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					                                                     Nathan Andersen
                                                      59 Scholes St. Apt 106,
                                                       Brooklyn, NY 11206

         Edge Studio employee since March 2010.
         Lead Web Developer specializing in Drupal module development.

   Yale University
         Bachelor of Arts in English Languages and Literature, May 2000
         Member of Whiffenpoofs, Spizzwinks and Yale Glee Club

IT Skills
         Languages: PHP, Javascript, jQuery, SQL, Actionscript (2 and 3)
         Databases: MySQL
         Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Premiere
         Web Frameworks: Drupal, Ubercart, Joomla, Magento, osCommerce, Expression Engine, Zend Framework,
         Servers: Apache

Drupal Skills
         Began developing in for Drupal in 2008.
         Since March 2010 have worked full-time (50 hours a week) developing Drupal 6 applications in a LAMP
         Highly skilled with hook system, menu system, taxonomy, form api, schema api, caching and the most popular
          contributed modules such as pathauto and cck.

Work Experience
   Edge Studio (March 2010 – Present)
         Web Developer / Webmaster
         Converted legacy PHP/MySQL applications to Drupal.
         Moved E-Commerce system to Ubercart using as payment gateway.
         Took a library of 3500 voice-over scripts and turned it into a social application where users can post recordings to get feedback
          from and give feedback to their peers. Since its launch in July 2010 and as of October 2010 have received 2800 user uploaded
          recordings and just over 5000 comments.
         Created a weekly script recording contest, the management of which is automated with Drupal. Users can post their entries,
          after the deadline vote on their favorites, and at the contests conclusion, the site maintainer can use a webform to select the
          winner from the entries.
         Created an E-Coaching application that allows the purchase of credits towards E-Coaching, handles the creation of E-Coaching
          sessions, the application of credits towards E-Coaching, notification of Coaches and Students upon creation and completion of
          E-Coaching and tools for tracking of E-Coaching activity.
         Created a module that replaces Drupal's default registration, login and logout functionality, allowing for a more streamlined
          process that doesn't require e-mail verification, that allows redirecting to the last page, and replaces the default forms with
          custom forms.
         Created Drupal applications handling the class schedule, testimonials, meet the team pages, the production portfolio (of audio
          recordings Edge Studio has recorded), archive of articles, podcasts.
         Created a Microphone Selector Utility that allows users to find the right microphone for them.
         Created custom analytics for tracking events on the website
         Moved talent-library over to Drupal so that it's searchable by parameter and so that staff can easily edit or approve web-
          submitted voice-over demos.

Freelance Web Developer (July 2008– March 2010)
       Developed small business websites and applications using Flash, Drupal, PHP, jQuery and CSS
       Created complex mortgage application form with over 200 fields, with several sections that required adding or removing
        elements from the form with javascript (jQuery), real-time validation of data and integration with ExpressionEngine framework.
       Created Flash Website that uses Drupal as a content management system
       Created E-Commerce sites using Drupal Ubercart
Self-Employed Music Teacher (Spring 2001 – July 2008)
       Wrote eight piano books on chord theory, ran online business selling my own piano books
       Developed over 50 Flash applications based on music theory, especially piano chord theory

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