The Club Penguin Glitches

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					                    The Club Penguin Glitches
                                                         By Jord Fan
>> Nubbing!
1. Go on
2. Go to somewhere like the Town
3. If there isn’t a space under the chat bar then press F11
4. Click the gap underneath the chat bar and you should be

>> Nubbing on CP Trainer
 1. Go to some place like the town.
 2. Click on the place under the chat bar.
 3. There! You are nubbing!

>> Nubbing on a Macintosh!
1. Go to
2. Go some place like the Town
3. Click on the bottom right corner of the screen and drag it
4. A gap should appear underneath the chat bar, click it and you
should be nubbing

>> Walk on Water!
1. Go to the Dock
2. Go near the bottom of the Dock (near the tubes)
3. Click on the boat
4. You should walk right over the water

>> Dance With the Paper!
1. Go on
2. Open up someone's player card and drag it outside of the
screen so you can only see the envelope on their player card and
everything to the right of it
3. Open up the Newspaper
4. Click the envelope on the player card and the Newspaper
should go away
5. Send them a card
6. You should be able to dance and talk with the Paper

>> Find Four Glitch! (Or Mancala)
1. Go to Lodge Attic or Book Room
2. Go to the Find Four or the Mancala game
3. When the sign pops up saying would you like to play this game,
click the yes button rapidly
4. You should walk away from the game while playing

>> Walk with the Paper!
1. Go to the Lodge Attic or Book Room
2. Do the Find Four Glitch
3.Then dance with the paper
4. Open up the map and click the Town or Ski Village (Depending
on which game you play)
5. Go back into the room you were playing in
6. Everyone should see you walking with the paper

>> Stand at the Steps of the Ski Lodge!
1. Go into the Sport Shop
2. Rapidly click the bottom left corner of the Sport Shop door
(keep clicking while the Ski Village is loading)
3. You should be standing at the steps of the Ski Lodge

>> Editing other igloos! (Way one)
1. Go to your igloo
2. Click on the edit button
3. Open up your buddy list
4. Go to a friend's igloo that is a member
5. You should be able to move their furniture

>> Editing other igloos! (Way two)
1. Go to your igloo
2. Go somewhere far from the door on the first floor (if you have
a split level)
3. Click on the door
4. While walking to the door, click on the edit button
5. When the map comes up, go to someone's igloo on the map
6. You will be able to move their furniture

>> Editing other igloos! (Way three)
1. Go to your igloo
2. Click the edit button
3. Open up your player card, and click on your Spy Phone
4. Go to the HQ
5. Now go to a member igloo and you should be able to edit their

>> Walk on Light House Walls!
1. Go to the Light House
2. Go behind the bucket of fish (or between the barrel and the
3. Click the door a couple times
4. Click above the door and you should be able to walk on the wall

>> Stand Next to the Gift Shop Sign!
1. Go to the mountain.

2. Click on the "bunny slope" track. As you walk over there, open
up your map.
3. Wait for the game to begin, and after it does, click on the
town on your opened map.

4. Immediately after reaching the town, press "W" and you should
start walking toward the Coffee Shop door.

5. Click back to the main area of the town and sit down FACING

6. Then, click the tip of the area that leads to the Snow Forts,
and while you are walking, press "W" over and over until you stand

If you did it right, you should be able to sit down up there. Hope
you guys have fun doing the glitch!
NOTE: You may also do this at other place including the Ice Rink,

>> Flashing Words!
This is a very simple glitch; this is all you have to do.
1. Say, "green commander of..." In the space after of you can say
whatever you like.
2. Walk around while saying it.

>> Furniture on Walls or Furniture on Floor!
1. Go to your igloo and open up your furniture inventory
2. Find out a floor item that is on the top few rows of your
3. Double click on the item and it should stick onto the wall.
(NOTE: After you put a few items on the wall, you will have to log
off then back in to do it again.)
4. You can also do the same thing with wall items on the floor.
>> Stand Anywhere on the Boat at the Dock!
1. Go to the Dock
2. Go somewhere near the Boat
3. Hold Tab and press where you want to go on the boat
NOTE: May not work on all computers!

>> Stand Under the DJ Table!
1. Go into the Night Club
2. Hold Tab and click on the bottom right corner of the DJ table
3. You may have to keep trying, but you will do it soon

>> Stand in the Doorway to the Night Club!
1. Go into the Night Club
2. Walk slightly far away from the Night Club door
3. Click on the door
4. While walking to the door, put your mouse over the center of
the DJ Table
5. Right when the Town is loading, rapidly click where your mouse
6. You should end up in the doorway to the Night Club
7. If it doesn't work, keep trying

>> Weird Find! Type in chat bar while editing your password! -
1. Click the question mark on the chat bar.
2. Click change password.
3. Type anything in where it says original password.
4. After typing whatever you wanted in original password, press
5. The chat bar should be flashing and you will be able to type in
it. (Note: You can not actually press enter while doing this.

>> Stand at the Sign Near the Dock!
1. Go into the Night Club
2. Rapidly click on the door (even while the Town is loading)
3. You should end up at the sign near the dock.

>> Stand at the Light House Door!
1. Go into the Light House
2. Click right above the door and you should walk right up to it
without going to the beach

>> Dancing with Different Clothes on! (A.K.A. The robot)
1. Have on any clothes on, anything
2. Open up your player card
3. Put on clothes that have a special dance but don't close your
player card
4. Now dance
5. You should be doing weird dances while your clothes do
NOTE: You may also use multiple special dancing items at once
and do up to four dances at the same time

>> Sledding on Nothing!
1. Go to the Top of the Mountain
2. Play sled racing with someone
3. During the game, minimize the screen
4. Now maximize it
5. You should still be able to sled but you will be sledding in thin

>> Walking in the Sky!
1. Do the glitch where you can stand next to the Gift Shop sign
2. While at random times, when you're walking and press “W”, you
might be able to walk in the sky
3. If you go too high and get stuck where the Newspaper is, you
can get down by clicking on a doorway to a place (like the Coffee
Shop, etc.)

>> Putting Wall Items Sideways!
1. Have a wall item on your wall in your igloo
2. Quickly drag it to the outside of your igloo and let go
3. If done right, it should be turned on its side

>> Newspaper Glitch!
1. Go to the Boiler Room
2. Open up the Newspaper Vault
3. Click and HOLD on the last paper. (It should rise up and stay
4. Move your mouse up a little and quickly click and HOLD on the
newspaper after.
5. Do it with all the newspapers to make them stand up all at the
same time.

Vote More Than Once for a Color in the Newspaper!
1. Open up the Newspaper and vote for a color
2. Turn the page forward, and then back again
3. You should be able to vote multiple times

>> Stand at Sport Shop Door!
1. First put your mouse over the Shop door.(Sport shop)
2.DO NOT CLICK instead put finger over mouse and keep it
3. Then go to Lodge.
4. Then leave Lodge and at loading click your finger spot.
5. You will end up there.
6. Finger is optional.
Found by Zach121!

>>Ski Lodge Glitch!
1. Do the glitch to stand at the sign next to the Gift Shop.
2. Go to the Ski Village
3. Go into the Ski Lodge but press “W” right when it is loading
(Press W rapidly)
4. You should end up on the Mountain

>> Pizza Parlor Glitch!
1. Do the same thing as the Ski Lodge glitch but at the Pizza
2. You should end up in the Pet Shop

>> Stand at the Gift Shop Door!
1. Go into the Gift Shop
2. Rapidly click the door (even while Town is loading)
3. You should end up at the Gift Shop door.

>> Walk on Walls in the Town!
1. Do the glitch to stand at the sign near the Gift Shop
2. Click on the Gift Shop door
3. You should walk right on top of the wall and into the Gift Shop
(Also works with the sign near the Dock)

>> Get Stuck in Sledding!
1. Go to the Top of the Mountain
2. Click on a sledding game
3. While walking to the game, click on the map
4. When it says if you would like to play, click yes
5. After someone joins the game, and you start to sled, wait
6. Try clicking somewhere on the map and it should say Please
Exit You Game
7. You will have to log off to get out of the game and you will not
be able to move during the sled glitch!
>> Cheat on the Bunny Hill!
1. Go to the sledding hills and play the Bunny Slope
2. While playing, move a space right of the center (I think)
3. You should ride all the way down without getting hit or anything

>> Money Cheat! (Must Have Two Computers)
1. Log onto CP on one of the two computers
2. Get some money
3. Don't log out of the first computer, but go to a different
server on the second computer and buy something
4. You can now log out of both computers
5. If you log back on, you will have the item you purchased and
you wouldn't have lost any money at all

>> Astro Barrier Secret!
1. Go play Astro Barrier
2. At the Astro Barrier menu, press 1, 2, or 3 if you want to go to
level 10, 20, or 30.

>> Astro Barrier Secret 2!
1. Once you beat level 10 in Astro, wait for 30 seconds and a blue
ship will appear
2. Shoot the ship and you will go to the secret levels

>> Catch the Big Fish in Ice Fishing!
1. Once the end of the Ice Fishing level comes, catch a small fish
and save it
2. Later, when the big fish comes, hold the line with the fish on it
in front of the big fish and he will eat it
NOTE: The big fish is worth a lot of coins!

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