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									Lap A Thon – General Information
Parents and Swimmers,

Here is your Lap A Thon packet please feel free to make copies as needed, in addition
forms or also on in the Meets/Events tab. Your packet
        Pledge sheet
        Request for a Pledge
        Thank you letter for Pledge

Tuesday, April 28th. From 5:00-7:00pm, we will be running our Annual RAD Lap-A-Thon.
Plan to be there with your swimmer(s) and cheer them on as they raise funds for our
team. The incentives are exciting this year so let’s all watch to see who earns the top

This year the rewards are based on dollars raised. The swimmers will get to choose gift
cards from these local businesses as well as a swim cap and certificate:

Nor-Cal Swim Shop             I Tunes (Apple)               Mt Shasta Mall
Barnes and Noble              Jamba Juice                   Best Buy

Swimmers Donation Total             Prizes
$50 to $99            Swim Cap/Certificate
$100                  Swim Cap/Cert/ $10 Gift Card
$150                  Swim Cap/Cert/ $15 Gift Card
$200                  Swim Cap/Cert/ $ 20 Gift Card
$250                  Swim Cap/Cert/ $ 25 Gift Card
$300                  Swim Cap/Cert/ $ 30 Gift Card
$350                  Swim Cap/Cert/ $ 40 Gift Card
$400                  Swim Cap/Cert/ $ 50 Gift Card
$450                  Swim Cap/Cert/ $ 60 Gift Card
$500                  Swim Cap/Cert/ $ 80 Gift Card
$550                  Swim Cap/Cert/ $ 90 Gift Card
$600                  Swim Cap/Cert/ $ 100Gift Card
The more money you raise, the more the value of the gift card goes up.
Group Prize:
The top earner in the Novice, Age Group, and Senior Group will double their gift card.
For example, in the Novice Group, the top earner raises $ 500; they will get $ 80, plus an
additional $ 80 in gift cards. If there is a tie, the swimmers will split the winnings.
The Grand Prize:
The swimmer who raises the most money will receive a special prize.
Weekly Swimmer Contest:
In addition, a weekly gift certificate will be awarded to the swimmer with the most money
pledged in that week. Pledge sheets will be checked on Wednesdays and Thursdays
with the prize being awarded on these days, March 18, March 25, April 15, and April 22.

Please sign up to donate healthy snacks and beverages. We will have a sign-up sheet
on the website, or call Gayle Lynch at 247-1737 or e-mail at
Thanks for supporting your Duck!

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