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Chris Evans Workout Routine


Chris Evans Workout Routine

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									              Chris Evans Workout Routine
Chris Evans is an actor best known for his role in Fantastic Four and Not Another
Teen Movie. Soon he’ll be known as Captain America: The First Avenger.
Through his movie career, Chris has maintained a lean, defined look. He has done
this despite a challenging work schedule and a limited focus on dieting. I will
continue to update this lens as more information about Chris Evans Captain
America workout becomes available.

                        Chris Evans Workout Routine

Chris Evans workout is built around consistency and dedication. As Evans attests,
it’s not really the exercises he does that matter, but the fact that he works out on a
regular basis. Evans has put this theorem into practice as he has been exercising
since high school. Generally speaking, Evans doesn’t enjoy running on the
treadmill or dieting. He would much rather just lift weights and play sports like
basketball, tennis, and football.
While he’s preparing for a movie, Evans has a limited amount of time and space to
perform workouts. Instead he simply does bodyweight exercises like pushups,
pull-ups, and situps. He is able to maintain his athletic build simply by staying

                       A Bodyweight Exercise Routine

Chris Evans has had success using bodyweight exercises to get in shape. Below is
a sample bodyweight circuit that you could incorporate in your training
1. Pullups
2. Bodyweight Squats
3. Chair Dips
4. Calf Raises
5. Inverted Row
6. Lunges
7. Decline Pushups
8. 1 Leg Deadlifts
9. Chinups
10. Jump Rope
Depending on your preference, you could start or finish each workout with ab
exercises like planks and renegade rows. This circuit provides a great workout that
can be performed anywhere with limited equipment.

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