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SEVERANCE ARRANGEMENTS I am pleased to be able to write to you to confirm the terms and conditions of your voluntary severance from INSERT AGENCY.

You are requested to consider the terms of the voluntary severance, and sign the copy of this letter attached to affirm your understanding, and acceptance, of those terms.

Terms You are currently employed as INSERT TITLE AND LEVEL by the INSERT EMPLOYING AUTHORITY and have agreed to the cessation of your employment in return for a severance payment.

The severance payment is in the amount of [$AMOUNT] and will be paid to you within 14 days of the agreed date of your cessation.

The severance payment is made to you pursuant to section 94 of the Public Sector Management Act 1994 and Part 5 of the Public Sector Management (Redeployment and Redundancy) Regulations 1994. I have attached a copy of the relevant Part of the Regulations for your information. I particularly draw your attention to regulation 22 which states, in summary, that a person to whom a severance payment is made shall not


subsequently be employed in the public sector before the expiry of a period of restriction. The period of restriction commences on the day on which the severance payment is made. The period of restriction is equal to the total number of weeks in respect of which the severance payment, and the payment in lieu of accrued annual leave or long service leave, were paid. The bodies which constitute the “public sector” for the purposes of these terms is as defined in the Public Sector Management Act 1994.

The period of restriction applicable to you, based on your severance payment as above, is insert weeks.

These terms do not attempt to cover, nor should they cover, obligations which arise out of your employment and which survive severance, particularly obligations confidentiality. Those obligations exist regardless of the severance process. of

You may acknowledge your acceptance of this voluntary severance arrangement on the terms specified in this letter by signing and dating the duplicate copy of this letter and returning it to INSERT OFFICER/ADDRESS no later than TWO WORKING WEEKS FROM THE DATE OF THE LETTER. If you require an extension of time to consider the terms please contact INSERT NAME to make arrangements for an extension of time.

Yours Sincerely



SIGNATURE BLOCK Signed by NAME [the Employee]

………………………….. On day of 20 In the presence of:

………………………….. Witness's Name (Print) …………………………..

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