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                                                             M ay 2 0 1 1
                    From the Principal
                    Dear Nash Family,

                    As this school year comes to an end, I can only express
                    our deep appreciation for an awesome year here at Nash
                    Elementary School. We have had tremendous student,
   Bertie Norton
                    staff, and parent support which has enabled us to have a
                    successful year. We have waited as long as possible for our
TAKS scores, but as of this moment, they have not arrived. We will issue that
information as soon as possible once we receive it.

On a personal level, I would like to express my appreciation for six wonderful
years as principal of Nash Elementary School. As I retire this year, I can honestly
say that my six years here have been the highlight of my thirty-nine year career
in education. Nash Elementary is an amazing school where miracles happen
here every day. I shall always have a deep love and appreciation for our staff,
students, and parents. I wish I could thank you individually for your support.
Please remember that Nash Students Are the Best and that belief will continue in
the upcoming years.

                                          Bertie Norton, Principal
                                                  readiNess News
                                                  The      Readiness   classroom
                                                   would like to thank all of the
                                                   Nash family for their support.
                                                   During this school year each
                                                   child has made great progress
                                                   academically,   socially,   and
                                                   behaviorally. The students of
                                                   the readiness classroom will be
                                                   returning to their home campus
                                                   next school year.

KiNdergarteN News
The kindergarten classes are eagerly anticipating the arrival
of butterflies! The truly exciting part is that they can
not only read about so much of the process,
but they are able to retell and explain it.
This is because our kindergarten
teachers have worked hard to
make each area of our curriculum
relate to the others. The children
are now preparing for their
graduation. Songs will be sung
in English and in Spanish! It
has been a year of change, new
beginnings, and learning! What a
precious group of children!
secoNd grade News
Second Grade has been “Soaring High” with their
200 Book Club contest! The students set goals to
read 200 books each. As they turned in their reading
logs, they kept track of how many books they read by
adding bows to their paper kite. The students who
reached their goal enjoyed a fun day of flying kites
this spring!

Second graders have also been reading the classic
book Charlotte’s Web and enjoying a thematic unit.
The students researched different kinds of spiders-
tarantulas, jumping spiders, black widows, and brown
recluse spiders. They chose the one they were most
interested in and wrote a research report about it.
They had fun creating paper sculptures of their spider.
The students made sure to include the distinguishing characteristics of their spider
that they had discovered through their research.

Through exciting activities like these, the second graders have blossomed
into fantastic readers this year. Their fluency has increased as well as their
comprehension, and they have truly learned to LOVE reading!

Fourth grade News
As part of our Earth Day Celebration, the fourth grade classes recently traveled to
the Red River Army Depot. We were given a guided tour of the grounds, and then
we participated in a flag ceremony led by the Arkansas High ROTC. After hearing
a speech presented by the colonel of the depot, we proceeded to interactive
learning centers. Topics included erosion, tree growth, animal identification,
electrical safety, and recycling. A lovely lakeside picnic provided by RRAD was
enjoyed by all. This field trip was definitely one of the highlights of our year.
                  star readers
                 Fifth six weeks
                       first Grade
Coston.......................... Luis Nicolas and Teresa Sanchez

Gideon............................. Isyss Boyd and Jayden Godwinl

Hambleton......... Kelsey Satterfield and Taniya Singleton

ross..................................... Alia Hamud and Isaiah Baker

                     seCond Grade
benefield................... Litzi Mendoza and Evelyn Barraza

Cook. ...........................Ashanti McCoy and Manuel Garcia

simpson..... Landon.Jackson.and.Savannah.McGowen

siratt............................ Kentraile Collins and Dalton Scott

                       tHird Grade
Cole................................ Corbin Powell and Carson Smith

Crowson............... Chynna Duke and Jaquavion Williams

Holder..........................Zachary Adams and Joel Franklin

markHam......................... Luis Morales and Ariz Martinez

                     fourtH Grade
Crane. ....................... Kylee Spriggs and Kamryn Johnson

Gore.......................... Maryanne Garcia and John Caldwell

Hatfield.................... Grayson Gunter and Autumn Luxem

                       fiftH Grade
fields. .................................... Vy Doan and Tyler Lovvorn

forte............................ Devin Jones and Delma Jefferson

roemer. .............................. Dee Taylor and Ryan Shupe
                                Perfect attendance
                                  Fifth six weeks
pre-kinderGarten - Luis Aguilar, John Brown, Trequildric Brown, Ter’Mya Chatman, Jose Cordova
Sanchez, Kia Dancer, Yahir Garcia, Tanner Harrison, Jaidyn Henderson, Juan Hernandez, Alexander Hesson,
Kaden Lee, Kevin Leyva, Liberty Maldonado-Cowan, Leila Mayo, Valeria Mendez, Payton Minchey, Sindy
Moya Soria, Brian Olvera-Moya, Elizabeth Parra, Preston Pruneda, Reyli Ramirez, Gavin Sweeten

kinderGarten - Oseghale Abhulimen, Kadyn Avard, Vanessa Baez, Camden Beard, Reagan Burden,
David Button, Tresser Davis, Monika Garcia, Angelique Guillen, Dejah Hood, Brianna Johnson, Jacob Jones,
Stephen Launius, Hunter Leach, Izabella Magana, Juana Mata-Leal, Juana Mendez, Keyasha Moore, Briana
Moreno, Dawson Moser, Kaleese Neal, Jacob Nemyer, Jason Nguyen, Cesar Olalde, Daisy Ontiveros, Jose
Pedro-Martinez, Rubi Pedro-Martinez, Phaedra Powell, Elizabeth Rath, Katelyn Serrano, Braden Simmons,
Hannah Smith, Kyron Smith, Kylan Snow, Kamrin Spriggs, Seth Trusty, Jayden Watkins-Stuckey
first Grade - Jose Aguilar, Jerry Beard, Isyss Boyd, Peyton Boyette, Christal Brown, Faith Cagle, Titus
Cole, Christian Cooper, Summer Cox, Juan Escobedo, Wilbur Gallegos, Jesus Garcia, Jayden Godwin, Logan
Gonzalez, Joli Icenhower, Colton Jackson, Jalah Jefferson, Jalyn Johnson, Tamara Kelley, Abigail Kirschstein,
Alex Martinez, Daniel Martinez, Alejandro Muniz Cerritos, Jose Nicolas, Angela Olade, Maria Pedro-Martinez,
Santiago Pedro-Martinez, Ivan Pena, Devon Pennington, Makale Rachal, Josten Ramirez, Brayan Rodriguez-
Mejia, Teresa Sanchez, Destiny Singleton, Taniya Singleton, Dominique Sprayberry, Nathan Steele, Jacob
Strange, Caleb Wade, Jonathan Zarate, Morgan Zymbroy
seCond Grade - Destiny Abhulimen, Adrienne Armstrong, Dakota Authement, Gracey Burden, John
Cass, Nydia Castaneda, Kentraile Collins, Luz Cordova, Tristan Curtis, Rachel Drake, Daniel Fincher, Manuel
Garcia, Auburn Gibbs, Alexis Gregory, Oscar Hernandez Cordova, Xavier Hesson, Gregoryona Holmes,
Madison Hungerford, Kaleyah Jackson, Landon Jackson, Shantia Jamison, Raeshara Jefferson, Charisma
Little, Andres Martinez, Shemyah McFadden, Taryn McGough, Savannah McGowen, A’Aroniea Meeks, Litzi
Mendoza-Rodriguez, Hailey Mitchell, Alexis Moreno, Colton Morrow, Gustavo Moya, Tatiana Moya, Luis
Muniz, Mason Needham, Alan Olvera, Juana Olvera, Ariana Pena Rodriguez, Carlos Penate, Christian Ray,
Tyler Serrano, Payton Smith, Shaneaque Walter, LaDarrious Whitaker, Ana Zepeda
tHird Grade - Zachary Adams, Cameron Alcorn, Madison Allen, Dalton Anderson, Austin Ariniello,
Skyler Black, Rylee Burden, Brianna Carson, Andres Castaneda, Morgan Cawthon, Andrew Cooper, Tien
Doan, Caelin Duke, Zachery Funches, Jose Garcia Ramirez, Daniel Garcia, Joe Hackleman, Ashtin Hall,
Cassidy Harris, Julie Harrison, Vasti Huaco, Cedric Kelley, Trenton Kreidler, Maria Leyva, Ariz Martinez,
Ana Mendoza-Rodriguez, David Minchey, Marquez Mixon, Luis Morales, Maritza Moya, Serenity Murphy,
Dibanhi Olalde, Corbin Powell, Justace Ray, Antonio Rodriguez, Cyndi Rosales-Rodriguez, Layton Salazar,
Atyssa Scott, Anayely Segura, Tyron Singleton, Candra Thompson, Jaquavion Williams, Shyanne Wilson,
Micah Witcher, Dayton Woods
fourtH Grade - McKenzie Brown, Megan Brown, Natalio Castaneda, Shawn Coleman, Zaria Dunn,
Aaron Foster, Maryanne Garcia, Parker Gravitt, Grayson Gunter, Channen Harper, Audalis Ivery, Kamryn
Johnson, Mariah Jones, Mason Jones, Imari Kelley, Kelsey Kift, Tanner Kirschstein, Hadley Lewis, Lynne
Luxem, Roberto Martinez-Chavez, Beatriz Martinez-Gonzales, Mykayla McGowen, Aaron Musick, Ashyki
Paxton, Juan Pena Labrada, Ana Pena Rodriguez, Juan Pena-Garcia, Marco Pena-Garcia, Alicity Quick,
Amanda Sallis, Jose Sanchez, Brent Satterfield, Erin Sims, Bailey Smith, Kylee Spriggs, Hadlee Thompson,
Leah Tiner, Sorena Walter
fiftH Grade - Tyler Ariniello, Athena Bebb, Landen Braley, Braley Butler, Juana Cordova, Vy Doan,
Jada Easter, Brittany Fritz, Lamartez Grissom, Ryan Icenhower, Devin Jones, Alyssa Kift, Shelby Kunert,
Donte’ Lomax, Daniela Lopez, Tyler Lovvorn, Carley Lummus, Jaylon Matlock, Lisseth Moya-Lopez, Kamon
Paxton, Peyton Quillen, Cameron Reedy, Deidrick Reeves, Keidrick Reeves, Demond Robinson, Castula
Rodriguez-Rosales, Acealyn Scott, Cole Seely, Jesus Segura, Andrea Serrano, Diavian Taylor, Dakota Turner,
Lauryn Young
                        all “a” honor roll
                          Fifth six weeks
          first Grade                              tHird Grade
Coston: Jesus Garcia, Angela Olalde, Cole: Kaitlyn Avila, Maritza Moya, Corbin
Emili Rios, Teresa Sanchez           Powell

Gideon: Jerry Beard, Isyss Boyd, Faith Crowson: Remington Cook, Hayden
Cagle, Daniel Gerber, Jayden Godwin, Beau Humphrey, Serenity Murphy, Estefani
Michelle Gonzales, Zander Hall, Jalah Olvera, Layton Salazar
Jefferson, Dylan Scott Newman

Hambleton: Logan Gonzalez, Joli Holder: Zachary Adams, Joel Franklin,
Icenhower, Colton Jackson, Payton Looney, Vasti Huaco, Kingsley Miller,
Sydney Siratt                             Candra Thompson

ross: Isaiah Baker, Dane Bullock,
Summer Cox, Jackson Dean, Alyssa Hicks, markHam: Austin Ariniello, Rylee
Daniel Martinez, Joey Moya, Devon Burden, Tien Doan, Dawson Howard,
Pennington, Emma Tucker, Caleb Wade     Hailey Jefferson, Addison Rodriquez

                                                 fourtH Grade
      seCond Grade                  Crane: Brooks Barber, Kamryn Johnson,
benefield: Adrienne Armstrong, Zoie Hadley Lewis, Ashyki Paxton,
Ward                                Juan Pena-Garcia, Kylee Spriggs

Cook: Tristan Curtis, Shantia Jamison,
Candace Vidal                          Gore: Megan Brown, Natalio Castaneda,
                                       Maryanne Garcia, Kennedy Preston, Luis
simpson: Landon Jackson, Alaiyah Ramirez
Rodgers, Shaneaque Walter
                                       Hatfield: McKenzie Brown, Grayson
siratt: Makayla Coleman, Jaylen Green, Gunter, Deanna Hicks, Hadlee Thompson,
Juana Olvera                           Indya Welch

                                        fields: Christina Cannady, Jada Easter,
                                        Alecia Fay, Marcos Revilla

                                        forte: Castula Rosales- Rodriguez,
                                        Krystin Vickers, Hudson Ward, Lauryn Young

                                        roemer: Brianna           Black,   Andrea
                                        Serrano, Ryan Shupe
                                   all e’s work habits
                                     Fifth six weeks
                                             first Grade
Coston: Anayulisia Barbosa, Jorge Calixtro, Juan David Escobedo, Wilbur Gallegos, Jesus Garcia, Carlos
Jimenez, Alejandro Muñiz Cerritos, Jose Luis Nicolas, Angela Olalde, Maria Pedro-Martinez, Santiago Pedro-Martinez,
Ivan Peña, Emili Rios, Brayan Rodriguez, Teresa Sanchez
Gideon: Jerry Beard, Isyss Boyd, Faith Cagle, Christian Cooper, Alexandra Fore, Daniel Gerber, Jayden Godwin,
Michelle Gonzales, Jamiya Gooden, Zander Hall, Jalah Jefferson, Alex Martinez, Tristan Minchey, Dylan Scott
Newman, Ashton Robbins
Hambleton: Jayla Betts, Chase Bias, Willow Diggs, Logan Gonzalez, Jolie Icenhower, Colton Jackson, Payton
Looney, Silas Quaid, Victoria Quick, Makale Rachal, Kelsey Satterfield, Alayah Shavers, Taniya Singleton, Sydney
Siratt, Nathan Steele, Jacob Strange, Morgan Zymbroy
ross: Jose Aguilar, Peyton Boyette, Dane Bullock, Summer Cox, Jackson Dean, Alia Hamud, Jalyn Johnson,
Tamara Kelley, Caleb Myers, Devon Pennington, Emma Tucker, Caleb Wade, Sakari Wyrick
                                           seCond Grade
benefield: Adrienne Armstrong, Evelyn Barraza, Causicaa Chandramohan, Kameryn Dennis, Kimberly Elliott,
Jessica Gerber, Oscar Hernandez, Krockett Kirkpatrick, Charisma Little, Litzi Mendoza, Julio Nicolas, Carlos Penate,
Ethan Scott, Clinton Trickel, Zoie Ward, Ana Zepeda
Cook: Angela Burkeen, John David Cass, Shantia Jamison, Tyler Serrano, Candace Vidal
simpson: Meleiciani Bellard, Landon Jackson, Rainy Langley,Tatiana Moya, Luis Muniz, Ariana Pena, Alaiyah
Rodgers, Hannah Spencer, Danielle Thomason, Shaneaque Walter, Jacolena Wolsey
siratt: Destiny Abhulimen, Gracey Burden, Makayla Coleman, Luz Cordova, Cashlin Gooden, Jaylen Green, Xavier
Hesson, Shemyah McFadden, Gustavo Moya, Alan Olvera, Juana Olvera, Dalton Scott
                                             tHird Grade
Cole: Alysa Abner, Kaitlyn Avila, Maritza Moya, Hannah Rollins
Crowson: Madison Allen, Logan Anderson, Blake Bergagnini, Brianna Carson, Remington Cook, Chynna Duke,
Daniel Garcia, Jose Garcia, Hayden Beau Humphrey, Ebonee Kyle, Ana Mendoza-Rodriguez, Serenity Murphy,
Estefani Olvera, Cyndi Rosales, Layton Salazar, Kiana Smith, Alexis Tiner
Holder: Zachary Adams, Micah Bomer, Jose Bustamante, Jose Campusano, Ethan Davitt, Willow Drumm,
Joel Franklin, Vasti Huaco, Maria Leyva, Kingsley Miller, Antonio Rodrigues, Skylar Schooler, Atyssa Scott, Candra
Thompson, Colt Snider
markHam: Cameron Alcorn, Austin Ariniello, Madison Bias, Skyler Black, Rylee Burden, Isis Butler, Tien Doan,
Dawson Howard, Hailey Jefferson, Cedric Kelley, Ariz Martinez, Dashia Mixon, Marquez Mixon, Luis Morales, Addison
Rodriquez, Anayely Segura, Tyron Singleton, Zack Ward, Dayton Woods
                                           fourtH Grade
Crane: Brooks Barber, Channen Harper, Kamryn Johnson, Mariah Jones, Mason Jones, Hadley Lewis, Roberto
Martinez, Ashyki Paxton, Juan Pena-Garcia, Jesus Sanchez, Kylee Spriggs
Gore: Megan Brown, Natalio Castaneda, Maryanne Garcia, Baylie Graves, Parker Gravitt, Juan Pena Labrada,
Mykayla McGowen, Audrey Mohon, Kennedy Preston, Alicity Quick, Luis Ramirez, Brent Satterfield, Destiny Smith,
Rebekka Stout, Sorena Walter, Payton White
Hatfield: McKenzie Brown, Jack Cummings, Aaron Foster, Miracle Greathouse, Grayson Gunter, Deanna Hicks,
Alexis Hogeland, Imari Kelley, Kelsey Kift, Coby Lacefield, C.J. Layton, Beatriz Martinez, Ladd Preston, Hadlee
Thompson, Leah Tiner, Indya Welch, Moniqueka Whitaker, Seth Yowell
                                             fiftH Grade
fields: Trinity Abner, Athena Bebb, Christina Cannady, Destiny Colbert, Vy Doan, Jada Easter, Brandon Jones,
Donte’ Lomax, Tyler Lovvorn, Carley Lummus, Alyssia Mendoza, Lisseth Moya-Lopez, Marcos Revilla, Jesus Segura
forte: Landen Braley, Mikah Brown, Braley Butler, Brittany Fritz, Shelby Kunert, Jaylon Matlock, Keidrick Reeves,
Castula Rodriguez-Rosales, Lilly Strickland, Dustin Tyree, Krystin Vickers, Lauryn Young
roemer: Raven Baker, Brianna Black, Adriana Cordova, Juana Cordova, Kameron Hart, Wesley Humphrey, Ethan
Icenhower, Conner Keener, Alyssa Kift, Daniela Lopez, Justin Myers, Acealyn Scott, Andrea Serrano, Ryan Shupe,
Dee Taylor
                          Nash elementary thanks all of our
 2010-11 Partners in education Business Partners
   for their continued support of our students and staff.
ADVERTISIng	                                     EmBRoIDERY	&	EngRAVIng                       REAlToRS                             lasterday	Tees                               Century	21	-	nancy	Tate
AuTomoTIVE	                                      lone	Star	Trophy	&	Engraving                 westridge	Apartments
Classic	Carwash	&	Express	oil	Change	Center      Sports	magic,	Inc.                           RECREATIon
Cooper	Service                                   Texarkana	Embroidery	&	graphics              Dave’s	Skatepark	“pro	shop	&	venue”
gateway	Tire	&	Service	Center                    EmPloYmEnT	SERVICES                          minton’s	Sportsplex
mr.	Speedy	Car	Care                              Express	Employment	Professionals             Starlite	golf	Co.
The	oil	Changer                                  FloRAl                                       Texarkana	golf	Ranch
BAnkS                                            Twisted	Vines	-	A	Floral	Studio	             Texarkana	Jiu	Jitsu
American	State	Bank                                                                           Twin	City	Taekwondo
BancorpSouth	Trust	&	Asset	management            glASS	REPAIR                                 RESTAuRAnTS
Capital	one	Bank                                 harmon	glass	Doctor                          Amigo	Juan
Commercial	national	Bank                         Pace	glass                                   Auntie	Anne’s	Pretzels
Domino	Federal	Credit	union                      goVERnmEnT	AgEnCIES                          Carino’s	Italian	kitchen
Peoples	State	Bank                               Ark-Tex	Council	of	governments               Chicken	Express
Red	River	Federal	Credit	union                   gRoCERY                                      Chili’s	grill	&	Bar
TEXAR	Federal	Credit	union                       Super	1	Foods                                CiCi’s	Pizza
BoTTlERS                                                                                      Dixie	Diner
Coca	Cola	Bottling	Company                       hEAlTh	&	FITnESS                             Dixie	grill
                                                 Aaron’s	Eyecare	&	optical                    golden	lady	Restaurant
CABlE	ComPAnIES                                  Curves                                       Julie’s	Deli	&	market
Cableone                                         healthcare	Express                           olive	garden
CAR	REnTAl                                       lA	weight	loss                               on	the	Border	mexican	grill
Enterprise	Rent-A-Car                            lifeshare	Blood	Centers                      outback	Steakhouse
                                                 Shake	The	weight                             Papa	John’s	Pizza
CAR	wASh                                         The	mobile	Dentist                           Papa	murphy’s	Take-n-Bake	Pizza
Super	Splash                                     homE	&	gARDEn                                Pizza	hut
ChIlD	CARE                                       Pearson	heating	&	Air	Conditioning           Pizza	Inn
Children’s	Beginnings,	Inc.                      Pillow	Termite	&	Pest	Control                Silver	Spoon	Inc.
Redlick	Christian	Preschool	&	Afterschool	Care   Rid-X	Termite	&	Pest	Control	                Spout’s	Juice	Bar
                                                                                              Starbucks	Coffee
ChuRChES                                         hoTElS                                       Subies	Deli
Central	Christian	Church	-	CwF	group             Best	western                       
hardy	memorial	united	methodist	Church           Candlewood	Suites                            Texas	Roadhouse
highland	Park	Baptist	Church                     Comfort	Suites	hotel                         This	is	it	BBQ
mount	orange	Baptist	Church                      hampton	Inn	&	Suites                         waffle	house
mt.	grove	Baptist	Church                         holiday	Inn	Express                          wendy’s
northside	Church                                 laCrosse	hotel                               wing	Stop
oak	Street	Baptist	Church                        InSuRAnCE	&	FInAnCIAl	SERVICES               RETAIl	&	SPECIAlTY	ShoPS
Rose	hill	Baptist	Church                         Allstate	Insurance	-	ken	morehouse           Aaron’s	Eye	Care	&	optical
St.	luke’s	united	methodist	Church               Daines	Insurance	&	Financial	Services,	llP   Aaron’s	Sales	&	Rentals
Sugar	hill	united	methodist	Church               Farm	Bureau	-	kevin	mcDonald                 Abby	gayle’s
union	hill	missionary	Baptist	Church             horace	mann	Companies                        Action	Rental,	Inc.
williams	memorial	united	methodist	Church        new	York	life	Insurance	Company		            Alexander’s	Jewelers
CollEgES	&	unIVERSITIES                          	 -	Derrick	mcgary                           Allison’s	Party	Supplies
Texarkana	College                                offenhauser	&	Co.                            Best	Buy
Texas	A&m	university	-	Texarkana                 State	Farm	Insurance	-	larry	oxford          Card	&	Party	Factory
ComPuTER	REPAIR                                  loCkSmIThS                                   Catherine’s	Plus	Size	Clothing
Computer	Doctor                                  Advance	locking	Systems                      Cookies	By	Design
                                                                                              gayle’s	Cosmetics	&	Accessories
ConSulTIng/mARkETIng                             lumBER	DISTRIBuToRS                          kohl’s	Department	Store
BmD	Consulting                                   Red	River	lumber	Company                     old	navy
Innovative	marketing                             mAgAZInES                                    Parks	Diamond	Jewelers
ConVEnIEnCE	SToRES                               AlT	magazine                                 Scrapbooker’s	Emporium
E-Z	mart	Stores                                  Four	States	living	magazine                  Sandra’s	Stones
                                                                                              The	Pop	Pop	Shoppe
DAnCE	STuDIoS                                    mAnuFACTuRERS                                SElF	SToRAgE
All	Rhythm	Dance	Alley                           goins	Plastic	Source,	Inc.                   keystone	Self	Storage
DEnTISTRY/oRThoDonTICS                           humCo	holding	group	Inc.
Shambarger	orthodontics                          JCm	Industries,	Inc.                         SIgnAgE
                                                 nEwSPAPERS                                   American	Signs	and	Banners
DRY	ClEAnERS                                     American	Classifieds	-	Thrifty	nickel        FASTSIgnS
Colonial	Cleaners                                Texarkana	Community	Journal
Comet	Cleaners                                                                                SoCIAl	SERVICE	oRgAnIZATIonS
Cunningham	Cleaners                              PAPER	mIllS                                  Boy	Scouts	of	America
EDuCATIonAl	SERVICES                             DomTAR	Industries,	Inc.                      harvest	Texarkana
VIPS	-	Dunbar	Elementary                         International	Paper	-	Texarkana	mill         hospice	of	Texarkana
VIPS	-	highland	Park	Elementary                  PERSonAl	CARE                                Junior	Achievement	-	Texarkana	Area
VIPS	-	martha	and	Josh	morriss	                  A	Touch	for	health                           Junior	league	of	Texarkana
	 mathematics	&	Engineering	Elementary           BeautiControl	-	Sheri	norton                 Retired	and	Senior	Volunteer	Program	(RSVP)
VIPS	-	nash	Elementary                           greening	mary	kay                            Texarkana	Volunteer	Center
VIPS	-	Spring	lake	Park	Elementary               mary	kay	Independent	Consultant              united	way	of	greater	Texarkana
VIPS	-	Texas	high	School                         	 kim	higgins                                wake	Village	lion’s	Club
VIPS	-	Texas	middle	School                       Progressive	hair	Care                        TElEPhonE
VIPS	-	Theron	Jones	Early	literacy	Center        PhoTogRAPhY                                  windstream	Communications
VIPS	-	wake	Village	Elementary                   Image	Forward	Photography
VIPS	-	westlawn	Elementary
mathnasium                                       RADIo
                                                 kool	95.1
                                                 Texarkana	Radio

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