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					         Contact:                       Mission Statement                  Powell
        Leslie Maryk
    Group Fitness Supervisor     At the Powell Wellness Center our goal
Phone: 540-829-4741
                                  is to provide an exceptional customer    Center
                                   experience and improve the overall
 Fax: 540-829-4750
                                    health of the community we serve.

Other Powell Wellness Center     For more information on each of
                                    our trainers, see one of our
     Programs and Services:
                                 Fitness Instructors or complete
                                     the inquiry section of this
•     Massage                     brochure. The Group Exercise
                                     Supervisor will pass your
•     Swim Lessons
                                  information along to a Trainer
•     Family Swim                      that will best help you
                                       accomplish your goals.
•     Personal Training                                                    Pilates
•     Weight Management                                                   Reformer
                                       Individual Sessions: $80

•                                            6-Pack: $455
      Sports Specific Training

•     Kid’s Corner
                                            12-Pack: $865
•     Tai Chi
                                                                           Tel: 540-829-4741
                                            24-Pack: $1630                 Fax: 540-829-4750
                                    *** Reformer Group Sessions             1005 Golf Drive
                                  available for a nominal fee—please      Culpeper, VA 22701
                                  check the group exercise schedule.
                                                                         Training Inquiry Form
 Why Personal                    Meet Your Trainers                  Name:
 Training might                                                      Phone:
     be the                         Pilates Reformer
                                                                       Trainer (If applicable):
   solution...                           Leslie Maryk
                                          STOTT Pilates
   Whether your fitness             Reformer Certified Trainer         Availability (Days/Times):
      goals are to build
  strength, tone muscles,                 Susan Dods
lose weight, recover from
 an injury or boost your                  STOTT Pilates                Please list your goals, so
                                Reformer and Mat Certified Trainer     that we can appropriately
     energy, the Powell                                                match you with a trainer.
Wellness Center’s STOTT
 Pilates certified trainers             Meghan Haught                  GOAL:
and Yoga Therapists can                   STOTT Pilates
put you on the road to to-          Reformer Certified Trainer
 tal fitness. Your trainer
 will work with you one-                                                          Rates:
on-one or in small groups                   YOGA
                                                                         Individual Sessions: $80
to motivate, support and
monitor you during work-                 Nancy Bosket                          6-Pack: $455
   outs – Checking your                1000-Hour Certified                     12-Pack: $865
technique and advancing
                                   Professional Yoga Therapist                24-Pack: $1630
you to the next level of fit-
ness. We are dedicated to                                              *** Reformer Group Sessions
                                        Melissa Lummis                 available for a nominal fee—
     providing the most
 effective and rewarding                200-Hour YogaFit              please check the group exercise
                                    Registered Yoga Teacher                      schedule.
    training experience.

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Description: Through Pilates training, not only to strengthen the deep muscles and increase flexibility, but also to help back pain, neck pain or muscle strain people ease the pain. In addition, Pilates can prevent injury and correct poor posture.