pig digestive system

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Digestive System Anatomy
   1. Submandibular salivary gland
   2. Oral cavity
           a. hard palate
           b. soft palate
           c. esophagus opening
           d. papillae of tongue
   3. Esophagus
   4. Gallbladder
   5. Cystic duct
   6. Hepatic duct
   7. Common bile duct
   8. Pancreas
   9. Liver
           a. right medial lobe
           b. left medial lobe
           c. right lateral lobe
           d. left lateral lobe
           e. right caudal (caudate) lobe
   10. Stomach
           a. fundus
           b. body
           c. pylorus
           d. pyloric sphincter
           e. meconium (greenish mucus)
   11. Small intestine
           a. Duodenum
                    i. duodenal papilla (Inside the Duodenum)
           b. ileum
                    i. villi (Inside the Ileum)
   12. Mesentery
   13. Ileocecal valve (sphincter)
   14. Large intestine
           a. coiled colon
           b. straight colon
           c. rectum
           d. cecum
           e. anus
   15. Peritoneum (Lining covering the surface of organs and wall of abdomen)
   16. Anterior mesenteric artery
   17. Celiac trunk or artery
   18. Posterior mesenteric artery
   19. Posterior vena cava
   20. Umbilical arteries
   21. Umbilical vein