; 1600 Cua Ingenieria Telematica ENGindd
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1600 Cua Ingenieria Telematica ENGindd


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									                      Student profile                                                                                                                                           Type of Degree
Students of this Degree will need an aptitude for learning                                                                                                    This is an officially recognised University Degree,
subjects related to science and technology. They should be                                                                                                    valid throughout the European Higher Education
enquiring, imaginative, innovative, creative, attentive, percep-                                                        This Degree complies with European
                                                                                                                        Higher Education Area requirements    Area.
tive and practical, and should possess the ability to use logi-
cal reasoning and to understand abstract ideas. They will also

                                                                                                       WORLD HERITAGE
need the capacity for analysis and synthesis, and have mecha-                                                                         Bachelor’s Degree in:               Overall credit distribution
nical, numerical and spatial vision aptitudes.

                  Career opportunities                                                                                                                        SUBJECT TYPE                                ECTS

Career opportunities for graduates in Telematics Engineering                                                                                                  Basic Training (B)                           66
are located in three main fields: telecommunication networks
engineering, telematic services development and telematic                                                                                                     Obligatory (Ob)                             108
services and systems management. Specifically, the Degree
prepares graduates for employment in the following areas:                                                                                                     Optional (Opt)                               54
w Communication network operators (Internet, TV, land-line
  and mobile phones, etc.)
w Communications equipment research and development
w Civil and defence software project Engineering companies
                                                                       POLYTECHNIC SCHOOL
                                                                                                                            Engineering                       Bachelor’s Degree Final Project (Ob)
                                                                                                                                                              TOTAL CREDITS

w Network configuration, installation and operation in com-
  panies and public organisations
                                                                         Edificio Politécnico
w Shared Information Infrastructure projects in buildings
w Middle management and management posts in companies
  and public organisations
w Network technician for local, regional and national gover-
  nment                                                             CAMPUS UNIVERSITARIO
w Configuration, installation and operation of commercial we-
  bsites on the Internet
w Development and implementation of telematics applica-
                                                                   Ctra. Madrid-Barcelona, km 33,600
  tions, such as telecommuting, e-learning, telemedicine, e-
  commerce, e-administration, the electronic home, etc.
                                                                    28871 Alcalá de Henares (Madrid)
w Network security and auditing, design and implementation
  of systems and tools                                                     www.uah.es/politecnica
w Teaching in secondary and university education or in private

                     Course contents
The Degree course in Telematics Engineering will provide stu-
dents with:
w A solid training, enabling them to understand the theoreti-
  cal bases of engineering.
w An essential technological training, providing them with an
  in-depth knowledge of the technologies covered by the De-
  gree, common to the branch of Telecommunications.
w A specific technological training, providing an understan-          INFORMATION CENTRE
  ding of the specific techniques employed at a professional
  level in Telematics Engineering.
w A complementary education enabling students to acquire
  the intellectual skills of scientific reasoning and learning,
  preparing them for life-long professional development.
                                                       STUDY PLAN
 FIRST YEAR          First semester                  Type       ECTS   Second semester                               Type       ECTS
 Fundamentals of Physics I                             B          6    Calculus II                                     B         6
 Calculus I                                            B          6    Fundamentals of Physics II                      B         6
 Lineal Algebra                                        B          6    Circuit Analysis                               Ob         6
 Circuit Theory                                        B          6    Programming                                    Ob         6
 Computer Systems                                      B          6    Digital Electronics                            Ob         6
                                                   Total ECTS    30                                                Total ECTS    30

 SECOND YEAR            First semester               Type       ECTS   Second semester                               Type       ECTS
 Statistics                                            B          6    Communication Theory                           Ob         6
 Signals and Systems                                   B          6    Circuit Electronics                            Ob         6
 Fundamentals of Electronics                           B          6    Network Architecture II                        Ob         6
 Digital Electronic Systems                           Ob          6    Business Economics                              B         6
 Network Architecture I I                             Ob          6    Wave Propagation                               Ob         6
                                                   Total ECTS    30                                                Total ECTS    30

 THIRD YEAR          First semester                  Type       ECTS   Second semester                               Type       ECTS
 Communication Networks                               Ob          6    Operating Systems                              Ob         6
 Advanced Programming                                 Ob          6    Switching Systems                              Ob         6
 Telematics Services                                  Ob          6    Services, Networks and Systems Laboratory      Ob         6
 Computer Architecture                                Ob          6    Cross-Disciplinary Skills I                    Opt        6
 Network and Computer Security                        Ob          6    Cross-Disciplinary Skills II                   Opt        6
                                                   Total ECTS    30                                                Total ECTS    30

 FOURTH YEAR            First semester               Type       ECTS   Second semester                               Type       ECTS
 Telecommunication Traffic Engineering                Ob          6    Optional Subject 5                             Opt        6
 Directed Optional Subject 1                          Opt         6    Optional Subject 6                             Opt        6
 Directed Optional Subject 2                          Opt         6    Optional Subject 7                             Opt        6
 Directed Optional Subject 3                          Opt         6    Bachelor’s Degree Final Project                Ob         12
 Directed Optional Subject 4                          Opt         6
                                                   Total ECTS    30                                                Total ECTS    30

                                                           TOTAL ECTS CREDITS: 240

B: Basic Training; Ob: Obligatory; Opt: Optional

Students who wish to study part-time may take the same programme spread over eight years.

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