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									       Rhinestones & Cowgirl Boots                                      $      - Beauty Competition – $55
                                                                        Options A La Carte
                                                                        $      - Photogenic @ $5 per Photo #of Photo’s Entered________
                                                                        $      - Overall Most Beautiful @ $5
                                                                        $      - Overall Personality @ $5
                                                                        $      - Overall Photogenic @ $5
                                                                        $     - Beauty / Photo Supreme @ $5
                                                                        $       - TOTAL
                                                                        $       - DEPOSIT ($35 MUST BE RECEIVED BY 7/1/11-NO LATER!)
           PRESENTED BY: The Perfect Princess & Cowgirls USA            $       - TOTAL DUE (CASH ONLY AT REGISTRATION)
                                                                        Door Admission Armband $5 per Person - Child under 5 Free
              July 16th – Jackson, MS -                                 CONTESTANT#__________NAME______________________________
       *REGISTRATION        0-5- 8:30-9am      &       6-up 12:30-1pm
       *COMPETITION         0-5- 9:30am        &       6-up 1:30pm
                                                                        DAUGHTER OF______________________________________________
       *CROWNING            0-5- 11:00am        &       6-up 3:30pm

             *****GIRLS ONLY AGE DIVISIONS*****                         EYE COLOR_________________HAIR COLOR____________________
          0-23mo, 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-up               FAVORITE FOOD____________________________________________
Attire * Short Pageant or Cocktail Dress and Cowgirl Boots
                   *Inspired by Idols Lauren Alaina*
                                                                        FAVORITE TV SHOW_________________________________________

           *****Supreme AWARDS 0-5 and 6-UP*****                        HOBBIES____________________________________________________
                  2 Mega Supreme will receive:                          ____________________________________________________________
         Cowgirl Hat & Custom Hat Crown, Sash and Gift
                2 Ultimate Supreme will receive:
         Cowgirl Hat & Custom Hat Crown, Sash and Gift                  PETS________________________________________________________
                 2 Grand Supreme will receive:                          ADDRESS___________________________CITY____________________
         Cowgirl Hat & Custom Hat Crown, Sash and Gift
                                                                        STATE______ ZIP____________ PHONE_________________________
                  2 Mini Supreme will receive:
         Cowgirl Hat & Custom Hat Crown, Sash and Gift                  E-MAIL______________________________________________________
8 Beauty Supremes: Cowgirl Hat & Custom Hat Crown, Sash & Gift          I have read and understand all information provided. I release pageant, pageant
        8 Queens will receive: Crystal Crown, Sash and Gift             staff and event location from any and all liabilities. If for some reason you are
                                                                        unable to attend, your fees may be used against a future pageant.
   3 Alternates Per Division will receive: Crystal Crown and Gift       (FEE ARE NON-REFUNDABLE UNLESS PAGEANT IS CANCLED). Poor sportsmanship
              Future Stars will receive: Tiara and Gift                 will not be tolerated. Judges decisions are final. I give permission for any and all
               8 Photogenic Winners will receive: a Gift                pictures of my child to be used in future promotional advertising.
             8 Most Beautiful Winners will receive: a Gift              PARENTS SIGNATURE________________________________________
               QUESTIONS? CALL Vickie 601-672-6352
                   Or Visit
                                                                        SELL 1 AD PAGE FOR $100 AND ENTER EVERYTHING + 3 PHOTOS .
              Paypal Accepted to OR                                          FREE!!!
 Mail Form and Check or Money Order Made Payable To Vickie Fisher To:      ALL ADS MUST BE E-MAILED TO VICKIELYNNE2@AOL.COM
          Vickie Fisher – P.O. Box 12098 – Jackson, MS 39236                                     BY 7/1/2011

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