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Annual Subdivision Meeting

17 September 2008

The annual meeting of the Bayberry Farms Homeowners Association was held on Wednesday,
17 September 2008 at the Windsor Branch Jefferson County Library. The meeting was called to
order at 6:40 p.m. by trustee president Tim McCraw with all six board members present.

In-person ballots were collected and counted. Results of the votes to elect new trustees for
BFHOA are Tim McCraw and Anne Wiehagen, 38 votes; Joyce Baldauf, 36; Sue Steffen, 35;
Eric Walton, 31; Kathy Forshee, 30; and Loretta Sheehy, 26 votes. Executive officers are
President, Sue Steffen, Treasurer, Joyce Baldauf, and Secretary, Kathy Forshee.

Joyce Baldauf gave the treasurer’s report, see attached information/website link. Joyce noted
$23,600.00 in delinquent assessment accounts. Tim explained the arrangement we have with our
attorney to have letters sent to each homeowner who is delinquent on assessment fees on
11Sept2008. Upon receipt of this letter, the homeowner will have 30 days to pay their fees, or
make satisfactory arrangement for payment with the subdivision. If the homeowner takes no
action in that time, the next notice the homeowner will receive from our attorney will be a notice
of court appearance.

The revised indentures were discussed. Since the indentures have been revised, we now have the
resources to have the attorney send letters to delinquent assessment fees homeowners and to
addresses such at 1911 Birchwood, to which a letter has been sent for back assessment, and next
week a letter will be sent for the condition of the lawn.

7507Meadowbrook - tree growing into retaining wall in back, possibly on the property line.
Neighbors want to remove it. We’ll check if it is on common ground.

Bayberry Lane resident voiced concern about the ducks coming into her yard and the damage
that they were causing to their landscaping. After lively discussion, the group agreed that duck
dumping is a problem and mallards are too numerous. We would like to keep the Pekins. Folks
should be reminded to feed the ducks at the pond area only and not in their yards. Loretta Sheehy
will contact the MO Department of Conservation for information and direction for duck removal.

Resident brought the issue of the creek eroding his property in his backyard at 1705 Bayberry.
He sited that the storm on 14Sept2008 caused the creek to do more damage. He stated that there
are mature trees along the creek behind his property line with their roots exposed that are
compromised. He requested having the trees taken out and the creek bank shored up. Anne
Wiehagen will contact the County. Trustees will be checking the property lines.
Joyce encouraged everyone to contact trustees via email on the Website before their problems
gets too bad.

Common ground by the Freer Campus has been leased to Windsor C-1 District. Windsor owns
17 acres at the Freer Campus. The National Guard is donating labor to clear and install
soccer/softball fields and tennis courts. Concerns heard include increased erosion problems
during construction, more silt in the pond, putting in a retention basin at the fields, increased
traffic in the future and resulting damage to the streets. Tim McCraw noted that folks could see
the project plans at Windsor Central Office. Tim will talk with Dr. Bob Borman about our
questions and concerns and see if he and Dr. Duran would meet with us to address our concerns.

Kathy Forshee will get proposals from trash hauling companies for contracted service for the
subdivision. Waste Management received positive comments for their current service.

Concerns about 4-wheelers, speeders, and stop sign running were discussed. Residents are
interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch Committee. Possibly finding one person on each
block to volunteer to act as block captain, get high school kids to help out as part of a community
service project. The Sheriff’s Department will help with many resources.

Roger Breer proposed a calling system, “Calling Post”, a message phone service to everyone
signed up that we would pay for by the call. We could use this for severe weather service
announcements, meeting reminders, any blanket announcements to the subdivision. Broadcast
email enhancement to the Website is our goal. It costs about $1000.00, a one-time charge.

Roger Breer also suggested that we have more meetings during the year. There was general
approval from those assembled. Anne Wiehagen will try to schedule a room for a meeting in
November, not to interfere with deer season. If there is a good turnout, we have more meetings.

Kathy Forshee is researching grant possibilities for financial help when the time comes to dredge
the water retention basin. Since the pond is part-time home to Canadian Geese, a protected
species, and is on a migratory flight pathway, we could be eligible. We’ll be testing the silt level
in 3 to 4 years. We need to remind residents to sweep up sand, grass clippings, and debris from
in front of their yards and dispose of it properly. Everything that goes down the drain contributes
to the silt layer.

The suggestion was made to send out newsletters/flyers with these suggestions and meeting
reminders, siting that we may get more turn out to meetings. Reference to postage cost was

Positive comments were heard about the landscaping at the pond, except that weeds are coming

Joyce brought up the topic of on-street parking. These questions were posed for consideration:
Should we designate one side of the street parking? No vehicles be allowed on the street
overnight? Leave it the way it is and enforce the indentures the way they are? Should we
designate that everyone park in their driveway all the time? There was much discussion and
more to come.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Kathy Jane Forshee
BFHOA Secretary

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