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									YOUR GIFT
Put to Work
at Maranatha

    and 4,000 graduates

The Key that Opens
Many Doors

                          The Maranatha Advantage
Cover Stories                                   A        sk any group of adults about
                                                         the most influential people in

       3 4,000th Graduate                       their lives, and nearly all will name
                                                at least one teacher. One of the
                Celebrating Commencement        more gratifying aspects of a career
                                                and ministry in education is the
                                                opportunity to be a positive influence
                                                on a young person. I certainly am
           8   Your Gift                        grateful for professors at Maranatha who encouraged me to
               Put to Work at Maranatha         devote myself to serving God while also giving me the academic
                                                ingredients to be effective at it.

                                                Our Teacher Education department continues to graduate
                                                young men and women who can make a difference in the lives
           11 Teacher Education                 of their students. More than 28 percent of our students had
                The Key that Opens Many Doors   declared a Teacher Education major in 2010-11. Maranatha’s
                                                regional accreditation allows those students to be uniquely
                                                equipped to seek employment in any classroom setting. Our
                                                graduates teach in Christian, public, and private schools, special
                                                education, urban and rural settings, and colleges and universities.
                                                We hope you will enjoy learning more about our Teacher
7    A Heart for Nursing                        Education program in this issue of Advantage. You will see how
        Hargrove Memorial Scholarship           gifts to the College are put to work around our campus. You will
                                                also find out more about Maranatha’s students, alumni, events,
18   Three Generations of Graduates             athletics, and scholarship programs.

                                                Sometime today, thank the Lord for your favorite teacher, pray
24   Campus Security                            for them, and let them know how they made a difference in
                                                your life.
30   Alumni Spotlight
        Micah Lomax                             His for Service,

                                                Dr. Marty Marriott, President

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                                                Dr. Jim Harrison             Dr. Jeff Crum                Andy Call
                                                Director of Photography      Graphic Artist               Contributors
                                                Tim Mielke                   Kristina Hendrickson         Deb Lew, Aaron Diers

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                                                MARANATHA COMMUNICATIONS 11-037
                                                         and 4,000 graduates

L     indsey Miller wondered if she        desk clock commemorating that        Senior Harp Performance major
      had been forgotten. Then she         milestone. According to the annual   Christina Brier entered the final
       wondered if someone was             Registrar’s Report, 4,063 students   semester of her senior year with
pulling a prank. Then she won-             have earned degrees since the        a perfect 4.0 grade-point average.
dered if she would graduate at all.        College was founded in 1968-69.      A particularly poor quiz grade
                                           A total of 136 undergraduates and    in Modern European History,
The Office Management major                25 Maranatha Baptist Seminary        however, had put that mark in
from Flagstaff, Arizona, was wait-         graduates received diplomas on       danger. As graduation approached,
ing on the top step, ready to walk         May 6. One student completed a       Brier began to lament her near-
across the platform and receive her        rare perfect report card.
diploma. That’s when President
Marty Marriott suddenly stopped
Maranatha’s 43rd annual Com-
mencement ceremony and began
to address the crowd.
“I wasn’t sure if the deans were
pulling a joke or what,” said Miller,
who works with the deans in the
Student Life Office. “I mean, it
sounds like them … but not during
graduation. All I was thinking was,
‘I want my diploma.’ ”
In fact, Marriott announced, Miller
had been selected to represent the
4,000th graduate in Maranatha
history. She received an engraved

  Lindsey Miller (right) represents the
  4,000th graduate in Maranatha history.                                                    The Maranatha Advantage 3
 miss. Less than a week before
 the graduation ceremony, Brier
 emailed Professor William Licht
 to ask about her grade. Licht
 informed Brier that the two lowest
 grades from the semester’s 25
 quizzes would be dropped.
 Perfection had been preserved.
 “I know (Licht) didn’t do it just for
 me, but I was so happy to find that
 out,” said Brier, who will enroll in        Christina Brier (second from left), who graduated with a perfect 4.0 GPA, poses with
 a master’s degree program at the            fellow music graduates and Dr. David Brown.
 prestigious Eastman School of
 Music this fall.
 Vice President for Academic Affairs       The sword symbolizing the John              Joel Stevens (Outstanding Graduate
 John Brock said fewer than a dozen        W. Sterling ROTC Leadership                 Student in Theology), and Jonathan
 students have completed a perfect         Award, which recognizes the top             Rehfeldt (Outstanding Student in
 4.0 over four years at Maranatha.         cadet among the four colleges that          Biblical Languages).
                                           make up Badger Battalion, now               An honorary Doctor of Divinity
 Matt Allen (Accounting
                                           belongs to Kraker. He also won the          Degree went to Rich Akins, pastor
 Management) was runner-up to
                                           Florence Nightingale Best Bedside           of Calvary Baptist Church in
 Brier with a 3.9937 GPA, but
                                           Nurse Award as the top student in           Jefferson, Wisconsin. Akins spoke
 Commencement day was still
                                           the Nursing program.                        during Thursday’s Baccalaureate
 memorable for him. Allen won the
 Business Student Achievement              Other major award winners                   service. David Hershberger, who
 Award and, along with fellow              were Chris Jochum (President’s              has worked at Maranatha since
 cadets Keith Kraker and Eric              Award), Sarah Pill and Steve                1974 and has been Registrar since
 Spagnolo, was commissioned as             Thayer (Founders Awards), Brier             1978, received an honorary Doctor
 a Second Lieutenant in the U.S.           (Outstanding Senior Musician),              of Letters degree.
 Army.                                                                                 Class president Ethan Childs
                                                                                       announced that the seniors had
                                                                                       contributed toward the purchase
                                                                                       of a new treadmill for the Fitness
                                                                                       Center Gym as the traditional
                                                                                       class gift.
                                                                                       Some graduates will move directly
                                                                                       into fulltime vocational ministry.
                                                                                       One of these is Ben Lavicka, who
                                                                                       earned his Master of Divinity
                                                                                       from the Seminary. He will be
 Keith Kraker (above) receives the sword                                               the new pastor of a church in
 symbolizing the John W. Sterling ROTC                                                 Whitewater, Wisconsin.
 Leadership Award.

                                                                               Chris Jochum, winner of the
                                                                               President’s Award.

4 Spring/Summer 2011
“As soon as we’re done taking
pictures, I’m going to start recruiting
some workers,” Lavicka said.               "I want to be as equipped for the Lord’s
                                          work as I can be ... That’s why we’re here.”
                                                                Seminary Graduate Randy Hibbs
Some students will continue
their studies as graduate students.
Biology major Andrea Ray won
a full scholarship to Purdue
University’s Interdisciplinary Life
Sciences program, where she will
pursue a doctorate in microbiology.        Seminary graduates Ben and Alison
                                                Lavicka and their son Jayden.
“My goal is to teach microbiology,
virology, immunology, or possibly
some cell and molecular biology
in a Christian college,” Ray said.
“Eventually, I would also like to
teach short-term at a university in a
Spanish-speaking country.”
The busiest graduates were
members of the Hibbs family.
Randy Hibbs, Maranatha’s
Director of Financial Aid, earned
his master’s degree in Biblical
Counseling. Scott Hibbs, his
son, earned a master’s in Cross-
Cultural Studies. Katie Hibbs,
Randy’s daughter, completed her
undergraduate studies in Nursing.
“When Katie passes her nursing
boards, we’re all going to get
together for a big party,” Randy
Hibbs said.
“I started working on my master’s
when I was in the pastorate,
and I’ve always felt like it was
important. I want to be as equipped
for the Lord’s work as I can be, and
that’s what I want for my children
as well. That’s why we’re here.”

                                                                                The Maranatha Advantage 5
Spring/Summer 2011
                 A Heart                                                     Nagel said the scholarship means
                                                                             more to her than just money.
                                                                             Betty Hargrove writes the names

                  for Nursing                                                of recipients in her Bible and
                                                                             prays for them every week. The
                                                                             Hargroves also send the students a
                                                                             Christmas gift.

                                                                             “The Hargroves know what
                                                                             nursing students go through,”
                                                                             Nagel said. “The legacy Tina left
                                                                             behind encourages me to keep on

                                                                             Maranatha is grateful for
                                                                             Christians like the Hargroves

      obby Hargrove and his wife,     Doctors for whom Tina worked           who reach out to help deserving
      Betty, decided they could       testified of her love for cancer       young people. Would you like to
best honor the memory of their        patients and her dedication to         bless a student who is preparing
daughter-in-law by helping those      their needs.                           to demonstrate Christ’s love to
like her.                                                                    others through Nursing or another
                                      Her life ended suddenly in an auto     of Maranatha’s 28 majors? You can
“She was a fantastic nurse,” Bobby    accident on Nov. 27, 2002.             endow a scholarship or fund one
Hargrove said of Christina “Tina”     The Hargroves are members of           through annual giving.
Hargrove. “We wanted to see           Faith Baptist Church of Warren,
nurses come into the profession                                              Check out mbbc.edu/giving for
                                      Michigan. Their former pastor,         information on privately funded
who would treat patients and their    Dr. Marty Marriott, is now
families like Tina did. We thought                                           scholarships or call Director of
                                      Maranatha’s president.                 Development John Davis at 920-
that would be the best way to
honor her.”                           “If there are more nurses here like    206-2325.
                                      Tina, we want to be sure to help
The Christina Hargrove Memorial       them,” Bobby said.
Scholarship helps students
who have been accepted into           The three recipients of the
Maranatha’s Nursing Department        2011 Hargrove Scholarship
and have demonstrated a desire to     were Frank Chrisinger, a senior
serve the Lord through nursing.       from Watertown, Wisconsin;
                                      Faith Thompson, a junior from
Tina Hargrove was a great example     Barrigada, Guam; and Leah Nagel,
to follow, according to her father-   a senior from Sheldon, Wisconsin.
                                      As a freshman, Nagel worked a
She completed 5 ½ years of college    combined 40 hours per week at
and nursing studies while raising     Maranatha’s Costume Cottage and
four children, graduating second      at Shepherds Ministries, a home
in her class at Oakland University.   for adults with developmental
Tina eventually became a nurse        disabilities. She is now a certified
coordinator for the Head and          nursing assistant at Golden Living
Neck Cancer Department at the         Center in Watertown.“I am paying
Josephine Ford Cancer Center and      most of my way, and I have always
Henry Ford Hospital’s Department      struggled financially,” Nagel said.
of Otolaryngology in Detroit,
Michigan.                                                                                The Maranatha Advantage 7
                                 put to work at Maranatha

 N      orman and Alice Lentz had planned to give to
        Maranatha long before they died just five months
 apart in 2009 and 2010. When the time came for their
                                                              The most visible of those projects was the Burckart Hall
                                                              renovation. Alumni and friends of Maranatha gave more
                                                              than $118,000 toward the roughly $250,000 project.
 children to decide exactly how that gift would be used,      Architectural Components Group Inc. of Marshfield,
 however, arriving at that decision required some thought.    Missouri, donated all of the acoustical wall materials that
                                                              helped convert Burckart into a first-class recital hall and
  “We didn’t know what to give to,” Dennis Lentz said.        practice area.
 “John Davis (Maranatha Director of Development) asked
 us what our parents’ interests were.                         “This was one of the the largest in-kind donations we’ve
                                                              ever received,” Vice President for Business Affairs Mark
 “Well, my dad loved to sing, and my mother always            Stevens said.
 enjoyed music. My wife minored in music. My sons both
 play the violin. Our family has always enjoyed traditional   One could see the money from smaller gifts at work all
 Christian music. John suggested some different projects,     around campus. Students raised money for residence hall
 but we kept coming back to the piano because it was          improvements through the 24/7 campaign. Maranatha’s
 something that went along with music and something that      three primary fundraising groups—Builders Club, Fine
 was going to last.”                                          Arts Club, and Crusader Club—also took on some
                                                              significant projects.
 Lentz and his sisters, Charlene Kinsey and Jean
 Werschem, helped purchase a piano. College music
 students and Piano Prep School students used that piano
 extensively this year. A metal plate on the piano tells
 those students the instrument was donated in memory of
 Norman and Alice Lentz.

 That piano was just one of many Maranatha campus
 improvement projects funded by donors during the 2010-
 11 school year.

8 Spring/Summer 2011
         Builders Club helped fund new furniture for the Student Center. Another
         project was a printer that will allow the Communications Department to
                        save money by producing its own brochures and programs. A
                        snowplow blade and brush has made winter snow removal more
                        efficient, providing both savings and a safer campus.

                        The Fine Arts Club helped purchase new plastic resin flooring
                        for the stage, instruments for elementary music instruction, over-
                        the-ear microphones and transmitters for drama productions, and
                        tools for the stage crew. The Crusader Club contributed funds
                        toward video editing software, injury treatment equipment, and
                        updated statistical software for the Sports Information office.

                        More projects will take place during the summer, thanks to the
                        generosity of Maranatha friends and graduates. The scheduled
                        projects include a new supervisor’s apartment for one of the
                        residence halls and new furniture and windows for another.

         Friends of the college also help encourage students by contributing toward

         The newest scholarship at Maranatha is the Dale Goetz Memorial Chaplain
         Fund, which helps meet the needs of seminary students studying to become
         military chaplains. The first scholarship fundraiser, the Dale Goetz Memorial
         Motorcycle Ride, will take place Aug. 6. For more information, see the ad on
         page 10.

         Privately funded scholarships, often established in honor of a loved one’s
         memory, helped contribute to more than $10 million in financial aid awarded to
         Maranatha students during the 2010-11 school year.

you can make an
      and enjoy the blessing of giving today
     Make a one-time gift online or by mail.

     Establish a recurring monthly bank draft.

     Speak with our Development Office about funding
     a scholarship or major gift.

     List Maranatha as a beneficiary in your will and life
     insurance. What a wonderful way to minister to
     students through your final offering to the Lord!

                   Give Today or Learn More at www.mbbc.edu/giving
                                                   The Maranatha Advantage

On Campus in Old Main ~ Call: 920-206-2329

                                                                 August 6, 2011
                                                                 Benefitting the Dale Goetz
                                                                  Memorial Chaplain Fund
  Honor the memory of an Army chaplain by participating            Captain Dale Goetz, a U.S. Army chaplain
  in the first Dale Goetz Memorial Motorcycle Ride. The            and 1995 Maranatha graduate, was killed
  200-mile route will take you through some of south               by a roadside bomb Aug. 30, 2010, in
  central Wisconsin’s most scenic areas, with stops along          Afghanistan. Captain Goetz, 43, was the first
  the way for food and fellowship.                                 Army chaplain to die in combat since 1970.
                                                                   He left behind a wife and three sons.
  The Dale Goetz Memorial Chaplain Fund helps
  Maranatha Baptist Seminary students preparing for the
  military chaplaincy. It provides current chaplains with
  Bible-based materials and resources.

  There will be free T-shirts for all riders and donors of $35
  or more. The $50 entry fee includes two meals.

 Donate or register at:
   Spring/Summer 2011
      The Key that Opens Many Doors

W      hen students arrive at college,
      life often appears to be a row of
doors just waiting to be opened. Those
students have about four years to select
the door they believe is God’s first
choice for them. Maranatha Teacher
Education Department Chair William
Licht says his job is to help give them
the keys to as many doors as possible.

“There are a lot of positives about
Maranatha’s education program,” Licht
said, “Our faculty is one. Our faculty is
outstanding. Certification is certainly
one. It’s a key that can unlock many
doors for students.”

                                            The Maranatha Advantage 11
                                                                     Levi Kolwinska
                                                                     (‘01) Music
        Maranatha graduates teach in Christian schools,              Fourth Baptist
        public schools, and colleges. They teach in rural, urban,    Christian School
        and suburban settings. They teach average students,          Plymouth, MN
        advanced students, and special education students.
        They teach missionary kids or homeschool their own
        children. They teach in the U.S. and abroad.

                   A Key Ingredient
        Maranatha’s education graduates are everywhere, in
        large part because the College’s regional accreditation
        has allowed those graduates to earn state certification.
        Certification can help lead to a rewarding career and

        The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
        recently reapproved Maranatha to continue to certify        Charanne Elliott
        its graduates for state teaching licenses. The College      (‘03) Special Education
        has been graduating certified teachers since 1994,          Hartford Central
        opening potential career doors for those graduates in       Middle School
        public, private, and Christian education.                   Hartford, WI
        Unaccredited or nationally accredited colleges
        cannot grant Wisconsin teaching certificates to their
        graduates. Those who graduate from a regionally
        accredited college like Maranatha, however, enjoy the
        benefits of reciprocity agreements that will allow those
        teachers to gain certification in most states.

        “A Wisconsin license transfers easily throughout most
        of the country,” Licht said.

        A Popular Program,
                               for Good Reason                      Sierra Steuerwald
                                                                    (‘10) 7th-grade Math
        College statistics indicate that 28 percent of Maranatha    Parkside School
        students were pursuing education-related majors             Wautoma, WI
        during the 2010-11 school year, easily the largest
        percentage of any of the College’s seven academic

        “Historically, this has been one of our strongest
        academic programs,” Licht said. “We have been
        blessed to get kids … who grow up with a burden for

12 Spring/Summer 2011
Levi Kolwsinska has been teaching at the same Christian school for 10 years—long enough to minister in
music with his former students in the church choir and orchestra and long enough for one of his students to
begin writing choral arrangements.
                     “It’s very cool to be singing one of your student’s pieces,” Kolwinska said.
                     His parents, both Maranatha faculty members, have spent nearly their entire adult
                     lives in Christian education. Kolwinska said they were a significant influence in his
                     decision to teach in a Christian school, but added that the Christian school was also
                     the most effective vehicle for him to have a positive impact on students’ lives.
                     “The Christian school was absolutely the best place for me to help young people
                     understand that music is an important part of worship and ministry,” Kolwinska said.
                     “The purpose of music is to glorify God. If God gives us abilities in that area, we can
                     use those abilities in service and ministry. Those are all concepts I have been able to
                     emphasize in this school.”

   “I always felt the Lord calling me to work with special-needs children,” Charanne Elliott said. “There
   is a need for Christian teachers to show God’s love and be a light in a very dark world. It’s not always
   easy, but it is rewarding to see God work.”
   Elliott has been teaching special education classes for six years. It is a career with great demands and
   great rewards. She has been able to see victories as students gain the tools to help them overcome their
   previous academic defeats. One of the students from her first class was accepted into college last fall.
   “I would say that, at least once a month, I am able to clearly discuss my faith because a student asks
   about God or why I do the things I do,” Elliott said.
   The calling to work with special education students led Elliott to transfer from another Christian
   college to Maranatha, allowing her to pursue state certification.
   “My parents were Christian educators,” Elliott said. “That is what I was going to do, but the Lord took
   me out of my comfort zone. I love where He put me. I love what I’m doing. He has given me a heart
   to reach these people for Christ.”

 Sierra Steuerwald’s burden for students began at Maranatha. Her dormitory society outreach activities
 included tutoring at Milwaukee Rescue Mission, which gave her a burden for inner-city children. When
 Steuerwald graduated, however, God surprised her by leading her to a rural setting. Wautoma, located west
 of Oshkosh, is a city of about 2,000 residents.
 Steuerwald’s opportunities to share Christ with her students have often come at unexpected times. One
 day, a picture of Steuerwald working as a counselor at Camp Chetek fell out of a book students were
 looking at. When they asked about the picture, Steuerwald told them all about the camp’s ministry.
                       “Pretty soon, all the kids started talking about how they were going to go to
                       Chetek this summer and inviting other kids to go too,” Steuerwald said. “Even the
                       unchurched kids were excited about Camp Chetek. One girl even started printing
                       up flyers.
                       “I feel like there are plenty of the other (negative) influences for them to see. Even
                       if I can’t always present the gospel openly, at least they can see Christ through me.”

                                                                                                          Maranatha Advantage
                                                                                                      The Spring/Summer 2011 13
                                                                Why do Maranatha students find
 Andrew “Oz” Price (‘98)                                        the Teacher Education program so
 Alternative School Instructor                                  attractive?
 Woodstock High School
 Woodstock, GA                                                  For many, this choice reflects the
                                                                influence of Christian teachers
                                                                who were inspirational mentors
                                                                and guiding influences for those
                                                                future teachers. Others are seeking
                                                                an avenue to effectively minister
                                                                to young people. Those who enjoy
                                                                the challenge of learning may be
                                                                looking forward to postgraduate
                                                                study and someday teaching in
                                                                a college of university. Some
                                                                students simply see education as a
                                                                practical career option, especially
                                                                when graduating with a regionally
                                                                accredited degree and state teacher
 Andrew “Oz” Price moved to Georgia four years ago.
 He had previously taught five years at a Christian school    Christian Education:
 in Aurora, Illinois, and three years at Ben Davis High
 School in Indianapolis—an inner-city school known for       Still a Popular Destination
 its powerful football teams.                                   Although Maranatha graduates
                                                                can teach in any type of school,
 “I think 70 percent of the kids at Ben Davis were on the
                                                                most continue to pursue careers
 free or reduced-price lunch plan, a huge indicator of
                                                                as Christian school educators.
 poverty level,” Price said. “Those kids came from great
 need, physically as well as spiritually.”                      A study of Maranatha’s Teacher
                                                                Education graduates between 1999
 Price and former Ben Davis coach Tommy Allen (‘92),            and 2009 revealed that 65 percent
 also a Maranatha graduate, would help meet those needs         found their first teaching job in a
 by hosting an optional Bible study and pizza party for         Christian school.
 players on Saturdays. This informal outreach allowed
 Price and Allen to become a positive influence on young        “Our heart is still for Christian
 men, many of whom lacked positive male role models             education; there’s no doubt about
 and many of whom had never heard the story of Christ’s         that,” Licht said. “We are not
 love for them. “We treated it like going to the mission
                                                                trying to push people into (public
 field,” Price said.
                                                                education) either. I just like the fact
 One of Price’s students at Ben Davis has become a youth        that, with certification, both doors
 pastor. Others have seen their lives take a more positive      are open.”
                                                                We talked to Maranatha graduates
 “The games and seasons will come and go,” Price said.          who have walked through different
 “It’s what we can do to impact these kids for eternity         educational doors and found God
 that really matters.”                                          working in exciting ways in all
                                                                of their lives. You can read their
                                                                stories on pages 13 and 14.

14 Spring/Summer 2011
   The Maranatha Advantage
 Seminary Update
Do you struggle helping a fellow church member or a friend with
an issue in his or her life? Uncertain how to help people apply
biblical principles to the sins in their lives or your own?
Maranatha Baptist Seminary wants to help. Register now for
counseling classes this summer. Each class meets M-F evenings
for just a week.

   June 20-24: Crisis Counseling                          June 27- July 1: Counseling Addictive Behavior
   Gain a foundation for understanding and counsel-       Learn to help others overcome behaviors such as
   ing individuals in times such as trauma and death,     illicit drug use, eating disorders, and sexual
   marital breakdown, chronic/critical illness, sudden    addictions and to be restored through application
   loss, and suicide. Study the biblical view of crisis   of principles based on biblical theology.
   counseling and learn principles and procedures to
   follow when working with people in times of need.

Earn seminary credit, audit, or take
a course for personal enrichment.

Learn More at:

             920-206-2324 . seminary@mbbc.edu . www.mbbc.edu/seminary

                                                                                       The Maranatha Advantage
Campus Panorama
New Faces                                 Faculty/Staff News
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .     .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .    .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
                                          Dr. Christine Lincoln (’86) will join    Dr. Yingguang Liu and Dr. Paul Molitor
               Ryan Davis
                                          the Teacher Education Department         attended the Biological Information-
               Sports Information                                                  New Perspectives Symposium May
                                          faculty for the 2011-12 school year.
               Director                   Lincoln, who taught at Calvary           31-June 3 at Cornell University (N.Y.).
                                          Baptist Christian School in Watertown    The symposium explored the origin of
               Dr. Lane Hansel            from 1986-2005, has been Chair of        biological information.
                                          Elementary Education at Northland         .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
               Maranatha Baptist          International University.                Stage Manager James Wright (’08)
                                           .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .   presented an article about revolving
                                          Dr. Marvin Stephens and Susan            turntable scene mechanisms during
               Katharine Holley           Hermes Stephens will join the Applied    the 2011 United States Institute
               Professor                  Science and Humanities faculties         for Theatre Technology’s annual
               Nursing                    this fall. Marvin has been a Science     conference at the Charlotte (N.C.)
                                          professor at three different Christian   Convention Center in early March.
                                          colleges, most recently Clearwater        .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
               Elizabeth Lewis            Christian College (2006-2010).           Andy Peterson (’03) has been named
               Administrative Assistant   Susan, the former Dean of Women at       Maranatha’s head football coach. Terry
               Distance Education         Maranatha (1984-89), has been part of    Price, head coach from 1985-2010, will
                                          Clearwater’s faculty since 1991.         remain on the staff as offensive line
                                           .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .   coach. Peterson, 30, was associate head
               Dr. Christine Lincoln      Katharine Holley joined the Nursing      coach in 2010. He was previously a
               Professor                  faculty in January. She spent 16 years   member of the football staff at Western
               Education                  as a surgical nurse and most recently    Michigan University and coached one
                                          worked at the University of Wisconsin    year at Maranatha Baptist Academy.
                                          Hospital as a Nursing Education           .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
               Susan Hermes Stephens
                                          Coordinator for Surgical Services.       Former volleyball coach Marsha
               Associate Professor
                                                                                   Jackson will be inducted into the
               Humanities                                                          NCCAA Hall of Fame on June 3 in
                                                                                   St. Louis. Jackson led the Crusaders
                                                                                   to 421 victories and five NCCAA
               Dr. Marvin Stephens
                                                                                   championships from 1989-2006.
               Applied Science

               Courtney Winslow
               Clinical Instructor
                                                                                   Skiler Shough and Serena
                                                                                   Graham were the first
                                                                                   photography minors to take
                                                                                   part in the 2011 Senior Photo
                                                                                   Exhibition. Both displayed
                                                                                   about a dozen mounted
                                                                                   photographs that confirmed
                                                                                   their progress through
                                                                                   Maranatha’s photography
                                                                                   minor program.
16 Spring/Summer 2011
Around Campus                                                                           Memorial Gifts
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .      Specialist certification tests. Those who    .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
                                           pass prove their abilities in Word, Excel,   In memory of Dr. and Mrs. B. Myron
                                           Access and other Office applications.        Cedarholm: Estate of Marjorie Graber
                                           Business Department faculty members           .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
                                           Jeff Drost and Suzanne Fell administer       In memory of Francis Byers: James and
                                           the tests.                                   Twyla Lundell
                                            .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .        .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
The Chaplain Goetz Memorial                The Study Abroad option became                              You can honor the memory
Motorcycle Ride is scheduled for Aug.      reality in the spring of 2011. Junior Dan                   of a special Christian
6. The 200-mile ride around some of        Lembeck enrolled at the University of                       like Tina Hargrove (left)
the most scenic areas in southeast         Salamanca in Spain during the spring                        through a memorial
Wisconsin will help raise funds for        semester, while senior Emily Timblin                        scholarship. Read more
the Dale Goetz Memorial Chaplain           studied at Seminario Bautista del Perú                      about her story on page 7.
Fund. Goetz (’95) died Aug. 30, 2010,      and César Vallejo University in Trujillo,    For more information on giving, contact
in Afghanistan. He was the first Army      Peru.                                        Director of Development John Davis at
chaplain killed in action since the         .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .       920-206-2325 or www.mbbc.edu/giving
Vietnam War.                               The Wisconsin Department of Public
 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .     Instruction has reapproved Maranatha         Mark Your Calendar
                                           to certify its graduates for state           .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
Deb Lew was the winner of the first
Creative Writing Commencement              teaching licenses though 2014.               May 9-Aug. 7: Heritage Singers tour
Contest. The senior English Education       .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
                                                                                        June 6-Aug. 7: Soccer Ministry Team tour
major from Hanover Park, Illinois,         The Stampede Society (Carey Hall
                                                                                        June 20-25: Boys basketball camp
claimed first place with her short story   and Melford Hall) hosted a 3-on-
“Allergic to Death.” Lew received $100     3 boys basketball tournament at              July 18-22: Music and drama camp
and a copy of the book Kate Canby          Watertown High School. There                 July 25-30: Individual volleyball, soccer,
and the Holocharm of Time. Dr. Steve       were 76 participants. When adjunct           and academic camps
Stratford, whose work inspired the         professor Pastor Brian Peterson finished
                                           presenting the gospel, 18 players made       August 1-6: Team volleyball camp
contest, wrote that book.
 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .     professions of faith. The tournament         August 18: Preseason sports practice
Maranatha is one of six Wisconsin sites    was one of several community                 August 26: Jump Start freshman orientation
that can administer Microsoft Office       outreach activities by college students
                                           during the spring semester.                  August 26-27: Alumni Weekend
                                                                                        August 30-Sept. 2: Fall Revival Meetings
                                                                                        with Dr. Hal Hightower

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 campus? Join our Close Up photo
 challenge on facebook!

              Go to:

                                                                                                       The Maranatha Advantage 17
                                                                                                               as for
       of Graduates
 Jim Hinton, Pam Horneck
     and Jeremy Horneck

P    am (Hinton) Horneck’s
    attachment to Maranatha
    began as a young girl.
                                         Jim Hinton said, “but they knew
                                         my position.”
                                                                                 pastor, Christian school teacher,
                                                                                 and administrator at several
                                                                                 churches and schools in Illinois.
                                         The First Generation                    His most lengthy stop was at
 “I just always knew I was going
                                         Jim Hinton was a 31-year-old            Calvary Baptist Christian School
 to go there,” she said. “When I
                                         laboratory technician when he           in Belvidere, Illinois, where he
 was a little girl, I can remember
                                         accepted Christ. He began working       taught math, science, and history
 playing Barbie dolls with Charlotte
                                         his church’s youth group soon           and directed the church’s seniors
 Cedarholm (daughter of College
                                         afterward. When that youth group        ministry from 1984-2000. He is
 founder Dr. B. Myron Cedarholm)
                                         visited Maranatha, the College          now retired and lives in Arkansas.
 in the Dining Hall. I loved it there.
 My husband loved it there. My kids      gained an unlikely recruit.             “I was grateful for the spiritual
 have loved it there.”                   “The Lord revealed to me that I         atmosphere and for the leadership
                                         needed to go to school,” Hinton         and encouragement of men like
 Pam (’83), her father, Jim Hinton                                               Dr. Cedarholm and Dr. (Richard)
 (’75), and her son, Jeremy Horneck      said.
                                                                                 Weeks,” Hinton said.
 (’07), are unique in their affection    He enrolled in 1972, bringing his
 for the College. They have actually     young family with him. He carried       The Second Generation
 attended four graduation ceremo-        a full class load, worked up to 50
 nies—Jeremy also earned his                                                     Pam Hinton’s mother worked
                                         hours each week at Watertown
 master’s degree in Biblical Studies                                             as a cook in the college kitchen
                                         Metals, and helped establish a
 from Maranatha Baptist Seminary                                                 while her father was a Maranatha
                                         Baptist church in nearby Waterloo.
 in May. Only a handful of families                                              student. When Pam wasn’t playing,
 have seen three generations gradu-      “I didn’t get a lot of sleep,” Hinton   she noticed the personal concern
 ate from Maranatha.                     said.                                   of faculty, staff and students for her
                                                                                 and for her family. She appreciated
 “I never put pressure on my chil-       He graduated in 1975 and                that part of Maranatha even more
 dren to come to Maranatha,”             went on to work as an assistant         as a student. She met her husband,
18 Spring/Summer 2011
r me and my house

                                          we will serve the Lord
  Noel Horneck, while in college.       Maranatha administrator. After a       “The quality and character of the
                                        few conversations, Jeremy began        Bible faculty were the biggest
  Pam earned an undergraduate           reevaluating his original choice.      reasons I stayed at Maranatha,”
  degree in Elementary Education                                               Jeremy said. “I came back for
  and Bible. She was a stay-at-home     “I had been excited about going        seminary because I wanted to be
  mom for five years, and then          to a Christian college since I was     able to offer godly leadership, but I
  taught at a Christian school in       in junior high,” Horneck said. “I      also wanted to gain the knowledge
  Plymouth, Wisconsin, from 1991-       thought it would be like camp. I       I needed.”
  2007. During the last four years,     was wrong.”
  she has taught for North Star                                                Jim Hinton said he was glad to
  Academy, as well as for Maranatha
                                           “The quality and                    hear of his grandson’s decision—
                                                                               almost as glad as when his daughter
                                         character of the Bible                made that same decision many
  “It’s amazing,” Pam said. “I can
  have a ministry around the world      faculty were the biggest               years earlier.

  from my house.”                           reasons I stayed                   “I don’t believe people should tell
                                                                               their children that they have to go
  Pam and Noel, who also live in            at Maranatha,”                     to one particular school,” Hinton
  Arkansas, “totally” let their three                                          said. “But, when it was time for
  children choose where to attend       Maranatha offers a challenging         Pam to make that decision, I
  college. Jeremy chose Maranatha.      academic environment, but Jeremy       definitely encouraged her to go to
                                        was up to the task. He earned an       Maranatha.”
  The Third Generation                  undergraduate degree in Bible and
  Jeremy Horneck attended               Church Ministries, taught for a
  another college for a year after      year in Saipan, and then returned
  graduating from high school.          to pursue his master’s degree. He
  While working at Bill Rice            plans to work as an assistant pastor
  Ranch over the summer, he met a       at a church in New York City.
                                                                                            The Maranatha Advantage 19

                    Ad: Bookstore
            SUMMER              2011


                              Girls Basketball          June 13-17
                              Boys Basketball           June 20-25
                              Music & Drama             July 18-22
                              Volleyball (Individual)   July 25-30
                              Academic Camp             July 25-29
                              Soccer                    July 25-30
                              Volleyball (Team)         August 1-6

    Spring/Summer 2011
A   Sports Wrapup

    Men’s Basketball                     game) and rebounding (7.5) and
                                         joined fellow sophomores Kristin
                                                                               Garrison led the team with a .321
                                                                               average, while Nathan Lyle led in
    The Crusaders continued              Morrison and Autumn Peotter on        stolen bases (13) and doubles (8).
    to close the competitive gap         the NCCAA All-Region Team.
    under second-year coach Neal                                               Softball
    Ring. Highlights included            Wrestling                         The Crusaders won more games
    conference wins over Wisconsin
                                         The Crusaders made strides        in 2011 than in the previous
    Lutheran and Marian and a
                                         in their second season under      three years combined. Highlights
    69-55 non-conference victory
                                         Andy Peterson, including a 36-    included two doubleheader sweeps
    over Northland International.
                                         24 dual-meet win over rival       of Mount Mary and overcoming
    Brendan Brown (16.7 points
                                         Northland International. Freshman an 11-0 deficit to defeat North
    per game) and Josh Stein (14.9
                                         165-pounder Josiah Brendemuehl Central (Minnesota). Sophomore
    points, 12 rebounds) were
                                         led Maranatha with 14 victories   left fielder Autumn Peotter was
    named to the National Christian
                                         and finished fourth at the        named team MVP after batting
    College Athletic Association
                                         conference tournament. Another    .397 and stealing 27 bases in 29
    All-Midwest Region team.
                                         freshman, Richard Warren (141     attempts. Torey DeLozier hit
    Women’s Basketball                   pounds), was second on the team
                                         with six wins.
                                                                           .363 and recorded an inside-the-
                                                                           park home run. Sophomore Susie
    Maranatha earned a fifth                                               Prusak led the team with 28 RBIs.
    consecutive trip to the NCCAA        Baseball
    Division II national tournament.
                                         A two-out, two-run single by
    The Crusaders played their way
                                         North Central (Minnesota) in the
    into the championship game
                                         bottom of the seventh inning of
    before falling, 71-65, to Kentucky
                                         the regional championship game
    Christian. Torey DeLozier led the
                                         denied the Crusaders a return visit
    team in scoring (11.9 points per
                                         to the NCCAA tournament. Jason
                                                                                           The Maranatha Advantage 21
“I really enjoy the personal interaction with students.”
 -Dr. David Saxon, Bible Faculty

                                 Learn More
                                   Online learning at Maranatha is more than a glorified
                                   correspondence course. It is rigorous, regionally accredited
                                   classes delivered to you, where ever you are. You don't have to
                                   be online at a specific time of day, so you can schedule your
                                   day around your home, ministry, and other responsibilities.

                                           Start college
                                           while in high school

                                                                        on tuition
                                                   “Even though I wasn't in a classroom, the
                                                   interaction in the class forums made me feel
                                                   like I was still part of a class."
                                                                       -Caleb, High School Student


                                                Maranatha Online
22 Spring/Summer 2011
   The Maranatha Advantage
                                                    biblical. flexible. engaging learning.
                                           Maranatha Itineraries
                                                              Dr. Marty Marriott

                                           June 14-16
                                           FBFI Annual Meeting
                                           Crosspointe Baptist Church · Indianapolis, IN
                                           .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
                                           June 19
                                           Fairview Baptist Church · Decatur, AL
                                           .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
                                           July 24
                                           Calvary Baptist Church · Watertown, WI
                                           .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
                                           September 11
                                           Hope Baptist Church · Hanover, PA
                                           .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
                                           September 12 -14
                                           PARBC Conference
                                           Hope Baptist Church · Hanover, PA

    June 13-17 . Independence, MO
 Tri-City Baptist Church . 816-795-1088                                   Find out where
      June 20-24 . Brookfield, WI                                         we’re headed next!
Brookside Baptist Church . 262-783-6180
     June 27-July 1 . Anderson, IN
  Grace Baptist Church . 765-643-7853

       July 5-7 . Berryville, VA
Keystone Baptist Church . 540-955-3410

        July 11-14 . Oak Lawn, IL
South Side Baptist Church . 708-425-3435

       July 18-21 . Salisbury, MD
  Faith Baptist Church . 410-742-9516

       July 25-27 . Hampton, GA
  Bible Baptist Church . 770-946-4700

       August 1-3 . Wautoma, WI
  Faith Baptist Church . 920-787-4202

     August 5-6 . Corunna, MI
Immanuel Baptist Church . 989-743-6700

                                                                                      The Maranatha Advantage
                                                     CAMPUS       Security

   BY DEB LEW                                           hen someone mentions “campus security,” what’s the
        Deb Lew, English Education major from         first thing that comes to your mind?
        Hanover Park, Illinois, is a student
        worker for the Communications Office.   “Mailmen with Mace,” sophomore Amanda Ryal responds
                                                cheekily, referring to the blue uniforms worn by security officers.
                                                Josh Akerberg said he thinks of parking tickets.
                                                “They get hit by hail,” laughs Angie Norville, who recalls
                                                watching security officers dodging hailstones outside her dorm.
                                                “Seriously, though, they’re out there in all kinds of weather.”
                                                “I love Maranatha security,” says Rebekah Warren, who said
                                                she appreciates getting walked back to the dorm when her job
                                                has kept her out after the residence halls are locked. “They are
                                                pretty fun-loving, but they’re very professional about the job.”
                                                And, that’s exactly what Tim Johns wants his security force
                                                to be. In the four years Johns has been the security director,
                                                the force has provided a strong presence on Maranatha’s

                                                “It’s a good job,” says shift supervisor Sam Prusak, who has
                                                worked for security for more than two years. “The hours are
                                                pretty decent, depending on your shift. The hardest part is
                                                getting done at 1 a.m. and still having first hour (class) the
                                                next morning.”
24 Spring/Summer 2011
So what exactly does security do while the campus         For Johns, working with security is a rewarding
is asleep?                                                job.
“They watch the campus,” explains Johns. “They            “It’s knowing that you’re the one who is
patrol and prevent things from happening. They            responsible for what’s going on, that you’re the one
check all the doors and watch the parking lots.”          out there, that you know that things are secure.”
Even as they look after the campus, officers
understand the true source of the college’s security.
“It’s God who protects the campus, really, not us,”
Prusak says.
All personnel are part of the security team. They
are aware of everyone and everything on campus.

                        Sam Prusak                        GREAT JOBS, GREAT
The officers do their part to keep the campus
secure as well. The combination of their positions        Student workers play a valuable role on
allows the officers to see the parking lots as well       Maranatha’s campus and receive valuable
as the entire length of the sidewalk leading to the       experience in return. More than half of
dorms.                                                    Maranatha’s undergraduate students held on-
When night falls, officers often walk girls back to       campus jobs during the 2010-11 academic year.
their dorms. The officers talk to the girls as they
walk—unless the girl pretends to be texting on
                                                             Consider the benefits they received:
her cell phone.                                           .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
“We’re just communicating to them that, ‘Hey,             Students are able to help pay their way through
I’m alive, and I’m here to protect you,’ ” says officer   college by working. This gives them a greater
Michael Whitteberry.                                      appreciation for the value of their education.
Officers patrol the male residence hall area as well      .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
as the main campus. A dispatcher and a supervisor
work in the Welcome Center.                               Campus job experiences provide enduring life
                                                          skills. Many graduates are able to market those
                                                          skills and find part-time work to supplement
                                                          their ministry income.
                                                          .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
                                                          Staff members who demonstrate strong work
                                                          ethic and a Christ-centered approach to their
                                                          jobs can mentor their student workers.

                                                                                              The Maranatha Advantage 25
 Maranatha alumni are serving
 the Lord across the nation and
 around the world.
 Graduates live and work in all 50 states and 42 countries and
 territories. The darker states represent a higher concentration                     WA 32
 of alumni . Meet a few of our graduates.
                                                                                                                      MT 17
                                                                                                  ID 7

                                                                                                                             WY 32

                                    Aaron ('07) and Elizabeth (Gross, '10)           NV 4
                                    Love recently moved to Monroe, Wash.,                                  UT
                                    where Aaron works as the youth pastor                                  11                   CO 125
                                    of Monroe Baptist Church. Liz is involved
                                    with the Monroe Gospel Women's              CA 147
                                    Mission and seeks to encourage and
                                    ultimately give the gospel to the to the
                                    women she meets.
                                                                                                      AZ 68                     NM 12


                                                                                                                               HI 9

                                                                                         Tim and Tammy (Davis, '91) Lacock live in
                                                                                         Ferron, Utah, where Tim is the pastor of First
                                                                                         Baptist Church. Tammy homeschools their
                                                                                         four children and does bookkeeping from
                                                                                         their home.

26 Spring/Summer 2011
                          Scott ('05) and Kristi (Cochran, '06) Craven live in Polson, Mont.,
                          where Scott is the senior pastor of First Baptist Church and Kristi is a
                          stay-at-home mom to their two children. Scott became the senior
                          pastor of their church in November.

                                                                                          NH 24
                                                                                                ME 11
ND 1                                                                                     VT 5
             170                                                                                              MA 12
SD 8                      790                                                        NY 37
                                               349                                                        RI 2
             IA 68                                                         PA 172                      CT 30
NE 18                                                                                                 NJ 12
                             IL           IN           OH 69
                            371           161                                                        DE 4
                                                                    WV                               MD 27
                                                                     9 VA 78
   KS 29       MO 49
                                               KY 23
                                                                             NC 71
        OK                               TN 49
        13         AR 9                                               SC 72

                             MS 4            18           GA 62
                   LA 5                                                                                                     Peter ('84) and
                                                                                                                            Sherry Steinhaus live
TX 68                                                                                                                       in Winston-Salem, N.C.
                                                                                                                            Peter is the adminis-
                                                                         120                                                trator of Union Grove
                                                                                                       Christian School in Lexington, and Sherry is
                                                                                                       an administrative assistant at Vernon Forest
                               Andrew ('06) and Amie                                                   Baptist Training Center of Winston-Salem.
                               (Laudenslager, '05) Vawter live in
                               McKinney, Texas, and attend First
                               Baptist Church of Allen, Texas.
                               Andrew is a teacher and coach at
                               McKinney Boyd High School, and
                               Amie is the office manager at
                               Wilmeth Elementary School.

             Join us for
                   Alumni Weekend
                      August 26-27                                                                                        The Maranatha Advantage
Alumni Link
  Alumni Births
   .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                        Congratulations to the new parents! Send your birth
  Abrahamson, Levi John to Melissa and Matthew                announcements and updates to alumni@mbbc.edu.
  (’09) on March 9, 2011
   .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                   .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  Armstrong, Cadence Layne to Christina (Jarvis,                                                             Potter, Clara Faith to Erica and Larry (’88) on Feb.
  ’07) and Fraser (’09) on April 26, 2011                                                                    13, 2011
   .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                                                                        .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  Bennett, Graham Haddon to Laura (Neisler, ’08)
  and Jake (’08) on Nov. 23, 2010
   .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  Breiner, Hadleigh Reese to Brittany (Buroker, ’05)
  and Adam (’07) on Dec. 10, 2010
   .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  DeWitt, Jacob Silas to Tanya and Steven (’10) on       Lavicka, Jayden Andrew to Alison (Delveau, ’09)
  April 6, 2011                                          and Ben (’08) on April 11, 2011
   .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                    .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  Dunford, Lydia Grace to Amy (Radtke, ’09) and          Lawson, Aaden James Franklin to Lindsay and Jarid   Richards, Khloe Alexis to Alicia (Cole, ’10) and Nik
  Eric (’09) on Nov. 22, 2010                            (’10) on March 22, 2011                             (’09) on Feb. 22, 2011
   .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                    .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  Estes, Charissa Allen to Nora and Jeff (’91) on Feb.   Loggans, Karis Elizabeth and Khloe Grace, to Dan    Richardson, Zenith Michael to Melissa (Morris, ’05)
  7, 2011                                                (’04) and Maegan (Wetzel, ’06) on May 17, 2011      and Thad on Feb. 7, 2011
   .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                    .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  Hawn, Jacob Corban to Amy (Kreger, ’03) and            Maples, Dane Christopher to Rebecca (Moxon, ’02)    Scott, Gideon Thomas to Kim (Cardot, ’07) and
  Josh (’03) on Dec. 18, 2010                            and Christopher (’99) on Nov. 29, 2010              Matthew on Jan. 13, 2011
   .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                    .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
                                                         Miller, Jackson David James to Abby (Miller, ’06)   Shafer, Margaret Elizabeth to Katie (Schwarm, ’05)
                                                         and Nate (’08) on April 30, 2011                    and Brett (’03) on March 6, 2011
                                                          .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
                                                         Mockbee, Jonah Charles to Rebecca (Potts, ’99)      Smith, Luke Andrew to Stacy (Owens, ’00) and
                                                         and Charles on Jan. 8, 2011                         Jesse on Jan. 16, 2011
                                                          .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
                                                         Muse, Justice Buchanan to Hannah (Komis, ’06)       Stanley, Madison Grace to Christina (Harrison, ’06)
                                                         and David (’04) on May 5, 2011                      and Eric (’07) on May 4, 2011
                                                          .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  Horneck, Haddon Christopher to Anna and                Pitts, Lucy Wren to Sara (Weilmuenster, ’03) and    Vegter, Klaas Augustin to Heidi (Shevy, ’00) and
  Jeremy (’07) on Oct. 15, 2010                          Mark (’03) on Nov. 16, 2010                         Kyle (’00) on March 11, 2011
   .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                    .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..                 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  Jones, Blake Andrew to Niki (Loggans, ’05) and                                                             Wright, Lenea Gabrielle to Angela and Greg (’01)
  Tim (’06) on March 4, 2011                                                                                 on Nov. 4, 2010
   .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  Kauffman, Nathan James to Jessica and Tim (’98)
  on Oct. 9, 2010
   .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  Kieckhafer, Ames Cooley to Christin (Peterson, ’08)
  and Adam (’07) on Dec. 23, 2010
   .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
  Krumwiede, Mason Levi to Rachel (Broom, ’03)           Poorman, Logan James to Ann (Fredricks, ’05) and
  and Kerry on Nov. 18, 2010                             Mark (’06) on March 6, 2011
   Spring/Summer 2011
For a full list of recent alumni news, visit our web site at www.mbbc.edu/alumni. Send your photos to alumni@mbbc.edu.
Alumni Updates
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .                .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
’69 Karen (Honeywell) Kuhns has spent 36 years in Uruguay,                   ’97 Melissa (Gluck) Luecker teaches preschool at Riverside
and is presently assisting her daughter and son-in-law with                  Christian School in Andalusia, Illinois. Her husband, Nathan,
a church plant in Paysandu. Kuhns is on furlough in the U.S.                 is youth pastor at Community Baptist Church. They are the
until November.                                                              parents of two boys.
 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .    .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
’73 Mark and Tacy Tolosa have spent the last year helping estab-             ’98 Daniel Kobernat is principal of Faith Baptist Academy in
lish Steadfast Baptist Church in Barryton, Michigan. The church              Spokane, Washington. He and wife Amy have five children and
plant is a ministry of Houghton Lake Baptist Church.                         are active in the ministry of Faith Baptist Church.
 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .    .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
’74 Seng Fong Goh helps train national pastors through                       ’99 Nathan Stevens has been named Head of the Upper
Asia Seminary for Ministry. Teaching programs have                           School at Hilton Head Preparatory School in Hilton Head,
been established in Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam,                      South Carolina. He has worked at that school eight years.
                                                                              .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
Cambodia, and Tanzania.
 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .   ’03 David Dorothy works as a Web/software developer for
’81 Jim Braughler has been elected chairman of the Jefferson                 The Worthwhile Company in Greenville, South Carolina. He
County (Wis.) Republican Party. He continues to serve on the                 graduated from Clemson University with a master’s degree in
Jefferson County Board of Supervisors, where he is chairman                  Computer Science.
                                                                              .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
of one committee and secretary for two others.
 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .   ’05 Albert Bennett is associate pastor, music director, and
’82 Jim and Myra (Cummins, ’83) Wright will be furlough                      youth leader at Northside Baptist Church in Davenport, Iowa.
replacement missionaries for Baptist World Missions. Jim will                He and wife Sarah have three children.
                                                                              .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
continue to pastor Heritage Baptist Church in Roscoe, Illinois,
through June before beginning deputation.                                    ’05 Andrew Potter has earned a master’s degree in Business
 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .   Administration from Liberty University.
                                                                              .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
’88 Larry Potter has joined the Information Assurance
Engineering Team at iSYS, LLC, in Columbus, Ohio, a                          ’06 Vince Stover is senior pastor of the Gospel Center in
Department of Defense contractor.                                            Petersburg, Indiana. He and wife Katie (Savage, ’05) previously
 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .   served five years at Bill Rice Ranch before moving to Indiana in
’90 John Buckley is Lead Pastor at Upper Perkiomen                           January, 2011.
                                                                              .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
Community Church in East Greenville, Pennsylvania. The
church has grown from 15 families to 50 in one year under                    ’10 Sam Guzman wrote an editorial on the lack of conservative
Buckley, who previously spent 14 years on the staff of Faith                 influence in the arts that was published in the Feb. 9, 2011,
Baptist Church in Sellersville, Pennsylvania.                                issue of the Christian Science Monitor.
 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
’92 Tommy Allen has been named Defensive Assistant Coach                     Alumni Deaths
for the Arkansas State University football team. He was                      .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .
previously defensive coordinator and linebackers coach at                    ’72 Kenneth Owens, who served in the ministry of four
Drake University.                                                            Wisconsin churches from 1972-2004, died Feb. 7, 2011, in
 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .   Laurel, Nebraska. He was 75. Owens served in the Air Force
’92 Bruce Trueblood was recently elected Chairman of the                     (1954-62) and was a truck driver before beginning to study for
Marathon County (Wis.) Republican Party.                                     the ministry. He is survived by his wife, Betty Jo, two children,
                                                                             10 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren.

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                                                                                                                        The Maranatha Advantage 29
         Alumni Spotlight
        on Micah Lomax

                                 he Lord works in mysterious ways—sometimes even through
                            Micah Lomax was pursuing some impressive options for
                            postgraduate studies last May: Yale, Northwestern, Pennsylvania,
                            and Penn State among them. Lomax was about to tell Florida
                            State “Thanks, but no thanks” when he found his email account
                            locked due to an expired password.
                            “I think that was the Lord’s way of preventing me from
                            declining,” Lomax said.
                            Maranatha’s 2010 valedictorian (4.0 GPA) began to rethink
                            Florida State, especially when that school offered a full tuition
                            waiver and a small stipend if Lomax would consider a teaching
                            assistant’s job. As deadlines arrived and Lomax realized “I didn’t
                            have $80,000 lying around,” he began to consider moving to
                            Tallahassee more seriously.
                            A year later, Lomax is glad the Lord works through email. He will
                            complete his master’s degree in Music Theory at Florida State in
                            the spring of 2012, and then enter a PhD program. Lomax said
                            it has been a great opportunity from both an educational and
                            ministry standpoint.

30 Spring/Summer 2011
                                                      Higher Education
                                                      This list is a sampling of Maranatha graduates enrolled in master’s,
                                                      doctorate, or Juris Doctorate programs during the 2010-1 academic
                                                      year, or expected to enroll for 2011-12.

                                                         Paul Shirk (’08): Marquette University School of Law. Shirk
                                                         served as Managing Editor of Marquette Law Review in
“One of the biggest things I love about teaching               1
                                                         2010-1 while also working as a Law Clerk for Waukesha
here is that I can look at (the students) and tell       County Circuit Court.
exactly where they are at,” Lomax said. “They
are open about everything they do, even the sin                            1):
                                                         Christina Brier (’1 Eastman School of Music, Rochester,
in their lives. It helps me work with them.”             New York. The Harp Performance major at Maranatha will
Maranatha has produced professionals for                 enroll in the Master of Music Program in Performance and
many years, but recent graduates are earning             Literature at one of the nation’s top music schools.
entrance into some of the nation’s top
universities for graduate school (see factbox).
                                                         Steve Dow (’07): University of Michigan School of
Lomax, who majored in Music Education at                 Dentistry. Dow taught in a Christian school before being
Maranatha, has earned his tuition waiver at              accepted by Michigan for 2010-1   1.
Florida State by teaching Fundamentals of
Music Theory. This three-credit class is for
music undergraduates and non-majors who                                 1):
                                                         Andrea Ray (’1 Purdue University. Ray will work within the
                                                         microbiology training group in Purdue’s Interdisciplinary Life
wish to fulfill a fine arts elective. He also works
                                                         Sciences program. Ray earned a tuition waiver while she
at a local hotel.                                        pursues a doctorate in microbiology.
The Princeton Review ranked Florida State
the No. 11 “party school” in the nation (“I
imagine there’s a rubric for these rankings,”            Greg Taylor (’10): Arizona College of Osteopathic
Lomax said.) Even in such a morally permissive           Medicine, Midwestern University. Taylor is enrolled in a
                                                         dual degree program at Midwestern that will allow him to
environment, however, Lomax said he has
                                                         earn both a master's degree in Biomedical Science and a
encountered few problems sharing his faith.              doctorate in Osteopathic Medicine. He plans to become
“Once I tell them where I earned my undergrad            an Air Force flight surgeon.
degree, it’s no big secret,” Lomax said. “You
can talk about moral codes. You can live in a
way that earns their respect. You can encourage          Daniel Brier (’07): University of Michigan. Brier won
                                                         a scholarship to pursue a master’s degree in Choral
students who are Christians.”
                                                         Conducting. He participated in a conducting masterclass
Lomax is also “very active” in the youth and             with the St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic in Russia and
music ministries of Northwoods Baptist                   received a prizewinner’s certificate.
Church. He accompanied Maranatha’s Global
Encounters team to Ukraine in late May.
                                                         Jennifer Zoller (’10): Southern New Hampshire University.
When his doctoral program is complete, Lomax             Zoller is enrolled in the Teaching English as a Foreign
would like to teach music theory in a university         Language program at Southern New Hampshire University,
or work in music research.                               where she hopes to earn a Master of Science degree as
                                                         well as state certification in Teaching English to Speakers of
“There are so many unsaved people here that,             Other Languages.
whatever I say and do, it’s different to them,”
Lomax said. “I like that aspect of my ministry
here. In that one sense, it’s easy.”
                                                                                           The Maranatha Advantage 31
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