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					                          MARKET RESEARCH REPORT

A. Description of Requirement:

B. Sources.

      1. Required Sources (indicate whether any of the following sources can meet the
Government’s need):

               a.     Agency inventory

               b.     Excess from other agencies

               c.     Federal Prison Industries

             d.      Supplies or Services which are on the Procurement List maintained
by the Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled

              e.      Wholesale supply sources, such as stock programs of the General
Services Administration (GSA), the Defense Logistics Agency, the Department of
Veterans Affairs, and military inventory control points

       2. Existing Contracts (indicate whether the required supplies or services can be
obtained through one of the following):

               a.     Indefinite Delivery contract within DoD (indicate host contracting

               b.     Federal Supply Schedule

               c.     Multi-agency contract (indicate host agency):

               d.     Government-wide acquisition contract (indicate host agency):

               3. Small Business Concerns (Indicate whether the required supplies or
services can be obtained from one or more of the following concerns. Insert number of
each type of concern in the blanks provided.):

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              a.      8(a) (indicate name of concern(s)):

              b.      HUBZone small business (indicate name of concern(s)):

              c.      Service-disabled veteran-owned small business (indicate name of

              d.      Other small business (indicate name of concern(s)):

        4. Other Commercial Sources (Indicate name(s) of any other commercial sources
that can provide the required supplies or services):

C. Market Conditions (Complete if requirement cannot be met by a required source or
through the use of an existing contract).

       1. Can the Government’s needs be met by any of the following?

             a. ____Items of a type customarily available in the commercial

             b. ____Items of a type customarily available in the commercial
       marketplace with modifications

              c. ____Items used exclusively for governmental purposes

              d. ____Items used exclusively for governmental purposes with

             (If 1a, 1b, 1c, or 1d is checked, complete questions 2 through 6.
                  If nothing in question 1 is checked, answer question 7)

        2. What are the customary practices regarding customizing, modifying, or
tailoring of items to meet customer needs and associated costs?

        3. If 1a or 1b is checked, what are the customary practices, including warranty,
buyer financing, discounts, contract type considering the nature and risk associated with
the requirement, etc., under which commercial sales of the products or services are made?

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       4. Are there any requirements of laws and regulations unique to the item being

       5. Are items that contain recovered materials and items that are energy efficient

       6. What are the distribution and support capabilities of potential suppliers,
including alternative arrangements and cost estimates?

       7. Are commercial items or, to the extent commercial items suitable to meet the
agency’s needs are not available, nondevelopmental items available that could meet the
agency’s requirements if those requirements were modified to a reasonable extent?

D. Market research technique(s) utilized (check all that apply):

           1. ____Contacting knowledgeable individuals in Government and industry
              regarding market capabilities to meet requirements.

           2. ____Reviewing the results of recent market research undertaken to meet
              similar or identical requirements.

           3. ____Publishing formal requests for information in appropriate technical or
              scientific journals or business publications.

           4. ____Participating in interactive, on-line communication among industry,
              acquisition personnel, and customers.

           5. ____Obtaining source lists of similar items from other contracting
              activities or agencies, trade associations or other sources.

           6. ____Reviewing catalogs and other generally available product literature
              published by manufacturers, distributors, and dealers or available on-line.

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7. ____Conducting interchange meetings or holding presolicitation
   conferences to involve potential offerors early in the acquisition process.

8.      Other (Describe any other techniques utilized below):

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