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									Strong Angel - Lessons Already Learned
Eric Rasmussen

           UN agencies need 230v/50hz for some items
           Shower privacy is a major issue for the volunteers
           5-tons cannot be easily used on the tarmac roads
           Collect the refugees after church services are over
           Websites are indispensible - valuable for registration and information dissemination
           Activists are better when engaged early
           GPS coordinates are needed early
           A casual review document proved valuable
           Time-date stamp everything
           Build a PowerPoint presentation with a natural flow from ignorance to sophistication. One large presentation with hi
           Budget UN travel
           CSSG is the core partner
           Red Cross volunteers have a special relationship. Good set of people.
           Thank you letters need to start early
           Notebook computers are needed in both refu
           Formalize Responsibilities as Early as Possible
           Invites to UN/NGO as early as possible
           Coordinate for Civil Affairs Officers at least one year out (Man Day Funding issue)
           Set up UN/Military meeting early to develop Goals/Objectives for the training event
           DRINK HEAVILY
           Exercise Budgeting (DARPA & COMTHIRDFLT $) Responsibilties defined and agreed to
           Better staff coordination a must - need to establish a meeting patern for all C3F staff involved
           Website - need to expand military side - for our planning
           Need to bring in the Intel folks early for scenario development and situation updates
           Develop formal ECG Plan (scenario, composition, responsibilities, timelines, control commo)
           Develop exercise control documents (MSELs, Warning, Alert, Execute Orders from CINC)
           Bring the military staff into the process (In Process Reviews to the Boss are good mechanisms)
           OPORDER Development -ensure document assigns responsibilities, training objectives, concepts for all participan
           Ensure we develop a plan to continue to build on what we achieved and to keep line of commo open
           CMOC Afloat concept - where do we go from here, what changes/refinents needed
           ECG needs vehicle, personnel, commo, equipment augmentation from CSSG
           What do we do next RIMPAC - UN interest in future training
ation. One large presentation with hide-able slides for different groups.

F staff involved

ontrol commo)

od mechanisms)
bjectives, concepts for all participant and all review and chop on it.
p line of commo open

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