed.


Purchasing defaulted loans
Lori Epik made a motion to purchase all notes falling in the category of
‘four delinquent payments within a six month period.’ Motion was seconded.
All the Board members voted affirmative. The motion passed.

Collections RFP-2003
Mike stated that Collections RFP issued in July of last year is going to be
up for renewal. We need to issue a new RFP for this year. In view of the
increased volume on more slow pay loans and defaulted loans and the
experience with collection agent, Bryan Lacy for the past 12 months, Mike
suggested the Board find an organization that’s more set up to deal with
these issues. Mike also asked the Board, their opinion regarding legal
actions on defaulted loans. Dana Martin Johnson suggested that ATLFA should
request the OAG for debt collection. If Attorney General’s office could not
do the debt collection for ATLFA, then ATLFA can request Attorney General’s
office to appoint outside collector.

Federal Grant Outlook
AT Act – Title III- Mike talked about the requirements for cash match for
Title III funding and said that this year Federal Government has $36 million
dollars in Title III grant. Mike Scione expects less competition for this
grant this year, thereby increasing the chances of ATLFA getting this grant
using the matching funds from a grant from Children’s Hospital.

Telework /Telecommuting
Mike also talked about the $20 million proposed Telecommunications through
the Rehabilitation Services Administration in collaboration with Department
of Rehabilitative Services. ATLFA has some state funding from its original
appropriation that may be used for matching funds.

The next ATLFA Board meeting is scheduled for May 15, 2003. The meeting
location was not decided at this time. David Clare asked for a motion to
adjourn. A motion was made and seconded. The motion passed.   The meeting was

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