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					      Funder        Title                                                 Details                                Deadline           Amount

                                                                                                                Sept. 22 (for
                                            This scheme makes 30 awards annually and funds research in
                                                                                                               institutions to
AXA                 Postdoctoral Fellowship the broadly defined areas of - environmental, life and societal                          Salary

                                            Long-term: Funds early career overseas researchers to, under
                                            the guidance of their hosts, conduct cooperative research with
Japanese Society                            leading research groups in universities and other Japanese                                Travel,
for the Promotion   Postdoctoral Fellowship institutions, thereby permitting them to advance their own          Sept. 2010       subsistence and
of Science                                  research while stimulating Japanese academic circles,                                 research costs
                                            particularly young Japanese researchers, through close
                                            collaboration in scientific activities.

                                            Short-term: as above but provides for short-term visits for
                                                                                                                Oct. 4-8,
Japanese Society                            young pre- and post-doctoral UK researchers and researchers
                                                                                                               Nov. 22-26,         Travel and
for the Promotion   Postdoctoral Fellowship from Europe and North America based in the UK to conduct
                                                                                                              Jan 31- Feb 4,      maintenance
of Science                                  cooperative research with leading research groups at Japanese
                                            Universities and Institutions.

                                            This scheme is designed to enable outstanding early career
                                            researchers to strengthen their experience of research and
                                            teaching in a university environment, which will develop their
                                                                                                                                 Salary, limited
British Academy     Postdoctoral Fellowship curriculum vitae and improve their prospects of obtaining         late Nov. (TBA)
                                                                                                                                 research costs
                                            permanent lecturing posts by the end of the Fellowship.
                                            Applicants are expected to be at an early stage of their
                                            academic career.
                                        The purpose of these awards is to enable established scholars
                                        to develop a significant research project. Applications are
                                        particularly encouraged from scholars who can demonstrate that
                                        they are developing an innovative line of research, with the
                   British Academy      potential to make a significant difference to their field and to their
British Academy    Research Development career profile. Priority will be given to applicants who have at          Dec. (TBA)          £15-150k
                   Award                least five years postdoctoral experience. Applications for
                                        collaborative or individual research projects are equally welcome
                                        under this scheme. Applications from international groups of
                                        scholars are welcome, provided there is a UK-based scholar as
                                        lead applicant.

                                            Provides a period of research leave for one year for established
                                            scholars during which they will be able to concentrate on
British Academy/   Senior Research                                                                                                  Replacement
                                            bringing a major piece of research towards completion while           Dec. (TBA)
Leverhulme Trust   Fellowship                                                                                                       lecturer costs
                                            their normal teaching and administrative duties are covered by a
                                            full-time replacement.

                                            The Scheme provides follow-on funding to undertake additional
                                            knowledge transfer and impact generation activities that can
ESRC               Follow-on Funding                                                                           c. June-July (tbc)   Up to £100k
                                            demonstrate the potential for significant economic, social, policy
                                            and/or practice benefit(s).

                                            Designed to allow early career researchers gain experience of
                                            research leadership and management and formulate forward
ESRC               First Grants Scheme      plans for their career. Applicants must be within 6 years of          Nov. (TBA)        Up to £400k
                                            receiving their PhD by the start of the award. Applicants can
                                            spend up to 40% of their time on the project.
                             This scheme has two themes: 1) 'economic and business
                             models' will aim to provide improved evidence to underpin
       Assisted Living -
                             industry and social enterprise, to encourage investment in and
       Economic and Business
ESRC                         implementation of assisted living services and technology and 2)       July. 30           TBC
       Models and Social and
                             'social and behavioural studies' will aim to better understand the
       Behavioural Studies
                             interactions between assisted living technologies and services
                             and individuals, families and communities.

                                A Cross-Research Council programme. Phase 3 will focus on                        Grants (£300k -
       Lifelong Health and
ESRC                            mental health and wellbeing, resilience for successful ageing,     Call in May   £2.5m)      Pilot
       Wellbeing (Phase 3)
                                age-related conditions.                                                          Studies (up to c.

                                Projects must involve integrated collaboration between the UK
                                and Hong Kong partners. Projects must have well identified joint
                                working, demonstrating clearly the added value of the                            Up to UK£100k
ESRC   Bilateral - Hong Kong                                                                        July. 15
                                collaboration. They must demonstrate distinctive, cross-country                   and HK$350k
                                aspects, where both sides of the research team provide
                                necessary local expertise.
                                            Aims to support up-and-coming research leaders who are about
                                            to establish or consolidate a proper research team and to start
                   Starting Grants for      conducting independent research in Europe. The scheme
European                                                                                                    Dec. (TBA) (call   Up to 1.5m
                   Social Sciences and      targets promising researchers who have the proven potential of
Research Council                                                                                             made in July)       Euros
                   Humanities               becoming independent research leaders. It will support the
                                            creation of excellent new research teams and will strengthen
                                            others that have been recently created.

                                           Targets researchers who have already established themselves
                                          as independent research leaders in their own right. Advanced
                                          Grants allow exceptional established research leaders in any
European           Advanced Investigators                                                                                      Up to 3.5m
                                          field of science, engineering and scholarship to pursue frontier    Call in Oct.
Research Council   Grant for SSH                                                                                                 Euros
                                          research of their choice. Applicants are expected to be active
                                          researchers who have a track-record of significant research
                                          achievements in the last 10 years

                                           Intra-European Fellowships: for researchers based in an EU
                                           or Associated State. Research topic chosen by applicant.
European Union     Marie Curie Fellowships                                                                      Aug. 17          Salary
                                           Objective is to enhance career development through skill
                                           acquisition or diversification

                                           Outgoing International Fellowships: as above. Research topic
                                           chosen by applicant. Objective is to reinforce the international
European Union     Marie Curie Fellowships dimension of European researchers' careers by giving them the        Aug. 17          Salary
                                           opportunity to be trained and acquire new knowledge in a high-
                                           level research organisation in a third country.

                                           Incoming International Fellowships: allows researchers
                                           based outside the EU and Associated States to come to work
European Union     Marie Curie Fellowships                                                                      Aug. 17          Salary
                                           with researchers in those countries. Designed to encourage
                                           research cooperation and transfer knowledge.
                                             Research Fellowships are open to experienced researchers,
                                             particularly those who are or have been prevented by routine
Leverhulme Trust    Research Fellowship      duties from completing a programme of original research. There     Nov. (TBA)     up to £45k
                                             are no restrictions on academic discipline, and awards are not
                                             limited to those holding appointments in higher education.
                                             Designed to support a period overseas in a stimulating
                                             academic environment. The awards support a range of activities
                    Study Abroad
Leverhulme Trust                             other than straight-forward research (e.g., the exchange of        Nov. (TBA)     Up to £22k
                                             ideas, the development of new lines of research and
                                             collaborative ventures).
                                             These awards enable well-established and distinguished
                                             researchers in the disciplines of the Humanities and Social                       Replacement
                    Major Research           Sciences to devote themselves to a single research project of                    lecturer costs,
Leverhulme Trust                             outstanding originality and significance, capable of completion      May. 7
                    Fellowship                                                                                                 £5k research
                                             within two or three years.                                                         expenses

                                            Projects should be 1) Innovative, 2) Practical, 3) Generalisable
                                                                                                                             Up to £250k
                    Programmes - 1) Law in and 4) Reflective. Research projects must have policy impacts
                                                                                                                  July 9,    (most awards
Nuffield Foundation Society 2) Children and in the short or medium term. Development projects must have
                                                                                                                  Nov. 5     are below
                    Families, 3) Education the potential to be applied directly or as a model; evaluation and
                                            dissemination must be carefully considered.

                                        For proposals of exceptional merit for research projects or
                                        practical innovations. Must have some bearing on the Trust's                         Annual scheme
                                        widest objective of 'the advancement of social well-being' -              July 9,     budget £750k
Nuffield Foundation Open Door Programme
                                        current areas of interest include financial circumstances of older        Nov. 5      Most awards
                                        people, government, law-making and the constitution, poverty                          below £100k
                                        and disadvantage, UK and Europe.
 Duration                    Weblink                                           N.B

   1 year

 1-2 years                                          Approximately 200 awards are made per annum.

1-12 months

       Outline proposals in the first instance. Approximately 45
Up to 3 years
                de/pdfells.html                     awards will be made.
Up to 3 years                                       Application form available from Nov. 2, 2009

Up to 1 year

Up to 1 year

 1-3 years
      TBC         ntre/opportunities/forthcoming_opp Call will be issued on May 14.

Research Grants -
    3-5 years
Pilot Studies - up
    to 2 years

  Up to 3 years   ntre/opportunities/international/hkbi
                                                   A competitive applicant must have already shown the
                                                   potential for research independence and evidence of
                                                   scientific maturity. It is normally expected that applicants
       will have produced at least one important publication
Up to 5 years
                eaction=page.display&topicID=65 without the participation of their PhD supervisor.
                                                   Applicants should also be able to demonstrate a
                                                   promising track-record of early achievements appropriate
                                                   to their research field and career stage.

Up to 5 years

                                                    Details available from March 18, 2009. Fellowships
 1-2 years                                          aimed at experience researchers (at least 4 years
                                                    postdoc) but most have a more senior profile.

 2-3 years                                          As above

 1-2 years
3-24 months    _awards/grants/research_fellowshi Call details available in Sept.

3-12 months    _awards/grants/study_abroad_fello Call details available in Sept.

 2-3 years     _awards/grants/major_research_fe

                                                   Outline proposal required in the first instance - 6 week
                                                   decision period. Nuffield prefer research that has wide
                                                   significance, beyond the local or routine. The Foundation
2-3 years on
                                                   looks to support projects that are imaginative and
  average      o/Default.html
                                                   innovative, take a thoughtful and rigorous approach to
                                                   problems, and have the potential to influence policy or

2-3 years on
                                                   See above.
  average      o/grants/opendoor/page_115.html
       Funder             Title                                Details                            Deadline           Amount                Duration

ESRC            Small Grant           Subject just needs to fall within ESRC remit                 OPEN      £15k - £100k             Up to 2 years

                                                                                                                                      Typically 3 years
ESRC            Standard Grant        Subject just needs to fall within ESRC remit                 OPEN      £100k - £1.5 million
                                                                                                                                      (max. 5 years)

                                       Intended to enable outstanding researchers to develop
                                      their careers by taking their research in a new direction
                                      or to a new level. Applications are welcome from
                                      academics seeking support for a programme of work,
                Mid-Career                                                                                                            2 years
                                      based on a specific research question, linked to                       Salary costs and
ESRC            Development                                                                        OPEN                               (exceptionally 3
                                      substantive career development. Applications are also                  research costs met.
                Fellowships                                                                                                           years)
                                      welcome from researchers seeking to move into
                                      academic research from professional practice in an
                                      allied field, enabling them to complete a PhD if

                                      Funds new researchers for one year (two years if in
                Postdoctoral                                                                                 Salary costs and some    1 year full-time, 2
ESRC                                  Economics). Must be within 3 years of the submission         OPEN
                Fellowships                                                                                  limited research costs   years part-time
                                      of their doctorate.

                                                                                                             Small grants up to
                                      Designed to facilitate bilateral collaborations between                £100k
                Bilateral - Austria   UK social scientists and researchers in the partner          OPEN      Large grants between     1-3 years
Science Fund
                                      country                                                                £100k and £1.5 million
                                                                                                           Small grants up to
ESRC - Sao Paulo                         Designed to facilitate bilateral collaborations between           £100k
Research           Bilateral - Brazil    UK social scientists and researchers in the partner        OPEN   Large grants between     1-3 years
Foundation                               country                                                           £100k and £1.5 million

                                         Interaction with business: gives current or recently
ESRC               Impact Grant Scheme   funded ESRC awardholders the opportunity to show an        OPEN                            Short-term
                                         impact of their research on a business/private sector             Up to £10k
                                         audience.                                                         Up to £40-50k

                                         Directive: open to all social science researchers
                                                                                                    OPEN                            Short-term
                                         regardless of previous funding                                    Up to £10k
                                                                                                           Up to £40-50k
                                         Jointly funded by the ESRC and a host 'partner
                                         organisation' (eg Government Department, Devolved
                   Placement Fellows     Administration) allows for social science researchers to
ESRC                                                                                                OPEN   Salary costs             Up to 1 year
                   Scheme                spend time in that organisation to undertake policy-
                                         relevant research and to upgrade the research skills of
                                         'partner organisation' employees.

                                         Primary interests are the UK's cultural life, education,
Esmee Fairbairn
                   Main Fund             the natural environment and enabling people who are        OPEN   c. £50k average          1-3 years
                                         disadvantaged to participate more fully in society

                                         Funds innovative and original research projects of high                                    2-3 years
                   Research Project                                                                        Up to £250k over 2-3
Leverhulme Trust                         quality and potential, the choice of theme and the         OPEN                            (exceptionally 5
                   Grants                                                                                  years
                                         design of the research lying entirely with the applicant                                   years)
                                          Funds a Principal Investigator to lead a research
                                          programme intended to stimulate an international
Leverhulme Trust   International Networks                                                           OPEN   Up to £125k              Up to 3 years
                                          exchange of ideas and experience between 1 or more
                                          UK HEIs and 2 or more overseas institutions
           Web link                                     N.B.
Centre/opportunities/current_fu Decision time c. 12 weeks. Assessed by 1 member of the
nding_opportunities/research/in Virtual College and 1 Research Grants Board (RGB)
dex.aspx?ComponentId=11696 member
                                Decision time c. 22 weeks. Peer reviewed and assessed
                                by 2/3 Research Grants Board members
Centre/opportunities/postgradu Applicants must have between 5 and 15 years active
ate/fellowships/standard/MidCa postdoctoral or equivalent professional experience
                                Assessed by Postdoc Fellowship Panel. Decision time 14
75&SourcePageId=23077          Contact Lesley Lilley, ESRC:
75&SourcePageId=23077          As above
                               Fellows are usually mid-career (5-10 years post-PhD).
                               Calls with deadlines are made on an ongoing basis.
ment.aspx Only research with a practical purpose will be
k/funding/index.html            considered. Outline proposals required in first instance - 12 weeks
nts_awards/grants/research_pr decision period. 75% of the budget must be spent on an
oject_grants/                   RA.
                                Outline proposal required in the first instance - 10 week
                                decision period
       Funder               Title                           Details                        Deadline        Amount (FEC)        Duration

                                          Funds are available to facilitate initial
                                          project planning and development; to
                                          support the direct costs of research; and to
British Academy   Small Research Grants                                                   Nov. (TBA)       Up to £7,500   Up to 2 years
                                          enable the advancement of research
                                          through workshops, or visits by or to
                                          partner scholars.
                                          Conference convenors may apply for any
                                          combination of the following: (a) financial
                                          assistance, whether for bringing key
                                          speakers to the UK (or other location if the
                                          event is to be held abroad), or for a wider
                                          range of expenses; (b) use of the British
British Academy   Conference Support                                                    Call due in Dec.     £1 - £20k
                                          Academy as a venue; (c) organisational
                                          assistance from the Academy’s conference
                                          team; (d) subsequent publication of
                                          proceedings by the Academy. (Please note
                                          that applications will not be entertained for
                                          (d) alone.)
                                          Grants are available for the travel expenses
                  Overseas Conference
British Academy                           of a scholar delivering a paper at a            Nov. (TBA)        Up to £900
                                          conference overseas.
                                            Seminar Groups are multi-institutional
                                            groups of academic researchers,
                                            postgraduate students and non-academic
                                            users who meet regularly to exchange
                                            information and ideas with the aim of
                                                                                           Call to be made
ESRC               Research Seminars        advancing research within their fields.                           Up to £18k     Up to 2 years
                                                                                            in Nov (TBC)
                                            Where appropriate, Seminar Group
                                            members should be drawn from industry,
                                            Government Departments and other
                                            relevant organisations as well as from
                                            academic institutions.

                                            Designed to enable staff in the UK social
                                            science community engaged in research,
ESRC               Bursaries for Training                                                      OPEN            Up to £1k     N/A
                                            teaching research methods or supervising
                                            research to update their skills.

                                            These awards are intended to support the
                                            residency of an artist of any kind or
                                            nationality in a UK institution in order to
                                            foster a creative collaboration between the
                                                                                                                             Typically 10 months
Leverhulme Trust   Artist-in-Residence      artist and the staff and/or students of that       Sept. 1       Up to £12,500
                                                                                                                             (2 days per week)
                                            institution. The term 'artist' encompasses
                                            visual artists, creative writers, musicians,
                                            poets and other producers of original
                                            creative work.
                                             Intended for self-contained projects,
                                             including pilot studies, development of
                                             social science research capacity,
                                             outstanding small projects. Scheme
                                             focuses on thematic areas of interest to
                                             Nuffield: 1) children and families, 2)
                      Social Science Small
Nuffield Foundation                          education, 3) law and society, 4) older        OPEN       Up to £15,000   N/A
                      Grants Scheme
                                             people and their finances, 5) government,
                                             law-making and constitutional change, 6)
                                             poverty and disadvantage, 7) cross national
                                             comparisons, 8) objective reviews of
                                             government policy or practice, 9)
                                             development in Africa.

                                             Funds are available to support a single trip
                                             to India for early career researchers to
                                             attend a workshop or other similar event in
                                             India. These funds are specifically to
                                                                                                        Travel and
RCUK India Office     Travel Funds           enable UK based, early career                  July. 30
                                             researchers, to accompany Research
                                             Council supported researchers centrally
                                             involved in organising or planning an event
                                             in India.
             Weblink                                      N.B.

                                    Conferences held in collaboration with other
                                    organisations are welcome. Conferences
                                    attracting the higher levels of support should be
                                    at least partly aimed at disseminating the
                                    results of research to a broader public;
                                    applications that show how public interest might
                                    be engaged in the topics discussed particularly
                                    welcome. Few awards likely to be made at the
                                    upper end.
                                    The scheme is unlikely to run beyond the end of
              Name                             Details

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                           funding opportunities and research news. It
                           allows you to customise searches for funding
                           opportunities, save these for future use and set
                           up automatic e-mails to alert you to new

                           A leading grants and policy online database of
                           funding opportunities aimed at a range of
                           sectors: academia, voluntary and charitable
                           sector, local authorities, housing associations
                           and business support organisations.
            Website                        Details

                               To register please log on on   campus. You will then be able to
                               access the service remotely.

                               Please contact Gary Williams          ( to
                               organise registration.

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