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					                                         Language Arts Division
                                       May 13, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Present: Jean Perry (Chair), Bernard Caughey, Teresa Cortey, Michael Eberts, Josh Fleming, Flavio Frontini,
Lourdes Girardi, Allyn Glanzer, Ira Heffler, Stacy Jazan, Ted Levatter, Michael Moreau, Nick Sahakyan, Nick
Smith , Shihoko Tatsugawa, Jean Yu.

Guest: Nancy Getty, Elmira Nazaryan

Absent: Celia Simon-Ross

I.     Meeting called to order at 12:07 pm
II.    Approval of Minutes
       MSC (Glanzer/Frontini) to approve the minutes of April 10, 2008 meeting

III.   Information Items
       A.     Administration will hold firm to contract: summer 2008 classes must have 20 students to make.
       B.     Administration is calling for a 10% cut to Fall 2008 offerings; GCC is experiencing more growth
              than we will be paid for.
       C.     Bi-Annual Intramural Tournament will held on Friday, May 30th 2:30-6:00pm.
       D.     Presented by Elmira Nazaryan: the deadline for students to satisfy work requirements for an
              incomplete grade has changed to coincide with the last day to drop a class in a given semester.
              Also, new grade of ‘FW’ was discussed to show that a student did not finish the class, but never
              withdrew; this was voted down by the Senate according to Glanzer, stating that the new grade
              has merit, but the potential for abuse outweighs the potential for merit.

IV.    Old Business
       A.    Second reading Korean 104 - Cortey
                  Course entry/exit standards have been corrected
             MSC (Cortey/Frontini) to adopt. Passed with a unanimous vote.

V.     Senate Report – Glanzer
       April 27th Meeting:
           Beginning summer 2008 all syllabi must have the SLO’s as well as the student disability
           Environmentalism across the Curriculum Task force will advertise a release-time position for
              which Hazel Ramos will apply.

VI.    Guild Report – Eberts
       1. Retirement incentive pool: Gordon Alexandre would like to have retirees notify him directly and
          when annuity trigger is reached, he will forward the retiree candidates to Human Resources himself.
       2. De-regulation of the four day work week is at the Division level.
       3. Kathy Holmes discussed the Guild dues expense balances. There will be a shift in the dues expenses
          after this year’s retirements.
       4. Discussion of a Specific Guild section for retirees still interested in Guild and campus business.
       5. Indy-Mac Bank CD’s; discussion about moving to another bank.
       6. Next year’s negotiation re-openers, the Guild will get two for the full and part-timers.
       7. Next Meeting: May 20th

VII.   New Business
Language Arts Division
May 13, 2008
(page 2)
       A.    College/Internal Load-Banking - Please review spreadsheet and return to Jean Perry as soon as
             1. Only three internally banked units allowed
             2. Internally banked units must be used within three semesters
       B.    Full-time faculty mentors for new adjuncts
                  According to Glanzer, this topic was tabled at the last Senate meeting.
       C.    Spanish 115 presentation of New Text Adoption- Jazan
                  Entre Mundos - this textbook better serves the heritage speakers. Textbook has been
                     approved by Full-time Spanish instructors.
             MSC (Jazan/Girardi) to adopt new textbook. Unanimous approval.
       D.    First Annual Survey of External Funding Needs - due electronically by June 3rd to Scot Spicer.
             Please take time and identify any projects in your department according to the guidelines
             outlined in Spicer’s request.
       E.    Outreach instructions will be distributed to all faculty that teach GCC classes on the High School
       F.    Division End-of-Semester Party
             1. Friday, May 30th at 5:00pm
             2. Please RSVP to Shauna, ext. 5767 or
       G.    Please sign-up for a potluck item no later than Wed., May 28th, ext. 5767 or

VIII.   Meeting Adjourned at 12:57 pm

Recorded by Shauna Wilkes

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