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• Why
• Formal or Informal
• How
What occasions require a
   thank you note?

•   Thanks for gifts
•   Sympathy letters, flowers, or mass cards
•   Supports
•   Hospitality
•   Referring to business acquaintance
Thank You Notes and Etiquette
• Rules of etiquette you must follow or run
  the risk of being seen as even ruder than
  the person who writes no note at all.

• http://www.thank-you-note-
• They should always be handwritten.
• If it is going in the real mail, it should have
  your handwriting.
• How long do you have?
  ---It's a good habit to send your thank you
  notes as soon as you get your gift.
               Terrible gifts

• What if you don't like the gift?

• Well it really is the thought that counts.
  Remind yourself that the giver spent time
  and money selecting the gift, and that is
  why they deserve thanks.
              How to start
• Starting your note with generic statements
  like "Thank you for the gift"
• a brief description warms it up like, "Thank
  you for the fuzzy blue sweater."
            Gifts of money

• standard etiquette dictates you do not
  mention the exact amount
• if you have a particular item you intend to
  buy with the money, you can include that.
• such as "I have been craving a massage
  but would never treat myself to such an
  extravagance. But thanks to your gift, I
  have an appointment for next week!"

• Thank you notes should be addressed to
  whomever signed your gift card.

• If your card was signed by Mrs. Crumb,
  write to her but mention the rest of the
  family if you know them, such as "Please
  send my best to Todd and the kids."
            Mass production?

• Apparently at some weddings, the bride and
  groom have "thank you for coming" printed on
  many pieces of paper, and guests are to pick
  one up on their way out, and that is supposed to
  serve as their thank you note.
• but consider how much work it was for your
  guests to pick out and pay for your gift and travel
  to your wedding, a handwritten personal notes to
  each guest is recommended.
              Free E Cards
• Thank you for _______


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