Handheld Resources for Educators by yaoyufang


									                               Handhelds Resources
                               for Educators
                               Prepared by Pt3 Grant San Francisco State University

http://www.handheld.hice-dev.org - Hi-CE (Center for Highly Interactive
Computing in Education at the University of Michigan)
Great PDA integration applications for the classroom. Download programs to
create concept maps on your PDA, load web pages into your handheld, create
quizzes and more. Join the discussions boards to talk about the latest uses of
handhelds in the classroom.
http://concord.org/themes/handhelds.html-The Concord Consortium
Includes educational software programs for PDAs with teacher reviews and
project ideas to support each application.
http://www.rainbowtech.org - Rainbowtech
This site was created by Shari Barnhart. It lists recommended Palm applications,
articles and more.
http://www.palmspot.com/software - Palm Spot
Find software application for your handheld sorted by category (education,
communication, graphics/images, calculators and more).
http://www.filemaker.com/products/mbl_home.html - Filemaker
This is for Filemaker enthusiasts! Use your Filemaker files on your handheld
https://avantgo.com/products/individuals/ - AvantGo
Download newspaper articles , magazine clippings, maps, weather reports and
more right into your PDA. The listings automatically update each time you hot
sync your PDA with your computer.
http://www.peanutpress.com/home.cgi - Palm Reader
Download this Palm Reader to read your favorite books on a PDA/ Handheld
device. The reader is free. Palm OS and WinCE/Pocket PC compatible.
http://users.erols.com/bkchamp/kim/PDA.htm - Innovations in Educational
This website lists useful handheld applications, including Documents to Go ( read
Word, Excel documents on your handheld), Eudora email. For those who are
new to the application download process, there is a link to the Palm Easy
Download Guide.
http://www.palm.com/education - Palm Website
This is the official Palm education portal. Learn about Palm's initiative to bring its
handheld devices into the classroom. This site includes articles handhelds in the
classroom, grants given to US schools to integrate Palm technology and links to
educational software.


http://educatorspalm.org - Educators Palm
Lists steps to integrate handheld devices in schools. Includes lists of articles that
discuss issues related to PDA devices in schools. Visit this site as well for PDA,
cases and keyboard comparisons (Infrastructure section).
Read about the future of handheld devices.
Here's what's new with handheld devices. This site has articles on probes being
used with PDAs, Palm Education Pioneers grant and more.

Initiatives by the University of South Dakota to require undergraduate students to
use handheld devices

Palm Grant Recipients. Need Acrobat Reader to download the project plans.
Handheld design awards in education. By Exploratorium

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San Francisco State University
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