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Angry Birds Rio 1 1 Strategy Guide


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									Angry Birds Rio certainly extension in the original Angry Birds franchise. This serves a companion to be
able to Angry Birds Seasons and also Angry Birds Chrome. This kind of game was produced in conjunction
by using the Disney motion picture, Rio, set within the beautiful city with Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
Marmosets are major adversary in that game, updating the heinous pigs this we am so popular to

The introduction to be able to this permainan starts off by using the two foremost birds becoming locked to
cages and also taken in the Big Boss Macaw away to be able to Rio. After the birds hit their escape, they
will are determined to be able to exact their own revenge with pigs, marmosets, macaws on the other hand
anything this stands to their way. This marmosets am holding captive Azure & Jewel, who are major stars
with Rio. The birds am determined in order to everything to their run to totally free them.

This post is supposed to serve a written cara on greatest successfully advance into the next factor with great
gold stars. This setting takes location in the best old abandoned warehouse searching environment. This kind
of stage finds 6 cages top notch of trapped birds, arranged on wood crates and also cardboard boxes. Your
objective is actually to fling the bird within the slingshot and also free every one of the birds. The best
attempt is by using your primary red bird and also you want to be able to aim this bird for the best row with
cardboard boxes. This bird may slice via the boxes easier than this wood crates, so this weakest spot over the
tower could be the two cardboard boxes about the base in the structure.

If you possibly can slice the bird via those two cardboard boxes, they will will ricochet in to the remaining
crates with regard to added benefit values. Meanwhile, this giant structure may collapse to a great heap. All
six cages may break open and also the birds may fly away to be able to safety. The trick into the beginning
stages is actually to inflict the best amount with damage by using the least level of birds. We need to be able
to top 60, 000 items, in order in order to the great gold stars.

Just as you continue to be able to work via each factor, you ought to take note of particular items this lurk
within the background. Some good points with reference am the box fan outstanding up within the ceiling,
this thin pipe this moves horizontally underneath this fan and also along this entire participating in
environment. You can find also white pickets this board high a window and also regular shaded fence
pickets this line together the back again wall. The items may serve just as great landmarks with regard to
when and also where to be able to fling the birds.

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