; Ship DHL package to Lebanon and Save
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Ship DHL package to Lebanon and Save


Ship your package to Lebanon via DHL express in Lowell MA and save up to 50% OFF DHL retail rates, Free pick up available, call 978 851 0199 for details

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									DHL Service to Lebanon
Lowell MA Area Residents can Ship their package using DHL to Beirut Lebanon and the reliable service
of Neighborhood Parcel at 262 Middlesex St Lowell MA 01852, Tel (978)851-0199.

DHL services over 220 worldwide destination including Lebanon,

Beirut Beirut Tripoli North Governorate Sidon South Governorate Zahlé Beqaa Governorate Tyre South
Governorate Jounieh Mount Lebanon Governorate Baalbek Beqaa Governorate Byblos Mount Lebanon
Governorate Nabatieh Nabatieh Governorate

Complete Guide to Understanding Express Waybill

A waybill must be completed for every express shipment you send with DHL – it helps to ensure timely,
accurate and secure delivery. Learn how to complete it here.

DHL to Beirut | Ship To Lebanon | Ship to Lebanon

Why do I need a Waybill to ship to Lebanon?

       It tells DHL where your shipment is going, what service you require and how you intend to pay.
       It tells you the terms and conditions upon which we provide our service. Please read these
        carefully as they limit and in some cases exclude our liability.
       It gives you proof of consignment, with a unique number you can use on our web site to track
        your shipment.
       It tells customs what's in your shipment, so that it gets cleared quickly and speeds through to its
        final destination without delay.

Get your waybill right first time! Find out how by moving your mouse over the interactive waybill below.

A step-by-step guide to completing a DHL Express Waybill

            DHL Shipping to Lebanon                Lowell MA 01852 Tel (978)851-0199
DHL Lowell MA Office:

262 Middlesex St | Lowell MA 01852 | Tel 978-851-0199

          DHL Shipping to Lebanon             Lowell MA 01852 Tel (978)851-0199

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