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Document Sample
                    Ministry of Environment & Forest
                       (Animal Welfare Division)

Minutes of IInd meeting of the Sub-Committee for CPCSEA Nominee
Selection, held on 19th April, 2005 at 11:30 A.M., in Animal Welfare Division,
8th floor, Jeevan Prakash Building, 25, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi-110

The following members were present in the meeting:
   1. Dr. (Mrs.) Vasantha Muthuswamy, Sr. DDG, ICMR – Chairperson
   2. Ms. Sanober Bharucha, CUPA, Bangalore              – Member
   3. Dr. A. J. Rao, Bangalore                           – Member
   4. Shri. Raj K. Mahtolia, Member Secretary, CPCSEA – Member
   5. Shri S.B.Saroha, Under Secretary, Animal welfare Division
   6. Dr. D. Mohanty, Expert Consultant, CPCSEA
   7. Dr. Shashikumar Nair, Expert Consultant, CPCSEA

The Chairperson, while welcoming the members, thanked them for the detailed exercise
undertaken in the last meeting held on 11th September, 2003, to select nominees for
around 600 institutes. She further mentioned that the final document was yet to be
prepared on the basis of the discussions and exercise done in the last meeting. Besides,
selection is also to be made of new nominees for the institutions registered with the
CPCSEA thereafter. She also reiterated the earlier decision to appoint a link or alternate
nominee, who can attend the meeting of IAEC in case of non-availability of the main
nominee. She also added that while selecting the Nominees, it is to be ensured that one
of the nominees should be a Scientist / Technical person and the other should be an
Animal welfare Activist.

The Chairperson then called upon the Member Secretary, to take up the agenda for

The Member Secretary, while welcoming the members informed that the Minutes of the
Ist meeting of the CPCSEA Nominee Selection Sub-Committee held on 11.9.03, are not
available in the office and also there is no authenticated list of nominees available. The
Chairperson suggested that regarding the names approved by the Sub-Committee in its
Ist Meeting held on 11.9.2003, we may verify the list available in the computer of
CPCSEA Office, with the letters sent by the then Member Secretary and also with the
original manuscript available. The agenda was taken up for discussion, thereafter.

Agenda Item No. 2.1: Ratification of the un-authenticated list of CPCSEA’s
Nominees (State Wise) prepared during the 1st meeting of the Sub-
Committee held on 11th September, 2003.

The Member Secretary mentioned that on the basis of discussions held in the lst
meeting of the Sub-Committee, the then Member Secretary, CPCSEA, had written letters

to about 536 institutions, informing them about the decision of the Sub-Committee to
appoint CPCSEA Nominees to their IAECs. These letters contain names of CPCSEA

The Sub-Committee then undertook the exercise to verify the name of nominees
conveyed to the institutions, with the ‘original manuscript’ prepared in the last meeting.
However, since it was a very lengthy exercise, and, since it was observed that most of
the nominees selected, were as per the original manuscript, with only some deviation in
certain cases, it was decided that the exercise would be completed in the CPCSEA
Office. A list is to be made on the basis of the letters sent, along with amendments if
any, and to be circulated to the members of the Sub-Committee and after receipt of
inputs from them, the list is to be submitted to the Chairperson for authentication.

The Names of Nominees in Annexure I of Agenda, were compared with the names of
Nominees appointed as CPCSEA Nominees vide the letters sent by the then Member
Secretary, CPCSEA and to the hand written ‘original manuscript’ prepared after the Ist
meeting of the Sub-Committee for CPCSEA Nominee Selection held on 11.9.03. After this
comparision, the final list which has emerged is at Annexure A.

Agenda Item No. 2.2: Invalidation of the list of nominees added to the State-
wise list of Nominees after preparation of the list during the meeting held on
September 11th 2003

The Member Secretary, suggested to invalidate the 208 names in Annexure 2, as they
had been included in the list of Nominees by the Expert Consultants at the CPCSEA’s
Chennai office, after the Meeting of the Sub-Committee held in September, 2003.

After discussions, the Sub-Committee decided that if the Nominee Application Forms of
the persons from this list were available and, if they qualify for being appointed as
CPCSEA Nominees with regards to their educational qualifications and experience in
Animal Welfare, they be included as CPCSEA Nominees, since, it would be in the best
interests of CPCSEA to have more qualified and experienced nominees. It was further
decided, that application forms from the remaining candidates may be obtained and a
list of such persons, along with all particulars, may be circulated among the members of
the Sub-Committee.

The Nominee Application Forms of the list of Nominees at Annexure 2 of the Agenda
which were available, were then perused. After discussion, some of them were approved
by the Committee. The names of those nominees approved by the Sub-Committee are
included in Annexure B.

Agenda Item No. 2.3: Consideration of new applications for selection of
CPCSEA Nominees for Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC).

During the course of the deliberations, the Members decided that wherever required, in
case of replacement of existing nominees who have either changed their address or are
not in a position to function effectively as CPCSEA Nominees, would be replaced /

substituted from suitable qualified / experienced persons from Annexure 3 of the
Agenda.(New applications)

In the remaining cases as listed in Annexure C for consideration as new CPCSEA
Nominees, it was decided that the list may be updated along with their complete
addresses. From this list of new applications, the Sub-committee considered and
approved seven names. However due to paucity of time, other applications could not be
considered. Accordingly it was decided that the list may be circulated to Mrs. Sanober
Bharucha and Dr. A. J. Rao, Members of the Sub-Committee for their inputs regarding
selection of new nominees from this list. After obtaining their inputs / comments, the
final list of Nominees, who may be approved as ‘fresh’ CPCSEA Nominees, may be
prepared and sent to the Chairperson for approval.

Additional Agenda: The following additional agenda was taken up for
discussion and necessary action, with the permission of the Chair:

1. Change of Nominees
The committee decided that Since Dr. Harinarayana Rao had left CCMB and Hyderabad,
all the institutes wherein Dr. Rao had served as CPCSEA Nominee, would be substituted
by Dr. B. Dinesh Kumar.

S. No.   Institution                            IAEC Nominee    Animal        House
1        Vimta Labs, Hyd.                       Replaced by:    Animal         house
         Existing nominee:                      Dr. B. Dinesh Nominee            not
         Dr. Harinarayana Rao                   Kumar           required now
2        Kemin Nutritional I Pvt. Ltd., T. N.   Dr.          R. R.        Khursheeth
         Existing Nominee: M. A. Akbarshah      Prabhakaran     Begum

2. Allocation of nominees for newly registered institutes

S.       Institution                  IAEC Nominee             AnimalHouse
No.                                                            Nominee
1        Anuram Educational & Dr. P. Suresh                    Shri. A. Radhakrishnan
         Charitable Trust, Chennai
2        Goa Medical College, Goa Ms. Norma Alvares           Animal house Nominee
                                                              not required now
3        Shri. S. Bhagwan singh       Dr.    Dinesh   Chandra Col. Y. N. Upadhyay
         PG Institute of Medical      Purohit
         Sciences, Dehradun
4        Agra Public Institute of     Dr.    Dinesh    Chandra Col. Y. N. Upadhyay
         Technology, Agra             Purohit
5        Orissa Biological Products   Dr. K. C. Mahapatra      Animal house Nominee
         Institute, Bhubaneshwar                               not required now
6        IVRI, Mukteswar              Dr. P. Y. Guru           Dr. Swarna Lata Sharma
7        Raj Biotech, Satara          Dr. Miind G. Thorat      Animal house Nominee
                                                               not required now
8        NIN, Hyderabad               Dr. P. Prakash Babu      Animal house Nominee
                                                               not required now

Summary of IInd Meeting of Sub-Committee for CPCSEA Nominee

Annexure Number of persons who have been sent letters by the then     287
   A     Member Secretary about their selection as CPCSEA
Annexure Number of new Nominees approved by the Sub-Committee         13
   B     for Selection of CPCSEA Nominees, in their IInd meeting
         held on 19.4.2005
Annexure Number of Fresh Applicants found eligible for selection as   70
   C     ‘New’ CPCSEA Nominees

The Meeting ended with vote of thanks to the Chair.


                                                                           Annexure A

Names of persons who have been sent letters by the then Member Secretary
about their selection as CPCSEA Nominees

Andaman & Nicobar

S.   Name and Address                                   Educational      Reference
No                                                      Qualifications   No.
1.   Mrs. T.G. Aparna Singh                             B.Sc.,           191
     C/o. Udai Trading                                  (Botany)
     M.B.70, Port Blair – 744 101                       M.Sc., B.Ed.,
     Andaman & Nicobar Islands
2    Dr. S. C. Saigal,                                                   191
     Director, Regional Medical Research Centre, P.B.
     No.13, Port Blair-01, A&N Islands.

Andhra Pradesh

S.   Name & Address of Nominee                          Educational      Reference
No                                                      Qulaification    No.
1    A.Thirunavukkarasu                                 M.V.Sc.,         163
     Shantha Biotechnics Pvt.Ltd.,
     Post Box No.4, Medchal – 501 401
     Ranga Reddy Dist. Andhra Pradesh
2.   Dr.Krishna Ashrit                                  M.V.Sc.,         74
     Veterinary Profession                              Ph.D.,
     4-150/4/1, Road No.1, Sri Venkateswara Colony,
     Saroornagar, Hyderbad – 500 035
3.   Dr.H.S. Rajender Kumar                             M.V.Sc.,         37
     Veterinary Asst. Surgeon                           Veterinary
     H.No.4-1-75, ABIDS, Hanuman Tekdi, Hyderabad       Pathology
     – 500 001 Andhra Pradesh
4    Pradeep Kumar Nath                                 M.A.(Pil)        300
     Viskaha Society for Prevention of cruelty to       M.A.(Lit.)
     Animals, # 26 –15-200, Main Road,                  M.A.(Pd.)
     Viskhapatnam – 530 001                             M.A.(Pub.)
5    Dr.N.V. Sreekanth Babu                             B.V.Sc.,         220
     Chairman, Animal Care Land                         A.H.
     13-6-600-44-39, P.K.Layout
     Tirupathi – 517 501 Andhra Pradesh
6    Dr.V. Lokanatha                                    M.Sc., Ph.D.     220
     Department of Zoology, Sri Venkateswara
     University, Tirupathi – 517 502 Andhra Pradesh
7    Buddhiraju Swathi                                  B.Com.,          300
     26-15-200, Main Road
     Visakhapatnam – 530 001 Andhra Pradesh
8    Shri. G. Manjunath                                 B.Sc.,           347

     President, International Animal & Birds, Welfare   Computer
     Society, Guttur – 515 164, Anantapur (Dt), A.P.
9    Shri. A.V. Sarma, Advocate                         M.A., LLM        71
     Nyaya Bhavan
     2-2-1130/191D, New Nallakunta
     E-1, Prasantha Nagar, Hyerabad-500 044
10   Dr.M. Shiva Prakash                                M.Sc., Ph.D.     221
     No.44, Sarvasukhi Colony
     West Marredpally, Secunderabad-500 026
     Andhra Pradesh
11   Shri. J. Sai. Chaitanya Nag                        (B.Tech.,)       504
     Flat No.4, Satya Apartment
     2/9, Brodipet, Guntur – 522 002 Andhra Pradesh
12   Shri.Krishna M. Vadi                               Commerce         17
     No.1, Durga Bhavan                                 Graduate
     Rashtrapati Road, Secunderabad – 500 003
13   Ms.Vasanthi Vadi                                   Commerce         3
     Secretary SPCA                                     Graduate
     1, Durga Bhawan, Rashtrapathi Road,
     Secunderabad – 500 003 Andhra Pradesh
14   Dr. Urimindi Venkateswarlu                         M.V.Sc.,         347
     Head, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology      Dip.LSG
     No.4/29, Angrau Staff Qtrs.,
     Tripathi-517 502, Andhra Pradesh
15   V. Ramji                                           M.A.M.L.,        518
     No.18/132, Chandra Nagar
     Gopalapatnam, Viskhapatnam – 530 027
16   Shri. Prakash V. Diwan                             M.Sc., Ph.D.,    318
     Pharmacology Division
     IICT, Lippal Road, Hyderabad – 500 007, AP
17   Shri. Madhava Rao                                  B.Sc.,           164
     38-5-6, Punnamma Thota                             M.A. (Psy.)
     Vijayawada – 520 010, AP                           B.L.,
18   Dr. P.Prakash Babu                                 Ph.D.,           140
     Department of Animal Sciences
     University of Hyderabad
     Hyderabad – 500 046, Andhra Pradesh
19   Dr. K. Adilaxmamma                                 M.V.Sc.,         321
     Assistant Professor of Pharmacology &              Ph.D.,
     Toxicology, Department of Veterinary Science,
     Tirupathi, Andhra Pradesh
20   Dr.P.Suresh                                                        37
     D/o Microbiology,
     NCLAS, NIN, Hyderabad
21   Dr.S.Hariharan,                                                    53
     D/o Microbiology,
     NCLAS, NIN, Hyderabad
22   Prof. D.Balasubramaniam,                                           98

     Director of Research,
     LV Eyet Institute, Hyderabad
23   Dr.Lakshmi Ramana,                                              29
     No.8-2-414, Road No.4,
     Banjara Hill, Hyderabad.
24   Dr.Jegannadha Chella,                                           17
     National Academy of Agricultural
     Research Management,
     Rajendra Nagar, Hyderabad-30.
25   Shri. M. Bala Chandra Naidu,                                    223
     Junior Lecturer in Zoology,
     Govt. Junior College, V.Kota, Chittoor, AP.
26   Mrs. Sunita Satish,                                             98
     Flat No.106, Pearl Apartment,
     Shyamlal Building, Begumpet, Hyderabad.
27   Dr. Harinaryana Rao,                                            3
     Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology,
     Uppal Road, Hyderabad-7.


S.   Name & Address of Nominee                      Educational      Reference No.
No                                                  Qulaification
1    Dr.Goutam Narayan                                               209
     Pygmy Hog Conservation Prgramme
     Near DFO (Social Forestry), Indira Nagar
     (Nr.DFO-SF) Basistha, Guwahati – 781 029
2    Dibyajit Dutta, President                      B.E.,            209
     People for Animals, Lakhimpur                  (Electronics &
     Lachit Nagar, Lakhimpur – 787 031 Assam        Telecomm.)
3    Dr. Amrit Sagar Dehingia                       B.V.Sc., &       55
     Hapjan Block Veterinary Dispensary P.O.,       A.H.
     Makum Jn. Dist.Tinsukia                        M.V.Sc.,
     Assam                                          C.W.F.M.
4    Mr. Suresh Chandra Pathak                      B.Sc., LLB.      55
     Manik Hazarika Road
     Bengpukhuri, P.O.Tinsukia-786 125, Assam


S.   Name & Address                                 Educational      Reference No.
No                                                  Qualification
1    Shri Chittranjan P. Choudhari, Chitragupt                       196
     Colony, Ward No.12,Madhubani, Bihar-847211
2    Dr. Rahu Chandra, D2/20, Sangam Vihar,                          196
     Sonari, Jamshedpur-831011
3.   Sh. Sanjay Kumar Sinha, Thakraha Block, P.O.                    263

     Via-Nechua, Jalalpur (W. Champram), Dist
     Gopal Ganj, Bihar.
4.   Dr. Mangla Prasad Mishra, Anand Bhawan,                             274
     Morabadi (West), Ranchi University Post Office,
     Ranchi-834 008.


S.   Name & Address                                     Educational       Reference No.
No                                                      Qualification
1    Shri.S. Jayaraman                                  B.V.Sc.,          265
     Institute of Pathology (ICMR)                      M.Sc., Ph.D.,
     Safdarjang Hospital, Campus
     Post Box No.4909 New Delhi – 110 029
2    Ms.Sonya Ghosh                                     M.A.M.Phil        6
     3172, Block D, Sector III                          (English Lit.)
     Vasant Kunj New Delhi – 110 070
3    Dr.K. Muralidharan                                 Ph.D.,            1
     Professor & Head, Department of Zoology
     Delhi University, New Delhi – 110 007
4    Mr. Anil Naurya                                    Masters in        30
     No.38, A-121, New Friends Colony                   Social
     New Delhi – 110 065                                Sciences, LLB
5    Shri. Amit Chaudhary                               B.A., (Hons)      21
     E-725, Mayur Vihar II, New Delhi – 110 091         M.A., JD
6    Prof. Y.K. Gupta                                   M.B.B.S.,         208
     Department of Pharmacology                         M.D.,
     AIIMS, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi – 110 029           MNAMS
7    Ms.Geeta Seshamani,                                                  133
     VC, The Friendicoes Seca
     271 & 273, Under Defence Colony, Flyover
     (Jangpura side) Market, New Delhi – 110 014
8    Mr.Gautam Grover                                                     13
     BA/1A, Ashok Vihar
     New Delhi – 110 052
9    Dr. Amita Singh, Asst. Professor                                     5
     Centre for Study of Law and Governance, JNU
     (New Delhi)
10   Dr. Kasturi Datta                                                    40
     Prof.Special Centre for Molecular Medicine, JNU,
     New Delhi-110 067
11   Prof. Anand Kumar,                                                   265
     AIIMS, New Delhi,
12   Dr. Om Singh,                                                        136
     NII, New Delhi.
13   Dr. Q. B. Saxena,                                                    170
     ICMR, New Delhi.

14   Mrs. Geetha Manja,                                                 441
     C/o K.S. Manja, Director, DRDO, Directorate of
     Life Science, Room No.326, B-Wing, N. Delhi-1.
15   Dr. Rajalakshmi,                                                   441
     CME Coordinator, National Academy of Medical
     Science, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi.
16   Dr. S. C. Adlakha,                                                 290
     Virologist, A-391, Defence Colony, New Delhi-24.
17   Dr. P. K. Yadav, AIIMS, New Delhi.                 M. V. Sc.       5
18   Dr. Krishna Prasad, AIIMS, New Delhi.                              13
19   Dr. Harmeet Rehan,                                                 1
     D/o Pharmacology,
     Lady Harding Medical College, New Delhi-01.
20   Shri Anil Thyagi ,                                                 7
     D/o Biochemistry, South Campus,
     Delhi University, New Delhi-02.
21   Dr. S. Bhattacharya, JNU, New Delhi.                               21
22   Dr. D.N. Rao, AIIMS, New Delhi.                                    26
23   Dr. C.D. Tripathi,                                                 30
     D/o Pharmacology, Vardhman Mahavir Medical
     College, New Delhi.
24   Ms. Jagjit , Scientist SE, National Museum                         40
     Natural History, FICCI Auditorium, Barakhamba
     Road, New Delhi-1.
25   Dr. Sashi Wadhwa , D/o Anatomy,                                    116
      AIIMS, New Delhi.
26   Dr. Sarnam Singh, AIIMS, New Delhi.                                16
27   Dr. K.S. Manja,                                                    411
     Director, DRDO, Directorate of Life Science,
     Room No.326, B-Wing, New Delhi-1.
28   Dr. Subrate Singh, AIIMS, New Delhi.                               449


S.   Name and Address                                   Educational     Reference No.
No                                                      Qualification
1    Dr. Harish Chandra Jain                            B.V.Sc., &      28
     16, Vrundavan Park, Opp: Akruti Nagar, Borsad      A.H.
     Road, Anand – 388 001
2    Dr. Arvindkumar Sheth                              B.V.Sc.,        51
     ‘Sheth House’ 2 panchtirth Park                    F.R.V.A.C.,
     Irma Road, Anand – 388 001, Gujarat                (Denmark)
3    Mr.Patel Krushnarvind Babalbhai                    M.V.Sc.,        33
     J/15, Suvas Apartment, Near Park Avenue, Gulab
     Tower Road, Thaltej, Ahmedabad – 380 054,

4    Mr.Rajesh Bhavsar                                    B.Com.,         137
     60, Alkapuri, Kunj Society
     Opp:Milan Kunj Hall, Vadodara – 390 007
5    Dr.Mahesh Parikh                                     B.V.Sc., &      54
     Hon.Animal Welfare Ed.Officer                        A.H.,
     E/7, Govt. Colony, Mission Road                      M.V.Sc., LLB
     Nadiad – 387 002
6    Capt. Dilipkumar J. Mahajan                          B.V.Sc., &      87
      ‘Sarita Darshan’                                    A.H., PGDM
     Dudheshwar water works
     Shahibaug, Ahmedabad-380 004
7    Ms.Snehal Bhatt, Gujarat SPCA                        B.Sc., MSW      28
     60, Alkapuri Kunj Society
     Op: Milan Kunj Hall, Alkapuri, Baroda – 390 007
8    Shri. Amar Parekh                                    S.Y.Mech.       304
     Bhagwall Jewellers
     M.G. Road, Valsad – 396 001
9    Mr. Nitin J. Patel                                   S.Y. B.Com      33
     No.1, Om Nagar Society , Near Golden River
     Apt., Subhanpura, Vadodara – 23
10   Dr. P.B. Deshmukh                                    M.Sc., PhD      132
     Jai Research Foundation, P.O.Box No.30, GIDC,
     Vapi, Gujarat – 396 195
11   Mr. Subrato Chattopadhyay                                            87
     Vadodara SPCA,
     C/O Flexican Bellowes &Hoses Pvt. Ltd.,
     283,GIDC, Makarpura, Vadodara – 390 010
12   Dr. Shankar Naryana,                                                 358
     Torrent Pharmaceutical Ltd.,
     Village Bhat, Tal & Distt. Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat.


S.   Name & Address                                      Educational     Reference No.
No                                                       Qualification
1    Mrs. N. Savitha                                     B.A.,           382
     H.No.426/12, Ashoka Garden Colony
     Kaithar – 136 027, Haryana
2    Mr. Naveen Malhotra                                 M.S.W.          154
     3 MG Market, Opp: Bus stand                         D.L.L.
     Kaithal – 132 027, Haryana
3    Shri. Naresh Kumar Kadyan                           M.A (MC & J)    287
     President People for Animals, Haryana               PG Dip J &
     30/347, Dev Colony, Rohtak                          MC, Adv. F.
     Faridabad, Haryana                                  Tech.,Dip. F.

4    Dr. Sudhir Chhabra                              B.V.Sc., & AH    409
     S/o.Shri Satiendev Kumar
     95, Green Park, Hisar – 125 001, Haryana
5    Dr. P.K. Kapoor                                 B.V.Sc., &       154
     59-E, Street No.11, Jawahar Nagar               A.H.,M.V.Sc.,
     Hisar-125 001, Haryana                          Ph.D.,
6    Prof. K.L. Gulati                               Ph.D., Physics   305
     9/23, Old Campus, Haryana Agri. University,
     Hisar – 125 004, Haryana
7    Dr.Harbans Lal                                  PhD.             182
     Associate Professor                             Biochemistry
     No.15/8 FM, Medical Enclave, Rohtak–124 001

Jammu & Kashmir

S.   Name and Address                                Educational      Reference No.
No                                                   Qualification
1    Dr. K.L. Sharma                                 B.V.Sc.,         38
     Nai-Basti, Ward No.6, R.S.Pura, Jammu – 181
     102, Jammu and Kashmir
2    Dr. O.P. Suri,                                                   38
     Regional Research Laboratory,
     Canel Road, Jammu & Kashmir


S.   Name and Address                                 Educational      Reference No.
No                                                    Qualification
1    Dr.S.J. Nagalotimath                             M.B.B.S          84
     25, Shanta, Bauxite Road                         DCP., M.D.
     Nehru Nagar, Balgaum – 590 010
2    Ms.Sudha Narayan                                 B.Sc             90
     ‘Pranavam’, 1/1, Sultanpalya, I Cross, Behind
     Pushpanjali Talkies, Bangalore – 560 032
3    R. Shanthakumar                                  D. Pharm         102
     No.38, 25th Cross, Cubbonpet
     Bangalore-560 002, Karnataka
4    Mr. Jayasimha,                                   LLB              2
     PFA, Bangalore, 269/35, 10th Main Road, II
     Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore-560 052
5    Mr.A.G. Vasudev Raj Urs                          B.A              451
     D-22, R, PWD Qtrs.,
     B.R.P. Bhadravati (T), Shimoga (D) – 577 115
6    Ms. Suma Ramesh                                  B.Com., L.L.B    72
     D/o.K.R.Ramesh, “Muktha”, D.No.7-5-482/1
     Matadakani Road, Mangalore-575 006
7    Mr. Sharath Babu                                 B.E.,            92

     555, 10th C Main, 6th Block Rajaji Nagar,
     Bangalore – 560010
8    Dr. T. Gopal, No.17, Srinidhi                      BV.Sc.,M.V.Sc   174
     II Main, Shampur New Extension                     MS,Ph D
     Bangalore – 560 045
9    Dr.N.A. Madhyastha                                 M.Sc, P.h.D     56
     Professor of Zoology and Coordinator
     Malacology Centre, Poornaprajna College, Udupi
     – 576 101, Karnataka
10   Mr. Charles C.I.Paul                               B.Sc.,          257
     No.16-7-448, Muthu’s Compound Balmatta,
     Mangalore-575 002
11   Dr.Mrs.Shiela N. Rao                               B.V.Sc.,        34
     No.257, I Cross Hal II Stage, Indiranagar,
     Bangalore-560 038
12   Mrs.Savitha Nagabhushan                            M.A.,           9
     No.336, Ist ‘A’ Main, 7th Block West
     Jayanagar, Bangalore-560 082
13   Dr. Parameswara Naik T.                            M.Sc., Ph.D.,   113
     H.No.82, Vinobnagar II Stage
     Near Vanitha Vidyalaya, Shimoga, Karnataka
14   Mrs.Sanober Z.Bharucha                             M.A., B.Ed.,    44
     102, Landmark Apartment, No.1, Moyenville
     Road, Langford Town, Bangalore – 560 025
15   Dr.(Smt.) Kusuma Neelakantan, Department of        M.Sc., Ph.D.,   79
     Marine Biology, Karnataka University P.G. Centre
     Kodibag, Karwar – 581 303
16   Mrs.Suparna Baksiganguly                           M.A.,           20
     Flat No.302, Brigade Lavelle-I
     Lavelle Road, Bangalore-560 001
17   Mr.V. Roshan Kumar                                 B.Sc.,          285
     968 C, Muniswamappa Road                           M.Sc,Ph.D
     R.S.Palya, M.S. Nagar Post                         (pursuing)
     Bangalore – 560 033, Karnataka.
18   Shri. Vrijilesh Rai                                BDS             35
     C/o.Vallish V.
     No.117, Bull Temple Road, K.G.Nagar
     Bangalore-560 019 Karnataka
19   Mr. Prahlad                                                        95
     24/1, 17th Cross, Sithashram Road
     Malleswaram, Bangalore-560 003, Karnataka
20   Ms.Gauri Maini Hira                                B.A.,           4
     906, Barton Centre, 84 MG Road
     Bangalore-560 001
21   Mr. Sana Hulla                                                     284
     PFA, Bangalore, 269/35, 10th Main Road
     II Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore-560 052

22   Dr. A. Jagannadha Rao                               Ph.D.,           24
     Indian Institute of Science
     Bangalore – 560 012
23   Dr. S.G. Ramachandra                                M.V.Sc.,         9
     Primate Research Laboratory                         (Ph.D)
     Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore – 560 012
24   Mr. Megharaj Rajeev                                 BBM              169
     16-130, Opp: Head Post Office, Kulshekar
     Mangalore – 575 005
25   Dr. S. Shishupala                                   M.Sc., M.Phil,   97
     Department of Microbiology, Kuvempu University,     Ph.D.,
     Shivagangotri, Davangere-577 002
26   K.R. Shivakumar                                     M.Sc., (Life     63
     Technical Officer, Department of Central Animal     Science)
     Facility, Indian Institute of Science               Intnl. course
     Bangalore-560 012, Karnataka                        in Lab. Animal
27   Dr. B.R. Srinath                                    B.V.Sc.,         105
     Principal Research Scientist                        PG.Diloma for
     Central Animal Facility, Indian Institute of        LEMSIP (NY
     Sciecne, Bangalore-560 012                          Univ) NY, USA
28   Dr. H. Krishnappa                                   B.V.Sc.,         259
     Rallis India Limited, 21 & 22, Peenya Industrial    M.V.Sc.,
     Area, Phase-II, Bangalore-560 058
29   Shri. P.J. Prakash                                  M.Sc.,           90
     Rallis Research Center, Plot No.21 & 22, Peenya     (Zoology)
     Industrial Area, Phase-II, Bangalore-560 058
30   Dr. K. Venugopala Rao                               B.V.Sc.,         92
     Toxicology Department, Rallis Research Center,      M.V.Sc.,
     Plot No.21 & 22, Peenya Industrial Area             Pharmacology
     Phase-II, Bangalore-560 058
31   Dr. S.M. Sulaiman                                   B.V.Sc.,         100
     Rallis Research Center, Plot No.21 & 22, Peenya     M.V.Sc.,
     Industrial Area, Phase-II, Bangalore-560 058        Pharmacology
32   Prof. Vineeth Chand                                 M.Pharm          181
     Principal, CNK Reddy College of Pharmacy
     No.26, Ist Cross, Ist Main, Vijayanandanagar
     Nr. Police Qtrs., Nandini Layout,Bangalore-96
33   Mr. Laxman Kulkarni                                 B.Sc., L.L.B     86
     H.No.10-2-54/1, ‘Sri Rang Krupa’
     Near Mahila Mandal, Sangameshwar Nagar
     Gulbarga-585 103
34   Mr.K. Harish Babu                                   Info not         153
     S/o.T.R.Kadappa, Kattehole                          provided
     Belenahally (P), Tarikere (Tq.), Chikmagalore (D)
     – 577 288 Karnataka
35   Dr.S.V. Krishnamurthy                                                153

      Department of PG Studies and Research in
      Environmental Science, Kuvempu University,
      Jnana Sahyadri Shankaraghatta – 577 451
      Shimoga Dist., Karnataka
36    Mr. Raghavendra Rao                                               406
      No.7-5-233/1, Jawahar Nagar
      Post & Dist. Raichur – 584 101
37    Mr. Marutish                                                      56
      Megha – 3-65/71,
      VIII Cross Lohit Nagar
      Mangalore – 6, Karnataka
38    Prof. S. K. Saidapur,                             M. Sc., Ph. D   79
      D/o Zoology, University Dharwad, Karnataka.
39    Dr. P Kondiah,                                                    44
      Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore - 12
40    Dr. Basavana Gowda                                                77
      CUPA 257, I Cross Hal II Stage,
      Indira Nagar, Bangalore - 38
41.   Dr. Lohita,                                                       103
      CUPA, 257,, I Cross, Hall II Stage,
      Indira Nagar, Banagalore-38.
42.   Miss Deepali Mohan,                                               187
      CUPA, 257,, I Cross, Hall II Stage,
      Indira Nagar, Banagalore-38.
43.   Dr. T. Veera Basappa Gowda,                                       122
      D/o Biochemistry, Mysore University,
      Manasagangotri, Mysore.
44.   Dr. Mewa Singh                                                    22
      University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore.
45.   Dr. Anandhya Sinha Rana,                                          2
      Fellow, National Institue of Advanced Sciences,
      IISc Campus, Bangalore-12.
46    Dr. K. Taranath Shetty                                            4
      National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro
      Sciences, P.B. No.2900, Bangalore.
47    Shri Rabinder Nayak                                               20
      IISc, Bangalore
48    Dr. Subhash M.N.                                                  22
      National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro
      Sciences, P.B. No.2900, Bangalore.
49    Dr. K. Narayan                                                    82
      College of Veterinary Science, Hebbal,
50    Dr. P.V. Sheshagiri                                               93
      IISc, Bangalore
51    Dr. Susan                                                         193
      257, CUPA, Bangalore.
52    Dr. Anil, CUPA, Bangalore                                         310


S.    Name and Address                                 Educational     Reference No.
No                                                     Qualification
1.    Ms. I. Latha                                     M.A.,           76
      Tc 29/1030, Aarthy, Kozhiyode Lane,
      Palkulangara, Trivandrum – 695 024
2     T.V. Anilkumar, Scientist                        B.V.Sc.,        139
      Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical        Ph.D.,
      Sdciences and Technology, Poojappura
      Thiruvananthapuram – 695 012
3     Dr.P.K. Gopalakrishnan                           M.Sc.,Ph.D,L.   364
      Easwar Vilas, Press Road                         L.B,Dip.L.L.P
      Near Boat Jetty, Alappuzha – 688 011
4     Dr. Robin D. Culas,                              B.V.Sc.,        76
      T.C.31/132 (1) Kulirma, Vrindavan Compound,
      Chackai, Pettai P.O., Trivandrum-695 024
5     Dr. U.S.Ramachandran                             B.V.Sc & AH     117
      Sreeragam, Vellangallur PO
      Thrissur District – 680 662
6.    Dr. Suresh Nair                                  BVSc            502
      Professor & Head, Department of Animal
      Husbandry, College of Agriculture
      Vellayani, Thiruvananthapuram- 605 522, Kerala
7.    Shri. George Mathew                              B.V.Sc.,        117
      XI-1544, Nettissery P.O. Thrissur – 657 Kerala   M.Sc.,
8.    Dr. Sanjay Devarajan                             M.V.Sc.,        363
      TC-41/2459, Opp: Police Ground
      Thycaud PO, Trivandrum, PIN-695 014, Kerala
9.    Dr. P.A. Ommer                                   M.V.Sc.,        317
      Panigamadathil, North Trivendrum
      Valiakulam, Alleppay – 688 001, Kerala
10.   Shri. T. Kuruvilla Eapen                         M.A.,           212
      No.34/632, “Beth Shalom”
      Civil Station H.P.O., Calicut-673 020, Kerala
11.   Dr. Francis Xavier                               Ph.D.,          212
      R.V. Puram P.O. – 680 631, Thrissur, Kerala
12.   Dr. Durg Vijai Singh, Scientist                  Ph.D.,          463
      Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology Thycaud
      P.O. Poojappura, Trivandrum – 695 014, Kerala
13.   Shri. J.C. Stephenson                            B.V.Sc.         462
      “Brindas”, Mini Estate Road                      LLB
      Malayinkil (P.O), Trivandrum – 695 571, Kerala

14.   Dr. Oommen V. Oommen                                               219
      Professor and Head, Department of Zoology,
      University of Kerala, Kariavattom, Trivandrum,

Madhya Pradesh

S.    Name & Address of Nominee                         Educational      Reference No.
No                                                      Qualification
1     Sanjeev Bhartiya Dubex                            M.Com.,          327
      Bhartiya Niwas, Dist-Narsingmpur                  B.Lib, ISC.,
      Post – Karakbel – 487 114 Madha Pradeshya         HSM, DCO
2     Mr. Ajita Chowhan                                                  326
      847/N2, Habibganj, BHEL, Bhopal
3     Dr. Pradeep Lalarya,                                               327
      Molecular Biology of Embryo Implantation Group,
      R.No.317, M.P.
4     Dr. Malani Lalarya,                                                326
      Indian Principal Investigator Institutional
      Allocation, Vigyan Bhavan, Indore.


S.    Name and Address                                  Educational      Reference No.
No                                                      Qualifications
1     Dr. Vinod Tanaji Nannavare                        M.V.Sc.,         146
      Sarfaraz Nagar, Jadhav Gas Agency Road            (Surgery)
      Parbhani – 431 401, Maharashtra
2     Mr. Pramod T. Nannavare                           M.A., B.Ed.,     146
      Teacher, Phsyical Instructor at Jr.College,
      Sarfaraj Nagar, Parbhani – 431 401
3     Dr.Aniruddha V. Belsare                           B.V.Sc., &       59
      Survey No.127/A1, A2,A3, Daulat Society, Flat     A.H.
      No.1, Building 2, Kothrud, Karve Road
      Pune-411 038
4     Amisha Shah                                       N.D. Aroma       78
      HonAnimal Welfare Officer, 100 (2) ‘Rashmi        Therapist
      bunglow’, Sharkar Path, S.V. Road
      Jogeshwari (W) Mumbai – 400 102
5     Mr. Prakash Gokarn                                Diploma in       177
      A/29/6, Aai Colony, Sahar Road                    Electronic
      Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400 099
6     Dr.Mangeshkumar S. Herkar                         B.H.M.S.         171
      ‘Yashodeep’ Ashok Nagar
      Udgir-413 517, Dist.Latur (M.S.)
7     Mr. Arjun D. Shinde                                                353
      G-11/2:1, Geetanjali CHS
      Sector-4, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai-400 705, MS

8    Dr.Satish Dattajirao Bhande                                         104
     2390, New Transport Lines
     Bhawani Peth, Pune-411 042, Maharashtra
9    Mr. Ranjit Konkar                                   Ph.D.,          10
     BWC India, 4 Prince of Wales Drive
     Wanowrie, Pune-411 040
10   Lalit Gandhi                                        B.Com.,         199
     Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals,   PGDCA
     1769-E Near Archies Gallery, Rajarampuri Third
     Lane, Kolhapur-416 008, MS
11   Anjali Suresh Desai                                 B.Sc.,          306
     100, Kishor Kunj
     Opp:Assumpition Church, Near Dahanukarwadi
     Kandivli (W), Mumbai – 400 067
12   Mr. Neelimkumar Khaire                                              201
     ‘Usant’, Bunglow, Pune Satara Road
     Pune – 411 009 Maharashtra
13   Dr. Kailash Marwah                                  M.V.Sc,.        237
     7, Mandar Flats, Shivajinagar, Nagpur-440 010       Ph.D.,
14   Mr. Amitkumar M. Shah                                               278
     154/2, Jawahar Nagar
     Har-Co-Op society, Near Jain Sweet Mart,
     Goregaon (West), Bombay – 400 062
15   Rizal Gandhi                                                        529
     No.71, Vijay Chambers
     Opp: Dreamland Cinema, Mumbai – 400 004
16   Mr. Hoshang Dinshaw Bilimoria                                       413
     1/3, Najoo Mansion, Nawab Tank Bridge,
     Mazagon Docks, Mumbai – 400 010
17   Sheetal Gandhi                                                      236
     No.71, Vijay Chambers
     Opp: Dreamland Cinema, Mumbai – 400 004
18   Ms.Anupama V Pradhan                                M.Sc., B.Ed.,   186
     Plot No.33, Bhausahebsurvey Nagar, Bhamti
     Parsodi, Ring Road, Nagpur – 440 022
19   Mr.Dharmesh M. Solanki                              B.Sc.,          10
     Meghji Bldg. ‘C’ Block, 3rd Floor, Room No.35,      (Chemistry)
     Shivdas Champsi Marg,
     Mumbai – 400 009
20   Ms. Jigeesha Thakore                                Ph.D.,          48
     All India Animal Animal Birth Control Centre
     Dr.E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi East, Mumbai – 11
21   Mr.Atulkumar V. Shah                                B.Com.,         517
     A-4, Shreyas Apartment, Ashok Chakravarti Road      (Hons)
     Kandivali (E), Mumbai – 400 101                     LLB
22   Mrs.Sunanda Das                                                     104
     Founder Secretary Blue Cross Society of Pune,
     24/1, Koregaon Park, Pune-411 001

23   Dr.Subhash L. Bodhankar                            B.Sc.,          202
     Poona College of Pharmacy                          B.Pharm
     Erandawane, Pune – 411 038                         M.Sc., Ph.D.,
24   Mr. Diagambar Gadgil                               B.Sc.,          91
     No.39, Anandvan College Road                       A.F.I.I.
     Nashik – 422 005 Maharashtra
25   Anuradha Sawhney                                   B.Com.,         11
     301, West Wind II, Gandhigram Road, Juhu,
     Mumbai – 400 049
26   Dr. Dinesh Vinherkar                                               236
     30/A, Pandit Nivas, S.K. Bole Road
     Dadar (W), Mumbai – 400 028
27   Dr. S.V. Puranik, M.V.Sc.,                         M.V.Sc.,        166
     20, Vishwakrupa, Samatha Nagar, Aurangabad
28   Dr. Suresh Samnerkar                               BAM & S         91
     Vikasanand, 2118, Maharashtra
     Housing Colony, Satpur, Nasik – 422 007
29   Dr. Sanmathi Thole                                 M.B.B.S.,       279
     Thole Children’s Hospital, Opp:Jain Mandir, Raja   D.C.H.
     Bazar, Aurangabad – 431 004                        M.D., (Paed)
30   Ashish V. Pradhan                                  B.Sc.,          195
     Plot No.33, Bhansahab Survey Nagar, Ring Road
     Nagpur-440 022
31   Asit Kumaran Vellodi                               B.Com.,         443
     D-37, Green Park Co-Op Hs. Limited, Bolmj, Virar
     (West), Thane, Dist.Maharashtra
32   Dr. Arvind D.Ingle                                 MVSc., (Path)   11
     C-604, Balaji Kripa CHS, Sector-28
     Nerul (W) – 400 706
33   Prof. Anant P. Hardas                              M.Pham.,        195
     52, Madhavnagar, Nagpur – 440 010
34   Dr.H.S. Juneja, 510/Aster, Wing C                                  12
     Raheja Gardens, Wanawadi
     Pune – 411 040
35   Dr.M.B. Nandanwar                                                  166
     C/o.Mrs.S.S.Joshi, N-4, F/20
     CIDCO, Aurangabad-431 210, Maharashtra
36   Shri. Anil D. Kataviya                                             393
     Ahmednagar SPCA, Subjail Chowk, Ahmednagar-
     414 001 Marashtra
37   Ms. Gudisha Vaidya                                                 235
     Empire Mahal, C-Block, 28, Dadar East
38   Ms. Norma Alvares,                                                 23
     PFA, Goa, G-8,
     Saint Britto Apartments, Mapusa, Goa-7.
39   Dr. Meenakshi Mathur,                                              521

     No.8/AD Banglow, ICEM Hospital Campus,
     Parel, Mumbai-12.
40   Dr. Vilasrao Kadam,                                                     520
     Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Pharmacy,
     Sector-8, CMD, Navi Mumbai.
41   Dr. G. C. Mishra,                                                       45
     National Centre for Cell Science,
     Complex, Ganesh Khind, Pune-07.
42   Mr. Shriram Shinde,                                                     59
     Usant Nav-Maharashtra Society,
     Pune-Satara Road, Pune-9.
43   Dr. Kamble,                                                             516
     Veterinary Officer, MIMER Medical College,
     Talegaon, Pune.
44   Dr. Dilip Dibokar,                                                      199
     D/o Zoology, Pune University, Pune.
45   Dr. Daginawala,                                                         471
     Sr Consultant in Biochemistry,
     Central Indian Institute of Medical Science, 88/2,
     Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur.
46   Dr. Saibal,                                                             470
     Head of Biochemistry, Dr. Ambedkar College,
     Deeksha Bhoomi, Nagpur-10.
47   Dr. Sanjay Kasture,                                                     458
     Head, D/o Pharmacology,
     College of Pharmacy, Nasik, Maharashtra.


S.   Name and Address                                      Educational       Reference No.
No                                                         Qualification
1    Mr. N.R. Mansingh                                                       52
     Gundichar Nihar, III Lane
     Left side, AT:Sarvodaya Nagar
     P.O.Puri – 752 002, Orissa
2    Shri. Sangram Parida                                  B.F.A.(Applied    403
     “Sukalgani”, Old P.O. Street                          )
     Shakti Nagar, Rourkela – 769 014 Orissa
3    Dr. Satish K. Gupta,                                                    52
     Institute of Life Science, Nalco Square,
     Chandrasekhpur, Bhubaneswar-23.


S.   Name and Address                                     Educational       Reference No.
No                                                        Qualification
1    Dr. G.S. Bedi                                        B.V.Sc., &        32

    People for Animals Jalandhar, 42-Gurmeet         A.H.
    Nagar, P.O.Model town, Near Powar Market
    Mithapur Road, Jalandhar – 144 003
2   Ms. Payal Sodhi,                                                 286
    C/o.PFA, Chandigarh, No.1522/Sector II,
    Chandigarh-160 001 Punjab
3   Dr. S. Majumdar                                  M.B.B.S.,       32
    Research Block “B” , Department of               DCH., M.D.,
    Experimental Medicine and Biotechnology          Ph.D.,
    PG Institute of Medical Education & Research,    FNASC.,
    Chandigarh – 160 012
4   Dr. Sandeep K. Jain                              B.H.M.S.,       296
    G-733, Jain Mandir Road
    Sunder Nagar, Basti Jodhewal, Ludhiana
5   Suparna-Saraswati                                M.A. History    42
    SCO-6, II Floor, Sector 17-E, Chandigarh
6   Dr. Soshil Ratan                                                 178
    23 Sandhya enclave, Majitha Road, Amritsar –1
7   Dr. P. Ramarao,                                                  42
    Prof. & Head, D/o Pharmacology & Toxicology,
    National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education
    & Research(NIPER),
    Sector-67, SAS Nagar, Mohali.

Tamil Nadu

S.No Name & Address of Nominee                       Educational     Reference No.
1    Dr. M. Naseema                                  M.Sc., Ph.D.,   99
      No.5, 10th Street, Kamaraj Nagar,
     Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-41
     (Old Address: Animal Facility, TB Research
     Centre, Chetpet, Chennai-600 031)
2    Mr. K. Sadasivan Pillai                         M.Sc., Ph.D.,   165
     Quality Assurance Manager
     FIPPAT, Padappai – 601 301
3    Dr.Ms.Shaleesha Stanley                                         145
     1-B, Block-III, Triveni Apartments
     Kuppam Beach Road
     Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600 041
4    Dr.V. Amalan Stanley                            M.Sc.,          65
     1-B, Block-III, Triveni Apartments
     Kuppam Beach Road
     Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai-600 041
5    Mr. C. Gunasekaran                                              49
     Department of Zoology, Bharathiar University,

     Coimbatore – 641 046
6    Mr. A. Yagamoorthi                                            513
     Pondicherry University, Centre for Futures
     Studies Science & Humanities Buildings,
     Kalapet, Pondicherry-605 104
7    Ms. Sudha                                                     227
     5/1, 1st Street, Nawab Habibullah Avenue,
     Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600 006
8    Dr. G.Ilangovan                               B.V.Sc.,        143
     508, SK Street, Amburpet,
     Vaniyambadi-635 751, Vellore District
9    Ms. E. Sujatha                                                400
     5/1, First Street, Nawab Habibullah Avenue,
     Nungambakkam, Chennai – 6
10   Dr.Go.Bharani                                 MBBS., MD.,     143
     1208, Phase-2, Sathuvachary
     Vellore-632 009, Tamil Nadu.
11   Dr.M.C. Sathyanarayana                        Ph.D.,          125
     AVC College, Mannampandal
     Myiladuturai – 609 305 Tamil Nadu
12   Dr. Upendra Bhatnagar                                         25
     Orchid health Care, R&D Centre
     Plot No.476/14, Old Mahabalipuram Road,
     Sholinganallur, Chennai-119.
13   Dr. M.A. Akbarsha, Head,                      M.Sc., Ph.D.,   207
     Department of Animal Science
     Bharathidasan University
     Trichy – 620 024, Tamil Nadu
14   Dr.P. Krishnamoorthy                          B.V.Sc.,        68
     No.40, Third Street, V.R.Puram
     Saligramam, Chennai-600 093
15   Dr.R. Raveendran                                              68
     Associate Professor, Dept. of Pharmacology,
     JIPMER, Pondicherry-6
16   Dr.S.S. Murugan                               Ph.D.,          67
     No.2, Kalpana Nagar
     East Tambaram, Chennai-600 059
17   Dr. Swaminathan                                               402
     Department. of Zoology
     Thiayagaraja Arts College, Madurai-9
18   Dr. Balakrishnamurthy                         Ph.D., D.Sc.,   124
     IIBAT, Padappai-601 301, Tamil Nadu
19   Shri. Paul. Jeevanandam                       M.Sc., M.Phil   533
     14, Thendral Nagar
     Porayar – 609 307, Mayiladuturai-Via
20   Mareein Joseph                                M.Phil          152
     4-7, Parkland Apartment
     Natasan Street, Harington Road

     Chetpet, Chennai-600 031
21   Sanjay Molur                                   M.Sc.,            447
     Zoo Outreach Organisation
     28-1, Bharathi Colony, PB 1863 Peelamedu,
     Coimbatore – 641 004
22   Dr. Sripathi Kandula                           Ph.D.,            156
     Reader, School of Biological Sciences,
     Madurai Kamaraj University,
     Madurai – 625 021
23   Dr. Y. Udaya Bhaskara Rao                      M.V.Sc.,          89
     Deputy Director, Pasteur Institute of India,
     Coonoor-643 103, Nilgiris (TN)
24   Shri. E.P. Kumar                               M. Pharm          477
     Asst. Professor, Department of Pharmacology,
     JSS College of Pharmacy, Post Box No.20
     Ootacamund – 643 001
25   Shri. G. Jayachandran                          M.A.              65
     No.17, R.V. Nagar Main Road                    M.L.,Ph.D
     Anna Nagar East, Chennai-2
26   Dr. Subhash Chandran Parija                    MBBS., M.D.,      513
     Professor and Head, Department of              Ph.D.,
     Microbiology, Jawaharlal Institute of PG
     Medical Education, and Research (JIMER)
     Pondicherry-605 006
27   K. Harilakshmi                                 B.V.Sc.,          534
     No.22/14, Madura Kavi Street
     Sundaram Colony, East Tambaram
     Chennai-600 059
28   Dr. G. Ramaswmay                                                 373
     Reader in Zoology, VP, AVC College,
     Mayiladuthurai, Mannampandal – 609 305
29   Dr. B. Sekar                                   M.D.,             283
     Central Leprosy Teaching and
     Research Institute,Chengalpattu –603 001
30   Captain K.M. Rajasekaran                       M.Sc.,            156
     Dept. of Botany, The Madura College            M.Phil
     Madurai – 11
31   Dr. C.H. Shashindran                           M.D.,             232
     Dept. of Pharmacology, JIPMER
     Pondicherry – 605 006
32   Dr. Mani                                       B.V.Sc.,          281
     Pasteur Institute of India                     M.V.P.H., DIM.,
     Coonoor – 643 103, The Nilgiris                PGDEE.
     Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
33   Shri. Arunjunai Rajan                          M.Sc., M.Phil.    446
     Lecturer in Microbiology                       Zoology
     Ayya Nadar Janaki Ammal College
     Sivakasi (West) – 626 124

34    Ms. Preetha Babu,                                B.Sc Nutrition    230
      No.10/4, Green Corner Apartments, 4th Main       & Dietetics,
      Road, R.A. Puram, Chennai-28                     MBA, M.Sc.
35    Mr. J. Vimalathan,                                                 478
      7th Floor, Tidel Park, No. 4, Canal bank Road,
      Taramani,, Chennai-600 113
36    Shri. J. Pragadeeswaran,                                           244
      Tata Consultancy Service, IMAN Team,
      No.185, Ground Floor,
       Lloyds Road, Gopalapuram,
       Chennai-600 086
37    Mr.Nigel Olter, IPAN                                               49
      HillView Farms, Animal Reguge
      Mavanhalla Post, Masinigudi
      Nilgiris-643 223 (TN)
38    Dr. J. Ramkrishna                                                  25
      U-91/12, 5th Main Road
      Anna Nagar, Chennai-600 040
39    Smt. Prema Veeraraghavan                                           99
      No.13, Kala Flats, 172, Habullah Road,
      T.Nagar, Chennai-600 017
40    Dr. Ajitkumar,                                                     190
      National Centre for - Biological Science,
      P.B.No.6501, G.K.V.K. Campus,
      Hebbal, Bangalore–560 065
41    Mrs. Muneera                                                       308
      d/o Dr. A.L. Abdussattar,
      No.4, 9th Street, Gandhi Nagar,

Uttar Pradesh

S.   Name and Address                                    Educational      Reference No.
No                                                       Qualification
1    Mr. Vivek Roy                                       B.A.,            333
     Office of the Gorakhpur SPCA
     Vikas Bhawan, II Floor, Commissioner’s Court
     Comound, Gorakhpur – 273 001, UP
2    Dr. Vijay Pathak                                    B.V.Sc.          14
     K-C-5, Old Kavi Nagar
     Gaziabad – 201 062, Uttar Pradesh
3    Mr. Vivek Sharma                                    B.Tech.,         176
     C/o.Dr. N.D. Sharma                                 PGDPE
     Arjun Ganj, Village Ahmamu
     Lucknow – 226 003, Uttar Pradesh
4    Dr. Narendra Dev Sharma                             B.V.Sc.,         27
     Doctor’s Pets Creche Animal Welfare Trust Vill.

     Ahmamau, P.O.Arjunganj
     Sultanpur Road, Lucknow – 226 002
5    K.R.Bharadwaj                                                        64
     M-2/204, Vinay Khad, Gomtinagar
     Lucknow-226 010
6    Colonel Y.N. Upadhayaya                              B.V.Sc., &      47
     No.24, Manvihar, AWHO Colony, Agra Cantt.            A.H.,
     Agra Cantt., Agra – 282 001                          M.V.Sc., (AH)
7    Ms.Ashima Sharma                                     Graduate        47
     J-246, I Patel Nagar
     Ghaziabad –201 002, Uttar Pradesh
8    Ms.Anita Srivasatava                                 B.Sc.,          488
     No.57, Navaiya,Ganesh Ganj, Lucknow-226 018
9    Prof. H.C. Joshi                                     B.V.Sc.,        46
     Kalawati Colony, Haldwani-263 139, U P               Ph.D.,
10   Dr. Rahul Chandra                                    M.V.Sc.,        14
     Veterinary Officer, State Veterinary Hospital,
     Badagaon – Sitapur, UP
11   Dr. Balvir Singh                                     Ph.D.,          206
     Kanalichhina, Pithoragarh – 262 541, Uttranchal
12   Dr. Dinesh Chandra Purohit                           M.V.Sc.,        41
     510/157, Prem Niwas
     New Hyderabad Colony, Lucknow – 226 007
13   Mr. Kanhaiya Lal Gautam                              B.Com., LLB     167
     Koyala Wali Gali, Holigat , Mathura, UP
14   Dr. Surinder Singh                                   M.B.B.S.        251
     National Institute of Biologicals, A-32, Sector-62   M.D.,
     Noida-201 301, Uttar Pradesh
15   Dr. D.K. Saxena                                      M.Sc., Ph.D.,   456
     Head, Embryotoxicology, Industrial Toxicology
     Research Centre, PB.No.80, MG Marg,
16   Dr. R.B. Raizada                                     M.Sc., Ph.D.,   457
     Pesticide Toxicology Lab., Industrial Toxicology
     Research Centre, PB.No.80
     MG Marg, Lucknow-226 001
17   Dr. (Miss.) Swarna Lata Sharma                       M.Sc., Ph.D.,   332
     “Sharmabeej Bhawan”, 320-Kali Bari, Bareilly         (Botany).,
     PIN-243 005, Uttar Pradesh                           B.Ed., L.L.B.
18   Dr. Sudhir Srivastava                                MBBS., M.D.,    395
     Dy.Director and Head, Division of Toxicology         (Pathology)
     CDRI, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
19   Dr. P.Y. Guru                                        M.Sc.,          31
     Head, Division of Laboratory Animal, CDRI            (Zoology)
     Lucknow-226 001, Uttar Pradesh
20   Shri Anil K. Balapure                                                46
     E-5/1 Papermill Colony, Lucknow-06.

21   Dr. Aparna Tripathi                                                 27
     Blackie’s Villa, C-179/197, Shastri Nagar,
     Betlahata, Gorakhpur – 273 001 Uttar Pradesh
22   Dr. Y.K. Gupta,                                                     43
     Industrial Toxicology Research Centre,
     Mahatama Gandhi Marg, P.B. No.80, Lucknow-1.

West Bengal

S.   Name and Address                                   Educational
No                                                      Qualification
1    Mr. Biswajit Lahiri                                B.Sc.,          36
     1/7, Bhutnath Mukherjee Road
     Sibpur, Howrah – 711 102
2    Lt.Col. S.R. Bannerjeer WWF                                        115
     Indian Eastern Regional Office, Tata Centre,
     V Floor, 43 Chowringhee Road, Calcutta-37
3    Dr. Prabir Kumar Mitra                             M.V.Sc.,        36
     38, Satyen Ghosh Lane, P.O.Chandannagar
     Dist.Hooghly – 712 136, West Bengal
4    Mr.Narendra Nath Mukherjee                         B.Com.,         369
     Vivekananda Nagar, P.O.Podram,
     Dist-Howrah-711 109, West Bengal
5    Mr. Dhruba Mukherjee                                               73
     38, Beniapara Lane, P.O.Serampore
     Dist.Hooghly-712 20 West Bengal
6    Abhijit Dhar                                                       276
     P-43, Babu Bagan Lane,
     Dhakuria, Calcutta-700 031
7    Dr. Renuka Sen Gupta                               Ph.D.,          50
     Diplab Private Limited, No.146/8B, Lake Garden
     Calcutta – 700 045, West Bengal
8    Ms. Bonani Ghosh                                   M.A.,           50
     18, Southern Avenue, Calcutta – 700 026
9    Prof. Antony Ghomes,                                               214
     University of Calcutta, Acharya Prafulla Chandra
     Road, Calcutta-09.
10   Shri Mohan Kumar,                                                  138
     Indian Institute of Chemical Biology,
     4, Raja S.C. Mullick Road,
     Jadavpur, Calcutta-32.

Total Number of Nominees as per the letters sent by the then Member Secretary,
on the basis of the Original Hand Written Manuscript prepared in the Ist Meeting
of the Sub-Committee for CPCSEA Nominee Selection held on 11.9.2003 is 287

                                                                  Annexure B
The following new Nominees were appointed by the Sub-Committee for Selection of
CPCSEA Nominees, in their IInd meeting held on 19.4.2005.

S.  Name & Address                        Educational         Experience
No.                                       Qualifications
1   Dr. Atul J. Kansagara                 B. V. Sc.           R. & D.
    G-31, Priyadarsany Colony, N/5,
    CIDCO,        Aurangabad     431003
2   Dr. Nitin Shetty K. M.                M. Sc., Ph. D.      Research
    Prema Mabu, R-Type Row House
    No. 3, C-1, Sara Nagar, N-1,
    CIDCO, Aurangabad – 431003
3   Dr. Mrs. Madhumanjiri M. Gatne        M. V. Sc., Ph. D.   IAEC Member
    Dept.      of     Pharmacology    &
    Toxicology, Bombay Veterinary
    College, Parel, Mumbai – 400012.
4   Dr. Pawar Sharat Daulatrao            M. V. Sc.           Veterinary Doctor
    Dept.      of     Pharmacology    &
    Toxicology, Bombay Veterinary
    College, Parel, Mumbai – 400012.
5   Dr. Vaibhav Shantaram Shinde          M. V. Sc.           Veterinary Services
    CDTL-Mumbai, 4th Floor, ESIS
    Hospital Bldg., Road No. 33, Wagle
    Estate, Thane – 400 607.
6   Dr. Mrs. Anagha Deepak Apte           M. Sc., Ph. D.      Curator in Med. College
    B-11, Poorva CHS, Panchpakhadi,
    Thane – 2.

S.  Name & Address                     Educational            Experience
No.                                    Qualifications
7   Dr. Neeraj Khatri                  M. V. Sc.              IAEC Member
    Animal    Facility,  Institute  of
    Microbial Technology, Sector 39 A,
    Chandigarh 160036.

Tamil Nadu:
S.  Name & Address                        Educational         Experience
No.                                       Qualifications
8   Dr. M. Sugumaran                      B. V. Sc.           Animal Welfare
    India Project for Animals & Nature,
    Hill View Farm, Mavanalla and PO.
    The Nilgiris 643223. T.N.
9   Dr. S. Sivakumar                      M. V. Sc.           Convener of IAEC
    Research Officer, Pateur Institute
    of India, Coonoor-643103, Nilgiris,
10 Dr. P. Kannan                          M. V. Sc., Ph. D.   Research Officer
    Research      Officer, Tuberculosis
    Research Centre, Chetput, Chennai
    - 31
11 Ms. Bhuvaneswari M.                    Doing M. Sc.        Working in AWBI
    No. 7/9C, Masthan Gori Street,
    Adambakkam, Chennai - 600088
12 Dr. R. Sheela Devi                     M. Sc., M. Phil, Ph. Teaching & Research
    Dept. of Physiology, Dr. ALM          D.
    PGIBMS, Taramani, Chennai – 113
13 Dr. B. Jayachandran Dare               M. V. Sc., Ph. D.   IAEC Member
    No. 45, Main Road, St. Thomas
    Mount, Chennai – 600016.

Total Number of New Nominees approved during the IInd Meeting = 13

                                                                                   Annexure C
                            (List of New Applications Received)
After thorough Scrutiny by the CPCSEA Office, the following
applications have been found eligible for selection as ‘Fresh’ CPCSEA

 S.No.            Name & Address                 Qualifications              Experience
1        Dr. Mangla Prasad Mishra              M. Sc., Ph. D.      Working as animal activist for
         Anand Bhawan, MOrabadi (West),                            last 10 yrs.
         Ranchi niversity PO, Ranchi-834008
2       Dr. Ram Avtar Luthra                   M. V. Sc., Ph. D.   Treating animals, Providing
        Dept. of Animal Reproduction,                              consultancy to Blue Cross
        Gyunaec. & Obst., College of Vet.
        Sciences, CCS, HAU, Hisar-125004
3       Dr. S. K. Nagpal                       M. V. Sc., Ph. D.   Promotion of activities for
        Dept. of Vety. Anatomy, CCS, HAU,                          animal welfare
4       Anil Sood                              M. Sc.              Non Mentioned
        Vaccinologist, # 1586, Sector 15,
5       Dr. Gurdial Singh                      Ph. D.              IAEC Member
        Dept. of Vety. Anatmy, CCS, Haryana
        Agri. Univ., Hisar-125004
6       Dr. Trilok Nanda                       Ph. D.              Not mentioned
        Det. of Animal Biotech., CCS, HAU,
Andhra Pradesh
7       Dr. B. Dinesh Kumar                    Ph. D.              Associated with drug evaluation
        Drug Toxicology Research Centre,                           programme for 20 yrs.
        NIN, Osmania, Hyderabad-7
8       Dr. P. Uday Kumar,                     M. D.               Involved in animal
        C-8, Vikrampuri Colony, Lane opp.                          experimentation for 12 yrs.
        Apollo Hospitals, Secunderabad – 9
9       Dr. Syed S. Y. H. Qadri                M. V. Sc.           15 yrs. experience in SPCA,
        H. No. 12-13-485/A/1, St. No. 14,                          PFA, Ex-Expert Consultant
        Behind Tarnaka Tent House, Tarnaka,                        with CPCSEA
        Secunderabad – 17
10       Dr. B. Dinesh Kumar            Ph. D.                     Involved    in    Drug
         Sr. Scientist, Drug Toxicology                            Evaluation
         Research Centre, NIN, Osmania,                            (Already Considered in
         Hyderabad – 500007.                                       the IInd Meeting)
West Bengal
11      Dr. A. K. Chakraborty                  M. V. Sc., Ph. D.   Veterinary Surgeon for 10 yrs.
        311/8, nagendra Nath Road, DumDum,
        Kolkata – 28
12      Dr. Capt. Kamal Kanti Dutta            M. V. Sc.           Not Mentioned
        164, Maniktala Main Road, Kolkata-59
13      Dr. Prabhat Kumar Samanta              M. V. Sc., Ph. D.   Member of PFA and IAEC
        64/1/14, Belgachia Road, Kolkata-37

14       Prof. Dr. N. K. Lohiya                     M. Sc., Ph. D.,      Teaching & Research
         Dept. of Zoology,                          FNASc, FAMS
         Univ. of Rajasthan,
Jammu & Kashmir
15       Prof. Dr. A. K. Verma                      M. Sc., M. Phil.,    Involved in Animal Welfare
         R/0 H. No. 77, Bakshi Nagar, Jammu-        Ph. D.
16       Dr. V. K. Gupta                            M. Sc., Ph. D.       Involved in Animal welfare
         Animal House, Regional Research                                 Activities
         Lab., (CSIR), Canal Road, Jammu – 1
17       Dr. Kishore Chandra Mahapatra              M. V. Sc.            Associated with Animal
         5202, Gautam Nagr, P. O. BJB Nagar,                             shelters, Wild life Organisations
         Bhubaneswar-751014                                              (Already Considered in the
                                                                         IInd Meeting)
18       Yanbo Lotha                                B. Sc., B. A.        Not Mentioned
         Post Box-38, Wokha-797111,
Madhya Pradesh
19       Dr. Ajay                                   M. Sc., Ph. D.       Associated with PFA
         E 4, Patel Nagar, Raison Road, Blwdr
20       Dr. Rajendren S.                           Ph. D.               19 yrs. experience in CRO
         JRF, Vapi, PB No. 30, GIDC
21       Dr. Tejal Ricky Gandhi                     M. Pharm, Ph. D.     Associated with Shri. Sarva
         16, Milan park, Nr. President Hotel,                            Dharm Jivdaya Sangh
         Navrangpura, Ahmedabad – 9
22       Dr. A. Sankaranarayanan                    M. V.Sc., Ph. D.     Not Mentioned
         Senior Advisor (Discovery) Torrent
         Research Centre, Bhat – 382428
23       Prof. Dr. Y. K. Agrawal,                   Ph. D., D. Sc., D.   Associated with biodiversity &
         Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma               Sc. (U. K.)          IAEC Member
         University of Science & Tech.,
         Saskhej-Gandhinagr Highway,
Uttar Pradesh
24       Amit Kumar Gupta                           B. Pharm             Involved in Animal Welfare
         122, Shastri nagr, Ikauna, Sravasti (UP)                        activity once
         – 271845
25       Dr. Magan Kumar Agarwal                    M. Sc., Ph. D.       Involved in conservation of
         Head, P. G. Dept. of Zoology, A. S.                             Wild animals
         College, Mawana (Meerut) 250401
New Delhi
26       Shashi Dhar Mehta                          B. Sc., DMLT,        4 years as animal activist, PFA,
         D-14, patel Chest Flat Dhaka Complex,      PGDJ                 Karuna, Veg. society of Delhi
         Delhi – 110009
27       Dr. Rajul Saxena                           M. V. Sc.            Not Mentioned
         WC-47, Double Story Colony, IARI
         Campus, Pusa, New Delhi
28       Dr. Ravindra Sharma                        M. V Sc., VPH &      Associated with Primate
         C-7, MCD Officers Flats,                   LPT                  research facility at AIIMS

        R Block, Greter Kailash – I,
         New Delhi -48
29      Deepak Bhatia                             M. Sc., Diploma in   Associated with animal welfare
        DB-81/C, Rajouri Garden,                  Lab. Animal          activities for 16 yrs.
        G-8, AKEA,                                Science
        New Delhi – 64
30      H. L. Attri                               M. Sc.               Served as Director & Member
        Flat No. 114, plot No. B-6, Sector 4,                          Secretary, CPCSEA, 7 yrs. exp.
        Rohini Selhi – 85                                              in animal expts. & welfare
31      Dr. Kavitha Rani B.                       M. V. Sc.            Involved in research
        C7/22, Tetragon Chemie Pvt. Ltd.,
        KSSIDC Industrial Area, Yelahanka
        New Town, Bangalore – 64
32      Dr. S. Ramachandra Setty                  M. Pharm., Ph. D.    18 yrs. in animal expts.
        SCS College of Pharmacy,
        Harapanahalli 583131, Dist.
33      Dr. T. Veerabasappa Gowda                 M. Sc., Ph. D.       Teaching & Research
        DOS Biochemistry, Manasayangotri,
34      Dr. Pinaki Prasad Sengupta                M. V. Sc., Ph. D.    Life Member of Indian
        PD-ADMAS, IVRI Campus, Hebbal,                                 Associate for Advancement of
        Bangalore – 24                                                 Vtey. Parasitology
Tamil Nadu
35      Dr. S. Selvakumar                         M. Sc., Ph. D.       Not Mentioned
        DDE, Annamalai University,
        Annamalainagar 2
36      Dr. P. S. Venkatesan                      M. V. Sc.            Worked in Blue Cross, PFA, 7
        7/12, 10th Street, TVS Nagar, PADI,                            yrs. in animal care & welfare
        Chennai, 600050                                                activities
37      Dr. B. Kumaran                            M. Sc., M. Phil.,    Not Mentioned
        Dept. of Zoology, K. M. Centre for PG     Ph. D.
        studies, Lawspet, Pondy-8
38      Prof. Dr. K. Balasubramanian              M. Sc., M. Phil.,    Not Mentioned
        Dept. of Endocrinology, Univ. of          Ph. D.
        Madras, PGIBMS, Taramani, Chennai
        – 13.
39      Prof. Dr. M. Michael Aruldhas             M. Sc., M. Phil.,    Member of IAEC
        Dept. of Endocrinology, Univ. of          Ph. D.
        Madras, PGIBMS, Taramani, Chennai
        – 13.
40      Dr. K. Kumaragurubaran                    B. V. Sc.            2 ½ yrs. exp. in care and
        No.5, Thiruppur, Kumaran Street Extn.,                         maintenance of Lab. animals.
        Srinivasa Nagr, New Perungalathur,
        Chennai – 63
41      Dr. P. Suresh                             M. V. Sc.            Breeding of poultry & training
        Plot 36/3, Door 16/1, Second St.,                              of pet animals
        Mangali Nagar, Arumbakkam, Chennai
42      Dr. R. Gnanasekar                         B. V. Sc & AH, M.    Not mentioned
        Kemin Nutritional Tech I Pvt. Ltd, K 3,   Sc.
        11th Cross, SIPCOT, Gummodipundi
43      Dr. R. Prabakaran                         M. V. Sc., Ph. D.    Conducting certificate course in

         W-510, 9th Street, C Sector, Ana Nagar,                           Animal Welfare
         Western Extn., Chennai – 101
44       Dr. K. Revathi                            M. Sc., M. Phil, B.     Worked with Rats Quails
         No.6, Old No. 8, Tenth Street,            Ed., Ph. D., F. S. E.
         Nandanam Extn.,                           Sc.
         Chennai – 35
45       Dr. R. Xavier                             M. V. Sc.               Animal Welfare Activist
         C/o Mrs. Aruna Joan, Door No.. A, No.
         8, Venkat Dharshan Apts. II Canal
         Cross Street, Gandhi Nagr, Adayar,
46       Dr. K. R. mani                            M. V. Sc., Ph. D.       Hon. Animal welfre Officer
         Pasteur Institute of India, Coonoor –
47       Dr. (Miss) N. S. Sayeeda                  Ph. D., P. D. F.        Worked as Expert Consultant,
         # 1036, 12th Sector, 73rd Street, K. K.                           CPCSEA
         Nagr, Chennai
48       Dr. Rajveer Singh Pawaiya                 M. V. Sc., Ph. D.       Chairman of IAEC
         Scientist, Southern Regional Research
         Centre, CSWRI, Mannavanur,
         Kodaikanal 103
49       Prof. M. Michael Aruldhas                 M. Sc., M. Phil., IAEC Member
         Dept. of Endocrinology, Univ. of          Ph. D.            (Already Considered in
         Madras, PGIBMS, Taramani,                                   the IInd Meeting)
         Chennai – 113.
50       Mrs. Kursheeth Begum                      B. Com         Working in AWBI for 3 yrs.
         M. P. Blossom, 65, East Mada                             (Already Considered in
         St., Villiwakkam, Chennai - 49                           the IInd Meeting)
51       Dr. R. Prabhakaran                        M. V. Sc., Ph. Involved in Animal Welfare
         Professor, Distance Edu. Cell,            D.             (Already Considered in
         TANUVAS, W-510, 9th Street, C                            the IInd Meeting)
         Sector, Anna Nagar, Western
         Extn., Chennai 101.
52       Shri. A. Radhakrishnan                    B. A.                   Working in AWBI for 3 yrs.
         No. 134, II St. Ambedkar Nagar,                                   (Already Considered in
         Kolathur, Chennai - 99                                            the IInd Meeting)
53      Dr. Sasikumar Menon                        M. Sc., Ph. D.          Active wildlife enthusiast,
        TDM Lab., Plot No. 194, Scheme No.                                 member of BNHS, AWBI
        6, Road No. 15, Sion (East), Mumbai –
54      Dr. Manojkumar B. Adsul                    M. V. Sc.               Not Mentioned
        B-4, Vishal Park, Magarpatta,
        Hadapsar, Pune – 411028
55      Dr. Atul Jamanbhai Kansagara               B. V. Sc.               In House Veterinarian
        G 31, Priyadarsany Colony, N/5,
        CIDCO, Aurangabad 431003
56      Dharmendra B. Goswami                      B. Pharm.               Representative for IAEC for 2
        Guruprasad, Plot No. 20, Ishdan                                    years.
        Housing Sciety, Paud Road, Kothrud,
        Pune – 411029
57      Dr. C. G. Raut                             M. V. Sc., D. M.        Veterinarian for 14 yrs.,
        NIV, 20 A, Dr. Ambedkar Road, P. B.        V.                      Member of NAWAR

       No. 11, Pune – 1
58     Rajendra Vasant Sheorey                M. Pharm             Noty mentioned
       45 B2 Manohar Apts., Hill road,
       Gokulpeth, Nagpur - 10
59     Dr. K. N. Kohale                       M. V. Sc.            10 yrs. exp. in care, breeding,
       NCCS, University Campus,                                    management & Exot. on
       Ganeshkhind, Pune – 411007                                  animals.
60     Dr. Sanjeevkumar P. Deshmukh           M. V. Sc.            Animal Welfare activities.
       Flat # 1, Arya Tower, Nr. Community
       Centre, N-2, CIDCO, Aurangabad 210
61     Dr. Sanjay narayan Motiwale            M.B.B.S., D.L.O.     Not Mentioned
       8, Yugantar Society, Plot No. M-7,
       CIDCO, N-9, Aurangabad-3
62     Dr. Rajan Goel                         M. Pharm, Ph. D.     Involved in Lab. Animal Care
       Lupin Research Park, 46A/47A,                               for 10 yrs. & member of IAEC
       Village-Nande, Taluka-Mulshi, Pune –
63     Dr. Sharad K. Sharma                   M. V. Sc., Ph. D.    12 yrs. exp. in animal care &
       Lupin Research Park, 46A/47A,                               breeding, member of IAEC.
       Village-Nande, Tal.-Mulshi, Pune–42
64     Dr. Pascoal Carvalho                   M. Sc., Ph. D., M.   Worked on alternatives to
       B-7, Benmar, Rajaramwadi, Hill Road,   D.                   animal expts.
       Bandra (W), Mumbai – 50
65     Dr. Milind G. Thorat                   M. V. Sc., Ph. D.    Veterinarian
       K.N.P. College of Vety. Science,                            (Already Considered in the
       Shirwal, Dist. Satara – 412801                              IInd Meeting)
66     Dr. V. K. Shrivastava                  B. V. Sc.            Certificate in Animal Welfare
       A-302, Lake Castle, Hiranandini
       Gardens, Powai, Mumbai 76
67     Dr. Vishwas D. Sangle                  Ph. D.               20 yrs. in animal expts.
       Shree Dhootpapeshwar Ayurvedic
       Research Foundation, Tilak Road,
       Panvel, 410206
68     Mrs. Namita Kaktikar                   B. Sc., D. Pharm.    Having own Animal House
       Suvidha Hsg. Sai-Raj Bungalow,
       Aundh Road, Pune 411003
69     Dr. Mukul Pore                         M V. Sc., Ph. D.     17 yrs. exp. in Lab. Animal
       New Ajantha Avenue, 4-A1-10, Paud                           Welfare, member of SPCA
       Road, Kothrud, Pune 38
70     Dr. Rohini Sivabalan                   M. Sc., Ph. D., D.   Not Mentioned.
       Dept. of Zoology, R. Ruia College,     H. Ed.
       Matunga, 19

Total Number of applications for nominees found suitable for appointment as fresh
CPCSEA Nominees, after scrutiny = 70


Shared By:
Description: Shri. Naresh Kumar Kadyan, Founder Chairman, People for Animals (PFA) Haryana, 30 / 347, Dev Colony, Rohtak, Haryana