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      february 6|9                              february 14|16                          february 17|20                               april 24|25                                      may 17|22                                          june 5|7
 International Society of the Study of    2008 Genitourinary Cancers Symposium, A     7th Annual Surgery of the Foregut       Bladder Cancer – from Pathogenesis              American Urological Association                  The European Congress of
 Women’s Sexual Health California, USA.   Multidisciplinary Approach San Francisco,   Symposium & Endoscopy/Natural           to Prevention WHO-Associated                    Annual Meeting Orlando, USA.                     Laparoscopy 2008, Marriott Hotel,
                                          CA, USA Co Sponsored by ASCO, ASTRO,        Orifice Surgery Workshop sponsored      International Consultation,                                                                      Rome, Italy.
 W                 SUO.                                        by the Cleveland Clinic Florida in      Stockholm, Sweden.                              W
                                                                                      Coral Gables, Florida.                                                                    futuremeetings/                                E
                                          W                                                             E                                                                           W
                                                                                      E                           W

  february 27|march 1                           march 11|12                                   april 7|10                             june 23|27                                   october 20|24
 Society of Urodynamics and Female        Course in Operative Paediatric              Society for Endocrinology: BES 2008     British Association of Urological                  th
                                                                                                                                                                              38 Annual Meeting of the
 Urology (SUFU) Florida, USA.             Urology ~ Leeds 2008.                       Harrogate UK.                           Surgeons Annual Meeting                         International Continence Society
                                                                                                                              Manchester, UK.                                 Cairo, Egypt
 W       W               W
   future.aspx                              copu.pdf                                    meetings/                             W                       W

        april 12|15                                  april 18                               april 23|26                                                       to advertise in this section . . .
 American Society of Andrology 33rd       3 International Prostate and Ureteric       XIX Annual Congress of the European
 Annual Conference Albuquerque,           Long Term Metal-Stent Workshop at           Society for Paediatric Urology (ESPU)
 New Mexico.                              Barts & The London NHS Trust.               Nice-Acropolis, France.

 W       Contact: Mr Noor Buchholz +44 207           W                             If you wish to advertise a forthcoming meeting in BJU International, please contact Audraí O’Dwyer at the Editorial Office –
                                          601 8394                                                                                                                           


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