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Jade Egg for Pilates


Through Pilates training, not only to strengthen the deep muscles and increase flexibility, but also to help back pain, neck pain or muscle strain people ease the pain. In addition, Pilates can prevent injury and correct poor posture.

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									                          Jade Egg for Pilates
                                      With Melissa Macourek

                               Saturday July 10 1:00-4:00
                       Jade Egg for Pilates Teachers

This three-hour workshop is tailored to Pilates teachers. We begin with a exploration of anatomy
and understanding how the female pelvic floor works. The Jade Egg is used for both closed
kinetic pelvic floor training as well as the Repertoire. The egg is remarkable for feeling the ‘core’
in action and retraining movement patterns.

Cost is $65 plus $40 for a Jade Egg – Please purchase egg through Saida 253-370-2452

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