8th+Grade+Midterm by stariya


									                               8th Grade Midterm
                                   Study Guide

Chapter 1: The World of Physical Science
1. Steps of the scientific method
2. definition of physical science & how we see it around us
3. use of models
4. SI measurements for volume, mass, length
5. Not on test: calculations
6. Short answer will be about importance of SI

Chapter 2: Properties of Matter
1. mass vs weight
2. physical and chemical properties
3. Short answer will be about relationship of mass and weight
Chapter 3: States of Matter
1. 4 states of matter
2. Boyle’s and Charles’ law
3. changes of state
4. charts on p. 72 and 73 for questions and short answer

Chapter 4: Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures
1. element chart p. 85. know examples in daily life and others than the chart
2. compounds including daily use examples
3. mixtures and how to separate them
4. solutions and how to separate.
5. states of solutions
6. colloids and suspension
7. short answer will be about how to separate elements

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