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									Mount Boucherie Secondary
Accounting 11 Course Outline

Teacher: Mrs. Saruk, email
Text: Accounting 1, 6th edition, Syme and
Classes: Room 114

Course Description:

Accounting 11 is an introductory course that introduces students to the concepts of
bookkeeping & basic accounting. Students will use a manual system to learn proper
bookkeeping techniques based on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Students
will prepare accounting documents such as Trial Balances, Balance Sheets, Income
Statements & Worksheets for a Service Business. Students will become familiar with
Simply Accounting software and Excel Spreadsheets.

Course Content:

Chapter 1~ Accounting as a Career
           Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
Chapter 2 ~ The Balance Sheet
Chapter 3 ~ Analyzing Changes in Financial Position
Chapter 4~ The Simple Ledger
Chapter 5 ~ The Expanded Ledger
Chapter 6 ~ The Journal and Source Documents
Chapter 7 ~ Posting
Chapter 8 ~ The Work Sheet and Financial Statements
Chapter 9 ~ Completing the Accounting Cycle


    a. Assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due date.
    b. Late assignments as a result of a legitimate, unavoidable absence will be
       accepted at the beginning of the next period. Have your parents phone into the
       office to record the absence.
    c. Assignments completed after the chapter test will not be accepted for marks.
    d. It is the students’ responsibility to find out what assignments they missed due to
       an absence and make every effort to complete them expediently.
    e. Homework will be posted on the website. You can access this from home using
       the internet and the MBSS homepage. Assignments will be completed on the
       computer and submitted through FirstClass therefore your Network account must
       be active.


Student evaluation in Accounting 11 will consist of the

Assignments             35%
Quizzes                 10%
Tests                   35%
Final Exam              20%

Attendance and Lates:

Common courtesy prevails. You are expected to arrive to class on time. You should not
expect to leave the class during the period. Be sure to come to class completely
prepared. Unexcused absences and repeated late arrivals will result in a phone call
home. Please refer to the school policy for questions regarding the procedures for
unexcused absences. It is available on the MBSS website.

Classroom Supplies:

You are required to bring proper equipment to each class
specific to the activities we will be doing. This includes:
a. textbook
b. pen, pencil and eraser (for tests)
c. you may want a calculator

Extra Help:

I will be available most days at lunch and after school for
those students who require extra assistance with the course material. Please see me
for an appointment. Don’t forget that your peers are also a great source of inspiration
and knowledge as well.

I’m looking forward to a great year with all of you.
                                                                           ~ Mrs. Saruk

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