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									                                                                                                                        Nurturing My Potential
                                                                                                                               Dr Jen Leamon

                                                            Releasing The Potential By Listening.                                Research Abstract reviewer for International Midwifery Conference
Development Towards Output                                                                                                       2008
                                                            I listen, I hear, I attend to what I hear,                           Centre for Qualitative research enhanced national / international
Completion of and Presentation of the WitH ME Study at a    I hear of the importance to you of being listened to.                links from Master Class attendance.
national midwifery conference.                              I feel we all have a desire, a need to be heard,                     Reviewer for Midwifery Journal
Coordination of an action research project reviewing four   I feel we have potential to grow and flourish when listened to.      Links with a Midwife who commissions books: Learning from
elements of the pre registration midwifery programme.       Listening and attending are like a gift,                             Stories about Childbirth; This links my Doctorate and subsequent
Completes Sept. 2007                                        Recognise its simple complexity,                                     reflective professional development activity with students story
July 2007 Presentation at Women & Child Health              Embrace its power as a gift you can give others and others give to   sharing work.
Symposium                                                   you.                                                                 My cross professional and School ALG Group enabled sharing,
Preparation of paper for publication I am currently being                                                                        reframing of ideas and affirming future action plans.
supported by my Mentor Jenny Moon                           Jen Leamon 2007

                                                                                           West Howe Midwifery Evaluation: The WitH ME Study
                                                                                                            By Dr Jen Leamon & Anne Viccars
                                                                                                                 Senior Lecturers in Midwifery

An Evaluation of the Impact of Midwifery care provided to women and their
families within the Sure Start Bournemouth Scheme at the Kinson and West
Howe Children’s Centre.
  Sure Start Midwifery Practice
  The Midwives role was set up four years ago as ‘add on’ to that provided by the community midwives.
  Their care was aimed at hard to reach vulnerable women, including teenage mothers and drug users. Other
  activities included a strong public health role such as antenatal and postnatal education, supporting
  breastfeeding, and enabling smoking cessation in pregnancy. Over time their role has evolved. The
  midwives now do all of the above and provide midwifery care to a growing number of women who find it
  difficult to access main stream care. This includes some women with complex or high level needs, families                      The midwives give me
  with child protection or domestic violence issues. They also provide pregnancy testing and family                              confidence as a parent.
  planning advice and maintain an active involvement in the Centre activities.                                                   (Parent)

 The Environment                                               Going to the centre                                                Bumps & Babies
                                                               It’s not only for your children it’s a place for us as             Parents make friends; a lot of them haven’t made
 This area wasn’t chosen for a sure-start area for
                                                               well, to meet up with other people. You know its                   friends before. They do see, they learn about playing
 no reason at all, we’re talking about an area of
                                                               good for the kids but it’s also good for the parents               with the child because a lot of the mums haven’t realised
 disadvantage, we’re talking about results if you
                                                               as well, I think. (Parent.)                                        that little babies can learn to play you can stimulate
 like in terms of children’s welfare, how well they                                                                               them you can enjoy it, so they have learnt that and that’s
 do at school and all these things.                                                                                               just by the early years workers are great at modelling
                                                              Bumps & Babies
 (Centre staff)                                                                                                                   behaviour: they just get on and do that. So, apart from
                                                              You know, I walked into bumps and babies recently,
                                                                                                                                  teach them we do a lot of modelling behaviour here and
                                                              there were five women sat on the floor                              it does, it slowly, slowly it does work. (Sure Start
   I think that for a lot of parents the sure start           breastfeeding, I thought; Oh my God! Fantastic!
  midwives are the first representatives of the                                                                                   Midwife)
                                                              (Sure Start Midwife)
  Centre that they see and the fact that they go so
  far to build up families’ trust, and most people                                                                                 The Centre.
  are quite happy that they are having a baby and              The Quality of Sure Start Midwifery Care
                                                                                                                                   I think that the service we offer now would not be the
  so its quite a nice thing that they can come in              My pregnancy was stressful anyway and they                          same service without the midwives they play a massive
                                                               helped take the edge off of it and sometimes I just
  with that to access other services. (Centre staff)           used to sit and sob and she would just sit and                      part in it. If we did not have midwives I think that we
                                                               listen. Having somebody listen, and having no                       just be like other services offering early years care and
                                                               time limit on things, she was here sometimes two                    activities like crèche and we would not be any
                             Full report available @           or three hours. It was unconditional support, you                   different. I think it would affect how many parents
                                                               just can’t get that anywhere. (Parent)                              would use it. (Centre staff)

                           The With Me Study used a Qualitative Approach

                                                               The study data was gathered via focus groups with Women, Fathers, Stakeholders, Lay and Professionals who
                                                               link with the Sure Start Children’s Centre. A smaller number of individual interviews were undertaken with
                                                               women unable to attend the centre and stakeholders. In both we used a semi structured approach where
                                                               questions were developed from cross referencing the Government documents: The National Service Framework
                                                               and Every Child Matters to identify evaluation outcomes for the study. The Study was funded by the Kinson
                                                               and West Howe Children’s Centre & Bournemouth University

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