Scrapbook by yaoyufang


By Roger Chang
                        At the Start
   As being secretary, I was assigned to take notes. As we held our
    first meeting in class, I had to jot down ideas of what fundraisers
    we might need. When we had the idea of a bake sale, I made a
    list of what me might be able to make and what price we should
    sell for.
                   Another Choice
   As we moved onto the idea of a car raffle, my job was to help
    search for contact numbers for automobile companies.
   We realized that we were spending too much time for a car and
    so Miss Baillie presented the idea of holding a restaurant
    fundraiser and helping support other groups by getting prizes.
    Every person in our team including me had to get a list of places
    where we could get donations and a popular restaurant for our
   For the donation, I donated a $8 Target gift card for the St.
    Patrick’s Gold Hunt.
                         Final Idea
   We took the idea of a ball & chain fundraiser after Miss Baillie
    presented the idea to us. I was put in charge of making a list of
    teachers and as the others made the letter, we each went out to
    deliver the letters and asked them if they would like to participate.
    I had also edited the template that Miss Baillie gave us.
   When we were making the posters, I helped paint 2 out of the 3
    posters while also handing out letters and spreading the word.
   On March 23rd our group and some volunteers from 4th and 5th
    period gathered into a mob and we went around campus asking
    people if they were willing to buy charges.
                         The Trial
   We all helped set up the trial and we helped gather a small crowd.
    While some people in our group were reading charges for the
    teachers that came out during the 1st half of lunch, the others,
    including me, went to get the teachers for the 2nd half. We all
    helped clean up afterwards.
          Sending out the Awards
   On March 25th, our group had made Wildcat Awards for every
    teacher who helped with the help of Miss Baillie.
   We started sending the Wildcat Awards as soon as possible.
   When the idea of the ball and chain was first proposed, I didn't
    have full confidence that the idea would work. I was still
    frustrated over the fact that we had many different ideas before
    our final one and that each one of those ideas didn't seem
    worthwhile. Our group thought about the materials needed and
    how long it would take to obtain those materials. My mind was
    set on how we were going to complete the project. When we
    learned that our fundraiser was the final one, I was feeling pretty
    nervous. We started right away on making the posters and
    making the boxes. I felt pretty good when we started because it
    was nice to know that we were getting somewhere. Soon, the day
    came and when I saw the list of teachers and the collection box
    filled with money, I was filled with joy. I'm relieved that we were
    able to have a successful fundraiser.

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