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  • pg 1
• Watch the movie- think about these
• What is ecotourism?
• What does it aim to achieve?
• Where are there examples of it
  taking place?
        What is ecotourism?
• Ecotourism is “responsible travel to
  natural areas which conserves the
  environment and sustains the
  livelihood of local people”.
National Geographic Online
• “travel that focuses on avoiding harm
  to wilderness areas and wildlife and
  wherever possible, actively contributes
  to their preservation.”
• Are we talking about the people as
• Read the handout on the Maasai
  Mara Base Camp and the Mount
  Kenya Safari Lodge
• Note down the key features of each
• Which is the more eco-friendly
  resort? Why?
Designing an eco-
  tourist resort
           Designing An Eco-
             tourist resort
• Aim: To show your knowledge and understanding of
• Task
• Draw a labelled diagram of a tourist resort that you
  have designed to be a perfect eco-tourist resort.
  Your resort can have any facilities or features that
  any resort in the world already has. Your resort
  does not have to be like any existing resort as long
  as it fulfils the requirements of an eco tourist resort
  as fully as possible.
• You should use the feature list below to give you
  some ideas but you are encouraged to come up
  with some of your own
     Things to consider: -
• Think about
• minimizing impact on the
• encouraging people to learn about
  the environment and other cultures
• ensuring the visitors and the hosts
  both have a positive experience
• ensuring that local people benefit
                    Ideas to start you off
Water heated by solar       Gardens watered only          Employs local,          Swimming Pool
         power                 with collected rain         knowledgeable
                                     water                     guides

   Large number of          Nature trail activities     High rise building        Built with local
          rooms                                                                        materials

  Expensive to stay         Local sourced food and     Hire cars organised       Recycles waste
         there                     drink served              for guests

Air-conditioning           Profits used to train up   It is a tented camp     Food is provide d to
                               Maasai guides                                     meet the needs of
                                                                                 the guests

Built near      existing   Guests help out with       Hot air balloon rides   Baths in rooms
    roads                     local   conservation       organised

Televisions in rooms       Brightly        coloured   Gift shop on site       Water comes from a
                               buildings                                         local spring

Mosquito nets              Guided walks organised     On site casino          Profits    used      to
                                                                                  protect wildlife
      Self /Peer Assessment mark
Features Description
• 1-2- You describe a few features.
• 3-4- You describe a range of features. Features are
  realistic and compatible.
• 1-2- You give simple reasons that are not related to
  ecotourism principles.
• 3-4You give reasons that are related to the
  environment or people but not both
• 5-6You give reasons that are related to both local
  people and the environment8-10You give detailed
  reasons that are related to the environment, and
  local people
• 1-2You use some simple geographical vocabulary.

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