Lord of the Flies Chapters 1-4

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					Lord of the Flies – Guided Reading Questions
English 9 Advanced                          Eiserman

Chapter 1
1. What is the symbolism of the boys tearing off their clothes?
2. What is your first impression of Piggy? What do you think threat he represents?
3. What does Piggy say happened to everyone back home? Where did he get this information?
4. Compare and contrast Ralph and Jack.
5. Why do you think that the boys elect Ralph chief?
6. What is the “scar”? (think about this)

Chapter 2
1. What are the differences between the morning meeting and the afternoon meeting?
2. Why do you think that the boys respect Ralph so easily?
3. How does Jack treat Piggy?
4. For what responsibilities does Jack volunteer the hunters? What does this reflect about his
5. Why don’t the boys respect Piggy?
6. What does Piggy point out to the assembly of boys? If this is an omen of things to come, what
   may happen in the boys’ future?

Chapter 3
1. What concerns does Ralph convey to Jack about the little’uns?
2. With what is Jack obsessed? How is his personality and appearance changing?
3. How does the tone of the story change when Simon ventures off on his own?

Chapter 4
1. Compare and contrast the days and nights on the island. How does each affect the boys?
2. Decribe Percival.
3. What comparison does the author show by Roger teasing Henry?
4. What do you think that Jack’s painted face represents?
5. Why do you think that the boys seem to be mesmerized by Jack?

Chapter 5
1. What is the purpose of the late assembly?
2. What different approaches to coping with the beast are shown?
3. Who does Simon propose that the beast is? If this is true, what will Jack’s hunting accomplish?
4. What power does Jack exert at the assembly? What chaos does this cause?

Chapter 6
1. What tale do the twins report the beast?
2. How does Ralph regain the role of chief over Jack?

Chapter 7
1. What assurance does Simon give Ralph?
2. What happens to Robert during the mock killing of the pig? What does this show about the
   “good” Ralph?
3. What question does Ralph ask Jack? Why does hi ask this?
4. What boys ascend the mountain in the dark? Where do the other boys go?
5. What do the boys confirm and report back to the others?

Chapter 8
1. What happens at the morning assembly that Jack calls?
2. What division takes place among the boys? Why?
3. What does Jack tell his new assembly?
4. What ruthless kill does Jack lead? What do the hunters leave for the beast from this kill? Why?
5. Who is Samneric?
6. Why do you think that the little’uns are constantly changing their loyalties from Ralph to Jack
   and vice versa?
7. What is the Lord of the Flies? What does he represent? What does the Lord of the Flies tell

Chapter 9
1. Why do you think that Simon “…walked with a sort of glum determination of an old man” after
   speaking with the Lord of the Flies?
2. What does Simon discover as hi is walking back to camp?
3. When Ralph and Piggy investigate Jack’s camp, what do they find?
4. During the hunters’ chant and mock pig kill, what tragedy happens? What does this represent?
5. Compare and contrast the flies around the sow’s head to the sea creatures described around
   Simon’s head.

Chapter 10
1. Describe the mood between the boys at Ralph’s camp.
2. How is Jack running his tribe? How does he instill fear within his tribe?
3. What does the fact that Sam and Eric are fighting represent?
4. What do Jack, Maurice and Roger do in the middle of the night? What is the purpose of this?

Chapter 11
1. What happens when Ralph, Piggy and Samneric try to speak to the savages?
2. How are the fates of Piggy and the conch symbolic?
3. What happens to Samneric?

Chapter 12

1.   Where does Ralph find Samneric?
2.   How do the savages try to kill Ralph? (There are several answers that you need to list)
3.   Why do you think that the author compares the Lord of the Flies to the conch?
4.   Why does Ralph cry at the end of the novel?

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