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1.Quantitative Analysis of AODV Routing Algorithm for Carrying Packet Telephony

     P.K.Suri and Sandeep Maan               1-10

2.Association Rule Mining Based on Genetic Algorithm
S.Dharani, Dr.B.Justus Rabi and Dr.A.N.Nanda Kumar               11-17

3.Performance Analysis of TCP Variants in Multihop Ad-Hoc Networks
M.Steven Vinil Kumar, C.Bhagya Latha and A.Hemantha Kumar 18-24

4.Effects of Harmonics in an Electrical System
A.N.Malleswara Rao, Dr. K.Ramesh Reddy and Dr. B.V.Sanker Ram            25-30

5. Copyright Protection of Color Scale Images by Watermarking Technique Using (N, N)
Secret Sharing Scheme
K M Vijaya Laxmi and K.Satish Babu                       31-37

6.Simulation of Incremental Conductance MPPT using Boost Converter
 N. Juvintha and Dr.Ch. Sai Babu                38-47

7.Estimation of Anhormonic and Beyer’s Non-Linearity Parameter, (B/A) for p-n-
alkoxybenzoic acids– A Dilatometric study
D. Madhavi Latha, V.G.K.M.Pisipati and K.Fakruddin      48-56

8.Identification of Solar Flares in the Tropics
A.B.Bhattacharya, B.Raha, D.K.Tripathi and D.Halder      57-61
9.Effect of Zirconia Coated Cylinder Head on the Performance of a Compression Ignition
S. Kanchiraya, K. Rajagopal, P.H. Veena and V.K. Pravin      62-67

10.Implementation of Productivity Improvement Techniques in a Small Scale Honey Comb
Filled Door Manufacturing Company
 R.S.Nehete, Dr B.E.Narkhede and Dr S.K.Mahajan        68-76

11.Time History Analysis of Berthing Structure Including Soil-Structure Interaction
Shanthala B, Subba Rao and Katta Venkatramana            77-85

12. Recent Research and Developments in Biomass Gasification in India
Rajiv Varshney, J. L. Bhagoria and C. R. Mehta      86-101

13. Design, Development and Antimicrobial Finishing of Jacquard Fabrics
M. Latha and T. Ramachandran        102-116

14.On a new unified integral involving multivariable polynomials and H-function of one
B Satyanarayana, Y Pragathi Kumar, N Srimannarayana and DPRV Subba Rao 117-122

15.Analysis of Flow Rate in a Flow Past Semi Infinite Vertical Plate With Viscous
Dissipation Under the Influence of Magnetic Field
Ch.V. Ramana Murthy and P. Hari Prasad            123-135

16.Skin Friction of a Second Order Fluid over an Inclined Porous Plate under the Influence of
Applied Magnetic Field
Ch. V. Ramana Murthy and K. V. N. V. S. Prasad 135-148

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