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									January 2009


Directors of Photography

Henry Adebonojo                                  commercials –     Lugz Sneakers, McDonalds, JP Morgan, HBO
New York (ICG 600)                                 television –    ESPN2 „The Hook Up‟, On Hallowed Ground

Henry‟s experience with a broad range of production has shaped his skill and individuality as a cinematographer. His work on
commercials, music videos and documentaries has brought numerous distinctions, including an Emmy nomination for the HBO
documentary Half Past Autumn - The Life and Works of Gordon Parks. Though happy in commercials and music videos, Henry makes
special time for creative projects that change our outlook on society and the world we live in. He is available for work worldwide.

Tim Angulo                                   features (vfx) –      Dark Knight, Chronicles of Narnia, Spiderman 1, 2, & 3, Batman
Los Angeles (ICG 600)                   commercials/promos –       ABC, CBS, Fox, Canon, Kodak, Budweiser, Air France

An early interest in photography led Tim Angulo to a career in cinematography. After college and a fellowship at the American Film
Institute, Tim found work as a visual effects/2nd unit DP and contributed to commercials, promos and film franchises such as Batman,
Spiderman and just about every major effect driven film over the last decade. Tim‟s strengths lie in his „can do‟ attitude and
experience. Always interested in new challenges, he now seeks to use his skills on first unit productions. Tim is a member of the
Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, Visual Effects Society and ICG 600. He is available for work worldwide.

Peter Benison, CSC, ASC                              features –    Mem-(o)-re, Chicago, Watchtower, Battlefield Earth
Los Angeles / Vancouver (ICG 600/667/669)           television –   The Line, To Be Fat Like Me, Maneater, Home Alone 4

While attending McGill University, Peter Benison‟s chance meeting with special effects wizard Wally Gentleman (2001: A Space
Odyssey) cemented his resolve to turn his Cinematography hobby into a career. The special effects experience proved invaluable in
Peter‟s work on the groundbreaking television series Captain Power and his subsequent work in features. A multi-award winning
Director of Photography, Peter has enjoyed over 35 years shooting a variety of projects, including television, documentaries and
features, in more 15 countries. He counts more than 55 long-form projects to his credit. Peter‟s honors include the Canadian Society of
Cinematographers top award in both the Feature and Television categories and numerous nominations from the CSC, Leo Awards and
Gemini Awards. Peter lives in the US, has Canadian Citizenship, a European Community Passport and belongs to every Camera Union in
the US and Canada. He works as a local in LA, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, and is available for work worldwide.

Tony Burns                                      commercials –      Bacardi, Evian, Rhiengold, Discovery, Pepsi
Los Angeles                                     music videos –     Better then Ezra “Lifetime”, SR71 “Tomorrow”

Tony Burns was born in a small damp town in Northern England, but this didn‟t prevent him from earning a Cycling Proficiency
Certificate at an impressively young age. Eighteen years later, and twenty miles away, he obtained a BA in photography from Leeds
University and a post at Yorkshire Television‟s news department. When the BBC called to offer a position in their acclaimed Film
Department, Tony quickly moved to London. At the Beebe, Tony worked on projects ranging from Danny Boyle‟s Mr. Rowe‟s Virgins
to My Triumph, in collaboration with Patrick Marber. Moving to NYC in 1997, Burns has since shot campaigns for Evian, L‟Oreal, and
Sundance Channel, as well as the feature, Detention, (screened at Telluride, Palm Springs and Rhode Island Film Festivals). Tony
recently wrapped a music video for Better than Ezra and a striking Evian commercial for Saatchi & Saatchi while continuing in his
quest to maintain residency on two coasts.

Ted Chu                                             features –     Fluorescent, Random Acts, From Mexico With Love
Los Angeles (ICG 600)                            commercials –     Lifetime, Diesel, Chevrolet, Saks, LCI

Ted Chu began his career with a fine arts degree from the State University of New York. After joining the U.S. Navy as an officer, Ted
enrolled at the American Film Institute and earned a Master of Fine Arts in Cinematography. Mentored by William Fraker, ASC; Chu has
worked with many noted cinematographers on dozens of feature films. Ted is skilled with all camera systems including helicopters,
motion control, car mounts, and steadicam. Ted‟s hobbies include fine woodworking, collecting photographs, and competitive cycling.

Tony Cutrono                                         features –    Live Free or Die Hard, Evan Almighty, Iron Man, Armageddon
Los Angeles (ICG 600)                               television –   Grey‟s Anatomy, Nip/Tuck, From The Earth To The Moon

One of the most sought after VFX/2nd Unit DP‟s, Tony Cutrono has recently expanded his work to include 1 st units.

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009

Bill Garcia                                          features –     Red Bird, Loren Cass
Los Angeles/Miami (ICG 600)                       commercials –     Porsche, Coors Lite, MTV, Chevrolet

From the ruins of the Soviet empire to the space shuttle, Bill Garcia has photographed some of the most newsworthy events of the late
20th Century. His career began as a news journalist in Miami. Nominated for numerous awards for his work, Garcia transitioned from
television to commercials, music videos and features working with the likes of Juanes, Lenny Kravitz, Ricky Martin, Emilio Estefan and
Christina Aguilera. His creative eye for imagery that tells the story, and a strong sense of lighting, staging and economical production
from his years of shooting, Garcia is capable of projects at all levels. Fluent in Spanish, Garcia is happiest traveling worldwide to tell
stories with images.

Philip Hurn                                           features –    Blue Seduction, Pumpkin Karver, Six: the Mark Unleashed
Los Angeles (ICG 600)                                television –   Mind Works, Case Closed, Back To The Blueprint

Philip Hurn, Director of Photography on more than 100 feature films, network specials and documentaries brings his wit, his
collaborative spirit, great organizational skills and a reputation as a team player to each project. An Emmy award winner, Hurn‟s Time
Changer and the futuristic tale Six: The Mark Unleashed clearly demonstrate his mastery of effects cinematography. His depth of
experience, his innovation in creating a cinematic style and his love of creating beautiful images makes him the choice for both
producers and directors. Philip carries both a US and UK passport.

Tony Imi                                              features –    Victims, Testimony of Taliesin Jones, Aimee and Jaguar
London / Los Angeles                                 television –   Candles on Bay Street, The Shell Seekers, Victoria and Albert

For over thirty years, Tony has been one of the UK‟s most established cinematographers. He began lighting on key BBC TV dramas,
working with the likes of Tony Garnet and Ken Loach and went on to shoot a huge number of feature films as well as TV drama in
Hollywood, the UK and worldwide. He has become known principally for his work on action, romance and gangster pictures, and
won the 2001 Santa Monica Film Festival „Best Cinematography‟ award for his work on Testimony of Taliesin Jones. Tony carries a
current UK passport and is available for work worldwide.

Alan Jacoby                                          features –     The Devil Inside, Sunset, The Last Day on Earth
Los Angeles (ICG 600)                             commercials –     IPOD-mini, Converse, Subaru, Infiniti G35, Mercedes

Alan‟s passion for cinematography evolved through photojournalism and documentary work. He attended Brooks Institute for two years
before traveling the globe. He captured environmental portraits from India to Peru, Africa to Ireland. His impressive stills portfolio led
to an apprenticeship for Jeffrey Kimball, ASC on John Woo‟s Windtalkers in 2000. His first DP credit, Coleridge‟s Couch (produced by
John Woo) earned Best Cinematography accolades at the New York Independent Film Festival. Now with numerous narrative,
commercial, and music video credits under his belt, Alan provides a fresh and experienced eye to every project he tackles .

Ken Lamkin, ASC                                      television – Out of Practice, Bad Girl‟s Guide, Frasier, Hudson Street
Los Angeles (ICG 600)
Multi Emmy Award winning cinematographer Ken Lamkin has experience across the spectrum of film and TV production. Lamkin‟s easy
going manner, eye for detail and efficient use of resources makes him first choice for producers and directors alike. A local in both Los
Angeles and Austin Texas, Ken is available for work worldwide.

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009

Scott Lloyd-Davies                                  features –     Homer & Eddie, Gone in 60 Seconds
Los Angeles / London (ICG 600)                   commercials –     Chrysler, VW, Coca-Cola, U.S. Mint, Lexus

Since beginning his career in Hollywood film labs at age 16, Scott has worked on virtually every type of media known to man. His large
repertoire of work includes dynamic action and huge, highly orchestrated stunt work. He has shot high-speed chases in cars and boats,
on helicopters and horses, with explosions, fire and martial arts. All create a sense of knock-your-socks-off thrills and suspense. Scott
was honored in 1999 with an Academy Award nomination for his Cinematography for the short documentary, Still Kicking, the Fabulous
Palm Springs Follies. Scott, a member of ICG-600, ACTT and the DGA, holds a US and Irish passport and is available for work

Eric Moynier                                        features –     C'est Pas Moi C‟est L‟Autre! Sueno, The Snake King
New York / Montreal (ICG 600)                    commercials –     Bud Light (Super Bowl), Ericsson, Levi‟s, McDonalds

Eric grew up in France and, having learned photography from his father - a photojournalist for Keystone Press in the 50‟s and 60‟s,
went on to study cinematography in Canada before moving to the US. Now resident in NYC, Eric has firmly established himself in the
commercial and music video scene there. Working with the likes of Roberto Schaefer, Raoul Coutard, and Michel Brault early in his
career, Eric has also established a good string of drama credits. As an EU citizen, Eric is now eager to expand his horizons towards
more European work in all fields.

Ray Peschke                                         features –      Captain Abu Raed, Woman Thou Art Loosed, Ocean Park
Los Angeles (ICG 600)                            commercials –     Faberge, Motel 6, Heineken, Los Angeles Times

For years, Ray Peschke's name in Hollywood has been identified with innovative lighting. His brilliant work on such prestigious films as
JFK, Born on the 4th of July, Natural Born Killers, He Got Game, Wag the Dog, The Usual Suspects and many others, has earned him
the reputation as a lighting master. It‟s only natural that his progression from lighting to cinematography has also garnered critical
acclaim. With diverse and challenging films under his belt as cinematographer, including Fascination (super 35mm starring Jacqueline
Bisset, Adam Garcia, and Stuart Wilson), Apostate (35mm starring Dennis Hopper) and Woman Thou Art Loosed (HD, starring Kimberly
Elise), Ray‟s vast years of experience are greatly appreciated by directors here and abroad.

Atanas Radev                                        features –     Callers, The Mafia Type, The Double
Los Angeles                                      commercials –     Roxio Toast, KFC, Toyota, Kia

From the moment Atanas Radev first saw an image “appearing” out of white while developing stills, he fell in love with photography.
Soon after Radev found that pictures could have another magical quality – movement, and a career was born. Since learning his craft
at two prestigious film schools: Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK) and the American Film Institute (AFI), Atanas has
demonstrated that his eye for detail, artistic flair for lighting, precision composition and fluid camera moves can make any film appear
high budget. His easygoing style, positive attitude and proven abilities make Atanas Radev a valuable asset to any production

Adam Sliwinski                                      features –     Fireball, Core, The Barber, Mindstorm, Transplant
Vancouver                                        commercials –     Bud Light, Bombardier ATV

Adam began his career as a still photographer before becoming an editor for numerous music videos. Enamored with the camera,
Adam then found work as an assistant cameraman. He learned his trade under such notable DP‟s as Peter Hyams ( 2010, End of Days),
and John Bartley ASC (X-Files), who taught Adam the necessity of practical sources, and production design. Adam then moved into
cinematography, shooting a multitude of music videos before moving into commercials, and drama. Adam is a Canadian Landed
Immigrant, and carries a UK Passport.

Howard Wexler                                        features –    Johnny Morran, Real Deal, Coffee Date
Los Angeles                                         television –   Hope Ranch, Bonechillers

A graduate of the USC's School of Cinema, Wexler began his career as an assistant to Mario Tosi, ASC, working as DP on lower budget
features. His resume today lists over 50 films, including venerable titles such as Reform School Girls, Angel III and Savage Beach. His
television career includes the MOW Hope Ranch for Animal Planet, the ABC series Bonechillers, and reality program Welcome to

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009

Mark Woods                                            features –    Eliminator, 5th Patient, Ground Zero, Fear Itself
Los Angeles (ICG 600)                                television –   ABC Sports, Mysteries of the Millennium

An accomplished still photographer, Mark‟s highly trained eye complements a deep understanding of filmmaking. As a DP, two of
Mark‟s more visible projects are the Emmy nominated opening for Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect and David E. Kelley‟s producer's I.D.
He is skilled at live action, effects and product photography.

Gary Young                                       commercials –      Miller Lite, KCRW, JD Sports
London / Los Angeles                             music videos –     Elbow, US3

Upon gaining a distinction in Film and Television Production at Bournemouth College of Art and Design, Gary went straight into music
videos and drama. His experience also covers commercials and the 2000 documentary Fidel‟s Fight, which won the Best
Cinematography in a Documentary award at the New York Independent Film Festival. More recently, Gary‟s commercials and PSA spots
with Los Angeles-based director Laurence Thrush are attracting increasing attention from the industry. Holding a prestigious 0-1 US
visa, Gary is available for work worldwide.

Specialty Camera Operators

Ron Vidor                                             features –     The Metrosexual, A-List, Boogie Nights, El Norte, Jaws
Los Angeles (ICG 600)                                television –   ER, Scammers, Mind Games

Ron Vidor is a world class A-list camera operator who specializes in every rank of cinematography, including: Steadicam, underwater
and aerial units. Over the past 30 years, Vidor has been instrumental in the look of some of Hollywood‟s most iconic films, ranging from
the original Flight of the Phoenix and Jaws to The Big Chill and Boogie Nights. Steven Spielberg, Mel Gibson, Aaron Spelling, Conrad
Hall are just a few of the industry‟s top talents who have benefited from Ron‟s talent, strong work ethic and ability to get “the shot.”
Based in Los Angeles, Ron is available for work worldwide.

Production Designers / Art Directors / Storyboard Artists

Katherine Bulovic                                     features –    Down and Distance, Lost Focus, Rice Girl
Los Angeles                                          television –   Secret History of Religion, Broken Wings

Katherine Bulovic is about creativity, art and their intersection in the filmmaking process. Following her graduation from the prestigious
School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Bulovic specialized in painting, silk-screening and photography while designing restaurant
interiors and commercial promotions. When a chance to design for magician Lance Burton‟s Las Vegas production kindled a dormant
interest in theatre and film, she enrolled in Columbia College production design program. Katherine has a unique eye for details and
the “grand” picture. She excels in period work, as well as present day design. Impressed directors most often ask her, “How did you
know or how did you do that?” Producers smile since she gets it done on time and on budget.

Sharon Busse                                         television –   Complete Savages, Everybody Loves Raymond, Martin
Los Angeles (ADG 800/ 847)

Sharon Busse‟s passion for design and architecture began at an early age; she designed her family‟s home at 14. Her time at Art
Center College of Design was cut short by an offer to set design at Universal Studios and she‟s never looked back. With over 1500
episodes in multi camera production alone, Busse has experienced all kinds of projects. She can design upscale ultra-modern, as easily
as traditional, period, or downright gritty. Her innate ability to grasp the character‟s world and design that world makes her the choice
of savvy producers. Her strong sense of coloring, and extensive layering in the sets Sharon designs allow her to get the most on screen
with even the smallest budgets. Sharon is a team player who gets along well with everyone and, when not on the set, is designing
custom homes and commercial spaces nationwide.

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009

Shawn Carroll                                        features –    Like Dandelion Dust, Pistol Whipped, Heartbreak Hotel, Sunshine State
Los Angeles, New York (IA 829)                      television –   Carry Me Home, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Job, American Experience

While growing up in New Hampshire, Shawn Carroll‟s hippie artist father preached, “Grow up and design cutting edge indie movies
son.” That was enough to send him first to Los Angeles to work and then back to the University of New Hampshire for a degree.
Training at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and the School of Visual Arts then followed five years of commercial work. Shawn‟s
experience covers all genres from music videos to TV to feature films. On films as varied as Pistol Whipped, Sunshine State and Boys
Don‟t Cry, Carroll has made his mark. Shawn is available for work worldwide

Kim Colefax                                         features –     The Real McCoy, Hail, Hail Rock & Roll
Los Angeles, Sydney (ADG 800)                    commercials –     US Bank, US Marines, Opium Parfum

Kim Colefax was born in Sydney, Australia and worked as an interior designer focusing on commercial projects. After moving to
London, he began his career in film and television. Working with pioneers in the fledgling music video industry, Colefax designed many
innovative promos in Europe. In 1982 he moved to Los Angeles and has since received an Emmy nomination for Outstanding
Production Design along with numerous other awards and nominations.

Jaeson Kay                                       music videos –    Britney Spears, Stone Temple Pilots
Los Angeles (ADG 800)                            commercials –     Van‟s, Sony Playstation, Toyota, Air France

Jaeson Kay, a native of Hollywood, California, grew up in and around the entertainment industry. A graduate of Los Angeles' Fashion
Institute of Design, he later practiced apparel and interior design in Paris, France. Returning to the US, he established Art Off, a
production design company that in 14 years completed hundreds of commercial, television and music video projects.

Brian Ollman                                        features –     Gene Generation, In My Sleep, Last Rites, Gods Of Circumstance
Los Angeles (ADG 800)                  commercials/television –    Elton John: The Red Piano, X-Men Promo, Dora The Explorer

Possessing a background in architectural, graphic and ceramic/sculptural design, Brian Ollman has trained his entire life for production
design work. With multiple award winning indie films and several nominated music videos under his belt, Ollman is a director‟s delight.
Brian is not only able to design sets that compliment the story, but as a hands-on kind of designer, Ollman is also able to construct the
sets. A founding partner of the LA-based scenery shop, The Artisan Guild, Ollman is able to accomplish difficult technical builds and
stay on budget. He‟s a problem solver who has a strong working knowledge of materials that translate into spectacular sets. Brian
Ollman is available for work worldwide.

Kevin Pierce                                        features –     He‟s Stan Talmadge, Death And Texas, Little Senegal
Los Angeles / NYC (ADG 800)               commercials/videos –     Nike, McDonalds, HBO, NBA, Sia, Jay Z, Outkast

From boxing rings to bayous, dance halls to David Copperfield, Kevin Pierce's artistic vision has been bringing ideas to life for over a
decade with his innovative and resourceful custom sets and detailed environments. HBO, Spike Lee, Ford, and Oprah Winfrey are just a
sampling of the diverse clients for whom Kevin has created original, realistic and fantastical ambient surroundings for feature films,
television, advertising and special events. Through the years, Kevin has worn many hats in the art department, giving him a thorough
knowledge of the workings both on and off the set. Combined with an intuitive eye for detail, a keen awareness of budget issues and
the ability to adapt quickly under pressure, Kevin's experience reveals a unique perspective when managing his design team and
collaborating with producers, directors, clients and other departments.

Laird Pulver                                        features –     Dark Seas, Six, Time Changer, Lay It Down, Visitation
Los Angeles                                      commercials –     Old Navy, Skintimates

With a Masters degree in sculpture from the prestigious Cranbrook Academy of Art, Laird Pulver has demonstrated his command of
space and structure on numerous films and commercials. Diverse, precise, and unique perhaps best describe how Pulver interprets our
dimensional world. With equal ease Laird can capably create environments that exist on an awe-inspiring scale or of intimate size. Laird
extensively designs with 3D modeling software as a means of assisting collaboration between producers, directors and DP‟s. Drawing
from his extensive fabrication experience, his sets are designed to maximize story telling. Laird‟s openness to collaboration and new
ideas make him a great choice for production design.

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009

Peter Remmers                                 network promos – NBC, Playboy, USA Networks, Ellen Degeneres
Los Angeles                                      commercials – McDonalds, American Express, Bell Atlantic

Peter grew up in England, graduating from the London Royal College of Art, advanced level of Fine Art and Design. After working in
design in London and Toronto, he is now resident of Los Angeles. Peter has firmly established himself in the
areas of Art Direction, Design and Live Action Direction for commercials, promos, film titles and on-air network packages. Peter‟s
unique abilities and versatility are evident in his impressive body of work and his originality of concepts and design ideas. His keen
understanding is due to his experience of post-production and visual effects. As a EU citizen, Peter is now eager to expand his horizon
towards work in all fields.

Joseph Yuss Simon                                    features –     Home of The Brave, Rest Stop 2, The Damned
Los Angeles (Storyboards, Pre-Vis)                commercials –     Nicorette, X-Play, Swing Gym, Anti-Smoking Campaign

Classically trained in illustration, cell and stop motion animation, and sculpture, Joe Simon has worked with a single concept in mind:
make the vision vivid. After stints with Rick Baker‟s Cinovation Studios and Patrick Tatopoulos Designs, Simon struck out freelance
doing illustrations and pre-visualizations for features, commercials and TV.

Thom Ward                                            features –     Unnatural and Accidental, Eighteen, Leprechaun II, Warlock II
Los Angeles, Vancouver                             television –     About A Girl, Home By Christmas, Whistler, Riot
                                          commercials, videos –     Gap, Nintendo, Disney, Backstreet Boys, Will Smith, N‟Sync

Thom has been working in design for over 15 years. He started art directing in 1995 and the next year formed Los Angeles based set
construction company Made It Happen. Thom has designed numerous successful series, films, commercials and videos. His work has
gained both recognition in international film festivals and awards for music videos. Ward‟s design ability paired with his vast
experience in all aspects of the art department make his work consistently visual and always budget conscious. With crews in both
L.A. and Vancouver, Thom is able to work both locations as a local.

Costume Designers

Inanna Bantu                                        features –      Touching Home, Sinners, Laughter and Tears, Bread & Roses
Los Angeles, Warsaw (CDG 892)               commercial/video –      Chevrolet, Budget, BET, Rob Thomas, India Arie, BT

Cutting edge describes costume designer Inanna Bantu. Born in Europe, Inanna grew up in the United States. She brings a keen sense
of style coupled with a strong level of professionalism, an eye to detail and a thorough understanding of budget to her craft. Her work
in editorial, advertising, commercials, music videos, TV and film have benefited from her positive attitude, strong work ethic and ability
to stay far ahead of the curve. These traits make Inanna an excellent choice for large and small projects. Based in Los Angeles, Bantu
has an EU passport and is available for work worldwide.

Jean-Pierre Dorléac                                   features –    Somewhere in Time, The Blue Lagoon
Los Angeles (CDG 892)                                television –   The Lot, Quantum Leap, Battlestar Galactica

The diverse costumes of award winning designer, Jean-Pierre Dorléac, have delighted audiences worldwide with their visual
contribution of color, silhouette, proportion and detailed character. Honored with an Oscar nomination, two Emmys, plus nine
additional Emmy nominations, a Tony, several Drama Critics and Sci-fi awards, Dorléac has provided accurate and discerning depictions
of past centuries, galaxies of tomorrow, and our present day - all filled with infinite aspects of authenticity. His prolific career has
encompassed designing for feature films, television, theater, rock videos, commercial styling, and private couture in Europe, South
America, and Asia. Born an American in France to a diplomatic family, he speaks English, French, Portuguese, and a little Japanese. He
is also PC and Digitally adept. Seeing the film‟s character dressed, on a computer screen, minutes after the fitting, is every director‟s
dream come true. So, too, is Jean-Pierre.

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009

Jordanna Fineberg                   features as asst designer –    Wild Hogs, Pirates of the Caribbean 2 & 3, Serenity, Mean Girls
Los Angeles (CDG 892)                               television –   The Man With No Eyes, A Fate Foretold

Costume Design is a natural collaboration of Jordanna‟s family involvement in entertainment and textiles. She has a worked on
productions that encompass diverse genres and costume budgets including the futuristic Solaris to the historic Pirates of the Caribbean
2 and 3. Jordanna has deep experience in made-to-order and period design with careful attention to details. She is computer literate
– including costume break down, budgeting and Photoshop, has a US passport and is available for work worldwide.

Mary Iannelli                       features as asst designer –    You Don‟t Mess With The Zohan, The Underground, Dirty Love
Los Angeles (CDG 892)                               television –   General Hospital, We‟re With The Band, Unsolved Mysteries

Growing up in Omaha, Mary Iannelli originally sought a career in the fashion retail industry. With an eye for color and fabrics, Iannelli
accepted a position in Los Angeles and there discovered the astounding world of film production. Knowing then what she wanted to do,
Mary determinedly landed her first production job. Her knowledge, work ethic and easy going team attitude has made her the choice
for some of the top designers in the industry. After 13 years working as a costumer and assistant designer, Mary became a member of
the Costume Designers Guild and has been living her dream as a Costume Designer ever since. She would be an asset to any project.

Rosanna Norton                                       features –    American Summer, Barb Wire, Flintstones, Tron
Los Angeles (CDG 892)                               television –   Bone Chillers, Treacherous Crossing

Growing up in Los Angeles, Rosanna Norton found her creative outlet in painting. She studied fine arts at UCLA but quickly realized
painting would probably not provide a living, so she tagged along with her husband on his first feature project where she won the job
of costume designer. Beginning with „Cisco Pike‟, Rosanna has not looked back and has worked on nearly 50 titles such as „Carrie‟,
„Airplane‟, „The Flintstones‟ and „Tron‟ for which she was nominated for an Academy Award®. Rosanna is comfortable in any style or
period and directors find her a pleasure to work with. Producers have learned that she handles her department and budget effortlessly.
Rosanna lives in the Angeles National Forest and still finds time to paint between gigs – but there just isn‟t much money in it.

Robert Saduski                                       features –    Love N‟ Dancing, Santa Clause II, Eyes Wide Shut
Los Angeles (CDG 892)                               television –   Nurses, 24,

Rob Saduski began his career at Western Costume where he learned from some of the most celebrated names in the industry including
designers Halston and Rudi Gernreich. Rob has since worked on such films as „Batman and Robin‟, „Eyes Wide Shut‟ and „Diabolique‟.
Outside of production, Saduski also toured as personal costumer with Madonna, David Bowie and Barbra Streisand. He collaborated
with Gianni Versace on the Absolut Versace Campaign, the 1999 Pirelli Calendar (working directly with photographer Herb Ritts). Rob
continues to work in film and television as well as the fashion world. In addition to the pilot of „24‟, he styled the pilot of the Bravo
Channel hit, 'Blow Out‟, featuring celebrity hair stylist Jonathon Antin. Based in Los Angeles, Rob is available for work worldwide.

Sharon Taylor Sampson                              television –    Becker, Cheers, Union Square, Maggie, Out of Jimmy‟s Head
Los Angeles (CDG 892)                            commercials –     Palmolive, McDonalds

Sharon began her design career working in a costume shop and learned the entertainment field in depth. Experience in features,
commercials and network TV has given Sharon the ability to function under pressure in any atmosphere and create outstanding results.
As executive producer Dave Hackel remarked, “Sharon will respect your schedule and your budget. Your actors will love and trust her.”
And, you will have at least one department that you can cross off your list of things to worry about.

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009

Hair and Make Up artists

Sallie Adams (hair & make up designer)                features –     In Tranzit, The Last Sedution II
London                                               television –   Place of Execution, Clay, Fanny Hill, Wide Sargasso Sea

With experience that covers contemporary as well as period films and television, including plenty of prosthetics, wig work, ageing and
special make-up effects, and having worked all over Europe as well as in Russia, the Caribbean, the Middle East and South Africa,
there‟s little that fazes Sallie these days. She has also been Personal to actors like Faye Dunaway, Ian McShane and Mia Farrow, and
has worked with many other established stars such as John Hurt, John Malkovich, Brooke Shields, Juliet Stevenson and Timothy West.
Sallie has the experience to manage her team and balance her budget on even the most demanding of schedules. She is also a delight
to work with, and based in London, she is available for work worldwide

Siobhan Carmody                                       features –    Anna Nicole, Jolene, Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont, The Hollow
Los Angeles (IA 706)                                 television –   Improv, The Problem Is You, Monsterfest, Windfall

After passing with honors studying make up and hair in England and Ireland, Siobhan came to the United States to pursue her career.
Good natured, talented and reliable, Carmody was considered for an Emmy on her first job as Department Head. Well-versed in many
forms of make up, she works as an instructor in the field. Siobhan is a consummate professional available for work worldwide.

Debra Dietrich                                        features –    Milk, Bottle Shock, The Matrix Reloaded
Los Angeles, SF (IA 706 & 16)                        television –   Gamer Nation, Path To War, Nash Bridges

Debra Dietrich is a visionary stylist who has that unique ability to “see” the end result. With years of salon experience, a degree in
cosmetology and a professional role with John Paul Mitchell Systems since 1988, Dietrich has many resources upon which to draw.
Contemporary, fashion forward, multi-texture, barbering/ clipper work, cutting and lace wigs are all part of her repertory. On a
personal level, Debra is a team player who works well with people at all levels. She brings a calming, professional atmosphere to the
trailer and is an asset to any production. Dietrich is available for work worldwide.

Sterfon Demings (Hair Designer)                       features –    Milk, Into The Wild, Beauty Shop, The Italian Job
Los Angeles (IA 706)                                 television –   Holiday Heart, The Wishing Tree, Fresh Prince of Bel Air

A high school ploy to meet girls and skip out of school early has turned into a fulfilling career for world-renowned hair designer Sterfon
Demings. Sterfon, a master hair cutter and exceptional stylist, is known for his unique ability to work with various types and textures of
hair. A native of Montgomery Alabama, Demings studied with master hair designers at The Vidal Sassoon London Academy, the John
Atchison salon in New York and The Rusk's of Scotland. From salon to set, Sterfon is equally comfortable with features, TV and print
work. He‟s based in Los Angeles.

Rosie Duprat-Fort                                     features –    Sueno, Tortilla Soup, The Mask of Zorro
Los Angeles (IA 706)                                 television –   Resurrection Blvd., American Family, Kate Brasher

A top make up artist in her native Mexico, Rosie married and relocated to Los Angeles. She has rapidly demonstrated her ability to
handle any job, client or cast member. With a degree from Mexico‟s prestigious UNAM film school, Duprat-Fort began working on films
such as Bandidos, Desperado and Martin Campbell‟s The Mask of Zorro. Her work on Julian Temple‟s music video for the Rolling Stones
is just one high profile project Rosie has successfully accomplished. She was recently nominated for an Alma award from the Hollywood
Make up Artists Guild for her work on American Family.

Paul Hyett (special make up effects)                  features –    The Descent (1 & 2), Doomsday, Mutant Chronicles
London, Los Angeles                                                 Cold and Dark, The Dark Knight, An Angel For May

Paul has been working in prosthetics and special effects make up for the last fifteen years. From disguises (Dead Ringers), war and
casualty make ups (The Trench, Band of Brothers), old age (Geraldine James in An Angel for May) as well as a variety of prosthetics,
realistic false bodies and heads (Cold and Dark, Lighthouse, The Tudors) it‟s his creature effects work on the Neil Marshall picture The
Descent as well as his work on Marshall‟s Doomsday and Simon Hunter‟s Mutant Chronicles that singles Paul as one of the most original
sfx make up designers working today. Available worldwide. .

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009

Alex Noble                                             features –    The Conjuring, Your Name Here, American Fork
Los Angeles (IA 706)                                  television –   E! TV for Academy Awards, Golden Globes; Guru To Go Fit TV

From natural beauty to prosthetics and gore effects, Alex Noble‟s make up expertise speaks for itself. With an eye and a talent for
realistic make up effects coupled with his experience with lighting and camera work, Alex achieves “the look” directors want quickly
and efficiently. He values a communicative, harmonious and cohesive set and is quick to establish a good rapport with crew and talent.
Alex Noble holds a current passport and is available for work worldwide. .

Douglas Noe                                            features –    Bob Bailey, Yours, Mine & Ours, Pirates of the Caribbean
Los Angeles (IA 706)                                                 The Majestic, The Devil‟s Reject, Cheaper By The Dozen

Douglas Noe has served as a professional make-up artist for more than twenty years. Beginning in theater, segueing into fashion, and
landing in film, he has spent the last fifteen years creating characters for such features as Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black
Pearl, The Devil‟s Rejects, Planet of the Apes, Cheaper By The Dozen, Deep Cover, House on Haunted Hill, Vampires, Why Do Fools Fall
In Love?, and The Majestic to name a few. His awards include an Emmy for the television mini-series of The Shining and three Make-
up Artists and Hairstylists Guild Awards for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, A Lesson Before Dying, and Pirates of the Caribbean. A lifelong
artist, Douglas spends his free time travelling, enjoying his family and working on a variety of portfolio projects

Daniel Phillips (hair & make up designer)              features –     The Duchess, Cheri, The Queen, The History Boys, Venus
London                                                television –   Tsunami: The Aftermath, Bleak House

Following a hairstyling apprenticeship, and training as a Graphic artist in the Marine industry, award winning hair and make up designer
Daniel Phillips continued his studies at the London College of fashion studying Media, Film and Editorial Makeup & Hair, resulting in 2
years on the Fashion and beauty circuit. From there, he spent 8 years at the BBC honing his craft in the makeup department, covering
a host of Period and Contemporary film and studio based projects. Now a freelance designer in TV and Film, Daniel has been awarded
two Emmy's, Royal Television Society awards and several BAFTA nominations. Daniel‟s make up & hair skills coupled with his calming,
positive approach to all of his artists and projects have positioned him as a designer in high demand. Daniel is available for work

JoJo Proud                                           features –      The Changeling, Oceans 13, Letters from Iwo Jima, Lords of Dogtown
Los Angeles (IA 706)                              commercials –      Bank of America, US West, Home Depot, Mercury Insurance

JoJo Myers Proud is a genuine, homegrown Southern California talent. A licensed cosmetologist since 1982, she was professionally
trained in make up at the Joe Blasco Hollywood Academy and the Make-Up Designory in Burbank. Skilled and experienced in all aspects
of make up for film and television, she is a team player who contributes to a harmonious production set. A recent Make up
Department Head assignment on an international film, shot under difficult circumstances, confirmed her ability to successfully inspire,
lead, coordinate and manage a diverse group of professionals. Her keen artistic eye, dedicated work ethic, sense of humor and flexible
personality, make her a valuable asset to any movie or television crew.

Carol Raskin                                         features –      Retirement, After Sunset, Held For Ransom
Los Angeles / Miami (IA 706/798)               commercials/TV –      Minute Maid, Herbal Essence, Bell South, Miami Vice

Always fascinated by movies, Carol began her work in film shortly after obtaining a cosmetology license in 1987. Equally capable with
make up or hair, Carol‟s hairstyling has brought her work and recognition in film, TV, print and theatre. Raskin has experience with all
types of hair designs from past to present including lace front wigs, hair extensions and accessories custom to special needs of each
performer. With enthusiasm and a positive attitude, she continues to seek new ways to both challenge herself and continue to learn.
Carol is a hard working team player. She specializes in bringing a project together with close attention to continuity, speed and
accuracy. She is available for work worldwide. .

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009

Michael Smithson                                      features – Terminator 4, Spiderman III, Wild Hogs, Poseidon, World Trade Center,
Los Angeles (IA 706)                                              Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, The Fly
                                                    television – ER, Gilmore Girls, Alias, The Andy Dick Show

Mike Smithson counts his first Oscar™ nomination among his many career achievements. An innovative makeup designer and
department head for over 25 years, Mike has learned his craft and professionalism from some of the industry‟s top makeup veterans.
He has also worked with many influential effects houses, including Industrial Light and Magic, Stan Winston, and BossFilm. Mike
considers himself a “character designer” – an artist who helps create and compliment an actor‟s performance. In addition to high
fashion, beauty, and corrective makeup, Mike is an accomplished special effects artist, and is highly skilled in the construction and
application of prosthetic makeup. He is well versed in sculpture, illustration, and Photoshop. Mike‟s studio, "MakeUpMedia," builds and
supplies makeup effects for feature film, television, and commercials. Mike is available for work on location, worldwide

Charles Gregory Ross (hairstylist)                   features –    Meet the Browns, Pride, Idelwild, Drumline
Atlanta / Los Angeles (IA 706 & 798)                television –   House of Payne, Close To Home, Lackawanna Blues

Charles Gregory Ross is a specialist in period hair styling, all phases of wig work, hair coloring, barbering techniques, and chemical
applications. As a department head, Ross is skilled in the management of the hair styling staff and the requirements needed to make
any cast member feel comfortable with their look

Dominie Till                                         features –    Periphery, King Kong, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Playboys
Los Angeles (IA 706)                                television –   Murder in Greenwich (hair), The Chosen

Considered one of New Zealand's top make up and hair artists for the past twenty years, Dominie Till now resides in
Los Angeles. Her expertise in all areas of makeup, from high fashion to prosthetics, is respected and admired by her peers. She is
equally adept in the exacting disciplines of wig and beard making. Dominie‟s prosthetics and special effects makeup in Peter Jackson‟s
Lord Of The Rings trilogy and King Kong are evident that she is a master of her craft. She has supervised and trained large crews from
around the world and has mentored many successful makeup artists. Dominie Till is available for work worldwide.

Michael White                                        features –     All Good Things, Milk, Family Stone, Wag The Dog, Jerry Maguire
Los Angeles (IA 706)                                television –   Brothers & Sisters, Windfall, Boston Legal, The Oaks

Michael began his career at Vidal Sassoon. Three years later, he was hired as Artistic Director for Sebastian International, where he
went on to lead their artistic team. Thoroughly trained in all aspects of hair color and styling, along with designing and manufacturing
wigs (especially period pieces), White has made his mark as the personal choice of top actors including Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Dustin
Hoffman, Calista Flockhart, Sharon Stone and Gwyneth Paltrow. Michael also was chosen as the hair care spokesperson for a major
beauty website. Talented in designing contemporary as well as period looks, Michael‟s personality, work ethic and character makes him
the personal choice of both producers and talent.

Natalie Wood                                         features –    Dark Honeymoon, Shadowbox, Lawnmower Man II, La Linea
Los Angeles (IA 706)                                television –   Star Trek Enterprise, Voyager and Deep Space Nine

Natalie Wood has over twenty years of experience in Make-Up for Film & Television, sixteen of which have been in Special EFX. Make-
Up is not just a career with her; it is her passion. Well-versed in the latest techniques and technologies, she has traveled worldwide to
Europe, Asia and Australia for productions or to demonstrate her talents in Special EFX make-up. With several Emmy nominations to
her credit, Natalie‟s work has been recognized in various media, including magazines, newspapers and television. Knowledgeable in all
aspects of production, Natalie‟s friendly, professional demeanor is a plus to have on set. In addition, she owns $80,000 of Make-Up &
EFX equipment capable of covering most productions. Natalie is available for work worldwide. .

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009


Tim Berry                                            television –   Becker, Union Square, Cheers, We Are Family, George & Leo
Los Angeles (DGA, PGA)

Beginning as a CBS page on the Mary Tyler Moore show, Tim Berry knew immediately which job he‟d attain. From that modest
beginning, Berry went on to become the producer of such network hits as Cheers and Becker and put his expertise to work on
numerous pilots and series. Personable, friendly and thorough, Tim intimately knows the details necessary to please cast, crew,
executives and the studios while keeping a production running smoothly, on time and on budget. Berry is well versed in postproduction
systems and, just in case, is an active member of a Search and Rescue Team! Tim is available for work worldwide.

Jaspreet Dhillon                                      projects –    The Simpsons Movie, The Simpsons Video Game
Los Angeles. Producer / UPM, animation and live action)

Jaspreet Dhillon has prolific experience producing content for various formats. From web to screen to amusement park rides, Dhillon
has experienced the thrill of production and the agony of schedules with firms such as 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Electronic
Arts and Film Roman. Experienced in sales, management and production, Jaspreet brings a unique perspective to any job. She‟s
equally comfortable producing animation or live action; managing staff in the US and abroad or discussing the finer points of art and
wine. Jaspreet is available for work worldwide.

Sarah J. Donohue                                      features –    Roslyn, The Canyon, My Suicide, Sinner, Hatchet, Anytown (LA unit)
Los Angeles                             television, new media –     The Resistance, 30 Days of Night: Dust to Dust & Blood Trails

Sarah J. Donohue, classically trained in music, came to film production while still in college. After a stint with ABC Television in New
York, Sarah arrived in LA as a production coordinator and her hard work, can-do attitude and people skills quickly came to the attention
of independent producers. After 15 features in 4 years, Sarah made the jump to line producer. Donohue believes one of her most
important roles is bridging the gap between the above and below the line personnel and enabling them to function as a team under
financial constraints. Sarah can work as a local in Boston, New York or Los Angeles and has been on location across the United States.

Cheddy Hart                                          features –     S.O.A.K.E.R.S., Blackbeard‟s Ghost, Gallagher‟s Travels
Los Angeles                                       commercials –     Tiger Woods Learning Centers, Sears, Korbel

Cheddy Hart thrives on impossible situations, limitations and a strict schedule. A seasoned pro with experience in every aspect of movie
making, he was mentored by the industry‟s elite to easily undertake any sized project and make the production a lean, efficient and
enjoyable experience for all involved. Cheddy is a skilled negotiator with vendors, agents and talent. He is crew friendly and makes a
point that “it‟s the team's vision.” Hart is experienced in commercials and television. He is a specialist in lower budgeted projects with
short turnarounds. Friendly, knowledgeable and approachable at any time, Cheddy is available for work worldwide.

Michael Huens                                        features –     California Indian, A Thousand Roads, Crazy As Hell, Jackpot
Los Angeles                                       commercials –     Intel, K-Mart, Sprite, Allstate, World Wildlife Fund

Michael Huens career in film began on the set of Tender Mercies. Combining on set experience with a degree in Film from the
University of Texas, Huens arrived in Los Angeles and promptly found himself working as production manager and then line producer
on numerous spots for Fortune 500 firms. Since branching out to handle features, Michael has produced noted projects including Chris
Eyre‟s „A Thousand Roads‟ (screening exclusively at the Smithsonian‟s National Museum of the American Indian), Eriq La Salle‟s „Crazy
As Hell‟ and the Polish Brother‟s high def hit, „Jackpot‟, which won the IFP Independent Spirit Award for Best Picture. Well versed in the
art of filmmaking, Michael‟s personality and drive enable him to succeed at any project.

Christopher Landry                                    features –    Man With A Movie, Karla, Mirrors, One Point 0
Los Angeles/Romania / DGA

Christopher began his career at the BBC in London as Assistant Floor Manager working on various classic and Shakespearean
productions. In 1990, he returned to his native US. As Assistant Director, Christopher worked on numerous studio and independent
features under such directors as Oliver Stone, Barry Levinson and David Lynch. A DGA member since 1995, he has since worked on
over sixty pictures as line producer and/or A.D. He is based in Los Angeles and Romania. .

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009

Byron A. Martin                                        features –    Save the Last Dance 2, Chronicles of Riddick, Get Over It
Toronto / DGC                                         television –   Monster Warriors, Partners and Crime, Street Time

Toronto based Byron A. Martin has a wide variety of credits in film and TV as both UPM and producer.

Roger Pugliese                                         features –    Til Death, My First Mister, Single White Female
Los Angeles / DGA                                                    KPAX, Pretty Woman

Roger Pugliese loves what he does. Experience and expertise from years of working on features, television and commercials as an
AD/Production Manager, and Line Producer/Producer has gained him a thorough knowledge of all aspects of filmmaking. It‟s sharpened
his ability and sensitivity to effectively work with creative people and crews from this and other countries. Often called upon for his
development and budgeting skills for both high and low budget films, Roger is also well-versed in the new film technology and digital
media used in post production. He recently produced a film for Panavision previewing their new Genesis Camera, which is destined to
become the industry standard. Understanding the importance of supporting and energizing a film‟s creative vision under the constraints
of financial guidelines, Pugliese has a unique ability to harmonize the two. Known for his upbeat attitude and ability to get along with
people, Roger establishes a firm but gentle authority and works to create a good team spirit on the set. .

Daniel Sollinger                                     features –      Bloodshot, The Alphabet Killer, Day Zero, Dot.Kill, Age of Kali
Los Angeles/NY / DGA                       commercials/promo –       Pepsi, Prada, The Daily Show, The Guiding Light

With a degree from the prestigious New York University Film School, Daniel Sollinger has produced more than 350 commercials, music
videos and shorts for a broad spectrum of clients, including Pepsi, Warner Brothers Records, CBS, Sony and Comedy Central. His first
venture in features with director Peter Spirer was the hit Rhyme & Reason. From there, Sollinger went on to serve as executive
producer on Six Ways to Sunday and produced Love Goggles and the NYC unit of Dot.Kill. Daniel is available for work worldwide

Michael Williams                                       features –    Miss January, Next Day Air, Wassup Rockers, Shackles, Garden State,
Los Angeles                                                          I Love Your Work, Rhinos, Boogeyman 2, Vacancy 2

Having Line-Produced and Production-Managed numerous feature and short films over the past decade, Michael Williams has
experience in nearly every form of production. His resumé includes low-budget studio features, independent films, animation and
digital media. Williams got his start as an intern at Paramount Pictures after graduating from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in
Film Production. He worked his way up from Production Assistant to Producer, working as a cinematographer, editor and assistant
director along the way. During this time, Williams learned the ropes of budgeting and scheduling feature films under the tutelage of
many old-school producers. Michael actually produced his first short film when he was still in high school and won a state film award
his first time out of the gate. Williams has worked with directors such as Adam Goldberg, Zach Braff, John Waters, Larry Clark, Jonas
Åkerlund, Don Murphy, Charles Winkler and Alejandro Gonzalez Iñáritu.

Production Managers / First Assistant Directors

Aaron Barsky                                           features –    Open Road, Virgin of Juarez, Auto Focus, When Harry Met Sally
Los Angeles / DGA                                     television –   Threshold, Pirates of Silicon Valley, Roe v. Wade

Trained in the Navy as an air traffic controller, Aaron Barsky returned to civilian life and has been controlling intricate traffic patterns
ever since. With an ability to effectively manage multiple tasks, personalities and decisions, Barsky worked his way up the production
ladder and became an in-demand Assistant Director. From Moscow to Thailand, Barsky has worked on studio projects, independents,
miniseries and episodic TV. He is known as an AD who runs ‟a tight ship‟; who can work within a plan, come up with a plan, or change
a plan as needed. Aaron is equally comfortable with dramatic or comedic mis en scene, special effects or action arias, and he brings a
deep breadth of experience and wit to any set. .

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009

Randy Carter                                          features –    L.A. Blues, Love Streams, Baltimore Bullet
Los Angeles / DGA                                    television –   American Body Shop, Becker, Seinfeld, Dear John, Monk

Randy Carter is one of the most experienced Assistant Directors currently working in feature films and television. A key assistant to
Francis Ford Coppola during the history making creation of American Zoetrope, he has production experience on some of the greatest
motion pictures of all time (Apocalypse Now, The Godfather Part II, The Blues Bros). Working for every major studio and a host of
independents, he is equally at home with thousands of extras, car stunts at 110 mph or a quiet comedy vignette with Jerry Seinfeld. A
valuable on-set presence, he knows how to get the work done and deliver the page count, but more importantly Carter knows
production value and how to get it on the screen.

Carrie Lynn Certa                                     features –    No Better Place To Die, Target Audience, Bit Parts
Los Angeles                                          television –   Bridezilla, Man Hunt, Live Like a Star, Miss America

Carrie Lynn Certa‟s early love for theater has blossomed into a passion for producing. Always a “hands on person,” Certa has worked
most every job on a film set. With experience as a production coordinator, associate producer, a field producer on reality TV, and a line
producer for independent films, Carrie has handled numerous projects on 35mm, s16mm, HD and video. It is this deep pool of
knowledge that makes her a perfect choice as a Unit Production Manager. She knows how to organize and lead a company to achieve
the highest production quality. Carrie excels on location and is available for work worldwide. .

Rosser Goodman                                       features –     Midnight Movie, Little Hercules in 3D, Dark Ride, Woman Chaser
Los Angeles                               commercials, videos –     Spike TV, Animal Planet, Disney Playhouse

Rosser is strategically organized, detail-oriented and extremely efficient. She maintains a creative and on-schedule shoot by forming
strong alliances with the director, producers and department heads. She is well versed in SAG/AFTRA, IA/AICP, and Child Labor laws.
She and her team keep communication flowing. With over 12 years of industry experience, Rosser worked stints in development and
commercial/music video producing. She graduated from the honors college at New College and served on-staff at the Sundance Film
Festival. She is an award-winning filmmaker herself and relishes the chance to work on projects of all varieties. Originally from the East
Coast, Rosser has lived in Los Angeles since 1995

Michael Gray                                          features –    The Pleasure Drivers, Johnson Family Vacation
Los Angeles / DGA                                    television –    American Body Shop, It‟s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Michael Gray began his career after college and worked as Johnny Carson‟s stage manager as well as associate director/stage manager
numerous specials (Bob Hope Specials), live events and series. While still in his twenties, Gray transitioned to film as an assistant
director/UPM on primetime and cable projects and found his true passion. He is well versed in features, single camera, commercials,
multi-camera, and his expertise extends into location work, stunts, motion control, pyrotechnics, firearms, CG, Green Screen,
Helicopters, Period Work, and working with minors. Regardless of the size of the cast or crew, Michael is an outstanding leader with
extensive knowledge of production, and will assist and deliver your project on or under budget.

Sam Harris                                            features –    The Cleaner, Underworld: Evolution, Dog Soldiers
Los Angeles, Vancouver / DGA & DGC                   television –    Forsythe Saga, Ultraviolet, A Touch of Frost

Originally From the UK, Sam has wide production experience from English period dramas to high budget effects movies and has
worked all over the world including Africa and China. He has worked with some of the finest actors the UK and Hollywood have to offer
and is equally at home shooting epic drama with large crowds, to an aerial car chase through the streets of Kaohsiung. He has a great
deal of action, special effects and visual effects experience including complex wire work and has the expertise and patience to get the
results in the can. Using his level headed, common sense approach, Sam has a reputation for completing on schedule. Holding British,
Canadian and US passports, he is a local in Vancouver and Los Angeles and is available for work worldwide.

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009

Charles Leslie                                      features –     The Poker House, The Grudge 2, The Passage, Stephanie Daley
Chicago / DGA                                    commercials –     Midas, VH1, Bud Light

Charles Leslie was graduated from Loyola University Chicago and Northwestern University. Highly organized, driven and tireless from
preproduction through wrap, Charles‟ ability to build a cohesive unit on set and to communicate well with directors, cast and crew
ensures the completion of a production‟s schedule on time and within budget. He enjoys working with child actors, juggling logistics of
stunts and multiple cameras and the challenge of animals. His successful completion of eight features helmed by first-time directors as
well as running non-English speaking crews is a testament to Charles‟ leadership on set. His films have appeared in Toronto, Sundance,
Tribeca, New York and Chicago International Film Festivals. With his passport current, Charles is available for studio and independent
shoots worldwide.

Richard J. Levin                                     features –    Otis, Berkeley, Committed, Threesome
Los Angeles / DGA                                   television –   Sharpshooter, Strong Medicine, The Office, The Division

From small independent films to Schwarzenegger blockbusters, Richard Levin has enjoyed supporting both first time directors and
those who bring genuine passion to their projects. A graduate from the prestigious DGA Assistant Director‟s Training Program, Richard
has long been recognized for his ability to remain flexible and think on his feet. Directors and producers have counted on Richard as
the “go-to guy” when in need of an accomplished professional who can hit the ground running, no matter what stage of production.
Richard is available for work worldwide.

Ed Licht                                            features –     Shutter, Silk, The Ramen Girl, The Last Samurai, MI-3
Los Angeles, Tokyo / DGA                         commercials –     Eneos Gas, Asahi, Subaru, Toyota, Yokohama Tire

An interest in traditional Japanese theater brought Ed Licht to Japan shortly after graduating from Boston University. After four years
working in Japanese theater and television, Ed returned to Los Angeles fully fluent in Japanese. Licht then began to line produce and
AD Japanese commercial campaigns using major American talent and locations so loved in Japan. More recently he‟s taken those
talents to the feature world with work on locations around the world. Ed‟s background in acting and foreign cultures helps to maintain
a healthy atmosphere that contributes to a comfortable working environment for the creative team. Ed is available for work worldwide.

Tim Lonsdale                                         features –    Perfect Target, Species, Sister Act
Los Angeles / DGA                                   television –   My Boys, Charmed, O.C., Eli Stone, The Ghost Whisperer

After a stint in the Green Berets, Timothy Lonsdale earned a BS, BA and a Master of Fine Arts before being accepted into the
prestigious DGA Training Program. Since beginning his career as an assistant director, he has worked on many different projects in
both film and TV, and has assisted directors from M. Night Shyamalan to Bob Gale. A detail-oriented team player, Lonsdale has
experience in working on locations across America and as far south as the Caribbean. He holds a current US passport.

Lyon Reese                                          features –     Anna Nicole, Night Stalker, Purple Heart, Laura Smiles
Los Angeles                              commercials, videos –     Mini Cooper, Mervyn‟s, Kinky, RuPaul

Lyon is one of those rare AD‟s whose experience is distributed evenly over the different media disciplines. His credits include feature
work for Columbia/TriStar and RKO Pictures, commercials for Oil Factory and Stun Creative, and music videos for A Band Apart, DNA,
FM Rocks and The Director‟s Bureau. Lyon believes in creating a strong structural center for a production to base from, consistently
making it a priority to keep heads of department informed, while still providing the Director and DP flexibility needed to make strong
aesthetic choices. This system has been especially successful when working with younger, or newer, directors transitioning into larger
budgets and more heavily staffed departments. Lyon is feature bonded through Film Finances, holds a current US passport, and is a
sucker for locations where he can surf, SCUBA or rock climb after the job wraps.

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009

Script Supervisors

Towie Bixby                                           features –    Knife To A Gunfight, Turning Point, Brother‟s Keeper, Locker 13
Los Angeles / Phoenix                              commercials –    Fox Sports, Oakland A‟s, Harley Davidson, Bud Lite

Towie Bixby is proficient as Script Supervisor with the #1 Best Seller "ScriptE" laptop supervising program, along with interconnected
capabilities using "EP Scheduling" & "Final Draft". She is ready to jump in "computer style-new school" or "guerilla- old school". Her top
training with the industries most experienced script supervisors (including Jim Kelly Durgin), has given her the ability to effectively fill
her role. Towie's eye for detail, screen direction, and her cheerful disposition are an asset for any director. Growing up as an actor in
features, television and commercials, has taught her the importance of continuity and sharpened her ability to effectively communicate
the essentials to the director as well as be an asset in delivering the information most needed to the editor. Towie‟s hard work, energy,
and diligent attitude, has been quoted to be a delight for producers and directors.

Pauline Gray                                          features –    Sarah Silverman: Jesus is Magic, Ava
Los Angeles (IA 871)                               commercials –    Apple Computer, American Express, Toyota

A Brooklyn native (no accent), street smart but set-savvy Pauline Gray is a treasure to have on your team. With twelve years in the
business, Pauline‟s thorough understanding of what goes on behind and in front of the camera allowed her to seamlessly transition
from production to script supervisor. Ever flexible, she works on film, television and commercials, specializing in visual effects. All of
Pauline‟s work is completed electronically – an asset that draws continuous praise from producers and editors. Pauline has lived in
South America and Europe and is available for work worldwide.

Jill Gurr                                             features –    Old Gringo, My Family, Mi Familia, Menace II Society
Los Angeles (IA 871)                               commercials –    Allstate (Spanish), American Express, AT&T (Spanish),
                                                                    Miller Lite (Spanish), Toyota (French/Spanish)

Jill Gurr, like all great script supervisors, knows that the key to a happy and efficient set is clear communications. And she knows how
to accomplish just that, in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Kristine Greco                                        features –    Charlie‟s Angels II, Tales From The Dark Side, Foodfight!
Los Angeles (IA 871)                                 television –   October Road, Dexter, Raines, Jack And Bobby
                                                   Commercials –    Bacardi, Apple, Lexus, Toyota, VW, Honda

Although it seems like only yesterday, Kristine Greco‟s 20 years as a script supervisor add up to one thing – experience. An early stint
in front of the camera gave her a special empathy for actors, while her lifelong passion for photography and composition developed her
keen eye on the set. These advantages have kept Kristine in demand and at the right hand side of many top commercial directors like
Kinka Usher, Mathew Rolston and Gary Sato. The results are award-winning campaigns for clients such as Nike, Pepsi, Nissan, “Got
Milk” and Taco Bell. Hundreds of commercials, movie and visual effect shoots later, Kristine finds herself working with some of
Hollywood‟s top talents like McG, Betty Thomas, Russell Carpenter and Mark Stetson. Her intuitive sense and unfailing attention to
detail means Kristine brings a world of experience to your set.

Kelly Kelley                                          features –    Saarthi, Splinter, Lie To Me, double Duty
Los Angeles (IA 871)                               commercials –    Levis, Lottery, ITT, Movie, X-Box 360

Diligent, accurate, energetic and fun to work with… what more could you ask for in a script supervisor? How about years of experience,
a background in film editing (trained at Industrial Light & Magic) and work as a stage manager? Kelly Kelley has the above and more.
After graduating from UC Berkeley, she worked for the Berkeley Repertory Theater, the San Francisco Ballet and as a personal
assistance for Robin Williams before learning the art of editing. But the lure of fresh air, daylight and production brought her to her
senses and Producers, Directors and DP‟s have been grateful ever since. Kelly is available for work worldwide.

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
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January 2009

Kathleen Messmer                                     features –    The Eye, The Astronaut Farmer, The Man From Earth, Fanboys
New Mexico/Los Angeles (IA 480/871)                 television –   Crash (series), Gangsta Scrabble

Working on many different types of production has developed Kathleen Messmer‟s keen eye. Her skills include oversight management,
pre and post-production, set safety, excellent communications, problem solving and collaboration. Having benefited from working on a
wide variety of projects with multiple styles and budgets, Messmer‟s close collaboration with both directors and casts has made her a
first choice for producers and directors. Kathleen seeks challenging projects that broaden ones view on our world and society. She is
available for work worldwide.

Beth Multer                                         features –     The Tenants, Wristcutters, Love Is The Drug
Los Angeles                                      commercials –     NBC Olympics, Pet Fish, Stockcross

Beth Multer fell in love with film watching Citizen Kane in Andrew Sarris‟ class at Columbia. She brings an eye for detail and a love for
the craft and art of filmmaking to her job as script supervisor. For her, each detail holds the audience in the palm of its hand and each
overlooked detail has the potential to break into the world of the filmgoer. Beth is comfortable with all film and video formats, single
and multi-camera, and loves to go on location. A close collaboration with her directors enables Beth to efficiently handle her duties
while helping the cast deliver their best possible work. She is focused and attentive on set but always maintains her easygoing attitude.

Bruce Resnik                                         features –    Days of Wrath, Heavens Fall, Lethal Eviction, Edmond, Redline
Los Angeles (IA 871)                                television –   Watch Over Me, Even Stevens, Mary‟s Christmas, Flight 93

Bruce Resnik‟s attention to detail evolved from his early work as an Equity stage manager in regional and touring theatres. It was here
that Bruce perfected his skills and learned how to deal with actors and directors. For over nine years, Bruce has handled script duties
on features, TV and commercials and is highly sought after by directors with whom he has worked. Based in Los Angeles, Bruce is
available worldwide.

Rocco Shields                                        features –    Otis, Rest Stop 2, Super Market, Nat Lampoon
Los Angeles (IA 871)                                television –   American Body Shop, Untold stories of the ER

Beginning in post-production, Rocco Shields learned the importance in the editing room of accurate record keeping. Her desire to work
on set led Rocco to the role of script supervisor. Directors have been clamoring for her by their side. Taught by Haskell Wexler (one of
the most brilliant directors of camera movement) and having overseen post in many commercial and theatrical projects, Rocco learned
the successful strategies of script supervision. She specializes in complicated multi-camera, effects driven productions. Having vast
experience in the theory of eye line and screen direction, her editorial and post practicum has proven key in her achievement as a
„scripty.‟ Rocco is available for work worldwide.

Beth A. Smith                                       features –     Dead of Night, Justice, Grumpier Old Men (2nd unit)
Midwest USA                                        television –    Buddy Lee, The Sweet Spot,
                                                 commercials –     Gatorade, PBS NOVA, NBA, General Mills, Marshall Fields

For over 17 years, a first choice for script supervision among commercial directors, producers and clients has been Beth Smith. Her
accurate observations, excellent screen direction sense, detailed notes, positive attitude and downright great personality have made
Beth their favorite. Commercials aren‟t her only skill, and filmmakers have taken Beth on features and television projects from
Minneapolis to Chicago, Milwaukee and Jamaica.

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
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January 2009

Sound Mixers

Beau Baker, CAS                                     television –   Grey‟s Anatomy, House, Drive, Angel, Tales From The Crypt
Los Angeles (IA 695)                                 features –    (as boom) Twister, Lady Hawke, Blade Runner, Lolita

With a degree from the renowned USC School of Cinema, Beau Baker has over 25 years in production sound recording. He has
traveled worldwide on such films as Ladyhawke, nominated for a Best Sound Academy Award®, and all over the US with over 30
features to his credit, including Twister, Blade Runner, and Cruel Intentions. He has over 200 episodes of popular television such as
Grey's Anatomy, Angel and House. He brings to the set good humor, and enough experience to handle the most difficult sound
situations with grace and speed. He is available for work worldwide.

Tim Cooney, CAS                                      features –  Beauty Shop, The Punisher, The Salton Sea, Die Hard 2,
Los Angeles / Albuquerque (IA 695)                               Lethal Weapon 4, We Were Soldiers, Demolition Man
                                                    television – Raines, South of Sunset, Murder She Wrote, The Shield

A graduate of the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Clown College, Tim Cooney became a sought after elephant trainer for several
circuses and the St. Louis Zoo. This led him to an elephant training career in Hollywood, where he was able to pursue another passion
– production sound work. Starting as a boom man at Universal, Tim mixed his first studio picture for Columbia in 1981. Well respected
in his field, Cooney‟s attention to quality and budget has resulted in nominations for an Oscar™, three Emmys, two Cinema Audio
Society awards and three Golden Reels. He won a Golden Reel for best sound in 2000. Based in Los Angeles and able to work in New
Mexico as a local, Tim comes with a complete state-of-the art sound package, holds a current passport and is available for work

Michael Hoffman, CAS                                 features –    Taxi, The Dying Gaul, Men of War
Los Angeles (IA 695)                                television –   Beverly Hills 90210, The Studio, Hawaii, The Closer, The OC

Michael Hoffman began his career mixing a low budget horror movie and has since progressed through virtually every aspect of
recorded sound for picture. After working in his hometown of Chicago shooting commercials for clients like Sears, McDonalds, Buick
and Miller (recording with legendary directors such as Joe Sedelmaier, Joe Pitka and Bob Giraldi), Hoffman moved to Hawaii in 1994
and into long form projects. He followed that with a five-year stint in Hong Kong, which included work on several Hong Kong cinema
classics and experience in Mainland China. Now based in Los Angeles, Hoffman comes with a complete sound package, which includes
the latest in digital and wireless technology. He is a member the Cinema Audio Society (CAS) and the UK based Institute of Broadcast
Sound (IBS). Michael is available for work worldwide.

Erik H. Magnus, CAS                                  features –     Dream Boy, Smiling Fish & Goat on Fire, Interview with the Assassin
Los Angeles (IA 695)                                television –   It‟s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Comedians of Comedy, Leverage

Erik Magnus began mixing sound on location during the explosion of independent feature filmmaking in the 1990‟s. After a barely seen
extra role in Quentin Tarantino‟s breakthrough film, Pulp Fiction, Erik decided recording dialog was better than uttering it. A graduate
of NYU‟s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, Magnus comes with a complete feature film sound package offering the latest digital,
multi-track and wireless technology. Based in Los Angeles, Erik is a member of the Cinema Audio Society (CAS). He is available for
work worldwide.

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
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January 2009

Kim Ornitz, CAS                                        features –      School For Scoundrels, After Sunset, Rush Hour 1 & 2
Los Angeles (IA 695 & 52)                             television –    12 Miles Of Bad Road, Women‟s Murder Club, Dr. Vegas

With a writer for his grandfather, and a DP as dad, Kim Ornitz did what many boys dreamed of doing: working in rock and roll! He
started at the Record Plant, learning how to run a studio board with legends such as Hendrix and Clapton. After working at A&R
Studios and Electric Lady, Ornitz moved onto London and producing music for Motown Records. In 1977 he decided to try his skills at
film recording and has never looked back. After 10 years of location mixing in NYC, Kim moved to LA and quickly established himself as
a mixer who could catch the nuances of dialogue that producers and directors hoped for but rarely ever received. His can do attitude
and amazing abilities has brought him repeat clientele and a long list of references. Kim has never stopped enjoying the challenge of
recording audio for film and TV. Ornitz is available for work worldwide.

Phillip W. Palmer, CAS                                 features –      Shackles, Hostage, Species III; (2nd units) Angels & Demons, Bewitched
Los Angeles (IA 695)                                  television –    Jericho, Medium, Threshold, Entourage, Swingtown, Glee

With a degree in Film and TV production from Southern Methodist University, Phillip Palmer quickly became an indispensable boom
operator for mixers such as Peter J. Devlin, Robert Allan Wald, and Tom Nelson. In 1999 Palmer began his own mixing career and has
since established himself as one of the premiere mixers in film and TV. Phillip, a resident of Los Angeles, also has residency in
Vancouver, Canada. Owning a state of the art digital equipment package, and the support of top-notch crew, Palmer is available for
work worldwide.

Sean Skinner                                           features –     Doubting Thomas, London, Say It In Russian
Los Angeles                                           television –    Untold Stories of the ER

While studying at the prestigious NYU Tisch School of the Arts, mixer Sean Skinner found his calling and was soon honored for his
ability with the Best Sound award at the NYU First Run Film Festival. Since that time Skinner has worked on features, documentaries,
commercials and TV shows while impressing producers, directors and post-production professionals with the quality of his tracks. On A
Coat of Snow, Sean mixed dialogue for shots as long as 25 minutes with multiple characters, mixed interior/exteriors, in and out of cars
and swimming pools. Even with these limitations, no ADR was necessary. Trained by pros such as Chat Gunter and Ben Patrick, Sean
easily communicates with crew, director and post. Well versed in technical data, his package reflects the latest and best in equipment.
Skinner, based in Los Angeles, is available for work worldwide.

Storyboards & Pre-visualization, Illustrations

Joseph Simon                                           features –     Home of the Brave, Rest Stop 2, The Damned, Kilroy
Los Angeles                                      commercials/TV –     Nicorette, The Game, X-Play, Orlando Jones Show, The Edge

Classically trained in illustration, cell and stop motion animation, and sculpture, Joe Simon has worked with a single concept in mind:
make the vision vivid. After stints with Rick Baker‟s Cinovation Studios and Patrick Tatopoulos Designs, Simon struck out freelance
doing illustrations and pre-visualizations for features, commercials and TV.


Erik C. Andersen                                        features –    Locker 13, House Broken, Hotel California, Down With Love (add‟l)
Los Angeles (IA 700)                                   television -   Life in General, Eyes, Heist (pilot), Las Vegas, Temptations

Erik C. Andersen wanted to make films since he was a child. While attending college, he learned quickly that the editor‟s job was as
important as directing and many times was the difference between a project‟s success and failure. Andersen‟s first job was with
Christy‟s Editorial Supply, but realizing that computer based editing systems was the future, he began to learn everything possible
about nonlinear post production and was instrumental in Christy‟s introducing the Lightworks as a feature film-cutting tool. Working
with directors as varied as Robert Englund, Jan De Bont and Robert Rodriguez, Andersen has honed his craft to the point that one
director commented, "Erik was the best investment I made on my film." Based in Los Angeles, Erik is available for work worldwide.

Brian Ellis, David Kensler
2920 West Olive Avenue Suite 201 Burbank CA 91505
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January 2009

Scott Conrad, A.C.E.                                  features –    Crazy On The Outside, The Virgin of Juarez, Meet The Family, Rocky
Los Angeles (IA 700)                                 television -   Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, Heart of Steel, O, Pioneers!

Scott Conrad, the Academy Award winning editor, began his career in 1964 at Twentieth Century Fox, working his way up from the
mailroom. Searching for his niche and learning about the craft of film making, Scott was drawn to film editing. After returning to school
at USC‟s School of Cinema, Scott leapt at the chance to assist on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He moved from apprentice to
assistant editor, thus launching his career as an editor. Shortly after, Scott cut the cult classic A Boy and His Dog and, two years later,
his work on Rocky garnered an Academy Award. For over 30 years, Scott Conrad‟s exemplary work in all genres has resulted in
numerous awards and accolades from his peers. He holds a current US passport and is available for work worldwide.

Tom Gould                                           features –      Victim, A Columbia, Freeze Out
Los Angeles                                new media / shorts -, Monsoon, Over The Line, Last Men On Earth

Scott Conrad, the Academy Award winning editor, began his career in 1964 at Twentieth Century Fox, working his way up from the
mailroom. Searching for his niche and learning about the craft of film making, Scott was drawn to film editing. After returning to school
at USC‟s School of Cinema, Scott leapt at the chance to assist on Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He moved from apprentice to
assistant editor, thus launching his career as an editor. Shortly after, Scott cut the cult classic A Boy and His Dog and, two years later,
his work on Rocky garnered an Academy Award. For over 30 years, Scott Conrad‟s exemplary work in all genres has resulted in
numerous awards and accolades from his peers. He holds a current US passport and is available for work worldwide.

Celia Haining                                         features –    The Disappeared, Seed of Chucky, Dead Man's Shoes
Los Angeles/ London                                as assistant –   Calendar Girls, Dirty Pretty Things, Road to Perdition

While on an MA in Film and TV Production at the Northern Media School, as soon as Celia started editing, she didn't want to do
anything else. Starting in the mid-90s as Assistant Editor, she worked on a number of award-winning pictures like 'The Full Monty',
'Twelve Monkeys', 'Topsy Turvy' and 'Road To Perdition'. A brief stint in episodic television followed, before graduating to the Editor's
chair on Shane Meadows' 'Dead Man's Shoes', Don Mancini's 'Seed of Chucky', the road movie 'Freebird' and recently 'The Deaths of
Ian Stone'. Happy working on horror, comedy and contemporary drama in equal measure, she likes getting to know the director,
making them happy with their material and ensuring the story gets told in the best possible way, and her ambition is to work on films
that inspire people and make them want to watch them again. Born in the USA but brought up in England, Celia holds both UK and US

Vikash ‘Viks’ Patel                                 features –      Back Home, Campaign Confidential, A Through M
Los Angeles (IA 700) / London                      television –     Sarah Connor Chronicles, Crime 360, Top Chef, Project Runway,
                                         commercials/promos –       DWI, Basic, C404, Yorkshire Coffee

 „Viks‟ Patel is young, talented and a director‟s delight. Selected by the Royal Television Society as a „Most Promising Newcomer‟, and
nominated for a „Hollywood Reporter Key Arts Award‟, Viks has been trained by legendary editors such as David Freeman, Howard
Smith and Donn Cambern. He completed the distinguished Master of Fine Arts at the American Film Institute where Patel was awarded
the „Dana and Albert R. Broccoli Scholarship‟. Viks worked on Alexandra Kerry‟s The Last Full Measure, which premiered at the Cannes
festival, as well as Ms. Kerry‟s feature length documentary Campaign Confidential. Additional projects that have enjoyed attention and
acclaim on the festival circuit are Back Home (2006), the first and only film about Rwanda made by a survivor of the 1994 genocide,
and Codename: Simon (2004). Viks' personality and talent make him a director‟s choice again and again. His is available for work

Irit Raz                                              features –    The Prince & Me 3, Undisputed 2, Special Forces, Almost Pregnant
Los Angeles                                          television –   Snake King, High Voltage, Savate

Irit Raz was born to be an editor. Her gift is to visualize the whole out of many disparate parts. She thrives on putting things together.
By using different periods, mixing styles and varying the pace, Irit final products feel seamlessly organic. A chance encounter with
Menachem Golan gave Raz her first feature assignment and an introduction to the world of international filmmaking. Her work with
directors such as Sam Firstenberg, Allan Goldstein, Isaac Florentine and Steve Carver enabled Irit to develop close working
relationships with her directors and presented her with the opportunity to cut action. She believes that every movie has it's own turn
with a different and unique rhythm and it‟s her job to discover that rhythm and create the final film from its pieces. Irit says when a
film works the audience does not notice the editing. For her, that‟s the greatest compliment. Based in Los Angeles, Irit is available for
work worldwide.
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