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					                                                                                 Issue 7, Volume 1 - December2009
                                                       Voice of the
                                                       Teslin Tlingit


                                                 Janet Smellie/TTC Staff photo

Lessons from long ago
    Students from Watson Lake get a taste of Teslin                                   Santa visits Teslin!
        culture during unique school exchange
Grade 6 students from Johnston           for Christmas, We didn’t get out un-
                                                                                   Report from
Elementary in Watson Lake were           til June.”                                General Council           3-4
in Teslin on December 9th to take           Madeleine and Mary Johnston
part in a school exchange aimed at       urged the students to take advantage
sharing the history and culture of       of the opportunities before them to
Teslin.                                  learn their First Nation language.
 The exchange took place at the Tes-       “We got punished in school when
lin Tlingit Heritage Centre where        we spoke our language,” Madeleine
Teslin Elders Madeleine Jackson,         said. “I just about lost my language.
Mary Johnston and Wilma Magill           If it wasn’t for my Auntie who kept       Moose Collaring
were on hand to share their first-       drilling it into my head, I wouldn’t
hand experiences of what life was        be able to speak Tlingit today. You       Project underway           7
like when they were growing up.          kids are so lucky to have teachers
  “You don’t know how lucky you          that know the language and you
are to be able to go to school in your   have us Elders’ who can teach you.        Seven Tlingit Artists
community,” Madeleine told the           So take advantage of that.”
students. “When I was your age I            In the New Year, students from         to represent Yukon at
went to residential school that was      the Teslin School will be travelling      2010 Olympics         12
far away from our language and our       to Watson Lake to learn about their
culture. They never send us home         culture and heritage.
                                                                Voice of the Teslin
                                                                 Tlingit Council

                                                                 Issue 7, Volume1
                                                                  December 2010

                                                              Deslin Neek welcomes
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    January 2010                                              timeliness, accuracy and
     January 11 - Executive Council                           length.
    January 12-14 CYFN Leadership - Whitehorse
    January 18 - Management Board
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                                                                 Teslin Tlingit Council
                                                                        Box 133
                                                                     Teslin, Yukon
                                                                        Y0A 1B0

Deslin Neek, 2
                                                                      December 2009

 Message from the CEO

It has been a pleasure serving you as Chief this year. On behalf of
Executive Council, I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and
a prosperous and healthy New Year. It has been a challenging year
for many of us. Those families who have been touched by death or
illness will be in our thoughts over the holidays.

We have been working hard over the past year and are excited about
the exciting challenges that await us in the upcoming year.

                                    TESLIN TLINGIT COUNCIL
                                               Peter Johnston

                                                                       Deslin Neek, 3
              General Council - December 2009
                 Members of General Council, who gathered in Teslin on December 4-6, got a lot
                 accomplished in moving the government forward for the next five years.
                  The proceedings began with swearing in two new members of Executive Council.
                 General Council member Isabelle Dewhurst was sworn in to replace Dakhlawedi
                 member Kim Smarch. Kukhhittan member Sandy Smarch was sworn in to replace
                 Clara Jules. The following is a summary of events over the three days.

           Teslin Outfitters Limited (TOL)
  During the first two days, members discussed in detail         This issue was also seen as one of the top nine pri-
the future of Teslin Outfitters Limited.                      orities facing TTC by Citizens who took part in the Vi-
 The business has been experiencing losses in the past        sioning Workshops held October 27-29, 2009.
few years due to low animal stocks and a downturn in             TTC’s Executive Director Doug Hogan made a pre-
the economy. Following an indepth presentation of a           sentation to General Council. Hogan said because this
review of TOL, General Council agreed to transfer the         type of referendum is such a significant undertaking,
business from the TTC Trust back to Tle’Nax T’awei            planning should begin by January 2010 in order to have
Limited Partnership (TTLP) who will embark on an ag-          the referendum results in and any necessary legislative
gressive campaign to sell the business.                       changes completed in time for the Leadership of 2012.
                                                                  He said the enumeration process will involve find-
               Administration of Justice                      ing and contacting each TTC Citizens, updating contact
   General Council was updated on the status of TTC’s         information and creating a database. It will also involve
enacting a Peacemaker Court and Justice Council Act.          deciding who is eligible to vote, establishing voting
Over the last four months Chief Peter Johnston and TTC        procedures and agreeing to what percentage will con-
Justice Negotiators have been diligent in their lobbying      stitute a binding majority.
efforts with the Government of Canada and the Yukon
Government. This lobbying is to ensure both govern-
ments, who initialled the agreement in March 2002,
stick to the original schedule of ratification.
   The Administration of Justice Act took 10 years to
negotiate and provides for the affirmation of TTC au-
thority and jurisdiction in relation to courts, corrections
and enforcement as reflected and recognized within the
TTC Self Government Agreement.
   TTC Negotiators are hoping the agreement, once rati-
fied by the Goverments of Canada and Yukon will be
able to be implemented in the Spring of 2010.

         Leadership Selection Referendum
   General Council members gave a firm mandate to
Executive Council to go ahead with plans to conduct a
referendum on how TTC chooses its leadership.
  This mandate stems from a petition presented to Gen-
eral Council at the AGA in July 2008 requesting Gen-          TTC Elder Wilma Magill is a dedicated Citizen who
eral Council consider introducing a voting system open        attends almost all public TTC meetings. Magill says “I
to all TTC Citizens for the selection of Chief Executive      love these meetings because there’s so much to learn
Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer.                   about our government.”

Deslin Neek, 4
                                                                          December 2009

Strategic planning session held
  “It does my heart good that culture and heritage are going
        to be recognized. It’s been a long time coming.
       We’ve got our foot in the door. Let’s keep it up.”
                                                        -Jane Smarch
                                On the final day of General Council (December 6)
                                members were involved in a unique “hands on” exer-
                                cise in priority setting that will give TTC’s Executive
                                Council and Management Board direction for the bud-
                                get and strategic planning now under way.
                                   Facilitated by Mike Lewis, who has been working
                                with TTC for more than two years, the day began with
                                the 25 members of General Council separating into
                                groups. These groups, with technical support of mem-
                                bers of Management Board, independently reviewed
                                the priorities and goals set out at the October 2009 Vi-
                                sioning Workshop held in Teslin. Categories included
                                Governance and Organizations, Culture and Heritage,
                                the Economy, Land and Environment and People and
                                  After setting specific goals for each priority, the mem-
                                bers then voted on which ones the government should
                                focus its efforts on most for the upcoming budget plan-
                                    “This process allows us to take the next step which
                                includes independent department planning and next
                                years budget,” says Chief Peter Johnston. “The idea is
                                to also incorporate these goals into the five-year plan-
                                ning Executive Council and Management Board are
                                now working on.
                                  After all General Council members voted, it became
                                clear that Governance and Organizations received the
                                biggest number of votes, followed by Heritage and Cu-
                                ture which received a close second when it comes to
                                priorities. The Economy, Land and Environment and
                                Social followed.
                                   “I”d like to recognize that the work we did today
                                confirms the work we did last October with Community
                                Visioning,” said Director of Heritage and Culture Tip
                                Evans at the close of the day.
                                 “It’s really heartening that we’re on the right track and
                                by getting everybody’s views we’ll be able to build a
                                better budget and a better government from this.”

                                                                            Deslin Neek, 5
   Santa offers a gift to Zethaniel Bosely-Hallet.
   Zethaniel’s Mom Sherylyn Bosely was on hand to
   help her son.

                                                     Kayce Saligo receives his special
                                                     gift from Santa.

           Santa takes time to visit with Blade.

         SANTA visits
         Teslin early!
                                                         Leigha Douville with Santa.

Deslin Neek, 6
                                                                                                     December 2009

                                       Wildlife Watch
                                     with Kim Melton

                 Moose collaring program
                 shows productive results
Some of you may have seen moose wearing yellow                   This time around we weren’t able to locate one other
radio collars around off the South Canol. These collars       cow who had twins in June; we found and saw fourteen
were put on in March 2008 for a joint project between         of the collared cows between the June and November
UNBC, YTG, TTC and the TRRC designed to look at               flights.
moose habitat use throughout the seasons, and to see            We know from local observations that a fifteenth cow
what differences there are in what areas bulls and cows       whose collar isn’t working is still alive, with a calf, on
choose at different times of the year.                        the Teslin River (thanks to Bert Goodvin).
  While we have a broad understanding of this from                 It’s been really exciting to watch the cows move
local and traditional knowledge, technology lets us see       throughout the last year and many of them are almost
where each moose goes each day. We can show these             exactly where they were this time last year.
movements on a map with different habitat types to               If you have any questions on this project, please con-
give us a better understanding of what areas they need        tact me at 867-390-2532 ext 429.
at different times of the year, especially as the climate        Keep an eye out for Hunter Reports in the mail, and
and vegetation are changing.                                  don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions!
  Another part of the project is to locate the cows three
times a year from the air to see how many calves are          Kim Melton,
surviving. I just finished the fall flights and am happy      Fish and Wildlife Officer,
to report a set of twins still alive, but only one cow with   Teslin Tlingit Council
a single calf (compared to three in June).

                                                                                        A joint moose collar-
                                                                                        ing project has been
                                                                                        launched with TTC to
                                                                                        help and track the moose
                                                                                        populations on TTC tra-
                                                                                        ditional territory.

                                                                                        Kim Melton/TTC Staff Photo

                                                                                                    Deslin Neek, 7
                    2009-2010 PSE/AHRDA STUDENTS
        STUDENT NAME         Univ/College          Program of Study
        ALARIC, Ryan         Simon Fraser Univ.    Bachelor of Arts
        ALARIC, Kara         Blanche McDonald      Hairdressing
        BAILEY, Brent        Red River College     Business Admin. - Diploma
        BAILEY, Tessa        Univ. of Calgary      Natural Sciences Degree
        BECKLEY, Michelle    Yukon College         YNTEP
        BOB, Mary            Blanche McDonald      Masters Make-Up Diploma
        BOLTON, Candice      NAIT                  Bach. Business Admin.
        BOLTON, Janet        Thompson Riv. Univ.
        BOSELY, Elizabeth    Yukon College         Masters-Multidisciplinary
        CALLAGHAN, William   Sundog Retreat        Journey Far Program
        CARNELL, Stacy       Red Deer College      Legal Assistant Studies
        GROAT, Cheryl        Grant McEwan Coll.    B.A. of Science
        HAJASH, Meagan       Concordia Univ.       Art Ed.
        HALL, David          Univ. of Lethbridge   Kenesiology
        HALL, Timothy        Mount Allison Unvi.   B.A. of Arts
        HOBBIS, Barbara      Yukon College         Masters-Multidisciplinary
        HOGAN, Blair         UNBC                  B.A.. Of Marketing
        HORNE, Whitney       Univ. of Calgary      B.A. of Science
        JACKSON, Donedin     Lethbridge College    Office Administration
        Johnson, Tyler       BCIT Apprentice       Plumbing
        JOHNSTON, Floyd      Yukon College         Office Administration
        JULES, Connie        SFU- Kamloops Prg.    Linguistics
        JULES, Jacqueline    Univ. of Manitoba     B.A. of Nursing
        JULES, Leon          Teslin Campus YC      College prep.
        JULES,Santana        Teslin Campus YC      College prep.
        LINDSAY, Johnathan   Columbia Academy      Recording & Sound Design
        MINET, Chantai       Univ. of Alberta      B.Sc. Psychology
        MORBERG, Calvin      Sundog Retreat        Journey Far Program
        SHELFANTOOK, Bryan   DevStudios            3D Animation Sept. 2008
        SHORTY, Emma         Univ. of Alaska       Language Teaching Methods
        REED, Gregory        Yukon College         Pre-employment Welding
        THOMPSON, Edmond     Langara Collegte      Arts & Science U-transfer
        WOOD, Davida         Yukon College         YNTEP
        Wurtak, Jonathan     BCIT                  FCAW test for welder Cert.

Deslin Neek, 8
                                                                                                      December 2009

                                                                  University Update
                                                            with Blair Travis Hogan

      TTC’s marketing student joins
        UNBC Board of Directors
I just thought I would share some of my most memo-         their hardest to be as prepared as possible.
rable moments and accomplishments that occurred at           There are 10 teams for UNBC each representing the
school over the last year. None of which would have        different disciplines of business (marketing, finance,
been possible without your care and support through-       tax, MIS, entrepreneurship, etc) and each team con-
out the years.                                             sists of three members. At the competition, all Not-
  Late last year, four group members including myself      For-Profit teams for instance, compete against each
entered UNBC’s Annual Business Plan Competition.           other. We are put in an isolated room and given a 10-
We had three months to create an original business         30 page case study, outlining an organization, its his-
plan at a professional level. These business plans were    tory, its current operations, its current problem etc. We
then submitted to a panel of experts who deal with         have three hours to read, solve and create a 20-minute
business plans every day, who would have a week to         power-point presentation to be presented to a panel of
review them. Each group had to then present or pitch       experts/judges outlining our recommendations.
their idea to the panel, very much like the TV show           This event is considered a skill fair, because many
“Dragon’s Den”.                                            corporate headhunters attend these competitions in or-
  The panel loved our idea, which was for a high-end       der to scout the up and coming talent.
aboriginal themed holistic spa resort. We placed first         Also, after weeks of campaigning in and around
overall. We won $1,000, received a write up in the         UNBC, I was elected to be the Undergraduate Student
newspaper and were awarded a large trophy which            Representative on the UNBC Board of Governors.
is currently on display at the School of Business at       The voter turnout was amazing, with a combined total
UNBC.                                                      of over 330 votes (well over the 60 total of last elec-
  This success really set the tone for me, giving me       tion).
motivation to bring my schooling to the next level. It        This honour is one of the greatest privileges an un-
also gave me the courage to tackle many more of the        dergraduate student can have while attended school. It
extra-curricular opportunities available at our school.    means I attend all the Board of Governors meetings,
 This year I was selected to be captain of the JDC West    representing all undergraduate students on all major
Not-For-Profit Business Strategy team. JDC West is         school issues like budget approval, tuition costs, and
the largest annual undergraduate business competi-         future planning.
tion in Western Canada, with over 11 major universi-         I just wanted to thank you all once again for all your
ties and colleges in the competition. We are currently     care and support, which has allowed me to pursue all
in training until the competition set for January 15-      of my dreams and ambitions. I hope someday soon I
17, 2010). The event will be held right here in Prince     will be able to legitimately be able to contribute back
George for the first time ever, so all teams are working   to my community and home.
                                                                                                       Deslin Neek, 9
                                                                        Message from
                                                                      Mayor Clara Jules....
                                                             I would like to offer my best wishes to all of
                                                             you for the Christmas season. I know we all
                                                             had a very sad time in the Summer and Fall
                                                             with some of our Elders and young people
                                                             that passed on from our little town. I know it
                                                             is something that just doesn’t go away over-
                                                             night. I would like to take this time to let you
                                                             all know that I pray every day that we will
                                                             have happier days ahead of us. I wish you
                                                             all a very Merry Christmas.

                                                              May God bless you all and bring joy to you
                                                             in the New Year.

Financial planning at your doorstep
  It is this time of the year, when we are all doing our      your head financially.
New Year’s resolutions. What could we do better in our           A major advantage of living on a budget is that it
lives, what would bring us one little step closer to the      relieves a great deal of financially related stress. It is
light at the end of the tunnel?                               always fun to spend money at the time of purchase but
   To have full control of our personal finances is a big     it is not nearly as fun when the bill comes. When this
challenge and might be YOUR New Year’s resolution.            happens, some people resort to using credit cards to
A Personal Budget is a financial plan, which sets limits      pay of other cards. Other times people pay their bills
on the amount of money that will be spent on each cat-        and then choose to obtain “payday advance loans” to
egory of expenses in a given month.                           get them through until the next check. Both of these
  A good budget will take into consideration such fac-        situations cause a viscous cycle of debt and growing
tors as: the amount of income being received, outstand-       interest. A Personal Budget can help ensure that an
ing debt to be retired, retirement savings and an emer-       accumulation of debt is prevented and money will be
gency fund.                                                   available throughout the entire month.
  A great benefit is that a budget portrays an accurate         TTC Finance is offering personal one-to-one sessions
idea of how much an individual can actually afford to         for people who are interested in having their personal
pay for various consumer items. Whether it’s a house,         finances under control. Call Matthias to make an ap-
a truck, an ATV, Snowmachine or a new big flat screen         pointment. He will assist you in creating your Personal
TV, a person will be able to determine whether or not         Budget and in keeping track of your earnings and ex-
a certain purchase will fit within their monetary con-        penses. You can reach Matthias by phone 390-2532
straints. This acts as a safeguard against getting in over    ext.496 or via e-mail
Deslin Neek, 10
                                                                                                                            December 2009

    Students! Come to the Virtual
          Mining Career Fair
     and discover YOUR new JOB.
It’s easy! No need to travel or change out of your P.J.’s to
connect with employers from all across Canada. Chat with
c om pa ny r e ps a nd a ppl y for j obs onl i ne f r om your c om pute r.
The Fair goes live on January 27 th and runs until February
26 th, 2010. Simply go to: and


                                                                                          Five Mile Point Culture Camp, Atlin, BC

                                                                                          The Taku River Tlingit First Nation funded a
                                                                                          Tlingit Culture Camp from July 6th to August
                                                                                          14th 2009 whereby eight boys and two girls
                                                                                          attended the six week culture camp. The
                                                                                          culture camp was held at Five Mile Point in
                                                                             0            Atlin. Four coordinators worked with the
                                                                    27th 201
                                                                           children and had a wonderful summer – not
                  g     CareerFa
        tualMinin                                                                         one day with rain and plenty of swimming.
Presented by:
                                                                                          Traditional activities included picking and
                                                                                          canning soapberries, picking and making
                                                     Funded in part by the Government
                                                     of Canada’s Sector Council Program
                                                                                          raspberry jam, and learning how to cut
                                                                                          salmon and smoke it. There was a tense
                                                                                          moment with bears visiting the camp and
                                                                                          having to take the children into town. A
                                                                                          Memory Book was completed by each child
                                                                                          with a DVD of pictures for the parents at a
                                                                                          final BBQ picnic. Over 40 simple Tlingit
                                                                                          conversation phrases and counting to 20
                                                                                          were taught and the children picked up the
     TTC Holiday Hours                                                                    language with relative ease.

                                                                                           As a reward for their accomplishments, the
       TTC will be closing its                                                            Teslin Heritage Centre donated gifts and
                                                                                          awards were presented to each child. We
offices from December 25, 2009 to                                                         send our sincere “Gunalchéesh” to the
   January 5, 2010. If you have a                                                         Teslin Heritage Centre for their donation of
housing emergency please contact
     The Capital Department
                                                                                            Signed by John D. Ward, Spokesperson,
             334-6957                                                                            Taku River Tlingit First Nation
                                                                                                           Atlin, BC

                                                                                                                            Deslin Neek, 11
 Tlingit artists gearing up for 2010 Olympics
  The Council of Yukon First Nations (CYFN) is pleased                        Teslin Artists -
to announce its partnership with the Four Host First Na-                      Olympic Bound
tions (FHFN), and the signing of a Memorandum of                       Heather Callaghan - Performing
Intent (MOI) designed to achieve unprecedented ab-                          Artist & Feature Artist
original partnership in the 2010 winter games. As set              William Callaghan - Performing Artist &
out in this document, CYFN will be working together                             Feature Artist
on exciting initiatives including a Games-time Aborigi-               Duane Aucoin - Performing Artist
nal Pavilion.                                                         Sharon Shorty - Performing Artist
   “We are honored to become a contributing partner in                    Bev Morris - Visual Artist
the 2010 Aboriginal Pavilion. The 2010 Winter Games                       Jean Taylor - Visual Artist
is an excellent opportunity to bring Yukon First Nations                 Ken Anderson - Visual Artist
arts, culture, business and tourism industries to the
world stage”, Said CYFN Grand Chief, Andy Carvill .         from all regions of Canada.
   The FHFN are the official hosts of the 2010 Games,          Live events will include Inuit throat singing, Métis
which will be held within the traditional and shared tra-   jigging, hoop dancing, as well as contemporary Aborig-
ditional territories of the Lil’wat, Musqueam, Squamish     inal performances.
and Tsleil-Waututh Nations.                                   The Yukon team coordinating the Yukon First Nations
    Centered on a 65-foot high inflated multi-media         2010 is led by Yukon’s Katie Johnson and Charlene Al-
sphere, known as the Stratosphere, the pavilion will use    exander. Their team comprises expertise and skills in
the latest technology to showcase the diversity of Ab-      product and business development, marketing, training
original art, business, and culture from across Canada.     and capacity and creative programming.
Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal visitors will enjoy this         This Pavilion will be the Aboriginal gathering place
experience in the relaxed, informal setting of the Pavil-   at the biggest potlatch the world has ever seen. It will
ion.                                                        open in February 2010 and run throughout the Winter
  Special “theme” days will showcase Aboriginal groups      Olympic Games.

       Staff at TTC’s Heritage Centre underwent two days of extensive planning in December
       to create their workplans for the upcoming budget. Plans include conducting a language
       survey and creating a stronger purchasing policy for their gift shop that will focus on
       promoting and marketing Tlingit artists.
Deslin Neek, 12
                                                                                     December 2009

                           NOTICE TO ALL EMPLOYEES
                                December 2009

Teslin Tlingit Council commits to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees. To
this end TTC will be enforcing the provisions of Policy 7.3 Substance Use. Please review this
policy to reacquaint yourself with the provisions.

Please take particular note that:

   1. Effective immediately there will be renewed commitment to enforcement and no
      tolerance for any substance use at work in any of TTC offices or on any work site in
      accordance with Personnel Policy 7.3 attached.

   2.    When a Director, Manager or Supervisor suspects or has a report that an employee is
        under the influence at work or is using drugs or alcohol at work, it will be the
        responsibility of that management employee to remove the employee from active duty
        immediately. It will be the responsibility of that management employee to ensure that
        the employee is taken home safely or that s/he is delivered to the facility that
        administers drug/alcohol testing.

   3. The discipline process will be initiated and may result in dismissal.

We cannot stress strongly enough that there is no place for substance use at work. Employees
under the influence pose a safety risk to themselves and co workers and should their behaviour
result in an accident or injury, significant liability lies with management and those who could
reasonably be expected to report the risk to their supervisor.

                          Let’s all lead by example
                      ISSUED BY MANAGEMENT BOARD

                                                                                     Deslin Neek, 13
             CoMMuniTY ClipBoaRD

Barb Nimco offers counselling service
to TTC Staff. For an appointment
please call 668-4048.

 elDeRs MeeTing
The Elders Council meets the first
week of every second month. The next
meeting has been scheduled for Feb-
ruary 3, 2009. For more information
please call John Peters Sr. at 390-2532
ext. 490.

   TlingiT DanCe
Tlingit Dance lessons are offered ev-
ery Wednesday afternoon from 3:30
to 4:30 at the Teslin School Gym.

        gifT shop                         Martina Baker offered a selection of designer clothing at this year’s
                                          annual pre-Christmas craft sale at the RecPlex. Dozens of tables
                                          were booked to allow Teslin residents to sell their wares.

                                                        TTC Citizens
                                            TTC is currently updating its Citizen
The Teslin Tlingit Heritage Centre
gift shop is open and continues to up-     mailing list as well as its e-mail address
date its stock. Open during regular        list. If you have moved or changed your
TTC office hours, call Lisa Dewhurst
at 390-2532 ext. 382 for more infor-        mailing address please let us know or
mation. There will be a special win-       all mail sent to you will be returned to
ter sale beginning November 2 until
                                           sender. Please call 390-2532 or e-mail us
Deslin Neek, 14
December 2009

Deslin Neek, 15
Gord Curran/TTC Staff photos

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