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					                The Clover Line
                          May 2011 – Section One

There is an extensive amount of information to cover in this May Cloverline. You may not be aware that
the county printing office does not have a machine to fold this many pages so, each month the
Cloverline is folded by hand. When it gets to be over 8 pages, this becomes a strong-arm issue as well
as trying to keep up with the strict rules and regulations of the Shawano post office.

                  Therefore, the May 2011 Cloverline will come to you in TWO SECTIONS. Please
                 read all pages of both sections of this newsletter so you don’t miss anything
                   important to your project areas. Both sections were mailed on the same day. If
                   you do not receive both sections within a day or two of each other, please pick one
                up at the UWEX office or go to our website to print a copy of your own.

Also, this newsletter contains a large number of clip returns. Because these clip returns can not be
placed back-to-back, some articles that are placed next to each other may not relate to each other, such
as clothing to trapping or cat show by dairy. Again, please read all pages of both sections of this
newsletter so you don’t miss anything important to your project areas.

  3        4-H Summer Camp Planning Meeting, 7:00pm at the Courthouse
  3        State Fair Dairy Meeting, 8:00pm, Bonduel High School Ag Room
  6        Sheep and Goat Weigh-In, 6:00 – 7:00pm, at the Fairgrounds
  6        Greenhouse Tour clip return is due
  7        Gymkhana Clinic, 10:00am to 3:00pm at Shawano Fairgrounds
  7        Shooting Sports practice, details in this Cloverline
  7        Swine Weigh-In, 9:00am to noon, at the Fairgrounds
  8        Mother’s Day
  9        Aerospace rocket building, 6:30pm, Courthouse, Room B
 10        Horse Key Committee, 7:00pm at the Courthouse
 10        Cat Meeting, 6:00pm, Shawano Middle School
 12        Livestock Key Committee Meeting, 7:30pm, Room B, at the Courthouse
 13-14     All Star Shootout at the Crawford Center
 16        OYG clip return due if going roller skating
 18, 25    Dog Training with Betty Kort begins, 7:00pm at the Fairgrounds
 19, 26    Dog Training at Complete Canine Care begins
 21        Grooming & Ground Manners Clinic, 10:30am to 1:00pm at Kuhn’s Farm
 21        4-H Night at the Shawano Speedway
 21        Small Animal Swap, 7:00am to 11:00am, Shawano Fairgrounds
 23        Leaders and Older Youth Group Meetings, 7:30 at the Courthouse
 25        Early deadline for Youth Open Goat Show
 26        Visual Arts project meeting, 6:00-8:00pm, Courthouse
 30        Memorial Day
 31        State Fair Animal Exhibitors (required) meeting, 7:00pm at the Courthouse
 31        Early bird Summer Camp Registration deadline
               The Clover Line
                         May 2011 - Section Two

There is an extensive amount of information to cover in this May Cloverline. You may not be aware that
the county printing office does not have a machine to fold this many pages so, each month the
Cloverline is folded by hand. When it gets to be over 8 pages, this becomes a strong-arm issue as well
as trying to keep up with the strict rules and regulations of the Shawano post office.

                    Therefore, the May 2011 Cloverline will come to you in TWO SECTIONS.
                   Please read all pages of both sections of this newsletter so you don’t miss
                  anything important to your project areas. Both sections were mailed on the same
                  day. If you do not receive both sections within a day or two of each other, please pick
                 one up at the UWEX office or go to our website to print a copy of your own.

Also, this newsletter contains a large number of clip returns. Because these clip returns can not be
placed back-to-back, some articles that are placed next to each other may not relate to each other, such
as clothing to trapping or cat show by dairy. Again, please read all pages of both sections of this
newsletter so you don’t miss anything important to your project areas.

  1 OYG clip return due if going to Noah’s Ark
1, 8, 15 Dog Training with Betty Kort, 7:00pm at the Fairgrounds
Tues & Thurs Dog Training with Diana Whealon, Complete Canine (no training on June 30th)
 4 Deadline to submit your Photo Show clip return
 4 Deadline to submit your Visual Arts workshop clip return
 6 Softball season begins
 8 Cat Show clip return is due
 9 Rocket Launch, 3:30pm at Shawano County Farm
 9 June Dairy Month posters are due to the UWEX office
11 Goat clinic: showmanship, grooming, clipping, 11:00pm, fairgrounds
11 Cat Fun show set up: 10am, Fairgrounds
12 Photo Show (register at 11:30am) at the Fairgrounds
12 Cat Show (check in at 11:30am) at the Fairgrounds
13 Deadline to submit your Clothing Revue clip return
13 Poultry/Rabbit Equipment Building Workshop, Fairgrounds, 6:30pm
15 Visual Arts Workshop at the Crawford Center, registration between 9:30 – 10:00
15 Teen Leader Award Apps due to UWEX office
Tues & Thurs Dog Training with Diana Whealon, Complete Canine (no training on June 30th)
20-25     Horse Camp, Circle E Stables
22 & 29 Dog Training with Betty Kort, 7:00pm at the Fairgrounds
23 Clothing Revue, 7:00pm at the Courthouse, Room B
25 Goat Youth Show, 8:00am at the Fairgrounds
26 Brunch On The Farm, Shawano County
30 All poultry must be blood tested by this date to exhibit at the Fair
                                                      Of Interest To All…

                                                      Needed at Brunch on the Farm
The Adventures In Dairyland instructors:
                                                                Shawano County Brunch on the Farm
Wittenberg FFA Students; Shirley Strassburg &
                                                                will be held on Sunday, June 26 on the
Bowler FFA; Amy Engel; Marti Reimer; Nicolle
                                                                Tim & Kristy Paiser farm at W9388
Wussow & Bonduel FFA; Gresham FFA; Mary
                                                                Butternut Road, Shawano. The farm is
           Lou Kugel, Tammy Styczynski,
                                                                located approximately 3 miles east of
             Diane Schnell, Angie Schultz, Greg
                                                                Gresham and 3 miles north of Thornton.
              Tauchen, Sara Vomastic and
              Tigerton FFA.
                                                      If your club can assist with setting up, serving or
                                                      cleaning up, contact Deb Mielke at 754-2694.
All who planned and participated in the 4-H
Foods Revue.
                                                      Softball Update
                                                      Our 4-H Softball season will get underway on
New Family Corner                                     Monday, June 6! Club schedules, rosters, softball
                                                      rules and other information was recently mailed
As a new member, you may wonder “What is              to coaches, so we‟re ready to go! This year there
expected of me as a 4-H club member?” In 4-H,         are eight teams participating: Tiger Tribe, Brener
there are few requirements (but the possibilities     /Wolf River, County Line/Pella Eagles/ Caroline,
are endless!) Members are expected to:                Maple Grove, Bonduel (2 teams), Belle Plaine
                                                      and Seneca Stingers/ Lonesome Pine. If you are
1. Select one or more projects.                       free on a Monday evening, please go out and
2. Set goals and do project work to the best of       support these teams.
    your ability.
3. Attend and share in local club meetings.
4. Serve on club committee(s) and participate in
    club activities, fundraisers, service projects,
                                                      4-H Leaders Meeting
                                                      The next 4-H Leaders meeting will be held on
5. Keep records on your project(s) and activities     Monday, May 23 at the Courthouse. Clubs will also
    and turn in your completed record book to         have the opportunity to sign up for a time to work at
    club leaders at the end of the 4-H year.          the Foodstand during the fair. Club names will be
6. Give a club talk or demonstration.                 drawn to determine the order in which clubs can
7. Make and exhibit in each of your projects at       select times. All remaining clubs will be assigned a
    county fair, club tour, or to a club leader.      time. All clubs should have a representative at the
8. If you aren‟t sure about what to do or how to      meeting to choose a foodstand time. The meeting
    get involved in something, ask your club          will begin at 7:30 p.m. The 4-H Older Youth
    leader or another 4-H family for help.            Group will also meet this same evening at 7:30 p.m.
9. Read this newsletter and participate in            Plan to carpool.
    activities that interest you!
10. Call the UW-Extension office if you have
    additional questions.                             Free Telephone Service
                                                      Shawano County Courthouse has a toll
                                                      free telephone number for customers to use. Call
                                                      866-526-2128 and listen for office choices.
June Dairy Month Poster Contest                       June Dairy Month Display Contest
Sponsored by Shawano County Farm Bureau               Guidelines for this year‟s contest sponsored by
Dairy Committee.                                      the Shawano County Dairy Promotions, Inc. are:
 All posters are due to the UWEX office (no           Display must be in place June 1 to June 30th
   longer at Farm Bureau office) by June 9th.          The display should extend a “dairy” message
 Posters must be 14 x 22 inches in size, may be       “Display” must be visual from sidewalk and
   either horizontal or vertical.                         located in a Shawano service community.
 Top two in each division will go on to District         If your community has no windows or local
   Area Animal Science Day, June 21st, Brown              park available, call Mary Lou Kugel (524-
   County.                                                3597) or Jon Wesenberg (524-8617) to
 Posters must have name, grade and age,                  discuss the possibility of a lawn display. Their
   address, phone number, 4-H club, and County            approval is needed first.
   on the back.                                        4-H club must obtain permission from the
 Divisions include: Grades 1 & 2 are                     place of business to use the “display
   Cloverbuds, Grades 3-6 are                             location”.
   Junior, Grades 7-9 are
   Intermediate, and Grades                           To qualify for a $20 reimbursement clubs must:
   10-13 are Senior.                                   Take 1 to 4 pictures of display (not returned).
                                                       Indicate the location of the window display.
No specific poster theme, so use your                  Name and address of General Leader to
own slogan and art work. Everyone receives a             whom funds can be sent.
dairy treat coupon. Cash prizes and brunch tickets
                                                       A copy of the thank you note that was sent to
will be awarded to the winners.
                                                         the place of business allowing the display.

                                                      Send to Jon Wesenberg, Shawano County Dairy
Community Garden                                      Promotions Inc. Treasurer, N6087 Crestline
                                                      Drive, Shawano, WI 54166. Phone him a 715-
Need a spot for a garden and don‟t have the           524-8617. Postmark no later than July 15th to
room? A community garden is being made                receive the $20 participation monies. Any club
available through the cooperative efforts of Zion     not submitting all 4 items by July 15 will not be
Lutheran Church, Shawano County WIC Program           reimbursed. Failure to submit will negate
and UW-Extension. In a community garden, you          obtaining reimbursement and consideration for
get your own plot to plant and harvest.               placing. Awards will be given at the 4-H
                                                      Experience in October.
The garden is located on the corner of Lincoln
Street and Zingler next to Zion Lutheran Church
in Shawano. Water is provided on site and there
is a $5.00 fee per plot to cover the cost of water.
                                                      A Food Stand for Rent
Each family/individual that signs up will be
                                                      The Bonduel Area Recreation Committee has a
assigned their own plot(s). Basic plot size is 10
                                                      moveable food stand available for use. There is a
foot by 10 foot. If you would like to be part of
                                                      $25 fee to use the stand. All supplies and
the community garden please come to an
                                                      equipment are on your own. Contact Bev Pleshek
information meeting on Tuesday, April 26th,
                                                      at 758-2298 if you have questions or are
5:15pm, at Zion Lutheran Church, 1254 S Union
                                                      interested in booking it.
Street, Shawano.
                                                      It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is.
If you would like to participate, but can‟t attend    And when you've got it, you want - oh, you don't
the meeting, please call (715) 526-6136 and ask       quite know what it is you do want, but it just
for Winnie Preston.                                   fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!
                                                      ~Mark Twain
2011 Shawano County Youth Volunteer                 Teen Leader Winner
                              Chelsea Buchholz      Sara Esch of Waukechon Wildcats
                              was chosen as the     4-H, was selected for the Teen
                              2011 Shawano          Leader Award for the first quarter
                              County Youth          this year. Sara is in her 10th year as
                              Volunteer by the      a 4-H member.
                              Shawano Area
                              Community             She has taken Photography and
                              Foundation.           Beef most of those years and has
                              Chelsea was           been active in Visual Arts as well.
                              recognized for her
                              participation in
community service projects, not only in her own
club but in OYG as well. She has been a camp
                                                    Teen Leader Award
counselor for 3 years and was one of the junior
                                                    Recipient will attend the next meeting (usually the
directors for camp last year. She was also
                                                    third Wednesday) of the Optimists and make a brief
president of Older Youth Group last year,
                                                    presentation of their 4-H experiences and plans.
encouraging members to take on more
                                                    Note: All meetings of the Optimists take place at
community service. Congratulations Chelsea!
                                                    6:45am at the Daily Grind. (Be sure nominee is
                                                    able to attend.)

                                                    Guidelines include:
4-H Experience                                      * Nominations can be made by any youth or adult
                                                    leader. Parents should not nominate their own
The date for the 4-H Experience has been set for    child.
October 30th. The location will be announced        * Nominees should be 13 years or older and have
after we can check availability and costs.          excelled in some aspect of 4-H leadership -projects,
                                                    club officer, committees, activities, etc.
                                                    * Clubs may nominate up to 4 members at one time
                                                    or one each quarter. Each member can be
Deadline for Next Cloverline                        recognized by the Optimist Club only once within a
The June and July Cloverline will be combined. If
you have dates, workshops, etc. that need to be     Forms are available from the UWEX office OR
put in, please have the information to the UWEX     simply answer the following questions on paper and
office by May 16th                                  return to the UWEX office by mail or email

                                                    Include name, grade, 4-H Club and
Shawano County 4-H Website                          years in 4-H of the nominee.
                                                    1) Describe a major responsibility the
Check it out at:             nominee has performed. Explain.
You can find MANY different                         2) If group event, describe what the
forms available, including record                       nominee does to involve others.
book forms and award                                3) What were the results and what
applications. Many of these you                         effect did it have on the individual
can download and type your info                         and/or group?
right in. Our current Cloverline                    4) Briefly share any other comments to detail why
is available as well as many                        you feel this individual is deserving of this award.
other things.
Food Stand Fire Extinguishers                            Fair Food Stand Funds
There are two fire extinguishers mounted on the          Leaders will soon be choosing their shifts for
wall by the entrance door. The larger, SILVER-           working at the fair food stand. Some wonder why it
COLORED extinguisher is for GREASE FIRES                 is necessary to help out as you feel you don‟t
ONLY! If a fire starts on the gas grill, or in a         receive any benefits from working. Actually, this is
cooking pan, this is the extinguisher to use first. It   the major fundraiser for Shawano County 4-H
sprays a fine mist that won‟t splatter the grease        Leader‟s each year. It is because of this that we
around. This fine mist will turn into a foam layer       don‟t need to be out there selling candy bars, pizzas
            that smothers the fire.                      or any of the other numerous possibilities. Funds
                                                         here help pay for:
           The smaller RED extinguisher is an A-B-        Sponsorships for campers and award trip
           C type and should be used for fires               recipients
            anywhere else in the food stand, but          Funds for educational grants to key committees
               NOT for grease fires. Stand at least          for their events
                  8 feet away from the fire, and aim      Literature used by members, the fee you pay for
                      the chemical foam at the               books is discounted from full price
                       BASE of the fire. If you get       Volunteer background checks which cost $7 per
closer than        8 feet away, the high pressure            leader. Mandatory on each leader every 4 years.
chemical could actually splatter burning material            Each year we have between 60-70 volunteers to
and spread the fire!                                         be re-checked.
                                                          Awards and discounts on meals at the annual
We also have an automatic fire extinguisher system           4-H experience.
built into the hood of the gas grill where burgers are    Support for the Adventures in Dairyland
fried. If it gets hot enough, this system will               Program, a two week curriculum offered to 4th
automatically turn on and coat the grill with                grade classrooms throughout the county by 4-H
chemical foam to smother the fire. The hood                  leaders & FFA members.
system can also be activated by pulling a switch on
                                                          Many other incidental expenses we don‟t need
the wall by the entrance door. This switch is
                                                             to pass along to the members because this food
located just above the two wall-mounted fire
                                                             stand raises that money.
extinguishers. Do not ever
                                                                      So when your club leader asks you to
pull the switch except in
                                                                      volunteer a couple hours of your time,
case of extreme fire danger.
                                                                      we hope you look at this as an
                                                                      opportunity to give back to the
If you have a grease fire in
                                                                      organization that has offered so much
the cooking area, adults can
                                                                      for your family this year.
try to put it out using the
silver-colored fire
extinguisher first. If this doesn‟t work, activate the
hood system by pulling the switch on the wall, if the    Fair Book is a 2-year edition
hood system hasn‟t automatically activated yet.          As you may recall, our 2010-2011 Fair book is a 2-
                                                         year edition. Use the fair book given to you last
In case of fire, everyone should get out of and far      year to complete your fair entry next month. For
away from the food stand. Have someone call 911          your convenience, the entire Fair book can be found
immediately. Only one or two adults should remain        at including all
to try and put the fire out with an extinguisher. If     information you need to complete your entry!
there‟s any doubt as to whether or not it can be put
out easily, that adult(s) should also get out. The
food stand can be replaced, but YOU cannot be!           County Fair Processing Fees
                                                         The basic processing fee is $2 per participant.
SAVE and REVIEW this information whenever                Those listing 51 or more entries, fee is $5.00
your Club is going to work in the food stand.            Please number your entries if you are submitting
                                                         more than one page.
State Fair Needs Quality Exhibits                       State Fair Update

Last year‟s county fair exhibits can be considered                       Current year Premium Books
for display at this year‟s State Fair. This includes                          and Entry Forms are
non-perishable Home & Family, Art, Mechanical                                 available on the Wisconsin
Science, Naturespace, and General Exhibits.                                  State Fair website in May.
We‟re especially looking for last year‟s winning                            Online entry processing will be
entries that received a state fair nomination (these    available for Open Class exhibitors only. Junior
are the purple slips, not necessarily merit winners).   State Fair entries will be handled through County
Items that do travel to State Fair receive a            UW-Extension offices again this year. Visit the
participation ribbon and are evaluated by a judge.      state fair website at and
                                                        click on Fair Competitions in the Fair Info box.
If you would like to have your items considered
(please consider how fragile your item will be
throughout shipping), please complete the clip
return included in this Cloverline or send an e-mail    State Fair Tickets
and submit to Terri by May 31. The state is
limiting the number of articles each County can         State Fair Tickets are available for a discounted
bring. (If you send by e-mail, Terri will send          rate: of $5.00 from May 1st to June 30th. You
confirmation of receipt.) To be fair, entries will be   can purchase them at and
accepted on a first come first serve basis. Then        click on „2011 WI State Fair‟ in the left column.
simply bring the item(s) into the UWEX office at
the courthouse no later than July 16, unless you
hear from Terri that your item is on a waiting list.
For more info, contact Terri at the UWEX office.
                                                        Family, Home & Health
 State Fair Non-Animal Exhibit Clip Return

 Name:                                                  Clothing, Knitting & Crocheting Revue

 Phone:                   Age:      Grade:              4-H Members enrolled in Clothing, Crocheting,
                                                        Knitting and Cloverbuds have a chance to model
 Description: please include distinguishing             clothing they made and be evaluated by a judge.
                                                        The Revue will take place on June 23rd at the
 features. (Example: green knitted socks with           Courthouse. Registration begins at 6:30pm, judging
 hearts at the ankle): _____________________            at 7:00pm.

                                                        Registration form is in this newsletter and is due to
                                                        UWEX office by June 13. We will need a youth to
                                                        write judges comments. If interested, note on your
                                                        registration form.

 Which project did you enter this item through at       All participants except Cloverbuds receive a fair
 the County Fair: (Woodworking, clothing, etc)          premium. In addition, all blue ribbon clothing
                                                        members in grades 3-8 will compete for the Junior
                                                        Miss Clothing Award and older 4-Hers (grades 9
                                                        and over) will compete for the honor of
 Return by: May 31                                      representing Shawano County at State Fair. Knitting
  To: Terri Brunner                                     and Crocheting members will compete for awards,                  also. Cloverbuds get a participation gift, sponsored
      311 N. Main St, Rm 101                            by the family of Audrey Henn.
      Shawano, WI 54166
                                                     Award Trip / Camp Sponsorships
Youth News & Happenings
                                                     If your family is currently experiencing financial
                                                     difficulties, sponsorships are available to help
                                                     with the cost. Those who would like assistance
4-H Summer Camp                                      with 4-H camp will receive a $50 sponsorship. In
July 25-29                                           regards to other trips, the sponsorship fund can be
                                                     used to cover ½ of the member‟s portion of the
Can you believe it? Summer Camp is just around       total cost of the trip. There is an application
the corner! Again this year we will be camping at    available either from the UWEX office or on our
Camp Susan, located just north of Antigo. All        website. To be eligible to receive a sponsorship,
interested youth, currently 2nd - 7th grade are      parent and child will be required to work in the
invited. Non 4-H friends are also welcome. A bus     4-H Food Stand to replenish the fund.
will transport campers.

Early Bird Registrations - by June 1st
$90 for members, $100 for non members                Communication Expo
Regular Registrations - after June 1st
$100 for members, $110 for non members               The Shawano County Courthouse was the place to
                                                     be March 15, to hear many great speeches and
There will be swimming, hiking, and other great
outdoor activities planned! Registrations accepted
until camp is full. Camp fees cover lodging,
busing, meals, craft/canteen, and other
miscellaneous expenses. Non-members fee also
includes special insurance.

New this Year: 5th graders will have a day
hike learning various camping & hiking skills
and making their own lunch. The 6th & 7th
graders will have an optional campout which
will be much more adventurous! This
campout will leave camp, orienteer to their
campsite, make their shelter, supper, learn
more survival skills on the trail, sleep out and
make breakfast on the trail before returning to
camp! If you are a 6th or 7th grader and would       We had presentations on topics ranging from
like to participate in this campout, please          keeping chickens, learning about the T-Rex,
indicate this on your registration so we can         harvesting honey and discovering how grooming
plan accordingly. You will not be able to go if      affects a horse‟s heart rate to the art of cake
you did not sign up.                                 decorating and making German sparkling stars.

Camp registrations are located in last month‟s       Participants were: Front Row Left to Right:
Cloverline, at the UWEX office, and on our           Michael Conto (County Line 4-H), Violet & Lily
website. Sending in registrations early gives our    Martin (Maple Grove Countryside 4-H) and
team of counselors and staff more time to plan.      Kayla Clark (Belle Plaine 4-H). Back Row:
Please send along a check for the appropriate        Sarah Hohn (Gresham Town and Country) Ivy
amount made payable to: Shawano County 4-H           Martin (Maple Grove) Erica Conto (County Line)
Leaders, Inc.                                        Katlynn Robaidek (Bonduel 4-H), Jen Krull
                                                     (Bondeul 4-H) and Trisha Conto (County Line).
Upcoming OYG Events – You are invited!
1) The Shawano County 4-H Older Youth Group is inviting all 4-H members 6th grade and older to go
roller skating!
              Date: Saturday, May 21st, 7-10pm
              Location: Skater’s Edge, 1150 N. Mayflower Drive, Appleton
              Cost: $4.50 per person
Active OYG members’admission will be paid in full. If you have attended 1-2 meetings since Sept, 2010,
OYG will pay 1/2. Friends are welcome at their full expense. If you would like to join us, fill out the clip
return below or e-mail Terri ( with your information by May 16 so
she can arrange carpooling as needed.

2) Back by popular demand, OYG will be returning to Noah’s Ark this year.
               Date: Friday, June 10, leave courthouse at 7am, return 6pm
               Cost: $17.50 per person
Active OYG members, your cost is $8.75. If you have attended 1-2 meetings since Sept, 2010, your cost
is $13. All others (including friends) are welcome at their full expense. To participate, again fill out the
clip return below or contact Terri with your information, by June 1 to reserve your spot.

     OYG Skater’s Edge CLIP RETURN                             OYG NOAH’S ARK CLIP RETURN

 Contact Name                                               Contact Name

 Phone                                                      Phone

 Number attending:                                          Number attending:
 Names:                                                     Names:

 Will you need a ride?            yes or no                 My Parent can drive: (circle one) yes or           no
 My Parent can drive: (circle one) yes or no                    If yes,
     If yes,                                                Parent‟s name:
 Parent‟s name:                                             Phone number:
 Phone number:
                                                            I have enclosed $
 I have enclosed $                                          payable to Shawano County 4-H OYG.
 payable to Shawano County 4-H OYG.                         (if you have questions about attendance, call Terri, she
 (if you have questions about attendance, call Terri, she   has the attendance sheets)
 has the attendance sheets)
                                                            Please Return to: Terri Brunner
 Please Return to: Terri Brunner                                              311 N Main Street
                   311 N Main Street                                          Shawano, WI 54166
                   Shawano, WI 54166                        By: June 1st
 By: May 16
Scholarships Available                                   Older Youth Group Meeting
4-H Older Youth Group awards a $200 scholarship          The Older Youth Group will meet May 23, 7:30
to active OYG members, for technical college or          p.m. at the courthouse in Shawano.
university study. Focusing on 4-H involvement,
leadership and community involvement. Deadline is        Agenda includes:
May 23. Contact the UWEX office.                          Continue planning for summer events
                                                          Scholarship selection
Wisconsin Towns Association with Rural Mutual
Ins. Company will award $7000 in scholarships to         4-H Leaders also meet, so plan to carpool!
high school seniors. Use toward college or
vocational college. Winners chosen from essay
topic: "How can towns and villages best protect their
infrastructure and still provide other needed services
                                                         Secretary Minutes Needed
such as fire and emergency services in tough
economic times?" Deadline May 25. Contact WI             One of the requirements of secretaries is to send in
Towns Assoc., W7686 County MMM @ 526-3157                a copy of your club meeting minutes. At this point,
or stop at the UWEX office for an application.           we are receiving few of these at the office. By
                                                         reading these minutes when they come in, we can
Shawano County Livestock Key Scholarship                 see what great things everybody is up to. (We have
All beef, sheep, & pork project members continuing       seen minutes regularly from Angelica, County Line,
their education at a college or technical school. Can    Bonduel, Town Line, Wolf River, Caroline Aces
be involved through 4-H, FFA, or recognized breed        and Pella Eagles.)
organizations. Deadline July 1st. Scholarships
awarded according to member contributions to club        Secretaries, you can do this in a variety of ways:
and county 4-H and/or FFA programs, quality of           1) Mail a copy to us. 2) E-mail them to:
applications, community service, etc. Contact the        Charlotte or
UWEX office.                                             Terri at
                                                         3) Fax them in to 715-526-4875.
                                                         Only those secretaries who send in all of their
                                                         minutes are eligible to compete for a county
                                                         secretary award.
How could we promote 4-H? How could we
improve 4-H in Shawano County?
Each year, when members apply for award trips
                                                                We need to reach out not only to our
they are to answer 2 questions. The following
                                                         communities, but also to our state, country and
were taken directly from submitted resumes.
                                                         our world. We should have food drives, donate
                                                         school supplies, have fundraisers and just send
                                                         simple letter to people in the military. Have
        Members should do a PowerPoint in
                                                         everyone set goals to attain on the club, county
schools showing some of the awesome things we
                                                         and state level. Motivate yourself.
do in 4-H. This would give members a chance to
                                                                To improve or better our own clubs, we
work on their public speaking. The slide show
                                                         should try to make everything fun. Maybe we
could have info about the different projects, fun
                                                         could have a kid or family bring an animal or
activities, 4-H camp, and trip that we are able to
                                                         some other project. We could also get together
go on because of 4-H. Some may be surprised
                                                         and have a day where all the members could work
that there are sports involved in 4-H. The grand
                                                         on their books and the leaders could help with
finale of the show could be the County Fair and
                                                         anything. Even a meeting where the kids could
all the great things that happen there. After the
                                                         choose a thing we want to take to the fair and as a
slide show, we could have them break out into
                                                         whole group we would make a fair book together
different groups and have the 4-H members tell
                                                         to show them how you put it together.
about their own experiences.
               An Enlargement (Enlg) is a 5”x7” or an 8”x10”
               Four snapshots (Snap) are 4”x6” and under

BW = Black & White entries                                     C = Color entries
Entry Category                              Enlg Snap          Entry Category                               Enlg Snap

BW-1     Landscape                                             C-1    Landscape
BW-2     Rivers, lakes, etc                                    C-2    Rivers, lakes, etc
BW-3     Sports                                                C-3    Sports
BW-4     Animal                                                C-4    Animal
BW-5     Birds or insect                                       C-5    Birds or insect
BW-6     Flowers or weeds                                      C-6    Flowers or weeds
                                                                                                                                                                 Current Grade Level ________

BW-7     Baby or Child                                         C-7    Baby or Child
                                                                                                                        include an entry blank for each child.

BW-8     Portrait                                              C-8    Portrait
                                                                                                                        Please submit one check per family but

BW-9     This is 4-H                                           C-9    This is 4-H
BW-10    This Is Shawano County                                C-10   This is Shawano County
BW-11    Winter Photography                                    C-11   Winter Photography
BW-12    People (single or groups)                             C-12   People (single or groups)
BW-13    Close-up                                              C-13   Close-up
BW-14    Computer creation or trick photo                      C-14   Computer creation or trick photo
BW-15    Sunrise/Sunset                                        C-15   Sunrise/Sunset
                                                                                                                                                                 Circle one:

BW-16    Building/Architecture                                 C-16   Building/Architecture
BW-17    Action                                                C-17   Action
BW-18    Any other not listed                                  C-18   Any other not listed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             4-H PHOTO SHOW ENTRY BLANK

   Make checks payable to: Shawano 4-H Leaders, Inc.         Total Amount Enclosed $           ($3.00 per member)
          All Cloverbuds will receive participation awards – they do not pay entry fees!

                                      Place photos on 11x14 piece of tagboard.
                           On the back of each tagboard place: Name and Address
                                                                4-H Club - Grade Level
        Return to: Kathy Krueger                               Category (i.e. C-3 Sports-Enlargement)
                                                                                                                        Junior Division - grades 3-5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (More information on the Photo Show can be found in Section Two of this Cloverline)

                                                                                                                        Senior Division - grades 9-13

                   P O Box 95                                   Title
                                                                                                                        Cloverbuds – grades 1-2 (free)*

                   Caroline, WI 54928                             Division: (i.e. Junior, Cloverbud, Sr.)
                                                                                                                        Intermediate Division - grades 6-8
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Exhibitor No. _________

                                    by June 4th
                                                                                                                                                                                                Members Name_________________________________ 4-H Club______________________________
             Clothing, Knitting & Crocheting Revue (with Entry Form)
Prejudged prior to fair using face-to-face judging. All Clothing and Cloverbud project members are encouraged to enter.
Exhibitor must have made the garment they will model. The member must send description of garment, and intended use.
Entries will be judged on: The total look (related to the person)
                   * General appearance - neatness, posture, and fit    *The total look (related to garment)
All blue ribbon winners in Clothing Revue grades 8 & younger as of Jan. 1 will be considered for the Jr. Clothing Award.
All blue ribbon winners in Clothing Revue grades 9 & older as of Jan. 1 will be considered for State Fair Style Revue.

Department 126 - CLOTHING REVUE
No premium. Gift donated by Audrey Henn family, given to all Cloverbud participants.
Lot 90. Simple apparel

Open to exhibitors grades 3-6 as of Jan. 1 enrolled in “Under Construction”.
91.     Pants or shorts                                               95.      Dress
92.     Sundress or jumper                                            96.      Robe or sleepwear
93.     Skirt or split skirt                                          97.      Sportswear (use only for garment not appropriate
94.     Simple blouse or simple top                                            for above categories - must be a complete outfit)

Open to exhibitors grades 7-9 as of Jan. 1 enrolled in “Fashion Forward”.
98.     Pants, shorts
99.     Sundress or jumper                                                     Clothing, Knitting & Crocheting Revue
100.    Blouse and skirt or split skirt
101.    Dress                                                                               Entry Form
102.    Jacket
103     Robe or sleepwear                                                      Name ____________________________
104.    Sportswear (must be a complete outfit).
105.    Skirt or Split Skirt                                                   Address __________________________

CLASS H - SEW ON AND SEW FORTH                                                 City ________________ Zip _________
Open to exhibitors grades 10 & older as of Jan. 1                              Club ________________
                    enrolled in “Sew On and Sew Forth”.
106.    Sundress or jumper                                                     Phone (______) ______ - ________
107.    Blouse with skirt or split skirt
108.    Blouse or shirt with pants, bibs, knickers, etc.                       Age __________ Grade _________
109.    Dress
110.    Robe or sleepwear                                                      School ________________________
111.    2-piece suit (jacket or vest with pants)
112.    2-piece suit (jacket or vest with skirt)                               Dept. ______ Class ______ Lot ______
113.    Sportswear (must be a complete outfit).                                Description of garment _______________
114.    Formal Dress
CLASS G KNITTING I - 1st or 2nd year in Revue                                  Dept. ______ Class ______ Lot ______
CLASS H CROCHETING I - 1st or 2nd year in Revue
72.    Head apparel, 2 needle mittens, neck scarf (at least 2 items)           Description of garment _______________
73.    Slippers
74.    Poncho, cape, shawl, or sweater                                         __________________________________
75.    Vest                                                                    I can help write comments: Yes        No
CLASS I KNITTING II - 3rd or more years in Revue                               Return to:       UW-Extension
CLASS J CROCHETING II - 3rd or more years in Revue                                              Attention 4-H
76.   Sweater: pullover or cardigan                                                             311 N Main Street
77.   Sweater set                                                                               Shawano, WI 54166
78.   Skirt or dress                                                                                    return by June 13
79.   Vest
80.   Socks
81.   Head apparel or mittens or neck scarf (at least 2 items)
                                                        Attention All Cloverbuds
Natural Resources
& Environmental Education                               At the All Star Shootout, there will be a
                                                        Cloverbud Wildlife Quiz. This is open to all 4-H
                                                        Cloverbuds, not just those active in Shooting
Conservation Camp                                       Sports. Bring your Cloverbud in for lots of
                                                        informative fun with this hands-on, walk through
Marinette County Land and Water Conservation is         quiz. All Cloverbuds who complete the quiz will
sponsoring their Sand Lake Conservation Camp,           receive a ribbon and be entered into a drawing for
June 23 to June 25. Camp is designed for students       a special prize which will be presented during
who will be attending grades 6-8. Registration is       awards on Saturday (must be present to win).
$50 for all three days before May 30th. $65 before
deadline of June 6th.
                                                                        Trapping Camp
Camp programs cover topics and hands-on                               June 20th-24th, 2011
experiences, including wildlife habitat, water            Sandhill Outdoor Skills Center, Babcock, WI
quality, fisheries, forestry, orienteering and            Open to youth 10-18 years of age. Cost: $25
canoeing. Natural resource and education
professionals teach and serve as counselors.            Camp will teach you the basic skills and
                                                        techniques needed to trap all species of
For more information or questions, visit                Wisconsin‟s legal furbearers. There will be (search- Conservation           hands-on demos, equipment building workshops,
Camp) or contact the Marinette County LWCD at           making your own sets, leaving the traps out
715-732-7784 or email                                   during the week and hands-on skinning demos.                            Anyone can attend. You do NOT have to be a
                                                        Trapping Project Member. If interested, contact
                                                        Nicke Shumaker at 920-609-2825. Space is
Shooting Sports Calendar                                limited to 30 campers.

Practice on May 7th
        Air Rifle at Angie‟s, 10am to noon              How could we promote 4-H? How could we
        Archery at Northwoods                           improve 4-H in Shawano County?
                1:00-2:00 ages 8-9
                2:00-3:00 ages 10-13
                                                        Each year, when members apply for award trips
                3:00-4:00 ages 14 and up
                                                        they are to answer 2 questions. The following
Shawano County All-Star Shootout                        were taken directly from submitted resumes.
      at the Crawford Center, Fairgrounds
      May 13th 4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.                    Promotion:
      May 14th 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.                           Set up displays at school open houses
                                                        each fall showing how 4-H has many non-
Everyone enrolled in the Shooting Sports project is     livestock related projects. Every year different
encouraged to sign up for the Shootout. It is a fun     clubs could display a variety of the projects they
event with participants coming from around the state.   are taking to the fair from different project areas.
There are a variety of events to participate in
including BB Gun and Air Rifle, Archery spot and
2-D targets, and wildlife. Registration forms can be    Improvements:
found on the website. Click on “Events”.                       We should also have meetings earlier and         on weekends so members don‟t have to rush to
                                                        get homework done. The main idea of 4-H is to
                                                        have fun and it isn‟t fun when you have a lot of
June 3 & 4 - Brown County Invitational, DePere          homework and meetings go to 9pm.
                                                           4-H Photo Show
Arts and Communications                                    All Photography Members are encouraged to enter
                                                           the Photo Show on June 12 at the Junior Fair Bldg,
4-H Arts Camp                                              Fairgrounds. Check in time is 12 noon with
                                                           judging starting at 12:30pm.
This statewide arts camp for 6th - 8th graders will
be held October 8-9, at Camp Upham Woods,
                                                           Rules are as follows:
Wisconsin Dells. Youth will get together to                1) Open to all 4-H Photography members.
explore and participate in the exciting world of           2) Photography from any year in 4-H work can be
the arts: theatre and drama, photography,                     entered as long as they were not exhibited at
communication, music, visual arts and juggling!               previous Shawano County 4-H Photo Shows or
For more information and an application check                 fair.                  3) Photographs must be mounted on sturdy
                                                              tagboard, 11”x14”, the color of your choice.
                                                              Photographs should not be matted.
May Art Meeting                                            4) Name of exhibitor, grade level, address, club,
Visual Arts members will meet on Thursday,                    “Photo Title” and division category should be
May 26, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the courthouse.                  put on the back of all entries.
                                                           5) It is understood that photographs should be the
Members will work on Tissue Art. Need to                                 work of the exhibitor.
bring a painted white board, ½ inch thick,                            6) Entries should be made on the Photo
approximately 11x14 inches. If you have, bring:                          Show entry sheet (in this Cloverline).
colored tissue paper, elmers glue, colored foil                      7) Judging will be conference style,
and a one-inch paint brush. Call Jeanette at 758-                        entrant or a representative should
8576 or Marcy at 526-2588 with questions.                                 plan on being present for the
                                                           8) Entry form (found in Section One of this
                                                              Cloverline) should be completed and returned
The 4-H Visual Arts department is in need of                  to Kathy Krueger, along with entry fee, by
soda can tabs for their workshop in June.                     June 4th. Checks made payable to: Shawano
                                                              County 4-H Leaders, Inc.
Please bring whatever you have to the
                                                           9) An entry fee of $3.00 per person will be
UWEX office in May. Thanks.
                                                              charged, with NO LIMIT to the number of
                                                              photos you may enter.

Photo Blog
Wayne Brabender, State 4-H Photo Specialist, has a blog at for Wisconsin 4-H
photo leaders, members and judges. He expects it will be an efficient, yet dynamic, way to share resources
and ideas statewide, and also to answer questions.

His posts include: a welcome message, deciding on a camera, photo books for youth, State Photo Show top
12, and more. He plans to post a new item each month. You can also search his archives.

If you have photo project-related questions and suggestions that you want Wayne to address through this
blog, you can email him at .
Visual Arts Workshop…
June 15 at the Crawford Center
                                                             Visual Arts Workshop
4-H members enrolled in Visual Arts…you‟ll be able           Clip Return
to attend 3 sessions. All items made in the workshop
will have a category for entry in this year‟s fair.          Name ________________________________
This year, thanks to a grant from the Shawano                Club _________________________________
County 4-H Leaders, the visual arts committee is able
                                                             Phone No. ____________________ Age ____
to offer 3 more expensive items as sessions at no
extra cost. Each member will be able to choose one
of these as well as 2 other sessions for the cost of          Please enclose check to: Shawano 4-H Leaders
$3.50 per session. These 3 classes are marked with                  Amount enclosed $__________
an *. If you list more than one of these in the 1st
choice column on your clip return, you will need to
                                                              Session Preference – list 1st & 2nd choice for
circle your 1st choice as you will get in only one of
these * sessions.
                                                              each time slot using numbers 1 through 9,
                                                              early response will have priority in choices!
Pre-Registration (by June 4th):
       $3.50 per session or $10 for full day                                      1st choice   2nd choice
Same day registration:                                       10:00 - Noon -        ______       ______
       $5.00 per session, limited availability               12:45 - 2:15pm -      ______        ______
       ($15 for full day)                                     2:15 - 3:45pm -      ______        ______

Complete and mail the clip return on this page. Early         Please return to: Terri Brunner
responses will have priority in choices. All classes                            UWEX Office
will be limited to 12 members, and all supplies will
                                                                                311 N. Main Street
be furnished, unless specified.
                                                                                Shawano, WI 54166
10:00 - noon                                                   By June 4th
1) *Woven Stool (ages 10 and older) Learn the art
    of basic weaving by creating an 11” decorative             Sessions will be assigned on a first-come
    stool. Those signing up for this session should            first-serve basis.
    pick up their kits from the UWEX office ahead of
    time to prepare their wooden frame.
2) Sand Art (ages 10 and older)
3) Duct Tape Wallet
                                                             Mechanical Science
noon - 12:45pm Lunch (Bring Your Own)

12:45-2:15 noon                                              Start your engines and get ready for an afternoon
4) * Leather Wallet (ages 10 and older)                      of Fun! Our annual 4-H Rocket Launch will be
    Learn tooling and lacing during this 3 hour              on Thursday, June 9th, at the Radio Controlled
    session.                                                 Airport, located on the Shawano County Farm.
5) Duct Tape Roses                                           Participants can come anytime between 3:30pm
6) Can Tab Belt: Make a decorative belt for yourself         and 6:30pm to launch their rockets, and take the
    out of tabs off soda cans. Bring your own if you         written test on rocketry knowledge. There will be
    have them.                                               a $5.00 per person registration fee, payable at the
                                                             door. No advance registration is necessary. Be
2:15 - 3:45pm
    7) *Tile 6”x12” Trivet – you will create a               sure to bring an adequate supply of engines…
         design in grout to create this functional trivet.   each participant receives up to three chances to
    8) Styrofoam Egg Characters                              launch their rocket for the competition! Contact
    9) Painted Tall Ship                                     Joe Stellato for more information.
    10) Continuation of Leather Wallet (optional)
                                                        State 4-H Dog Show
Animal Science
                                                        Washington County, Labor Day Weekend
                                                        Contact the UW-Extension Office for more
Important Dates for Cat Project                         information. Your trainer also has this information.
Tuesday, May 10, 6:00 pm - We will meet at the
Shawano Community Middle School. Members
will be making cat posters for the upcoming cat         Attention All Dairy Exhibitors
show and reviewing record book sheets. Please
bring markers, scissors and pictures of cats. The       Please include your dairy project animal
tag board used for posters will be provided by the      registration number or ear tag number on all fair
Cat Committee. Members should also bring along          entry forms. No exceptions to this rule.
their record book material for their cat project that
will be part of their yearend record book.              Contact Jeff Styczynski at 715-758-8991 if you
                                                        were accepted for Badger Dairy Camp by May
Saturday, June 11, 10:00 am - Shawano                   25th. He will assist with travel arrangements.
Fairgrounds - Commercial Building
Members and parents are needed to help set              All dairy project members planning to take a
up for the Fun Cat Show that will be held               managerial project animal to state fair are reminded
on Sunday, June 12.                                     that they must have their managerial forms turned in
                                                        to the UWEX office by May 20th. NOTE: a
Sunday, June 12, - Fun Cat Show - Shawano               managerial form is not required for the county fair.
Fairgrounds - Commercial Building. Check-in
begins at 11:30 am, judging starts promptly at
12:30 pm. Entrants, be sure to bring proof of           State Fair Dairy Exhibitors
vaccinations for rabies and distemper. A                Meeting May 3rd
registration form for the Fun Cat Show is in this
Cloverline.                                             4-H and FFA members who sent a State Fair Dairy
                                                        Cattle Interest Form in to the UWEX Office last
                                                        month should plan to attend an initial State Fair
Dog Project Members                                     planning meeting on May 3rd. We‟ll meet at
                                                        8:00pm in the Bonduel High School Ag Room. It
All dog exhibits must be the result of regular 4-H      is strongly suggested that one parent or guardian
work in the current year, including 75% attendance      accompany you to the meeting. Please be prepared
at training meetings (once per week). Waivers and       to tell us the age(s) of the project animal(s) you‟d
proof of vaccinations must be in before you start       like to bring to State Fair and other pertinent
training. You must notify the trainer which group       information. Contact Joe at the UWEX Office for
you are planning to train the majority of time with     more information.
by June 1st. If you do train with the other group,
you will need to have a form signed to
take to your primary trainer.                           Attention Dairy Exhibitors
Starting May 18, Betty Kort will                        For the Shawano County Fair, the purchase date is
train each Wednesday at 7:00pm at the                   June 1st for ALL ANIMALS, regardless of age.
Fairgrounds. If you have questions, contact Betty       The fair book shows the date to be June 1st for all.
at 526-5078. Terry Bruno and Diana Whealon are          This is the same date State Fair uses for calves and
training at Complete Canine Care Center on              yearlings. Note however, animals over two years
County Trunk B. They will begin training on             of age must be purchased by January 1st to show at
Thursday, May 20 & 27, 6:00pm, then each                the Wisconsin State Fair.
Tuesday and Thursday in June. If you have
questions contact Terry at 526-2086 or Diana at
                                  FUN CAT SHOW REGISTRATION
“Cats Rule” Fun Cat Show is scheduled for Sunday, June 12th, at the Shawano County Fairgrounds. It‟s open to
all 4-H members and the public. Check-in time will be from 11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. Judging will begin at 12:30
p.m. (sharp). Cats must be brought in pet taxi or carrier and also need a harness or leash. They are much calmer
and safer this way. Bring litter, litter pan, dishes, food and water from home.

Entry fee will be $1.00 per class entered. You can enter as many cats & classes as you like and can manage.
Please use (1) form per cat (extra forms available at UW-Extension Office).

Proof of rabies and distemper required when checking in. Feline Leukemia is strongly recommended.
Vaccinations must be given (2) weeks before the show. Pregnant and nursing cats or intact males will not be
accepted! Kittens must be at least 3 months of age and have received (2) distemper and rabies vaccinations.
Note – rabies can be given at 3 months of age now! Front and rear nails must be clipped. Nail clipping will be
available at the show for a fee of $.50 per cat. Any cat showing signs of illness, fleas, mites, etc. will be sent

       Cats Name                                                                               Age
                 Male           Female                 Breed
       Owners Name                                              Phone No.

                          Please check the classes the above cat will be entered in:
               ___Best groomed short hair                          ___Longest Tail
               ___Best groomed long hair                           ___Shortest Tail
               ___Best solid (any 1 color)                         ___Best Kitten (1 year & under)
               ___Best bi-colored (2 solid colors)                 ___Longest Whiskers
               ___Best Tabby (striped)                             ___Best look alike
               ___Best Calico                                      ___Crazy Cat Photos
               ___Best Aged Cat (9 years+)                         ___Most Unusual Markings
               ___Best Costume/Best decorated cage (inside & out)

               Trophies will be presented for Best Humane Society/Rescued and best of show in both long and
               short hair classes.

               No refunds if not at show!!!

Even when handled with the greatest of care, a mishap may happen. I hereby waiver and release the club, its
employees, officers, members and agents from any and all liability of any nature for injury, damage or
transmittable disease, which I and my cat may suffer. I assume the risk of such damage or injury while attending
the cat show on the grounds or surrounding area thereto.

I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless this club, its employees, officers, members, and agents from any
and all claims, or claims by any member of my family and /or any other person accompanying me to any function
on the grounds or the surrounding area thereto as a result of any action of my cat including any other cat there.

Return to: Kathy Westfahl
           W9872 Mill Creek Road                                      Signature of Cat Owner
           Clintonville, WI 54929         by June 8, 2011
                                                             4-H Poultry & Small Animal Swap
When ordering new chicks or buying any new birds,            Saturday, May 21st, 7:00am until 11:00am
remember to get a NPIP Certificate or Flock Status                 at the Fairgrounds in Shawano
Certificate from the seller. This paperwork is              Includes the Meat & Dairy Goat Exchange
required in order to show at the fair and fun show                        $1.00 Admission
and must be turned in with the registration forms.
All birds are required to be blood tested by             Help is needed at the Small Animal Swap.
June 30th so Flock Status paperwork has                  Members that work for a full 2 hour shift will count
time to be sent in, processed and returned               as a meeting credit. Contact a Key Leader if you
back to the member prior to the August 1st               can commit to this.
fair entry deadline. We are recommending
flock testing on your own premises instead
of the Blood Testing Day in prior years. Discussion      Small Animal Market Exhibitors – Be sure to
on this topic took place after the Cloverline deadline   keep track of your project expenses throughout the
and more information will be posted in the next          year. This information needs to be recorded on a
Cloverline or in a postcard sent to project members.     Project Market Sheet and turned in on fair entry
* All Poultry/Waterfowl and Eggs need to have a
flock status, except Pigeons, which do not. You
                                                         If any members are still looking to purchase new
must also have a WI Premises ID # to put on your
                                                         animals for the year contact Nicke Shumaker at
flock status application form.
                                                         920-609-2825 for Poultry or Shaina Oakley
If you have any questions regarding the rabbit or        Shively at 715-526-9494 for Rabbits for possible
poultry projects, contact Nicke Shumaker at 920-         suggestions.
609-2825 or Betty Gast at 715-526-5293.

Reminder for all Poultry and Rabbit Project                  State Horse Sportsmanship Award
Members – You must attend at least 1 meeting and
1 fair work day to be able to exhibit at the fair. All       This award is presented at the State 4-H Horse
market exhibitors will also be required to attend 1          Expo in September.
Market Meeting to be able to sell their animal in the
auction. Dates for these meetings will be announced          The state committee is now presenting one award
at a later time.                                             per county. If you would like to be considered,
                                                             the county Horse Key Committee asks that you
                                                             pick up information & nomination form at the
Poultry/Rabbit Project Upcoming Events                       UW-Extension Office.
June 13 – Poultry/Rabbit Equipment Building
          Workshop, Fairgrounds at 6:30pm                    Criteria includes:
July 24 – Poultry/Rabbit Fun Show
          Fairgrounds, 9:30am                                *Sportmanlike attitude
Aug.15 – Poultry/Rabbit Getting Ready for                    *good role model & helpful to younger Members
         Fair Workshop, Fairgrounds 6:30pm                   *uses horse project to grow as a person & in 4-H
                                                             *shares knowledge with others
                                                             *accepts winning & losing with dignity and
Langlade County 4-H Rabbit Fun Day
                                                             *is enthusiastic, honest and helpful
May 21st, 10:00am to 3:30pm at the Langlade
County Fairgrounds in Antigo. Due May 11th.                  Forms are due to the UW-Extension Office by to find the “Forecast”              the Key Committee‟s August meeting, Tuesday,
(the Langlade County 4-H newsletter)                         August 9th, 7:00pm.
May & June Horse Project Events                       June 11 @ 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
                                                      Equitation/Horsemanship             Noelle Weis
May 4, 11, 18, 25 Drill Team Practice                 Counts as 1 In-Hand Credit and/or 1 Riding Credit
    at Blue Royal Stable or Fairgrounds               (Adv. or Int. only)Location: Shawano Fairgrounds
    depending on weather.

                                                      Shawano County 4-H Horse Camp
May 7 @ 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
       Gymkhana (Speed Events)                        Monday, June 20, 5:30pm – Saturday, June 25
              Gene Weed                               Circle E Stables, Seymour
                                                      Only 7 vacancies left! Only $125!
Counts as 1 – Riding Credit
Location: Shawano Fairgrounds                         The participants will stay overnight in tents behind the
                                                      Circle E Stables. We‟ll be learning some camping
This clinic could cover from basics of speed to       basics but still have what some would consider
advanced riding to improve your times. The            “luxuries” on the trail. On Saturday morning, parents
morning session will be geared towards beginners      and guests are welcome to come watch their campers
and the afternoon for those whom have already         participate in a “fun show”.
competed in speed events. Stay for the whole day,
because you can learn from watching and listening     There will be a limited number of $50 sponsorships
too. You must pre-register. Bring your own bag        available on a first come, first serve basis for those
lunch. Stalls available to rent at $10, must clean    who have a financial need. Contact Terri if you would
                                                      like an application for these sponsorships. Recipients
up prior to leaving. If raining, clinic will have a
                                                      of this sponsorship will be expected to work the food
rain date TBA. Organizer – Candy Mullen               stand with at least one parent May 29th.

                                                      If you have any questions, contact Terri Brunner at
May 10 @ 7:00 PM                                      715-526-6136. Look for the registration form in the
Horse Key Committee Meeting at Courthouse             March Cloverline. Find it online at:
                                             and scroll down under 4-H
                                                      Youth Development to the Cloverlines. Or you can
May 21 @ 10:30 AM – 1:00 PM                           stop in the UW-Extension office.
       Grooming and Ground Manners
       Kelsie Kuhn
Counts as 1 – Verbal Credit                           For the latest information regarding the horse
Location: Margie Kuhn‟s Farm                          project, check out the website Horse Handbook!

This event is being held just northwest of town, at
N5821 Poplar Road in Shawano. This is being           Horse Project Update
offered by Lonesome Pine Whisperers 4-H club
and will cover all the things you need to know to     All members and leaders who did not attend the
show in halter classes, including proper grooming     informational meetings, have an informational
techniques, ground manners, proper tack and           packet in the UWEX office. Be sure to pick up your
equipment. There will showing demonstrations, a       packet before attending the educational events.
bake sale and a tack swap. Organizer – Margie
Kuhn                                                  Also, please note: If there is a severe Weather
                                                      Warning for Shawano County, a horse event will
                                                      be canceled. If the weather or ring conditions are
June 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 Drill Team Practice             questionable, the event may be rescheduled. Please
                      at Shawano Fairgrounds.         call the appropriate numbers listed in your member
                                                      letter if you have questions.
Tractor Safety                                            4-H Livestock Committee Meeting
Farm Machinery/ Tractor Safety Class is being             The next 4-H Livestock Key Committee meeting
offered by NWTC in Shawano, June 20-24 (9am               will be held on May 12th at the courthouse in
to 3pm). Cost is approximately $71. Classes are           Shawano, 7:30pm. Come to meeting room C,
also being held in Green Bay, June 13-16.                 downstairs. Older youth in the livestock projects
                                                          (beef, sheep and swine) are encouraged to attend!
For more information, contact NWTC at 888-385-
6982 or check their website at

Those who pass the written and proficiency skills         Remaining Livestock Credit Meetings
exam will be granted a state and federal certificate of
completion. The state certificate will allow students     4-H and FFA Livestock Project members can
who are at least 12 years old to work for their           receive one meeting credit for attending any of the
parents or guardians operating equipment and              following upcoming project meetings:
tractors on public roads. The federal certificate
allows students 14 years of age to work for someone                      June 21st, 6:00pm
other than their parents in operating tractors on              Corner View Club Lambs (Wilson Farm)
public roads.                                                County Road B between Shawano and Bonduel
                                                                  Sheep Selection and Showmanship

                                                                            June 25 10:00am
Area Animal Science Days                                                     Meat Processing
                                                                   At Pingel‟s Old Time Sausage Shop
Every year, Wisconsin 4-H                                             528 S. Main Street, Shawano
conducts four Area Animal Science Day
(AASD) events. These are the Northeast,                              July 16th, 10:00am to Noon
Northwest, Southeast and Southwest Area Animal                      Shawano County Fairgrounds
Science Days. Shawano County attends the NE                   Beef and Swine Fitting and Showing Clinic
Area Animal Science Day. This year, the NE
                                                          Even if you‟ve earned enough meeting credits but
AASD will be hosted by Brown County at their
                                                          want to learn more, feel free to come!
fairgrounds on June 21.

Events offered at AASD include: Dairy Cattle
Judging Contest, Dairy Showmanship Contest,               MAQA Training
Dairy Poster Competition, Livestock Judging
                                                          Youth exhibitors planning to show swine at the
Contest (beef, sheep and swine), Meats
                                                          Wisconsin State Fair need to be certified through a
Evaluation, Horse Judging, Hippology, and Horse           Meat Animal Quality Assurance (MAQA) training
Poster Contest .                                          program. Shawano County will NOT be conducting
                                                          MAQA training during the current year. If you need
Members of our 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging and 4-H           MAQA certification, you should consider attending
Livestock Judging Teams will be attending. If             one of these training sessions in nearby counties.
anyone else is interested in attending, please
contact Joe Stellato for more information! Your           Langlade County UWEX will conduct one more
participation is encouraged! These are fun, low-          MAQA Training session on June 14, 9 am to noon
cost educational events!
                                                          This training session will be held at the Langlade
                                                          Resource Center, 837 Clermont Street, Antigo.
The first day of spring is one thing, and the first       Please call ahead at 715-627-6313 to let them
spring day is another. The difference between
                                                          know you will be coming.
them is sometimes as great as a month. ~Henry
Van Dyke
County Livestock Weigh-In                                  State Fair Animal Exhibitors!
The initial swine weigh-in will be held on Saturday,       Remember: Non-4H Youth members who belong to
May 7th in the beef barn at the Shawano County             organizations which have been approved for the
fairgrounds from 9:00am to noon.                           State Fair will be required to submit their Wisconsin
                                                           State Fair Junior entry information to their
The initial sheep and market goat weigh-in will be         organization‟s adult advisor. Those advisors must
held on Friday evening, May 6th. Sheep can be              sign off on your membership as being a member in
weighed-in 6:00 to 7:00pm in the beef barn at the          good standing with the respective association in
Shawano County fairgrounds. Goats may weigh-in             advance of the entry deadline required by each
at the same time. Please be on time!                       county‟s WI State Fair authorized representative.

To be eligible for the Shawano County Fair Market          What this means in “plain English”, is that I (Joe
Animal Sale, all junior fair exhibitors (this includes     Stellato) can no longer sign State Fair entry forms
4-H, FFA, Scouts, Jr. breed organizations and other        for non-4-H members. FFA members must have
recognized youth groups approved by the local fair)        their State Fair entry forms signed by their FFA
must have their animals weighed in at these times.         Advisor before turning them in to the Shawano
No exceptions to these weigh-in dates! Exhibitors          County UWEX Office. Junior breed association
must also bring and submit your signed                     members (Jr. Holstein Association, etc.) must have
Acknowledgement of Livestock Show/Sale rules and           State Fair entry forms signed by their adult advisor
agreement to comply form at the weigh-in. This             also, before turning them in to the UWEX Office by
form must be signed by the exhibitor and at least one      4:30pm on June 20th.
parent/guardian of that exhibitor. Exhibitors will be
assessed $2.00 (or 3 for $5.00) per animal to cover        So, FFA and Jr. Breed Association members who
ear tag costs. If you                                      DO NOT belong to a 4-H Club should download
need more information,                                     State Fair entry forms from the State Fair website
contact Joe at the                                         and get these forms signed by your FFA Advisor or
UWEX office.                                               Jr. Breed Association Advisor ASAP! In past years,
                                                           some exhibitors had difficulty locating their Advisor
                                                           during summer months. So be checking that State
                                                           Fair web site, download your entry forms as soon
State Fair Livestock Exhibitors                            as they become available, and have your Advisor
                                                           sign them. Get this taken care of soon!
All 4-H, FFA and Jr. Breed Association members
who wish to exhibit MEAT ANIMALS (beef, sheep,             Currently enrolled 4-H members do not have to do
swine, poultry, rabbits, goats, etc.) at the State Fair,   anything different! Just bring your State Fair entry
are required to attend this May 31st meeting with          forms in to me for signature by 4:30 pm on June 24.
parent or guardian to obtain entry forms, health
certificates, expectation statements, make dorm
reservations and receive general information               Livestock Show Camp
regarding State Fair. We’ll meet at the courthouse in
Shawano at 7:00pm. Adults serving as chaperones            Wisconsin Livestock Show Camp, June 17-19 at
should also attend. You can take all of your entry         State Fair Park in Milwaukee. Cost $125.00
materials back home, get them filled out and then          Deadline to register is May 15th. Show Camp will
return them to the UWEX Office by 4:30pm on June           cover beef cattle, market lambs, and hogs. Search
20th. For more information, contact Joe at the    for
UWEX Office. If you‟re not a 4-H member, make              registration form and information. You can receive
sure to have your state fair entry forms signed by         livestock meeting credits for attending the entire
your FFA Advisor or Jr. Breed Association Advisor.         Milwaukee camp.
Food Entries for FFA Members                            Great Tour for Horticulture Members
If Foods and Food Preservation topics are a part of     Ever walk into a greenhouse and notice the smell of
the FFA curriculum, members are eligible to enter       Spring, wondering how they get those plants to look
Foods and Foods Preservation exhibits at the            so great? Well, have a great opportunity for you!
Shawano County Fair. Any and all FFA members
who wish to exhibit in the county junior fair are       Thanks to Gary Aprill‟s efforts, Shawano County
required to fill out a Shawano County 4-H/ FFA          4-H members enrolled in horticulture (or simply
Enrollment Form and return it to your FFA               having an interest in gardening), will be able to take
Advisor who must get it in to the UWEX office by        in a tour of Schroeder‟s Fox Valley Greenhouse – a
Dec. 15 for re-enrolling members, and by                full 10 acres! You will get great tips, from the best
                                                        way to start your plants to keeping them looking
February 1 for new members. You will then
                                                        their absolute best all through the summer.
receive the 4-H Cloverline newsletter with
information pertinent to your project, fair entry       They are located on Highway H just southeast of
deadlines, updates, etc.                                Seymour. Meet there at 9:00am on May 14th. If you
Please note that the 4-H Cake Auction is a 4-H          would like to carpool, we will be meeting at the
sponsored event and is open only to 4-H members         Bonduel Park and Ride at 8:15am and at the
currently enrolled in and actively participating in a   Angelica Park and Ride at 8:30.
4-H Club.
                                                        In the effort to make sure there will be enough
                                                        tour guides available, please complete this clip
Plant & Soil Science                                    return by May 6.

Horticulture & Plant Science Field Day
                                                                   Greenhouse Tour - May 14
This annual event will take place on Wednesday,
July 6, 2011 at the Waushara County Fairgrounds in      Name:
Wautoma. Registration will be from 9:30 to 10:00        Phone:
am, with contest and workshops until 2 pm.
         The morning program will feature a plant       E-Mail:
science contest where participants will identify
                                                        Number of “tourists”:
fruits, nuts, vegetables, trees, shrubs, flowers and
houseplants. You will also judge and place classes      I can drive:     yes    no       (circle one)
of plants and test your horticulture knowledge with a
written horticulture test. The study guide for these             If yes, # of seats available
contests is “Horticulture Contest Study Manual” 4-H     I would like to carpool at:
435 (2002) available from the UWEX Office. In the
afternoon, two workshops will be offered: “Floral                        Bonduel @ 8:15am
Design – Tricks of the Trade” and “STEM (Science,                ______Angelica @ 8:30am
Technology, Engineering and Math) – More Than
Leaf Support for Plant Science.” There will also be
a photo contest and Speaking/ Demonstration             Please return to Terri by May 6th at:
Contest.                                                   UW-Extension Office
         Cost of the program is $10 per person for         311 N. Main St, Room 101
registration fees and lunch - collected at the door        Shawano, WI 54166
only. Please pre-register with Joe by June 17th. Do
NOT send fee in with registrations. Walk-ins will be       Or
welcome but contest organizers greatly appreciate
pre-registrations for accurate counts for materials
and lunch. For more info, contact Joe at the UWEX       Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's
Office or get contest info at      party!" ~Robin Williams

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