Board of Trustees Meeting

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					                                           Board of Trustees Meeting
                                               January 18, 2007

Present: Joan Barnes, Bob Baxter, Elizabeth Bixler, Hal Craft, Carl Gortzig, Anna Holmberg,
Helen Morse John Suter
Advisors: Jean Currie
Staff: Mary Ellen Stewart
Absent: Peter Bardaglio, Tom Colbert, Greg Garvan, Janet McCue,

1. Call to Order, Approve consent agenda (Suter)
   The Consent Agenda consisted of the minutes of the December2006 board meeting.
   Motion: Carl Gortzig moved to approve the consent agenda.
   Second: Joan Barnes seconded the motion
   Approved: Unanimous

2. Reports
   a. Treasurer (Holmberg)
       There was no finance committee meeting this month.
       The audit is nearly complete; John Suter and Anna Holmberg have seen the report.
           Anna and Donna Brock will meet next week, so that any concerns of Donna’s may be
           addressed. The auditors will send the final audit as soon as we give the go-ahead.
       When it meets again, the finance committee will be looking at issues related to the
           search, and the executive director.

     b. Development Committee (Suter)
         John distributed a fundraising and sales report, which provides information regarding
           our position in relation to this year’s budget and to last year’s figures. Individual gifts
           are short of this year’s goal, and of giving at this time last year, in part due to the
           transition period; we have not pursued some fundraising conversations with larger
           donors, which Matt would have spearheaded. Judy will put together a list of key
           donors to have another conversation with. Board members will be asked to participate
           in some of these conversations.
         A reminder that when Carl, Matt, and John met with John Semmler, he advised us that
           what we have to offer in the way of sales/assets are unique.
         John stated that he hoped to take an in-depth look at the budget next week, to see what
           the rest of the year looks like, taking into consideration the search process and general

3. Transition developments (Suter)
   a. Transition leadership

               Mary Ellen has agreed to be the go-between person on the staff. Mary Ellen keeps the
                staff meeting notes, and is a natural hub for communication. Mary Ellen is sending
                staff meeting notes to John, Elizabeth, and Joan, in order to keep the Board aware of
                staff issues. Joan has agreed to be the staff liaison, taking over for Elizabeth, who is
                involved in search committee work.

    b. Staff meetings and input
        In talking with the staff, John has come to see that people don’t have a sense of their
           own budget, as everything went through Matt. An area for change will be affording the
           staff the opportunity to get a better sense of where their work fits into the overall
           budget picture.
        There have been a couple of meetings with staff. Staff prove to be willing to raise issues
           and to be responsive to the ensuing dialog. A couple of staff concerns are 1) having
           some responsibility over the budget in their own area, and 2) the slow tempo of the
           search process.

    c. Programming—exhibits, education
        Programming is going well, with Mari at the education helm.

    d. System improvements/upgrades
        We have ordered a new server and a new network printer. These were a high priority
           on Matt’s list of things to proceed with.
        The website is moving from our own server to One Bad Ant’s (Keith Kubarek) during
           the first two weeks of February.
        One of the ―legacy issues‖ is technology support. Mari has a range of general computer
           skills, and has agreed to help trouble-shoot computer issues while she is at THC.

    e. Guidance, Support
        Involved in ongoing conversations with Joanne Florino/Triad Foundation. Joanne is
          willing to support us in some way around the search process. Possibilities for Triad
          funding include possible salary support/enhancement for the executive director, or
          something else for the process.
        The board had authorized committing to an agreement with George Ridenour, but a
          decision was made not to pursue this avenue. At a transition meeting it was suggested
          that maybe we don’t need a search consultant.

4. Executive Search
   a. Search Committee
        Confirmed members of the Search Committee are John Suter, Elizabeth Bixler, Carl
          Gortzig, Jean Currie, Donna Eschenbrenner, and Mary Ellen Stewart. Additionally we
          will ask Roger Richardson when he is back in town, and have emailed Janet McCue
          asking her.

    b. Position description/executive profile

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               Before his departure, Matt had come up with a grid for us to work with, to outline
                qualities required, preferred and desirable in an executive director. The committee has
                put together responses form Board and staff for a composite grid.
               Kelly Calnon Falck, who we have hired during the transition period, has agreed to put
                together a position profile, which includes a brief organizational history, description of
                the programs, staffing, governance and finances, and includes a leadership opportunity
                description, along with expectations for the new director. Kelly will have this
                document completed by Tuesday. On Wednesday, the Search Committee will meet to
                finalize it. The last step will be for the Executive Committee to put together a
                compensation package. We will then post the positions, placing it in as many free
                venues as possible. Kelly will advise us on other places that will have a cost involved;
                well look at those and make decisions on whether we see the likely potential value of
                those postings to exceed their cost.

    c. Compensation
     The Executive Committee will meet to arrive at a compensation package.

    d. Process and timing
        If all goes smoothly, after the Executive Committee meets and puts together a
          compensation package, we can put all the information together and post the position
          notices. We will gather applications/resumes and screen as they come in. The Search
          Committee will look at possibilities, narrowing down the pool. All the board will be
          involved in some way (the Board hires the executive director). Staff will also have the
          opportunity to meet and talk to the finalists. We would like to have someone in place
          by June.
        Comments & Discussion:
           John S: staff feel it’s a strenuous process, and that we need to get someone here
           Jean: the transition documents are helpful; we’re actually planning the process.
           John: Is figuring out his own sense of what he can actually do. Would like to bring
               other Board members into the process in a more active way.
           Bob: consider whether we’re targeting people who’ve done this job before, or
               brilliant people.
           Jean: Yes, we need a big picture person with a vision.
           John: There is an Opportunity for Leadership statement, which we hope will look
               very attractive to a variety of capable people.
           Bob: Consider fundraising experience, for example – do we really need a
               successful, experienced fundraiser, or someone not afraid of fundraising?
           John: do we say that a Masters degree + 5 years non-profit management is required,
               for instance; does that eliminate too many bright people?
           Hal: Put hurdles in the job description if you think you’ll be overwhelmed; if not
               expecting lots of applications, make it more open.
           Carl: We can ask for a lots of things, including a visionary; in practice we’ll see
               what applications we receive, and pare down/compromise on our desired qualities
               based on who really comes our way.

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               Bob: Do we ask for an artistic background? We don’t intend to replicate anyone,
                but what background are we looking for? THC has a look/presentation beyond a
                historical society, which Matt is largely responsible for.
               Jean: there are a lot of intangibles; it seems like we’ll know it when we see it.
               Hal: hiring is the most important thing we do.
               Jean: where do we advertise to find these brilliant people?
               John: it would be great if we could find someone local, who knows the community.

5. Personnel Policies and Issues (Jean Currie)
    John Suter has asked Jean to look at personnel issues. Jean had told Matt some time back
       that she’d help fix up THC’s personnel policies; realizing that it would be a whole re-write,
       the project was tabled at that time. The South Central Regional Library Council recently
       re-wrote their manual (Employee Manual, not Personnel Policies!), which gives Jean some
       experience with which to work.
    Jean reported that the current THC policies are woefully inadequate, incomplete, and
       inconsistent. Jean has taken content from THC’s policies and placed it within a more
       complete Table of Contents. Has met with staff twice so far, working out what needs to go
       into the new version.
    Has found that the current practice is equally as inconsistent as current policy. One basic
       issue is that positions are inadequately defined: although job descriptions state full-time vs.
       part time, exempt/non-exempt status needs to be better addressed.
    We need short term as well as long term solutions. In the short term, Jean will continue
       meeting with the staff to work through the policies. Mary Ellen has been helpful in
       collecting other organizations’ Employee Manuals.
    Would like to come back to the Board next month with some recommendations for
       dealing with inconsistencies around vacation, personal, sick time. Will want to have a
       small task force help to re-write the policies, consisting of perhaps 1-2 Board members and
       1-2 staff members.
    Having better working policies may also be helpful when interviewing an executive
    The long term work will involve creating a whole new handbook. There may be some mid-
       term recommendations, as well.
    Hal: Would be helpful to have the basic common structure (vacation, etc) in place to
       inform the executive director.
    Bob: In his reading, Bob has come to has understood that one area in which non-profit
       boards trip up is on HR issues.
    Jean has access to Business Labor Review’s ―Red Books‖ which enable one to access NYS
       & federal laws, and are written in accessible English. In addition, South Central’s finished
       manual went to a lawyer for review before finalization.
    Bob; Employee Manuals are far from static documents; Dryden rewrites their manual
       every year.

5. Annual Meeting date and program (Suter)
    The annual meeting is scheduled for February 8th, 5:30 – 6:30. There will be a brief
     business meeting, in which we expect to elect 3 new trustees. The program will be led by
     Barry Derfel, Instructional Specialist for Educational Equity in the Ithaca City School

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            District. Barry is leading our book group, which is starting in February. Barry’s annual
            meeting presentation will be for about ½ hour, a 20-minute talk, followed by a 10-minute
            discussion period. This program fits with what staff is doing, is substantial for attendees,
            without causing undue additional work for the staff. Postcards announcing the meeting
            will go out next week. The meeting will be first, at 5:30, with the program following, at
           John asked Mary Ellen to touch base with Donna Eschenbrenner about refreshments for
            the meeting. Jean Currie volunteered to bring in something, or to contribute toward the

7. 8-Square Schoolhouse restoration (Craft)
    Hal distributed an informational sheet, which included Ryan-Biggs’ Recommendations for
       work on the schoolhouse, along with the names of the historical architects we contacted
       and their bids for the work, tasks & services to be rendered, and recommendations.
    We had engaged Ryan Biggs to determine what needs to be done with the schoolhouse.
       Hal pointed out that these costs are without the design, permits, and project management.
       We can add up to 1/3-1/2 of the provided figures for these costs.
    Lynn Truame has solicited 3 architectural firms, which are historical restoration firms.
    Reimbursables are additional costs; Barrow estimated reimbursables as around $1,000.
    Hal suggested that 2 things need to be added: 1) Tear apart the roof/ceiling to see what’s
       going on in there; 2) an environmental survey, to give us information about such things as
       lead paint, asbestos. The firm we select will do the work outlined under ―tasks and services
    John, Hal, Tom Colbert, and Lynn Truame went through the proposals. Hal suggested
       that there is no reason to take the high bid. As the other 2 bids are close, Hal suggested we
       talk with both firms, and get a sense of their team, personalities, and flexibility around
       questions of scope, schedule, and budget.
    Question: can we check to see if Ryan Biggs can do this as well? They are not specialists
       in historic preservation; could they do something acceptable to the State, with design and
    The construction phase will require $30,000. We can apply to TCAD for monies for this
       phase, and may receive $14,000 - $15,000, the rest to be raised otherwise.
    John: The question has been raised of whether it is worth doing this. There had been
       some consensus that it is valuable, and we need to do the work or it will fall down. Are
       there concerns at this time?
    Elizabeth voiced reservations about the costs, and asked if there was any way to evaluate the
       community’s value & support.
    Bob stated that people know where the schoolhouse is, they don’t know where THC is!
    At one time there was an idea of exploring a partnership with Dryden School District, in
       which they might partner in managing the facility, while we provide the program. Bob
       wondered if Historic Ithaca be an organization to approach.
    John: we could commission a feasibility study, but that would take time.
    Joan, Helen, and Bob voiced a sense there’s a lot of support in the community for the
    It is a big investment of staff time and energy.
    There is an arrangement of this sort involving Newfield Central School and a historical

9/16/2011                                                                                          Page 5
           Bob: This community historically rallies around capital campaigns, as opposed to
            operating costs.
           Carl: Yes, people could buy a brick, for example.
           Hal: we need to do something with it, given that we have it. What work we do first is up to
            us – could do the roof first, which is not the big-ticket item.
           Carl: we need to think about this in the context of needing a new space for THC by 2018.
            This would give us 2 capital campaigns to run.
           It might be educational to do a little capital campaign and learn how to do it, before
            launching a major campaign.

    Motion: Elizabeth Bixler moved that the board authorize the president to retain an
    architectural firm to prepare design and construction documents and provide guidance during
    bidding and construction phases; to authorize payment of expenses incurred thereby, up to
    $33,000; and further, to explore the options for moving the eight square schoolhouse to land
    owned by another party
    Second: Carl Gorzig.
    Approved: Unanimous

8. Adjourn

                                                                                Respectfully Submitted
                                                                                 Joan Barnes, Secretary

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                                 Board of Trustees Meeting
                                    February 15, 2007

Present: Joan Barnes, Elizabeth Bixler, Jean Currie, Carl Gortzig, Anna Holmberg, Janet McCue,
Helen Morse, John Suter
Staff: Mary Ellen Stewart
Guest: Pam Mackesey, THC Tompkins County Legislature liaison
Absent: Peter Bardaglio, Bob Baxter, Tom Colbert, Hal Craft, Greg Garvan, Roger Richardson,
John Semmler

2. Call to Order, Approve consent agenda (Suter)
   a. Welcome new trustees
      Welcome (back) to Jean Currie. We are also glad to welcome to the Board Roger
      Richardson and John Semmler, who could not be here for today’s meeting.
   b. Approve minutes of January 19 Board Meeting

    Motion: Elizabeth moved to approve the consent agenda, which consisted of the January 19,
    2007 minutes.
    Second: Joan seconded the motion
    Approved: Unanimous

2. Reports
   f. Treasurer (Holmberg)
       $15,000 in as-yet unpaid pledges remain, which we are expecting to receive this fiscal
       In the absence of guidance from an executive director and crafter of the budget, the
           budget numbers do not clarify our current financial position.
       Jean Currie and John Marcham have looked at the budget. Jean has committed to
           creating a simple, workable budget document.
       Health Insurance: Aetna will terminate at the end of its current term, as it will not
           continue to carry only one employee. A new insurance carrier will be part of the
           package for the new executive director
       Distributed Profit/Loss sheets.
       Next year there will be more ability to compare year to year, as budget lines and
           methods of accounting are not expected to change.

    g. Development Committee (Suter)
        Tom, John, and Judy met to look at individual and corporate giving. The budget line
          of $125,000 income for individual giving was based on having a development
          professional in place. John Semmler has since advised us that, given the number of
          non-profits vying for community dollars, growth in income is more likely to come from
          earned income: photo sales, etc.
        Instead of hiring an individual giving person, a possibility is to hire an administrative
          assistant/manager to support the efforts of the board and executive director. We have
          reduced our budget for individual gifts to $90,000, which is the same as last year.

9/16/2011                                                                                   Page 7
               John Suter, Tom Colbert, and John Marcham have discussed a process for soliciting
                higher level donors, and plan to present more information to the board next month.
               We will draft a solicitation letter template, and ask board members to insert personal
                paragraphs in the body of the letter. We hope to have this letter go out late in March.
               Pam Mackesey noted that THC receives some CAP monies, and that CAP monies are
                increasing as the number of rooms is increasing, and THC may want to think about
                how we might be able to take advantage of additional CAP monies in the future.

    c. Program committee (Suter)
        Have heard from staff about plans for the next six months, and looking into the fall. Staff
        has a plan on how to go forward. Minutes of that meeting will be forthcoming.

    d. Review committee list (Suter)
       A list of current committees was distributed. One error was noted—Jean Currie is now a
       board member--and a correction will be made to the list.

    3. Election of Officers for 2007
       Slate of Board officers for 2007 was put forth:
         John Suter            President
         Elizabeth Bixler      Vice President
         Anna Holmberg         Treasurer
         Joan Barnes Secretary

    Passed: Slate of Officers elected unanimously.

4. Executive Search (Suter)
   c. Update
    The Search Committee is meeting on Tuesday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Kelly Calnon Falck
       is working with the committee on an hourly basis on such things as writing descriptions,
       suggesting places for announcements, putting together the Position Profile.
    There is a sub committee to screen applications, which consists of Jean Currie, Elizabeth
       Bixler and Mari Shopsis.
    George Ridenour is working with the search committee on an hourly basis, and has been
       helpful with the position announcement and suggestions of where it should be placed.

    d. Brainstorm distribution vehicles, candidates
        Distribution of our ad: to go in the Ithaca Journal and in the Binghamton, Elmira,
          and Utica papers on 3 weekends. Nationally, we will post with AAM, AASLM,
          Museum Employment Resource Center, Upstate History Alliance, and the Museum
          Association of New York.
        If you post the position on a list serve, please let other Board members know so that we
          don’t duplicate efforts.
        We have received some positive feedback on the position profile from Matt Braun and
          George Ridenour. George sent a 2-page description of Ithaca for posting on our
          website. Suggestion: post on Craig Space. Jean will post to the statewide library list;

9/16/2011                                                                                         Page 8
               Janet will ask Elaine about other appropriate places for posting that she may know of.
               Roger will post on a higher education site.

5. Budget planning/Strategic planning
   a. FY 2006-07 Budget (Holmberg/Marcham/Currie)
       We have a detailed budget, which lacks overall summary organization. A 1-to-1
       relationship with the accounting program does not exist. Donna Brock will print out
       budget information by project, and condense the budget, giving us a way of looking at
       individual programs. Thanks to John and Jean for working on budget issues.

    b. Strategic planning, budget component (Suter)
       John Suter sent Christopher Clarke the draft of our strategic plan as is. He was
       enthusiastic about it as far as it went, but concerned that it does not address the remaining
       problem of a deficit budget. Kelly suggested that she, John Suter, and Elizabeth talk about
       how we want to address that issue, and bring those ideas back to the Core Planning Team.

6. Education Director (Suter)
   Mari’s contract ends 6/30. Launch search process.
   We don’t want to be without an education director in the fall. We need to figure out the time
   line and start advertising. John requested the board’s thoughts. Jean suggested using whatever
   materials we used in the search processes for Kelly and Mari; we can make use of some wording
   from the Executive Director Position Profile to talk about the relationship to the community,
   etc. Should we be looking for an interim education director? Would Carole West be
   interested in working as an interim, with admin tasks associated with the Eight Square
   delegated to someone else? Suggestions included going to the Cooperstown Graduate
   program, and University of Delaware Longwood meuseum leadership program. It was
   generally felt that the new Executive Director should have a say in the hiring of the Education

7. Recognition program (Suter/Marcham)
   a. Discuss options, approach
      The Herb Finch award was created to recognize a citizen or group in our community who
      has made an exemplary contribution to the mission of The History Center in Tompkins
      County. Elsie Freeman Finch wants to be involved in the process of figuring out our
      criteria, & award process.

    b. Appoint task force
       We need to get together a small group of people to think about the Herb Finch award
       process, to not necessarily be limited to board members, but include volunteers, etc. It was
       suggested we involve THC advisors, as well.

            It was additionally suggested that THC hold an acknowledgment event for its advisors,
            maybe around an exhibit opening; the Sol Goldberg opening is in the right time frame.
            Perhaps we could do a program as well; perhaps lunches. Use the opportunity to update
            advisors around the Executive Director search.

9/16/2011                                                                                        Page 9
    Additional note from John Suter:
    John highly recommended reading a book about called Thriving in the Knowledge Age – New
    Business Models for Museums and Other Cultural institutions. Board members expressed interest.

8. Adjourn

                                                                            Respectfully Submitted
                                                                             Joan Barnes, Secretary

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                                 Board of Trustees Meeting
                                     March 15, 2007

Present: Peter Bardaglio, Bob Baxter, Joan Barnes, Elizabeth Bixler, Tom Colbert, Hal Craft, Jean
Currie, Carl Gortzig, Anna Holmberg, Janet McCue, Helen Morse, Roger Richardson, John
Semmler, John Suter; Absent: Greg Garvan
Advisors: John Marcham
Staff: Mary Ellen Stewart

3. Call to Order (Suter)
   a. Welcome new trustees
      The Board welcomed Roger Richardson and John Semmler to the Board, and members
      introduced themselves.
   b. Approve consent agenda
      The consent agenda consisted of the minutes of the February 15 Board meeting, as well as
      minutes from the Finance and Program committees.
      Motion: Helen moved to approve the consent agenda
      Second: Joan seconded the motion
      Approved: Unanimous

2. Reports
   h. Treasurer (Holmberg)
      The Finance Committee met yesterday. We are working with a budget which is now not
      accurate, largely because of Matt’s and Kelly’s departures, our decision not to hire a
      director of individual giving, and the shortfall in projected individual giving. Jean has been
      reviewing our budget documents to come up with a workable summary. Donna Brock will
      extract information from the budget by job for staff use.
   i. Budget Planning, balanace of FY2007, FY2008
      New budgets are needed for 2007 and 2008. Work will begin at an executive committee
      meeting to be scheduled.

3. Development report and individual giving (Colbert)
   a. Status report
      Photo sales are going very well. Borg Warner has given us $10,000 per year for 2 years,
      with some additional fee-for-service agreements. While we are significantly behind on
      individual giving totals, we also have not filled the Individual Giving position we had
      expected when crafting the budget. Nevertheless, we need to catch up with some
      individuals who have given in the past but have not this year.
   b. Individual giving plan
      Tom distributed a spreadsheet of names and giving history, and asked that Board members
      sign up for past donors, and note whether they intend to call or to write. THC will
      provide a template, to which Board members should add a line or two. Tom asked that
      spreadsheets/signups be returned within the week. Any signup duplication that needs
      filtering out will be done at THC.

9/16/2011                                                                                   Page 11
4. Reports
   e. Executive Search (Bixler)
      The Search Committee consists of Elizabeth, Jean, Carl, Janet, Roger, and Donna
      Eschenbrenner/Mari and Mary Ellen. We have received nearly 60 applications. A
      screening committee has responded with an initial yes or no response, resulting in 26
      applications for the full committee to look at. On Saturday at 9:00 a.m. the committee will
      decide which candidates to ask for a phone interview. The expectation is to make a
      recommendation to the Board mid-April.
   f. Strategic Plan (Suter)
      We had sent our Strategic Plan to Christopher Clark for comments; he noted the absence
      of context for financial sustainability. Kelly and John are working on pieces to add for a
      finished plan. The completed plan will be together by the next Board meeting and ready
      for feedback; we hope to adopt a plan at that stage.

5. 8-Square Renovation (Craft, Colbert)
   Action: Select firm for architectural consulting services
        Hal noted that there had been significant Board ambivalence about sinking money in
          the Eight Square Schoolhouse. We expect the construction phase to cost up to
          $200,000. Hal urged the Board decide if we are prepared to go ahead with the
          construction before spending money on the current stage.
        We received bids from 4 firms and have chosen Crawford & Stearns as the preferred
          firm with which to negotiate. Lynn Truame recommends them highly, and they are
          well known by the State. Their selection would lend credibility to the project. One
          issue remains to be discussed: Crawford & Stearns is proposing to limit their liability to
          the total value of the contract, not a standard clause. We need to negotiate this piece.
        The cost is given as $24,000, and there will also be incidental expenses. There will be
          additional costs; for example, opening up the roof a bit, possible need to engage an
          archaeologist and/or a hazardous material remediation specialist. The total cost may
          be in the $30,000-$35,000 range.
        If we cannot reach satisfactory understanding with Crawford & Stearns, we will begin
          discussions with the second favored firm, John Bero Architects.
        Although there is a good chance that much of the funding for this phase will come
          from the County through TCAD, we are committing ourselves to some serious action
          in the relatively short term.
        Discussion ensued around the need to spend such a comparatively large amount of
          money. The most critical pieces to address are the foundation and roof.

    Motion: To authorize Hal to negotiate a contract with Crawford & Stearns, with the
    understanding that the limited liability clause be negotiated to our satisfaction.
    Approved: Unanimous.
        John Suter thanked Tom and Hal for their work on this project.
        John Suter will call Martha Armstrong tomorrow re: TCAD funding.

    6. Recognition Program (Suter)
       a. Review options, approach

9/16/2011                                                                                   Page 12
                 We had talked about holding a recognition program to include advisors, major
                  donors, and County legislators, as well as about an event to present The Herb
                  Finch award. In John’s recent conversation with Elsie Freeman Finch, she said she
                  would like us to take sufficient time to do the Herb Finch Award event well, not
                  this spring.
                There are a lot of people volunteering time and energy to The History Center, for
                  which recognition is due. John asked Mary Ellen to speak briefly about the staff
                  capabilities. With the various programs and activities in place, staff feel that mid-
                  May would realistically be the earliest time for which staff could prepare for such an
                We will plan on holding a recognition event the week of May 14th.
            b. Appoint task force
                John asked for volunteers for a recognition task force to look at 3 areas;
                  1) An overall charge to look at recognition in the long term;
                  2) Beginning to work with Elsie on the criteria for the Herb Finch award;
                  3) Planning the Spring 2007 award event.
                John Marcham volunteered to be on the task force. Suggestions that we include
                  advisors in the task force – what about Peter Hirtle, Nancy Leeming?
                John relayed that Judy had said help from Board members with the logistics of such
                  a program would be very helpful

    7. Board development and edification proposal (Bixler)
       Elizabeth suggested, on behalf of the Board Development Committee, that the Board
       embark upon discussion of the book, Thriving in the Knowledge Age, using 15 minutes of
       Board meetings. Board could read a chapter or two at a time. It was suggested that there
       be 2 different discussion leaders for each meeting.

            Motion: Jean moved that the Board set aside 15 minutes per meeting to discuss Thriving in
            the Knowledge Age.
            Second: Carl seconded the motion
            Approved: Unanimous.

8. Executive session – Personnel
   a. Vacation, leave policies
   b. Health insurance
   c. Education staff
   d. Personnel task force

9. Adjourn

                                                                                Respectfully Submitted
                                                                                 Joan Barnes, Secretary

9/16/2011                                                                                       Page 13
        No Board meeting held
             April 2007

        No Board meeting held
             June 2007

9/16/2011                   Page 14
                                 Board of Trustees Meeting
                                       July 19, 2007

Present: Peter Bardaglio. Joan Barnes, Elizabeth Bixler, Tom Colbert, Hal Craft, Jean Currie,
Greg Garvan Carl Gortzig, Anna Holmberg, Janet McCue, Helen Morse, Roger Richardson, John
Semmler, John Suter
Absent: Bob Baxter
Advisors: John Marcham
Staff: Gary Reinbolt, Mary Ellen Stewart

4. Call to Order (Suter)
      Approve consent agenda
      The consent agenda consisted of the minutes of the May 17 Board meeting and minutes
      from the Finance committee.
      Motion: Joan moved to approve the consent agenda
      Second: Hal seconded the motion
      Approved: Unanimous

2. President’s Report (Suter)
    Have had 2 meetings of the Eight Square Task Force. Carole gave a presentation at the
       second, which was very exciting and informative. Carole will make a presentation for the
       board at the August Board meeting.
    The Eight Square Festival is August 25th. John passed around a sign-up sheet for trustees to
       help at the Eight Square Festival, which runs from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m.
    John asked about the date for the August Board meeting. It is on the calendar for the 16th;
       we could move it to the 23d. Discussion. Assume the meeting will be August 16 unless
       otherwise advised.
    Elizabeth spoke on board development: Three trustees are winding up their terms at the
       end of this calendar year. Elizabeth will be meeting potential candidates for lunches. If
       any trustee would like to join this process, please let Elizabeth know. Janet asked whether
       new nominations are being accepted, and what areas of expertise we might be looking for:
       Answers: yes, please make any nominations! Not looking for any particular areas of
       expertise, but for interest and energy.

3. Executive director’s report (Reinbolt)
   Gary reported on his activities since starting at The History Center:
    Has been meeting with development and finance committees; developing ideas for new
      initiatives for revenue; working on the budget. Gary Stewart introduced Gary to folks at
      CU, talked about ways CU can work with THC; Was invited to ―Stepping Out at The
      Kitchen‖ (they’ve asked Gary to be on their Board); met with Vally Kovary and Joanne
      Florino, re: where’s the money, how to bring it forth; Went to Rotary; Met Discovery Trail
      Partners, Will meet tomorrow with the Guthrie Clinic re: gift for the Eight Square.
    Looking longer range, we want to enter into multiple year commitments for funding, as we
      are with the Tompkins County legislature. Tompkins County wants a proposal from THC
      by Tuesday morning; will meet with Steve Whicher Thursday at 1:30 re: putting our

9/16/2011                                                                                 Page 15
            annual request into a 5-year format; Met with the County Historians at one of their
            monthly meetings; (who were very cordial and interested); Hosted Sundae give-away on the
            Commons. We’ve had a massive amount of press around the work of our Corson Fellows--
            would like to propose a separate funding line for Corson Fellows.
           Changes in staff: Visitor Services Manager position, 20 hours/week is open; we’ll be
            starting screening soon. Kelly Calnon-Falck is returning to work at THC . She knows
            grant sources, institutional sources, will write grant narratives. To begin next week.
           New Initiatives:
             Talking with Park Scholars for participation in maintaining THC’s web site; We have
                a CAP Grant for $10,000 for web site upgrade, Keith will do the code writing; the
                Scholars will update the site and add new material.
             We will be putting some collections on line.
             There will be a large scale exhibit for Ithaca College in the fall, one of the elements of
                which is an auction of student services, scheduled for November – will see about
                implementing on-line bidding to eliminate any weather-related issues.
             Received an email from a group working to renovate the Wharton studios. They want
                THC to lend some collections (seems ok), and are interested in using THC as the
                overarching 501c contact for funding (don’t know as we want to do this!). The City is
                willing to move the DPW in the interest of giving them access; their project is to
                renovate; City will continue to be owners.
             Met with Groton author, who wants us to help fund his publication. Advised him that
                we won’t be writing any checks!
             In touch with Dave Flynn, who wants to bring home a Thomas Morse bi-plane. Work
                will be done by a master restorer at the Curtiss Museum. They want collections,
                research, support; will restore and fly on 100th anniversary.
             Shannon wants to bring to THC a touring exhibit from the Smithsonian on the
                Heroes of Flight. Could make a trail. Tom: We might also want to be in touch with
                the East Hill Flying Club & their membership, and call the Airport manager.
             We’re starting to design the brochure for the fall mailing, which will be moved up to

4. Development committee report and discussion (Colbert, Dietz)
    The budget exceeded our goal for individual/corporate fundraising. We did particularly
      well with corporate giving and with Trustee and Advisor giving; fell behind in campaign.
    The committee has a planned giving piece under development. Elizabeth is lending her
      expertise in estate planning; Howard Harnett advised us that while planned giving is a
      fairly passive method, there are ways to work it. It should be done and in place by early
    Tom asked each trustee to identifying 4-6 people they would feel comfortable discussing a
      planned gift with. Although each trustee is asked to sign up for 4-6 people, trustees will be
      assigned only 2 to follow up with. John Semmler has offered to do a little training/role
      playing at the next meeting.

5. Budget and Finance – (Holmberg, Reinbolt)
   a. Treasurer’s report, include investment account status
       Financials through the end of the fiscal year are not yet available.

9/16/2011                                                                                       Page 16
               We currently have in our Merrill Lynch Account $431,260.40.

    b. Budget presentation and discussion.
        Gary met with the Finance committee Tuesday. Has tried to involve staff in the budget
          process. We’re still coming out with a shortfall. There are some revenue holes &
          unknowns. Has listed annual giving for $40,000, a 40% increase. Will move THC’s
          big ask to September. Will go to a 2-hit letter cycle; a chasing letter will be sent 2 weeks
          after the first if no response is received to first letter. The September letter will be
          accompanied by a nice brochure, presenting THC dreams for the future, including
          upgrading the Student Historian/Corson Fellows funding, going on-line, and making
          our walking tour available on cell phones.
        In November we’ll do a mailing to smaller group re: giving stock for tax purposes, and
          also planned giving.
        In March we’ll do a 2d gift request, based on Education. Will again do a 2-part hit.
        Will undertake a $15,000 major gift initiative – identify, do personal cultivation and
          one-on-one asking.
        Foundation Grants: Nothing yet for Park: Gary will speak with Peter Bardaglio re:
        Corporate Giving: Peter suggested speaking with Audrey Edelman re: gift for the Eight
        New line is separate revenue--$25,000. Will go directly to student education activities;
          there will be naming opportunities.
        Will start selling class photos at the Eight Square.
        On the Expense line, there is an increase for staffing, both number of hours and the
          pay rate. Gary reports receiving a survey on comparable salaries in other organizations
          our size – salaries are substantially higher in other organizations. Gary recommends
          that THC make an adjustment. Other Expense increases: printing, postage,
          advertising, entertaining. The supplies & production line looks huge for last fiscal
          year: it included travel & entertainment, as well as any miscellaneous items that didn’t
          fit elsewhere.
        Monies needed for renovation of the Eight Square are not included in this operating
        Discussion. John voiced concern re: a $64,000 deficit. Gary: To increase revenue, we
          need to increase the number of members, provide new product lines and new offerings,
          for all of which we need to make an investment. Carl asked to see the budget with an
          additional column showing last year’s actual costs.
        There may well be grants available to narrow the deficit that we are not currently aware
          of, and which we’ll be looking into, with Kelly’s help. Discussed need to be able to
          track how we’re doing program by program, either through Quickbooks or on Excel.
          The Board asked Gary to resubmit the budget next month, addressing concerns voiced
          at this month’s Board meeting.

6. Other business (Suter)
   After looking at your calendars, let John know if the 16th or the 23d works better for you for
   next month’s meeting.

9/16/2011                                                                                     Page 17
7. Adjourn

             Respectfully Submitted
                        Joan Barnes

9/16/2011                  Page 18
                                     Board of Trustees Meeting
                                         August 23, 2007

Present: Peter Bardaglio. Joan Barnes, Elizabeth Bixler, Tom Colbert, Hal Craft, Jean Currie, Carl
Gortzig, Anna Holmberg, Janet McCue, Helen Morse, Roger Richardson, John Suter
Absent: Bob Baxter, Greg Garvan, John Semmler
Advisors: John Marcham
Staff: Gary Reinbolt, Mary Ellen Stewart

5. Call to Order (Suter)
      Approve consent agenda
      The consent agenda consisted of the minutes of the July 19 Board meeting.
      Motion: Jean moved to approve the consent agenda
      Second: Hal seconded the motion
      Approved: Unanimous

6. President’s Report (Suter)
    Peter has agreed to be the chair of the Program Committee.
    The Eight Square Task Force will meet in the coming month to set goals and target dates.

7. Executive director’s report (Reinbolt)
            Development activities/changes/opportunities:
             Planned giving planning under way.
             Brochure for September is in its final, mock-up stage.
             John Semmler will facilitate a role play around follow-up.
             Meeting on the 14th with Tompkins County re: a 5-year agreement. The County is
               working on a master calendar for the budget; we should know their plans for support
               of THC in October.
             Development Reallocations: Judy will be doing transactional & corporate work; Gary
               will cover individual work, and major gifts, Kelly will work with grants.
             Bookselling business nets THC little income; we plan to talk with the BookeryII re:
               handling books for us.
             Peter and Gary are developing an ask for the Park Foundation.
             Plan to ask the Cornell Entrepreneurial Institute to structure a student project to help
               THC with finding new transactional activities. Students are at the graduate level.
            Staffing issues:
             Mari is leaving; her last day is September 7. We’re looking for a replacement, and are
                looking for new educational initiatives. The ad is to go in the Ithaca Journal this
                weekend; is posted on the THC website.
             Carole West, now the Eight Square Schoolhouse Coordinator, is taking over the
                elementary education initiative.
             Kelly Calnon Falck will identify, write, track and do final & interim reporting for
                grants. We hope for an on-going relationship with her.
             We have hired a new Visitor Services manager: Agata Okulicz-Kozaryn.

9/16/2011                                                                                       Page 19
            Other updates:
             Digitizing – Gary has spoken with Jean Currie, and learned that there is a lot of disk
               space available in Ohio. We’ll start with our Verne Morton collection, uploading the
               entire collection.
             Moving on the Web re-design.
             Will get a proposal to CU for $15,000 for scanning, data organization.
             Program: Visited the 5 other institutions hosting components of the Summer in the
               Finger Lakes exhibit.
             Theme: Would like THC to coordinate all its activities in a year around a single
               theme. Now working on next year’s theme. The year after will focus on transportation-
               -we’ll use the Smithsonian’s Heroes of Flight.
             The IC exhibit kick-off event is September 16th at noon.
             The Eight Square Festival is tomorrow. WHCU interviewed Gary this a.m.
             We plan to shift the major appeal to the first quarter of the fiscal year, making phone
               calls to those who have indicated that they have greater means.
             Re-orienting the program year to match the academic year.

5. Development committee report and discussion (Colbert, Dietz)
    Committee met on the 14th. Reiterated Gary’s outline of the realignment of development
      staffing. In addition to their development responsibilities, Kelly will handle some special
      projects, Judy will continue to do marketing.
    The individual contact list is being finalized.
    Kelly is working on a second draft of the planned giving piece; Elizabeth will review. Hope
      to complete by September, and make available for print, web, estate planning council,
      career financial organizations and the legal community.
    Discussed approaches to corporate donors.

7. Budget and Finance – (Holmberg, Reinbolt)
   b. Treasurer’s report, include investment account status
      a. The Finance committee met this week, mostly around the budget, which has been
         seriously revised; planning to review it in January. The committee recommends the
         budget for Board approval.
      b. Have not received the July financials from Donna Brock, so no financials are available
         for the Board meeting. Merrill Lynch account, as of July 31, shows $421,000.
      c. May put the audit & insurance out to bid next year. Will also meet with Keefe
         Gorman this fall.
   c. Budget presentation and discussion
      Gary distributed materials outlining proposed budget FY 09-08 Income and Expenses.
       Individual Gifts income: Trustee and advisor gifts remain the same as last year, and
         major gift initiative shows a $15,000 increase, and the annual campaign anticipates a
         40% increase. The revenue budget projects an overall increase of 15%.
       Will institute electronic funds transfer and credit card installments to make it easier for
         people to give more money.
       Special Project Gifts – particularly for corporate giving. Will try to get special funding
         for Corsons, Student Historians, new docent program – these are ―designated‖
         unrestricted gifts.

9/16/2011                                                                                    Page 20
             JS – would THC be interested in pursuing on-line sales? Hal can arrange a lunch with
               folks at CU re: book sales, if desired.
             Budget is not a rigid document, and will continue to be tweaked.
             PB: We need to decide what level of deficit we’re comfortable with.
             Hal: Approves the business strategy; the specifics may be adjusted.
             Concern raised by a number of trustees over proposed 2-week unpaid furlough of staff
               at year’s end.

            Motion: Carl moved to accept the proposed budget with its expected $10,000 deficit, with
            the understanding that specific budgetary lines may be adjusted as necessary to contain the
            deficit, and that the proposed unpaid staff furlough be reconsidered.
            Second: Tom seconded the motion
            Approved: Unanimous

8. Adjourn

                                                                                Respectfully Submitted
                                                                                           Joan Barnes

9/16/2011                                                                                       Page 21
                                 Board of Trustees Meeting
                                   September 20, 2007

Present: Peter Bardaglio. Joan Barnes, Elizabeth Bixler, Tom Colbert, Hal Craft, Jean Currie, Carl
Gortzig, Anna Holmberg, Janet McCue, Helen Morse, Roger Richardson, John Semmler, John
S                       u                        t                      e                        r
Absent: Bob Baxter, Greg Garvan
Advisors: John Marcham
Staff: Gary Reinbolt, Mary Ellen Stewart, Carole West

8. Call to Order (Suter)
      Approve consent agenda
      The consent agenda consisted of the minutes of the August Board meeting and the
      minutes of the Finance Committee.
      Motion: Helen moved to approve the consent agenda
      Second: Jean seconded the motion
      Approved: Unanimous

9. Eight Square Schoolhouse: Past, Present, and Future (Carole West)
   Carole spoke about the Eight Square Schoolhouse’s history, as well as its current use, and
   presented some thoughts ideas how to expand its use in the future. Carole made her written
   report (attached hereto) available to interested trustees.

10. Executive Director’s report and Treasurer’s report
       Executive Director’s Report (Reinbolt)
        Gary distributed copies of THC’s 2007-2008 campaign brochure, which will be sent
           out soon; we are shifting the annual campaign to earlier in the fiscal year this year.
        The Eight Square committee met. An architect will come out next week to look at the
        Staff has begun training for digitization projects. South Central Regional Library
           Council is providing training.
        Guthrie called today; they are interested in purchasing THC photographs for their
           lobby. There will be further discussion with folks in Sayre re: an outright gift from
        Staff met to discuss the strategic plan.
        Now interviewing for the Secondary Educator position. We have 1 possible candidate;
           may extend the search.
        The Tompkins County Government Operations Committee approved our request for
           a 5-year contract with the County. The general legislature meets next Monday; Gary
           and John will attend.
        John Marcham has lined up a potential major donor for meeting with GVR.
        Met with TCAD—Martha Armstrong--re: possibility of a grant for the Eight Square
           Schoolhouse; came to the conclusion this will not work.
        Kelly and Gary met with the CAP committee; CAP is asking former grant recipients to
           consider what additional requests they might put forward.

9/16/2011                                                                                 Page 22
               The Book Club starts in October, with the general theme being ―Branding of Place.‖
               The Friends of Ithaca College sneak preview occurred September 16th; the grand
                opening is October 6-7, 10:00 – 5:00. A concert will be held at THC on November 8th.
                Ithaca College will hold a service auction at THC for THC; Gary will email trustees the
               Donna Eschenbrenner will be out for 6 weeks on medical leave, starting Tuesday.
               Met with a donor to the genealogy collections, who gave a nice monetary gift.
               Judy Dietz will be leaving THC in December.

            Treasurer’s Report (Holmberg)
             Received some statements from Donna Brock; will send the minutes out.
             A grant from the NYS Parks Office needs a board resolution authorizing Gary to sign
               THC contracts and commit funds.

                Motion: Jean moved that
                        Gary Reinbolt, Executive Director, is hereby authorized to be a
                        signatory for The History Center and may sign contracts or other
                        instruments on The History Center’s behalf related to the New York
                        State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.
                Second: Joan seconded the motion
                Approved: Unanimous

6. Development committee report (Colbert)
    Tom was not able to stay for the meeting. The Development Committee did not meet.

9. Solicitation exercise – (Semmler)
    John Semmler led the Board in telephone solicitation exercises.

10. Annual meeting – preliminary thoughts
     Preliminary discussion of the annual meeting was postponed.

11. Announcements
     Trustees will receive notice of THC’s in-house mailing, along with the donor record and
      fact sheet for the persons they are to follow up with. The follow-up call should be made
      about 1 week after notification of the mailing.

12. Adjourn

                                                                                Respectfully Submitted
                                                                                           Joan Barnes

9/16/2011                                                                                      Page 23
                                 Board of Trustees Meeting
                                     October 18, 2007

Present: Peter Bardaglio. Joan Barnes, Bob Baxter, Elizabeth Bixler, Carl Gortzig, Greg Garvan,
Anna Holmberg, Helen Morse, John Semmler, John Suter
Absent: Tom Colbert, Hal Craft, Jean Currie, Janet McCue, Roger Richardson
Staff: Gary Reinbolt, Mary Ellen Stewart, Judy Dietz

11. Call to Order (Suter)
       Approve consent agenda
       The consent agenda consisted of the minutes of the September Board meeting and the
       minutes of the Finance Committee, Eight-Square Task Force, and Program Committee.
       Motion: Anna moved to approve the consent agenda
       Second: John Semmler seconded the motion
       Approved: Unanimous

12. Auction, November 15 (Dietz)
    Community Liaison, Judy Dietz, presented information about the Ithaca College exhibit and
    related activities.
         We have a rack card with information about IC exhibit programs. We will have our
            second IC concert on November 8, 7:30 – 8:30, a saxophone quartet. Will have
            posters in several downtown locations advertising this concert.
         Judy shared an IC magazine with an article about the THC exhibit.
         There is an upcoming auction, Make Your Bid for History. Judy shared the list of
            donated goods and services. This list will be going up on the web shortly. Please let
            people know about the auction. There will be an on-line form to allow people to pre-
            bid. Judy circulated a sign-up sheet for board members to indicate how many tickets
            each would like to take to sell.

13. Executive Director’s Report
     Was informed that there was a hearing last night at the County, in which our $2,700
       increase for rent was approved. The multi-year funding proposal has not yet been
       approved – we will be contacted in January about this proposal.
     Two staff positions are now open. The Personnel Committee met about staffing, as did
       the staff. It is a time to re-evaluate tasks and needs. Some tasks might be outsourced (e.g.,
     The Strategic plan is finished. [Final copy distributed at Board meeting.]
     The Ithaca College exhibit is now open to the public. The first of the concerts in the series
       was delightful, but poorly attended. Will work on publicizing for next time.
     Attended dedication of new plaque at the head of the Waterfront trail. Mary White did a
       nice job with her presentation.
     A Kids Discover the Trail reception is the 29th from 4:30 – 6:30 at the Lab of ornithology.
       Invitations are available if you’d like to send one to someone.
     Donna Brock, Mary Ellen and Gary met to talk about financial and purchasing practices.
       Working toward better reporting tools.

9/16/2011                                                                                   Page 24
7. Treasurer’s report (Holmberg)
    Have financial statements and minutes.
           Issue of Investment Policy: Keefe Gorman suggested we review our Merrill Lynch Asset
            Allocations. The current configuration is Equities 20-30%, Bonds 60-70%, with cash at 5-
            Motion: Finance Committee’s recommenced allocations change: Equities 30-40%, Bonds
            40-60%, and cash around 10%.
             Greg asked about THC policy around using the cash. [We currently do not have a
               policy.] Greg suggested THC further consider its level of market aggressivity, and also
               asked about our compensation of Keefe Gorman. The committee will share the last
               detailed annual report with Greg for his review.
             Questions as to management of fund arose. Keefe keeps track of whether THC’s assets
               fall within the agreed upon allocation range, and calls the Executive Director if things
               have gotten out of balance. Keefe manages our account himself. We meet annually
               with Keefe for an annual review.
            In Favor: Peter, Joan, Elizabeth, Carl, Anna, Helen, John Semmler, John Suter
            Opposed: Greg
            Abstentions: none.

           Financial Statements show that THC’s income is down this quarter. While this year we’re
            down $40,000 for the first quarter, last year we were up $50,000. This discrepancy is
            largely due to transactional business, especially around Verne Morton purchases. Money
            from the annual campaign is coming in; a reminder will be going out as well. Carl
            requested comparative figures on financials, showing this year vs. last.

            Bob Baxter invites the Board to Dryden Mutual to see his extensive Verne Morton
            collection. The November Board meeting is the auction, the December Board meeting is
            the annual meeting; Bob offered to host January’s Board meeting.

13. President’s report (Suter)
     The Personnel Committee met – is taking on Policy issues around benefits. The
       committee is looking for outside guidance – legal guidance or guidance from the Council
       of Community Services of NYS.
     The Executive Committee met: Gary has been at THC for 5 months, and it is time to do a
       review, which will include Gary, the Board, and the staff. Jean and John are working on a
       simple set of questions, which should be ready in another 1-2 weeks. Should be a simple

14. Development update (Reinbolt)
     Expecting the final version of the planned giving piece shortly.
     First hit fundraising letter is out; make calls; ask if people have been called.

9/16/2011                                                                                          Page 25
           Major donor initiative– time to start working on this piece. John Marcham will make
            some contacts for Gary to connect with to start personal relationship building.
           Newsletter: production of the newsletter is a large staff undertaking. Let’s consider
            whether there is another venue – email? The campaign letter should be a way of
            communication value.
             John thanked Gary for the idea, whichever way the decision goes.
             Bob brought a pre-newsletter perspective, and expressed the opinion that the newsletter
               is important. The visual piece is a huge leap forward for THC.
             Carl – the newsletter does serve other purposes. Also, there are people in the
               community with communications backgrounds. Might we find someone who would
               edit it for us?
             John: We might think about doing a more complete annual report 1x/year perhaps, if
               we develop a stronger electronic presence.
             John Suter suggested that Gary, with the staff, come up with a couple of scenarios for
               communicating the value of whose are and what we do.
             Bob: Willing to increase his sponsorship.

15. Eight Square Schoolhouse update (Reinbolt)
     An Eight Square meeting was held, hosted by Greg Garvan. THC had received a $10,000
       grant from NYS. The Comptroller is calling back any unspent $$. NYS suggested we let
       the old grant go, and reapply for a greater amount. We will follow this advice. This will
       mean putting off construction for another year, to 2009. Also, Tom Colbert discovered a
       loan program through the US Dept of Agriculture, financed at a modest debt service rate.
     Carl reminded the Board of Terry Byrnes’s interest in helping raise money.

Announcements (Suter / Reinbolt)
   Next month: Board meeting November 15 – Ithaca College Auction.
   December 6: Annual Meeting. Chris Sperry will be presenting the program. Chris is the
     facilitator of THC’s book club this year, the theme of which is ―Branding of Place. He will
     speak for 20-25 minutes on ―You are what you say you are,‖ which will look at tourism,
     Chamber of Commerce mailings, and ads. How have Ithaca and Tompkins County seen
   THC has also been asked to participate in Light in Winter, whose theme this year is on
     identity. Chris Sperry’s annual meeting presentation, somewhat modified, can work for
     this program.

16. Adjourn

                                                                              Respectfully Submitted
                                                                                         Joan Barnes

9/16/2011                                                                                    Page 26
                                   Board of Trustees Meeting
                                      November 15, 2007

Present: Peter Bardaglio. Joan Barnes, Elizabeth Bixler, Tom Colbert, Hal Craft, Jean Currie, Carl
Gortzig, Greg Garvan, Anna Holmberg, Helen Morse, Roger Richardson, John Semmler, John
Absent: Bob Baxter, Janet McCue
Staff: Gary Reinbolt, Mary Ellen Stewart

14. Call to Order (Suter)
       Approve consent agenda
       The consent agenda consisted of the minutes of the October Board meeting.
       Motion: Joan moved to approve the consent agenda
       Second: Carl seconded the motion
       Approved: Unanimous

15. Executive Director’s Report
     Fundraising: There are two more solicitation letters to go out: 1) to those who didn’t
       respond; 2) a stock ask, to higher level givers. This will complete the first half of the year’s
       solicitations. Will look at revenue at the end of December and look at the budget again.
     Events at THC:
       1.       Launched the IC concert series;
       2.       The Book Club has begun;
       3.       IC receptions are getting new people in the door.
     Personnel:
       1.       We have hired a new Education Director;
       2.       Have posted a job description for Judy Dietz;
       3.       Looking for free-lance grants person.
     Meetings:
       1.       A combined Exhibits/Program Committee met about a themed year, how to
       2.       Met with Program Committee
     Other proposals discussed this month:
       1.       Carol Kammen convened a Civil war sesquicentennial committee – she believes
                THC has a major role to play. [Greg noted that Danny Wheeler runs a Civil War
                museum, and his participation could be beneficial.]
       2.       Harry Littel proposes a partnership with THC to sell high-end Verne Morton
       3.       The Ithaca Journal has approached THC about being a gateway to selling IJ press
       4.       Met with The Bookery re: being the publishing outlet for THC. The Bookery
                would be interested in doing this on a consignment basis, only.
     Other announcements: The Kids Discover the Trail celebration at the Lab of Ornithology is
       on the 29th.

9/16/2011                                                                                       Page 27
3. Treasurer’s report (Holmberg)
    Anna: No finance committee meeting was held this month. Financials were emailed.
    Gary: We’re still down on revenue so far.
    THC did official change its investment (allocations) policy with Merrill Lynch. Will sell
      BlackRock fund at the next opportunity (end of December)
    Elizabeth asked why investment income is ($10,000). Gary reminded to check with Donna
      Brock. This should be on the balance sheet, not the P&L statement.
    Also, need a somewhat more condensed report, and still need to add a year-to-date column.
      Need to format report to fit on 3 pages.
    Follow up re: cost of retaining Keefe Gorman: THC pays 1.95% in management fees,
      which is automatically deducted from our mutual funds. Greg commented that this is on
      the high side. We see a monthly performance chart and an annual report. Greg suggested
      that Merrill Lunch reports be sent to all Board members. Discussion of on what basis –
      quarterly? JS: We’re getting closer to understanding the costs involved, and to being able
      to address the issue of whether we should shop or negotiate for a lower rate. We will ask
      the finance committee to take that issue on, as we learn how to ask the right questions.
      John Semmler suggested Greg be involved in this process, and Greg agreed to be a

4. Development Update (Colbert, Reinbolt)
    There is a meeting scheduled for next week; there has not been one held since the last
      Board meeting. Will discuss the next round of solicitations, and work on shaping up the
      major donor program. Need to discuss a capital campaign and the Eight Square
    Stock Ask Letter – every letter should communicate some fact of what THC is doing.
      Policy on stock gifts: sell stock and put in ML cash account. Paperwork and procedure
      for accepting stock is now ready. The value of the gift is the average of the high & low
      prices on the day given.

5. Program Committee Report (Bardaglio)
    Peter has sent minutes for the meeting previous to yesterday’s meeting. Yesterday’s
      minutes will be forthcoming. In the absence of a written report, Peter presented an oral
      report to the Board, including the following:
       The Committee explored and clarified its role, reviewing the bylaws & strategic plan
         language, and probing the question of how ―programs‖ should be defined. Decided
         programs can be defined not as content/stuff, but rather, what we do with it.
         Programs would include Living History program, Student Historians, Book Club,
         Research Library, perhaps someday, website. The committee decided to work closely
         with staff to develop a 3-5 year strategic programming plan. Three questions/needs
         arose: 1) What should the process look like? 2) Where are we (there is already a process
         for exhibits planning); 3) need to develop benchmarks. Elizabeth voiced concern that a
         long-range plan not interfere with a need to be relevant. Agreed that the plan needs to
         be flexible to make room for dealing with current issues as they arise.

6. Personnel Committee (Currie, Reinbolt)

9/16/2011                                                                                Page 28
           The Personnel Committee ( Jean, Joan, Gary, John Suter) met; Jean will get these minutes
           THC’s personnel policy is very old – working on a revised staff manual. First order of
            business is to deal with compensated absences. One unusual aspect of THC is that its staff,
            other than the director, are all part-time.
           Need to call another meeting.

7. Board slate for election at annual meeting (Bixler)
   Materials documenting Prospective Trustees Terms were distributed.
    Peter – 2d 3-year term
    Ken Schlather – 3 year term
    John Suter – 1 year term (per amended bylaw)
    Helen Morse – 1 year term
    Jean Currie has agreed to be VP; Jean, secretary, Anna, treasurer.
    We may add Brad Edmondson – he’ll let us know if he’ll be available. We will add him to
      the list so that if he is available, we can move forward.
    A huge thank-you to Carl and Greg, who are going off the Board.

    Motion: Elizabeth moved to approve the slate for elections
    Second: Joan seconded the motion
    Approved: Unanimous

           New trustees will be elected by the members/donors at the annual meeting (December 6,
            5:30 p.m.). Officers will be elected by the Board at its January 17meeting.
           John polled the Board about their availability for a Board regular Board meeting December
            20th – most can make it, so we will keep the date. Will need to amend the bylaws.

8. 8-Square Schoolhouse Update (Reinbolt)
    Gary met with a loan officer at the Trust Company regarding a program through the
       Department of Agriculture (USDA) that offers low-cost loans, in case we need to move
       forward with anything that would require significant expenditure before we have raised the
    Grants won’t fund work already paid for. Conptroller is taking the NYSPRHP grant
       money back without prejudice; We plan to put construction on hold. We will do short-
       term roofing to hold us through the year. We will reapply in 2008 for a greater amount,
       probably $100,000, scheduling construction for spring 2009. GVR visualizes not only
       structural restoration, but restoring the grounds, etc. Discussion of potential funding
       sources; Gary will look into the Appalachian Regional commission. The USDA is still
       heavily involved in rural issues.

9. Annual Meeting – Announcement, agenda, program (Reinbolt, Suter)
    Judy is leaving – would like to acknowledge her work.
    The annual meeting will include the election of trustees, a brief 5 minute review of the
     year, and a brief financial report.

10. Adjourn

9/16/2011                                                                                      Page 29
            Respectfully Submitted
                       Joan Barnes

9/16/2011                 Page 30
                                 Board of Trustees Meeting
                                    December 20, 2007

Present: Peter Bardaglio. Joan Barnes, Bob Baxter, Elizabeth Bixler, Hal Craft, Jean Currie, Carl
Gortzig, Greg Garvan, Anna Holmberg, John Semmler, John Suter
Absent: Tom Colbert, Janet McCue, Helen Morse, Roger Richardson
Staff: Gary Reinbolt, Mary Ellen Stewart, Judy Dietz, Paul Miller

16. Call to Order (Suter)
    Approve consent agenda
    The consent agenda consisted of the minutes of the November Board meeting, as well as
    minutes from Program, Finance and Personnel Committees.
    Motion: Jean moved to approve the consent agenda
    Second: Joan seconded the motion
    Approved: Unanimous

17. Transitions – Paul Miller, Judy Dietz (Reinbolt, Suter)
     Judy Dietz was recognized her work for THC over the last 3 years. Judy shared the plaque
       that the Board gave her at the 2007 Annual Meeting.
     Paul Miller, THC’s new Director of Education for Secondary and Adult Programs, was
       introduced. Paul will be working on public programs, possible grant applications, and
       resurrecting the Student Historian Program.
     Elizabeth thanked John Suter, outgoing Board President, for all his work and dedication.

3. Executive Director’s Report
    Will be reviewing budget revenue – THC is half way through its fiscal year. Will start work
       on major gifts and on corporate support next quarter. Had a meeting with Tompkins
       Trust; will work up ask. John Marcham is eager to help with a major donor program.
       Jackie at the County will expedite the first County check of 2008.
    Lizette Odfalk has been hired to replace Judy Dietz. Lizette will work on marketing and
    Gary looked at grant applications with Paul.
    The Program Committee met, and discussed 4 possible initiatives for January – June raised
       by Gary and the staff: 1) Sean Eversley Bradwell’s program on race and equity at ICSD; 2)
       A history-related program similar to trivia nights held in bar or cafes that would bring the
       community in for a fun and sociable engagement with history; 3) Book signing with
       Margaret Washington, author of a book on Sojourner Truth; and 4) Frank Robinson
       seems amenable to lending curatorial expertise to assess our art for a project similar to the
       Unwrapped Project.
    Computer Needs – Deciding between purchasing refurbished computers through Cornell,
       or through Tim Kessler who can get us a good deal, for less than $500.
    The roofer was about to go out to the Eight Square Schoolhouse when it snowed. He will
       get to work on it when weather allows. Will cover structural repair to the roof until we can
       get further monies.
    Drafted compensated absences document; will discuss later in meeting.

9/16/2011                                                                                   Page 31
           GVR is receiving calls to do presentations. Reading, doing research in order to be
           The Corson Fellows were recognized by the County, and THC along with them. THC was
            not notified in advance.
           We will have an exhibit up at the Statler for Light in Winter. Topic: Branding, sense of
            place, based on Chris Sperry’s presentation at the annual meeting. Mary White has put
            together images.
           We have received notice that our application for a CAP grant for $30,000 has been

4. Treasurer’s report (Holmberg)
    Sent out minutes. Still talking about finding the best format for statements. Working on
      showing where we’ve taken from investments to meet budget. Earned Income is far below
      previous year, due to large corporate order for photographs last year that is not repeated.
      Motion: Anna asked the board to accept the draft audit, which shows THC as having
      healthy practices.

5. Development Update (Reinbolt)
    Development committee had a brief meeting, discussed new hire and how to utilize.
      Discussed the planned giving piece, which should be ready shortly after the beginning of
      the year, and hope materials will be ready at the end of January.

6. Bylaws (Suter)
   Motion: Elizabeth moved to accept the proposed changes to the THC bylaws.
   Second: Hal
   (It was noted that THC will need to change the bylaws on the web site, and should note on the
   document when the change was made.)

7. Executive Session
   Motion: Elizabeth moved the Board go into Executive Session to discuss staff compensated
   absences and the Executive Director review.
   Second: Hal seconded the motion.

           The board adopted unanimously the policy for raises and compensated absences
            recommended by the personnel and finance committees.

8. Adjourn
                                                                              Respectfully Submitted
                                                                                         Joan Barnes

9/16/2011                                                                                    Page 32

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