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									Build a money making website.
Last Updated Thursday, 25 August 2011 18:06

 Build your own personal cash machine.
  This site will show you how to make money from working hard and building a website through
to expert pay per click level where you are selling someone else's product through managing
your own pay per click campaign. Along the way I'll show you how to maximise revenue from
your visitor count

 If you are a complete beginner then it's time to go and make a nice coffee, no instant crap - this
is a real coffee moment, or break out the four pack that you kept on ice especially for this

 If you are already an accomplished marketer then you might like to skip straight to the pay per
click section where I share some of the juiciest money making and Website Promotion tips and
 Ready? Let's go.
 The biggest hindrance for someone new to internet marketing is
the abundance of ideas and not the lack of them.
  The Internet is such a hubbub of sea change that opportunites for making money present
themselves at every turn. The difficulty for a beginner is trying to determine what they should
focus on and what the end goal is. This is what stops 95% of people from making money. They
simply fail to focus on the one idea that will make them money.
 Common Mistakes
 The problem usually manifests itself with one person attempting to build ten or more sites
concurrently and trying to hold down a dayjob at the same time.

 Or it's the serial procrastinator who has so many ideas that they just endlessly keep
researching all of them and never get started building one site, never mind ten.

 In the first case they are simply destined to spend endless hours trying to perfect a way of
making "loads" of sites and never making any one of them work well. And in the second, well,
they just never get started.
 A Common Theme - Focus!

Build a money making website.
Last Updated Thursday, 25 August 2011 18:06

 It's very important to FOCUS on what it is you want to achieve. Once you have that focus
everything else becomes very easy. Lose that focus and you may as well go back to the dayjob.

 In fact FOCUS is the essence of making money on the internet. Making money is very easy
around here as I'm going to show you. If you don't make money on the internet after reading this
website then it's not because what I showed you was too hard - it's because you failed to focus.

So in internet speak what does this "focus" stuff really mean?

 You need to be focused on what it is you want to achieve. Everybody has different goals and
ambitions. Knowing what it is you want makes everything a lot easier.
 Establish Your Goals.
 If your goal is to make a nice second income to supplement your dayjob then you need to build
a content site that you can subsequently fill with presold advertising inventory. This is known
more commonly as a Made For Adsense site (MFA), where Google Adsense is the presold
advertising inventory and you simply make a space for it on your web site. This is a good
method as once it's made you just keep promoting it to generate more trafiic and ad revenue.

 Notice here I didn't say "you just sit back and let the cash roll in". Nope that attitude won't cut
the mustard I'm afraid. For that you need a get rich quick scheme and I'm fresh out of them.

 If that IS you then you need to re-evaluate your goals. Sure there may be a day when you do
have a successful internet business and the cash does roll in day after day even whilst you
sleep. But that day is not today. Like any business it's going to take you a year to get to making
any money.

 Can't wait a year? Then you need a get rich scheme and I don't have any of those to hand at
the moment.

 If you need more than £500 per month then you need to take the Affiliate Marketing route
whereby you market other peoples products and take a commission for every sale. There is an
unlimited amount of money to be made here but realistically an income of around £2,000 per
month is achieveable after one year. If you get to that stage then you should be able to double
or triple your earnings in the second year and 10k per month earnings is not unusual for a good,
hard working , dedicated affiliate.
 This does require work.
 Let's just stand back for a minute and think about that last sentence.

10k per month? Are you serious?

 Yes I am. But also notice the adjectives -" hard work" and "dedicated" and you can add to that
"long hours", "early starts", "commitment" you know, all of those type of adjectives that belong
to the successful small business owner.

Build a money making website.
Last Updated Thursday, 25 August 2011 18:06

 Decide on what you are going to build and build it. Don't get sidetracked into reading forums for
hours on end or disappearing up your own arse looking at statistics. The time for looking at stats
is when you have solid data to analyse.

So let's move on quick and see the different ways in which you can make money.


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