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        Victorian Schools

        Victorian Toys

        Rich Victorians

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In the Victorian times many children were very poor and could not afford a propper
house but managed too find a shed or share house with someone. A lot of people
were rich and could afford a big house. I hope you find a lot of information around
my power point and I hope you enjoy it !!!!
                         Victorian Schools

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In Victorian Schools a lot of teachers
are very strict to a lot of children.
The walls in the schools are often
very dull and the pictures come in
black and white. The teachers in
every school walked around with a
cane in their hand if a child was
cheeky. If a child was to be rude
they would be sent in the corner
with a hat on or their hands on their

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                              Victorian Toys
In the Victorian times many
children were very poor and
couldn’t afford a lot of toys. Some
children had to find bits of broken
things and make there own toys.
Little girls would normally have a
doll and many rich girls would
have a pram to put the doll in.
Rich Victorian girls had a dolls
house and had the pieces to go
inside of it.

          Queen Victoria

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                           Rich Victorians

A lot of rich Victorians lived in a very
posh house and had servants and
gardeners etc. Many people like
Queen Victoria had a lot of clothes
which must of cost a lot of money and
they will have probably got them from
very expensive shops. Rich Victorians
had pearl earrings and necklaces and
maybe bracelets they will also have
got them from very expensive shops

     Most Popular Victorian Toy

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                         Most Popular Victorian
In the Victorian times many girls had a
pot doll and a rocking horse. Especially
the rich girls had a dolls house like the
picture below and had all of the
wooden kitchen things, living room
thing and bathroom things etc. A lot of
boys had toy soldiers so that was really
a famous toy and boys also had some
wooden figures ( that was what poor
children had, maybe what their
Grandfather made for them).

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              Queen Victoria

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