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									mBedded Server 5.1                                                        Technical Data Sheet

UPnP Package
The core purpose of Universal Plug and Play                   ·   UPnP device representation as Control Units –
(UPnP)       technology    consists    of       connecting        represented in an abstract and uniform way,
intelligent,   self-configuring    devices.   The    UPnP         regardless of the underlying protocol for device
Control Point is a control node in a local network                communication. The Control Unit model allows
that     discovers     newly-plugged,       UPnP-enabled          centralized control of all registered devices in a
devices,       retrieves   their    basic     configuration       standard and simple manner, and facilitates the
parameters, registers device services for end-users,              automation and simultaneous execution of
and provides the means for device configuration and               operations on various types of devices.
eventing, using conventional network and transport

                                                              The UPnP Browser tool shows all available UPnP
The UPnP Control Point implementation by ProSyst
                                                              devices in the network and offers a convenient user
is distributed as an OSGi bundle or as a stand-alone
                                                              interface for inspecting their services.

The UPnP Package provides:

·      OSGi API’s, based on the Device Driver Model,
       which describes UPnP devices and the UPnP

The API’s allow the following transformations:

·      UPnP-to-OSGi transformation - provided when a
                                                              UPnP Browser
       notification from a newly-plugged device is
       received. The main attributes of the device are
       retrieved after its registration as an OSGi
                                                              Additional capabilities and packages of mBedded
       service in the framework.
                                                              Server and other ProSyst products are explained in
·      OSGi-to-UPnP transformation - OSGi services            the data sheets available for each product.
       are transformed into UPnP entities so that
                                                              If you have any further questions, we are happy to
       developers can easily adopt their OSGi services
                                                              assist. Please contact us via info@prosyst.com or
       into a UPnP-based network.
                                                              visit our Developer Zone at dz.prosyst.com.
·      Base-Driver - an implementation of the UPnP
       Control Point. It contains a Discovery Client, a
       Description Client, a Rehydrator, an Event
       Subscription Client, and an Event Sink. The
       Multicast Channel of the discovery is supported
       for the Discovery Client.

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