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									                     PAINT BRUSHES                                                This section was updated 13/04/11

                                Flints sell a huge variety of specialist brushes. We would be happy                                           Pro-Extra Monarch If there could be a crit-
                                to provide special quotes for educational departments and large                                               icism of the Purdy range it would be that they lack
                                scene shops.                                                                                                  enough body to work with really heavy enamels and
                                                                                                                                              varnishes. This new formulation has the necessary

                                                                                                                                              stiffness needed to manipulate heavy bodied paints
                                                                                                                 The                          with exceptional paint delivery and lay off. Purdy
                                Purdy Brushes- The Professional’s Choice                                     Best Varnish                     guarantee 30% extra coverage when using this dis-
                         Flints stock a wide range of these popular synthetic bristle brushes.                  Brush!                        tinctive blue headed brush. Suitable for all paint
                         Purdy brushes incorporate a blend of nylon solid round tapered [SRT]                                                 types. My personal choice of varnish brush.
                         and polyester bristles. This combination provides the right firmness                                                 Pro-Extra Monarch code                       each
                         without leaving brushmarks and provides excellent shape retention.                              width/ thickness /bristle length
                         The artificial fibres are noticeably easier to clean than conventional                          1"/15.8mm/60.3mm                          PBRPEM1               £12.42
                         bristle with guaranteed no hair loss. Suitable for all paint types.                             1 1/2"/17.4mm/68.2mm                      PBRPEM15              £14.59
                         Purdy brushes outlast other makes. Examples exist of brushes that                               2"/20.6mm/73.02mm                         PBRPEM2                £16.31
                         have painted over 1000 houses with no signs of wear! Purdy Elite and                            3"/23.8mm/87.3mm                          PBRPEM3               £23.20
                         XL ranges are the only brushes exclusively approved by the British                                                  Pro-Extra Box Sets Box sets are a great
                         Decorators’ Association. To encourage you to try these brushes we                                                   way to own fantastic brushes at value prices.
                         are offering a mixed three brush set [see page 1.43] with a cleaning                                                Pro-Extra Box Sets code             worth each
                          comb at almost 45% off the recommended selling price!                                          Half price!         1", 11/2" and 2"      PBRPEX1       £40.87 £22.45
                                                                                                                                             11/2", 2" and 3"      PBRPEXSPEC3 £51.04 £34.85
1.42                                          Sprig Elite Alderwood conventional handle
                                              with round edge stainless steel ferrule. Nylon SRT/                                             Bow Elite A popular brush with scenic artists
                        1”                    polyester bristle mix with straight cut. A good                                                 using the same nylon SRT/polyester bristle mix as the
                    is a best                 cutting in brush for detailed work.                                                             Sprig but with a longer handle for extra control.
                      seller                  Purdy Sprig Elite       code                  each                                              Straight cut bristles. Unfortunately the 11/2” and 3” sizes
                                              width/ thickness /bristle length                                                                are no longer available.
                                              1"/11mm/55mm                   PBR242                £10.71                                     Purdy Bow Elite           code                      each
                                              2"/14mm/68mm                   PBR244               £14.45                                      width/ thickness /bristle length
                                              3”/15mm/81mm                   PBR245               £20.66                                      2"/14mm/67mm          PBR233                £14.50
                                              4"/17mm/93mm                   PBR247               £27.92                                      2¹/₂"/16mm/80mm       PBR234                £16.92
                                                                                                                                              See also the excellent value mixed box set on page
                                              Dale Elite The Dale Elite has an extra long nat-                                                1.43
                    new                       ural hardwood rat tail handle and the head is less
                                              thick than the Sprig to give excellent control for                                              Glide Elite These are the most popular shaped
                                              detailed cutting in and lining. Nylon SRT/polyester                                             brushes in America and Australia. They are now sell-
                                              bristle mix with stainless steel ferrule. Angle cut.                                            ing well with scenic artists in this country. The bris-
                                              Purdy Dale Elite        code                     each                                           tles are not just cut off at an angle but the stainless
                                              width/ thickness /bristle length                                                                ferrule runs parallel so the bristle length is con-
                                              1"/7.9mm/49mm                  PBRDE1               £10.09                                      stant. The angle chosen matches the normal paint-
                                              11/2"/9.5mm/55mm               PBRDE15              £11.54                                      ing position and so delivers the paint more evenly
                                              2"/11mm/61mm                   PBRDE2               £13.99                                      than a square brush used at an angle. Nylon
                                              21/2"/12mm/67mm                PBRDE3                £16.61                                     SRT/polyester mix with a long alderwood handle.
                                                                                                                                              Purdy Glide Elite       code                     each
                                               Monarch Elite The Purdy Monarch Elite with                                                     width/ thickness /bristle length
                                               extra thick stock and traditional handle style is                                              1 ¹/₂" /12mm/61mm PBR222                       £12.13
                                                                                                              Elite is our
                                               suitable for interior or exterior work in all types of                                         2" /14mm/67mm         PBR223                   £15.61
                                                                                                            biggest selling
                                               paint. Nylon SRT/polyester bristle mix.                                                        2 ¹/₂"/16mm/73mm PBR224                        £18.70
                                                                                                             Purdy Brush
                                               Purdy Monarch Elite code                         each                                          3" /16mm/80mm         PBR225                  £23.09
                                               width/ thickness /bristle length                                                              See also the excellent value mixed box set on page
                                               1"/15.8mm/55mm                PBRME1            £11.62                                        1.43.
                                               11/2"/15.8mm/62mm             PBRME15          £12.50                                         XL Pacer Long nylon SRT/polyester bristles
                                               2"/18mm/68mm                  PBRME2           £14.82                                         secured with a brushed copper ferrule. The brush is
                                               3"/22mm/80mm                  PBRME3            £21.78                                        over an inch thick and so holds large quantities of
                                               4"/25mm/93mm                  PBRME4           £28.57          Reduced                        paint making these the ideal quality brush for flat-
                                               Monarch Elite Box Set A great value set                         prices!                       ting in. Excellent shape retention. Flints are offering
                                               with a 1 1/2”, 2” and 3” Monarch Elite brushes. Worth                                         special prices on this range. These brushes will last
                                               £46.32 if bought separately.                                                                  a lifetime!
                                                                        PBRMONSPEC3 £34.00                                                   Purdy XL Pacer         code            list Tradeline
                                                                                                                                             width/ thickness /bristle length
                                          Thinking of stocking up?                                                                           4"/32mm/105mm                 PBR2404      £37.39 £28.04
                                 Get up to 20% discount on Purdy Brushes!                                                                    5"/32mm/105mm                 PBR2405      £43.78 £32.83
                                          See page 1.43 for details.                                                                         6"/32mm/105mm                 PBR2406      £49.70 £39.53

                      Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                                   tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                             
                                                                                                             This page was updated 05/08/11
                       Pip Elite A semi oval brush for those who pre-                                        Dalon Series D88 Wash/One
                       fer this traditional varnishing shape. Alderwood                                      Stroke These square edged brushes are ideal
                       handle and a long nylon SRT/polyester mix held in                                    for laying in areas of flat colour. Excellent shape
                       a stainless ferrule. This is a good replacement for                                  retention using the remarkable Dalon imitation
                       the Hamilton Namel-Var which we no longer                                            sable. Suitable for oils, acrylics and water

                                                                                                                                                                      S ECT I O N O N E
                       stock.                                                                               colours.
                       Pip Elite                     code           each                                Dalon Series D88         code                      each
                       width/ thickness /bristle length                                                     12mm                  PBR070                  £8.25
                       3"/29mm/92mm"                      PBR296                 £29.49                      19mm                 PBR071                 £12.25
                                                                                                             25mm                 PBR072                 £18.75
PURDY SPECIAL OFFERS!                                                                                        38mm                 PBR073                 £22.75

                      Discover the benefits of                                                               Dalon Series D77 Artists brushes using
                                                                                                             man made imitation sable. The Dalon bristle has
                                                                                                             excellent shape retention and long life. They
                                                                                                             perform well with oils, acrylic and water-colour.
                                                                                                             The larger sizes were discontinued so we now
                                                                                                             stock three brushes from the Aquafine series.
                                                                                                        Dalon Series D77         code                   each
          Lasts at least 5 times longer than any natural bristle brush.                                      000000              PBR050                  £2.75
           Guaranteed no bristle loss. Dramatically reduces tram-                                            000                 PBR051                  £2.75
         lines when using water based paints. Quick and easy to                                              00                  PBR052                  £2.95        1.43
                    clean. For use with all paint types.                                                     0                   PBR053                  £2.95
                                                                                                             1                   PBR054                  £3.25
                                           Three Purdy Brush Set                                             2                   PBR055                  £3.50
                                           with Comb To encourage                                            3                   PBR056                  £3.95
                                      painters to try these Purdy                                            4                   PBR057                  £4.25
                                      brushes we have chosen three                                           5                   PBR058                  £5.25
                                      brushes and combined them with                                         6                   PBR059                  £5.95
                                      a comb to offer remarkable value.                                      7                   PBR060                 £6.50
     Purdy Brush Set + Comb                                       each                                       8                   PBR061                  £8.75
                           2"        Glide Elite          rrp £14.73                                         9                   PBR062                  £9.25
                           2¹/₂" Bow Elite                rrp. £15.96                                        10                  PBR063                 £11.25
       the Purdy range a
                           3"        Sprig Elite          rrp. £19.49                                        12                  PBR065                  £11.75
        try for less than
                                     Brush Comb           rrp. £5.99                                    Aquafine Series AF85         code                each
                           Total if bought separately           £56.17                                       14                  PBR074                £10.50
                                                                                                             18                  PBR075                £10.50
                              Purdy Brush and Comb Set £32.35!
       TRADELINE              [Code PBR220]                                                                  26                  PBR076                £19.50
                                                                                                             Choose any ten above for 15% discount!
     Purdy Brush Freehand Selection! Choose a selec-                                                         For artificial badger brushes see page 1.44.
     tion of your favourite Purdys for extra discount. The discount is                                       For Jenny Brushes see page 1.47.
     automatically applied when ordering online but please mention this
     deal when ordering by phone or fax because we haven’t quite got                       ROUND AND FLAT FITCHES, SASHES AND LINERS
     our software to cope with “mixed product deals”!                                                         Rosco Fitches A top quality range of
                                                                                                              fitches with natural bristles with seamless
                                              Purdy Brushes
                                          Buy any 5 = less 15%                                                stainless steel ferrules and long lacquered
                                                                                                              wooden handles. Available in seven sizes.
       TRADELINE                         Buy any 10 = less 20%
                                Offer does not apply to the brush sets or XL Pacers.                          Rosco Fitches     code                    each
                                                                                                              ¹/₄"              PBR010                £3.40
OTHER ARTIFICIAL BRUSHES                                                                                      ¹/₂"              PBR011                £5.05
                               Omega Orel Acrylic Brushes                                                     ³/₄"              PBR012                 £8.10
                               Soft well formed artificial “Orel” bristle.                                     1"               PBR013                £13.10
                               They are suitable for all paint types but                                      1¹/₄"             PBR014                £15.70
                               particularly suited to waterbased paints.                                      1¹/₂"             PBR015                £19.25
                               The fact that they will not leave brush                                        2"                PBR016               £22.90
                               marks make them a perfect varnish brush                                        3" Foliage        PBR018               £36.00
                               too. Lacquered wooden handle drilled for
                               storage. Excellent value.                                                      Rosco Fitches Box Sets The set of
Omega Orel Acrylic                                 code            each                                       eight fitches includes the 3” foliage brush.
                               1"                  PBR250          £7.00
                               1¹/₂"               PBR251          £8.75                                      Rosco Fitch Sets code                           each
                               2"                  PBR252         £10.42                                      Set of 7 fitches PBR017                       £76.00
                               2¹/₂"               PBR2525        £12.50                                      Set of 8         PBR019                       £110.00
                               3"                  PBR253         £15.25
Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                                     tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189           
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                                          Scenic Fitches A popular range of good                                    Al Fresco String bound liners with light bal-
                                          value fitches with pure white bristles secured                            anced handles for accurate picking out. Omega
                                          with aluminium ferrule. Clear polished wooden                             Series S79.
                                          handles. Available in eight sizes round and flat.                         Al Fresco                   code         each
                                                                                                                    No2                         PATM9002 £6.83

                                          Round Fitches width          code              each                       No4                         PATM9004 £7.75
                                          No 2           2mm           PBR030             £1.74                     No8                         PATM9008 £9.17
                                          No 4         4.5mm           PBR031            £1.95
                                          No 6           6mm           PBR032            £2.23     SOFTENERS
                                          No 8         8.5mm           PBR033            £2.60                      Badger Hair Softeners 605 Series
                                          No 10       11.5mm           PBR034            £3.44                      Invaluable tool for wood graining. Its soft
                               See        No 12         15mm           PBR035            £4.64                      delicate tips create fine blended lines especially
                          also our new    No 14         18mm           PBR036            £5.48                      useful for burr walnut, rosewood and mottled
                          long handled    No 16         23mm           PBR037            £7.76                      mahogany. Ideal for watercolours. Varnished
                        fitches on page                                                                             wooden handle.
                              1.46       Flat Fitches width             code             each
                                          No 2         3mm             PBR040             £1.74                     605 Series          width        code         each
                                         No 4          6mm             PBR041            £1.95                                          2"           PBR6052     £17.58
                                         No 6          7mm              PBR042           £2.23                                          3"           PBR6053     £24.94
                                         No 8          11mm            PBR043            £2.60                                          4”           PBR6054     £29.58
                                         No 10        15mm              PBR044           £3.44
1.44                                     No 12        18mm             PBR045            £4.64                      Hog Hair Softeners 611 Series These
                                         No 14        22mm             PBR046            £5.48                      softeners have pure white hog bristles, they are
                                         No 16        29mm             PBR047            £7.76                      suitable for use in oil based paints and glazes.
                        Complete set of 16 fitches                     PBR030SETK       £43.62
                                                                                                                    611 Series          width        code         each
                                          Economical Angled Fitches These                                                               3"           PBR6113     £8.80
                                          brushes are very serviceable despite the price.                                               4"           PBR6114     £10.82
                                          They provide excellent access to awkward to get
                                          at corners whilst decorating.                                             Artificial Badger Hair Softeners
                                                                                                                    Simulated badger hair softeners for top quality
                                          Economical Angle Fitches code                   each                      work without upsetting the wildlife.
                                          ¹/₂"                     PBR048                £0.69
                                          1"                       PBR049                £0.86                      Artificial Badger Softener       code         each
                                                                                                                    3"                               PBR417      £31.31

                                          Omega Pointed Sash Round wooden
                                         handle with coppered ferrule. The soft pure
                                         blonde bristles form a rounded point. The handle
                                         is drilled for storage. Available in 10 sizes.                             Flogger 375 Series Long bristles with
                                         Pointed Sash diameter code                       each                      varnished wooden handle. Indispensable to the
                                         000              18mm         PBR300             £6.17                     woodgrainer to provide the background grain for
                                         00               19mm         PBR301            £6.42                      mahogany, walnut, rosewood, cedar and cypress.
                                         0                20mm         PBR302            £6.50
                                         1                22mm         PBR303            £6.67                      375 series          width        code         each
                                         2                24mm         PBR304            £6.83                                          3"           PBR3753      £11.18
                                         3                26mm         PBR305            £7.25                                          4"           PBR3754     £14.14
                                         4                28mm         PBR306            £7.83                                          6"           PBR3756     £19.40
                                         5                30mm         PBR307            £9.08
                                         6                32mm         PBR308           £10.75
                                         8                36mm         PBR310           £14.08                                   Lily       Bristle         Stippler
                        Complete Set of 10 worth          £81.58       PBR30SETK £69.34                                          Varnished wooden handle secured to a
                                                                                                                                 ply base with rows of pure bristles.
                                          Hermetique Round Fitch A massive                                                       Used to soften colour by evenly
                                          60mm diameter round fitch capable of holding                                           distributing the wet paint. Can produce
                                          large quantities of paint. Popular with scenic                                         fine freckles to a soft mottling.
                                          artists working on paint floors when used in con-              Stippler                       width         code          each
                                          junction with our extension convertor [see page                                               4"x1"         PBR410        £9.66
                                          1.46]                                                                                         6"x1"         PBR411       £10.50
                                                                                                                                        4"x2"         PBR412       £12.25
                                          Hermetique Round Fitch             code    each                                               4"x3"         PBR40143 £19.22
                                          Round Fitch                     PBRS86160 £26.89                                              6"x4"         PBR413       £19.30
                                                                                                                                        8"x6"         PBR414      £40.08

                    Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                         tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189         
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OVERGRAINERS                                                                    GRAINERS
                        Hog Hair Pencil Overgrainer                                                      Two Row Nylon/Bristle Grainer
                        Used to create the widely spaced lines similar                                   Dragged through glaze this brush will give the
                        to those in American Walnut. Series 370.                                         impression of a basic grain. The row of nylon behind
                                                                                                         the bristle gives a slightly coarser texture. Series

                                                                                                                                                                  S ECT I O N O N E
                        Hog Hair Pencil Overgrainer   code         each                                  377.
                        1"                            PBRS3701    £5.89
                        2"                            PBRS3702    £9.20                                  Two Row Grainer        width      code          each
                        3"                            PBRS3703    £11.25                                                        4"         PBR3774       £9.62

                       Sable Pencil Overgrainer Made with                                                Fan Overgrainer A fan shaped brush that is
                       pure kolinsky sable pencils to give a more                                        particulary usesful for the replication of some grain
                       responsive touch and finer line. Series 124.                                      patterns. The thinness of the brush means that the
                                                                                                         bristles seperate into individual pencils. Series 373.
                       Sable Pencil Overgrainer       code        each
                       1"     (3 pencils)             PBR1241    £16.20                                  Fan Overgrainer                   code          each
                       2" (7 pencils)                 PBR1242    £22.99                                                                    PBR373        £9.78
                       3" (11 pencils)                PBR1243    £34.55
                                                                                                        Stencil Brushes Stiff hog bristle for achiev-
                      Standard Mottler Wooden handle with                                               ing a crisp edge. Unvarnished wooden handles. Long
                      brass ferrule and 45mm long bristles. Used to                                     handled brushes are white bristle.                        1.45
                      add the highlights and shades which feature in                                    Stencil Brushes                   code       each
                      natural wood. Series 363.                                                         ¹/₂"         long handled         PBR483     £1.38
                                                                                                        ³/₄"         long handled         PBR484     £1.90
                      Standard Mottler width           code       each                                  1"           short handled        PBR485    £2.40
                                       2"              PBR3632    £4.28                                 1 ¹/₄"       short handled        PBR486    £2.50
                                       3”              PBR3633    £4.88                                 1 ¹/₂"       short handled        PBR487     £5.20

                      Wavy Mottler Used in the same way as a                                            Pounce Wheels Pounce wheel set Contains
                      standard mottler. The bristles are secured with a                                 No 9 No 10 and No 12 wheels.
                      wavy steel ferrule.                                                               Pounce Wheels                      code            set
                                                                                                                                           PBR380       £10.52
                      Wavy Mottler            width     code      each                                  Pounce powder[Small jar]           PBR381        £3.98
                                              3"        PBR466    £4.90
                                                                                       For stencils, stencil paper and hot knives see page 1.68
                                                                                LONG HANDLED BRUSHES FOR PAINT FLOORS
                       Dragger Used dry to break up the tinted glaze
                       when woodgraining. Also available in other widths.                                            Extra Wide 9” Flatting in
                       Series 379.
                                                                               new                                   Brush This brush takes a 11/8”
                                                                                                                     broom handle [it needs whitling a bit
                       Dragger             width       code       each                                               to fit] to turn it into a great laying in
                                           2"          PBR3792    £5.44          For                                 brush. The 95mm long grey bristles
                                           4"          PBR3794    £9.54      Bogus Paper                             are secured with a copper ferrule. For
                                           6"          PBR3796    £11.74    see page 1.68                            other flatting in brushes see Purdy XL
                                                                                                                     Pacer page 1.42 and Wall brushes on
                                                                                       page 1.47.
                      Pencil Dragger Rows of pure bristle with                   Extra wide flatting in brush       bristle length         code          price
                      coppered ferrule and wooden handle. Used to break                Size 230x23mm                95mm                   PBR9FB       £24.22
                      up the oil glaze when woodgraining.                              Broom handle 1 1/8”x5ft                             SAF311        £2.50

                      Pencil Dragger width             code        each
                                     100mm             PBR472     £12.60
                                     150mm             PBR474     £14.48

    See also Spalter Brushes on page 1.46.

                            Brush Care
We advise that the bristles of your brushes are wrapped carefully in
 clean paper and secured with masking tape after use to help keep
          their shape and guard against dust and damage.

Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                         tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                   
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                    LONG HANDLED BRUSHES CONTINUED                                                    VARNISHING AND ENAMELLING BRUSHES
                            Long Handled Filberts and Brights These are beau-                                                             Lily Varnish A very popular
                    new     tifully balanced white bristle brushes with an extra long 600mm                                               range of brushes with flat green
                            matt varnished handle and nickeled brass ferrule. Available as                                                enamelled handles and chromed fer-
                            Filberts or Brights.                                                                                          rules. The soft pure bristles form a flat

                                                                                600mm                                                     lightweight brush ideal for scenic work
                                                                                 long!                                                    or for laying in varnish whilst still pro-
                                                                                                                                          viding good access into awkward cor-
                     Long Handled Filberts width       bristle length         code         price                                          ners. The handle is drilled for storage.
                          Size 20            19.7mm        26mm               PBR453520   £14.39                                          Available in eleven sizes and two
                          Size 22            22.3mm        29mm               PBR453522   £14.63                                          thicknesses.
                          Size 24            24mm          33mm               PBR453524   £15.00      Lily Varnish          code          6mm thick          code      9mm thick
                          Size 26            26.51mm       41mm               PBR453526   £15.28             20mm           PBR311           £3.67
                          Size 28            28.84mm       43mm               PBR453528    £15.81            30mm           PBR312           £4.08           PBR312G         £4.67
                          Size 30            35.46mm       50mm               PBR453530   £17.00             40mm           PBR313           £4.92
                          Size 32            47.41mm       60mm               PBR453532   £20.19             50mm           PBR314           £5.33           PBR314G         £6.67
                          Set of above [worth £112.30]                        PBR4535K    £97.83             70mm           PBR315           £7.42
                                                                                                             80mm           PBR316           £9.92           PBR316G        £12.50
                                                                                600mm                        100mm          PBR317          £12.42
                                                                                 long!                                                                                    (GLIDER)
                     Long Handled Brights     width bristle length            code         price                                        Spalter Varnish These useful
1.46                      Size 20            19.7mm       24mm                PBR463620   £14.41                                        very wide brushes are ideal for drag-
                          Size 22            22.3mm       27mm                PBR463622   £14.46                                        ging, figuring and glazing walls and large
                          Size 24            24mm          30mm               PBR463624   £14.85                                        surfaces. When used with Tropical
                          Size 26            26.51mm      35mm                PBR463626   £15.34                                        Scumble [see page 1.32] the longer open
                          Size 28            28.84mm      39mm                PBR463628   £15.59                                        time plus the extra width of the brush
                          Size 30            35.46mm      44mm                PBR463630   £16.91                                        can be helpful in preventing lapping of
                          Size 32            47.41mm      55mm                PBR463632   £20.16                                        coloured glazes. Lily bristles and plain
                          Set of above [worth £111.72]                        PBR4636K    £97.32                                        unpainted handle.

                                                  Long Handled Block Brushes                          Spalter Varnish                                 code                  each
                    new                           Ideal for scenic artists using paint floors.              150mm wide                                PBR342                £16.17
                                                  These brushes have a 900mm long handle in                 180mm wide                                PBR343                £21.17
                                                  20mm diameter varnished timber making
                                                  them light to use. Good for foliage and texture.                                      Hamilton Perfection An old
                                                  Available in two sizes. These are a virtual                                           favourite and a good choice of brush for
                                                  replacement of the old French Style scenic                                            top quality enamel and varnish work.
                                                  brushes which became unavailable.                                                     The Perfection can hold large quantities
                                                                                                                                        of paint and has a degree of stiffness
                     Long Handled Block Brushes   bristle length    code                   price                                        enabling the user to manipulate heavy
                            Size 64x45mm                90mm        PBR6445                £20.00                                       bodied paints. The China bristle is set
                            Size 80x50mm                90mm        PBR8050                £26.88                                       securely in rubber with chisel edge.
                                                                                                                                        Satin tipped for a smooth paint finish.
                                                  Block Brush with Socket This                                                          Stainless steel ferrule with phosphor
                    new                         100mm wide block brush has a strong socket                                              bronze pins. Specially coated wooden
                                                fixed to it to take a 25mm diameter broom                                               handle. Available in eight sizes.
                                                handle. Using broom handles makes the brush
                                                a little heavier than the dedicated long han-         Hamilton Perfection            width            code                   each
                                                dled brushes but it is a useful size for larger                                         ¹/₂"          PBR210                  £5.10
                                                cloths.                                                       We frequently             ³/₄"          PBR211                  £6.16
                     Block Brush with socket bristle length code                          price                have special             1"            PBR212                 £7.42
                                                                                                                 offers on
                           Size100x50mm                100mm PBR10050                     £9.50                                         1¹/₂"         PBR213                 £11.94
                                                                                                              Perfection Box
                           Broom stick 15/16"x4ft                   SAFW611               £0.99                     Sets                2"            PBR214                £20.54
                                                Extension Brush Holder This very                                    visit               2¹/₂"         PBR215                £29.32
                                                useful little gizmo was spotted at a German                       3"            PBR216                £36.06
                                                trade fair and it solves the problem of attach-              for latest offers          4"            PBR217                £55.78
                                                ing brushes to poles. Threaded to fit most
                                                extension poles and it has a pivoting brush                       Buy any three Perfections for 15% discount!
                                                clamp which firmly locks into any position.
                                                Just choose your brush, clamp it in place and             For varnishing and enamel work see also;
                                                the problem is solved.                                    Jenny Foam Brushes.
                     Extension Brush Holder                         code                  price           Purdy Pro Extra Monarch page 1.42.
                                                                    PBREBH                £5.99           Pip Elite on page 1.43.
                           For extension poles see page 1.50.
                     Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                           tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                 
                                                                            This page was updated 13/04/11
JENNY FOAM BRUSHES & ROLLERS                                                  FLATTING IN BRUSHES
          As                                                                                         Wall Brushes 100% pure mixed grey bristle.
        used by                                                                                      Rust proof weighted copper ferrule for perfect
         NASA                                                                                        balance fitted with a comfortable flat wooden

                                                                                                                                                           S ECT I O N O N E
                                                                                                   Wall Brushes                code          each
                                                                                                          4"                   PBR1128       £13.78
                                                                  No                                      5"                   PBR1129       £17.22
                                                            brush marks                                   6"                   PBR1132       £21.93
                                                            just a mirror                                 7"                   PBR1134       £26.73
                                                                finish!       See also XL Pacer page 1.42 and the 9” long handled brush on page 1.45

     Jenny Foam Brushes and Rollers Don’t be deceived                                                Budget Wall Brushes A throw away wall
     by imitations - Jenny Brushes are the original foam brush using a                               brush for one off jobs.
     patented foam supported with a polyethylene stiffener. Flints are
     the main UK dealers for these renowned brushes which are ideal for
     applying and laying off high gloss finishes such as enamel or var-                              Budget Wall Brushes          code          each
     nish. The Jenny rollers are designed for rapid application of paint                                   5"                     PBR1126       £3.91
     and varnish which can then be layed off vertically by a second per-                                   6"                     PBR1127       £5.05
     son with a wide Jenny brush. By working rapidly lap marks will not
     occur. The brushes are easy to clean but also cheap enough to            GENERAL DECORATING BRUSHES                                                   1.47
     throw away making them ideal for touching up work. The finish                                   Decorators Brushes Extra thick, 100%
     achieved with these brushes is first class and they are the pre-                                pure bristle. Wooden beavertail handle with a
     ferred choice of many of Britain’s classic yacht yards seeking the                              stainless steel ferrule. Walleted. Superb value.
     perfect finish. They are also used by NASA for the application of
     primers, top coats, grease, release agents and adhesives. Not suit-                             Decorators Brushes           code            each
     able for use with shellac.                                                                            1"                     PBR1032         £2.38
                                                                                                           1¹/₂"                  PBR1033         £3.57
Jenny Brush             code     each        box quantity       per box                                    2"                     PBR1034         £4.75
    1" (25mm)           PBRJB1   £0.49       48                 £18.24                                     2¹/₂"                  PBR1035         £5.92
    2" (50mm)           PBRJB2 £0.53         48                 £21.60                                     3"                     PBR1036         £7.73
    3" (75mm)           PBRJB3 £0.72         36                 £21.96                                     4"                     PBR1037        £10.98
    4" (100mm)          PBRJB4 £0.83         24                 £14.64
Jenny Roller Sleeves    code                 each               per 10        BUDGET BRUSHES
     3" (75mm)          PBRJR3               £0.68                £6.10                                                     Budget          Brushes
     4" (100mm)         PBRJR4               £0.89               £8.00                                                    Cheap throw away brushes
     7" (175mm)         PBRJR7               £1.07               £9.60                                                    with unpainted handles ideal-
     9" (225mm)         PBRJR9               £1.25               £11.30                                                   ly suited for work with resin
Jenny Roller Frames     code                                      each                                                    and difficult to clean paints
     3" (75mm)          PBRJF3                                    £1.50                                                   such as Hammerite. Although
     4" (75mm)          PBR509304C                [Purdy Frame]  £4.47                                                    these are not exactly quality
     7" (75mm)          PBRJF7                                   £2.64              brushes, they are very serviceable and knock the socks off some of
     9" (75mm)          PBRJF9                                   £2.75              the dross they sell at the big sheds.
    Jenny Brush and Roller Set Why not give them a try
    with this combined set.                                                   Budget Brushes                   code                   each       per 12
Jenny Brush Set                                   code            each             ¹/₂"                        PBR159                 £0.44      £4.80
     1”, 2”, 3”, & 4” brushes & 7” roller & frame PBRJBSETK      £5.50             1"                          PBR160                 £0.51      £5.52
                                                                                   1¹/₂"                       PBR161                 £0.67      £7.20
                                                                                    2"                         PBR162                 £0.73      £7.92
DUSTING AND PAPERHANGING BRUSHES                                                    2¹/₂"                      PBR1621                £0.97     £10.44
                           Dusting Brush A professional dusting                     3"                         PBR163                 £1.09      £11.76
                           brush in pure lily china bristle set in resin.           4"                         PBR164                 £1.33     £14.40
                           Matt finish wooden handle.
                           Dusting Brush                 code      each                                 Budget Brush Set The 5 piece brush
                                                         PBR1194 £6.36                                  set we used to stock was pretty appalling. We
                           Paper Hangers’ Brush Pure lily bris-                                         have now upgraded to a better set that we are
                           tle set in resin. Designed for paper hanging                                 not so ashamed to sell [but don’t get too excit-
                           but also useful for dragging effects. Plain                                  ed]. Bright red plastic handles.
                           wooden handle [Type 1148].
                           Paper Hangers’ Brush          code      each
                                                         PBR1148 £13.39       Budget Brush Set                                   code            price
     For seam rollers see page 1.50. For wallpaper paste see page 1.51.           5 piece set      ¹/₂", 1", 1¹/₂", 2"& 2¹/₂"    PBRBSDIY5       £3.72

Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                       tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                
                           This page was updated 10/08/11

                    GLUE AND TAR BRUSHES                                                       GRAINING SPONGES
                                       Bridled Brushes Plain wooden handle bri-                                                 Natural    Sponges     and
                                       dled glue brushes.                                                                       Decorators Sponge For a host
                                       Bridled Brushes     diameter code    each                                              of effects. Also a Decorator’s sponge.
                                       No 10               ³/₄"     PBR910 £2.14                      Natural Sponge                 code                        each

                                       No 14               1"       PBR908 £2.67                            Medium                   PBR617S                     £4.65
                                       No 20               1¹/₂"    PBR909 £5.99                            Large                    PBR617                      £7.20
                                       Tar Brushes A tough brush suitable for                               Extra Large              PBR617L                    £10.44
                                       thick glue and tar.                                                  Decorator’s Sponge       PBR616                      £2.29
                                       Tar Brushes                  code    each
                                       Short Handle                 PBR182 £5.14               MISCELLANEOUS
                                       1.2m Long Handle             PBR183 £10.52                                                Mahl Stick Used to rest the hand to
                                                                                                                                 prevent smudging whilst paint is wet.
                    BRUSH COMBS
                                                                                                                                 The end is cork which is covered in soft
                    new            Wooden Handle Brush Comb A comfort-                                                           leather. The stick unscrews for storage.
                                   able wooden handled brush comb to get ingrained                    Mahl Stick                       code                         each
                                   paint and varnish out of your treasured brushes. Great                                              PBR750                      £19.79
                                   value.                                                                                       Canvas Stretching Pliers
                                   Brush Comb                code                   price                                       Alloy pliers suitable for stretching
                                   Hamilton as shown         PBR2905028              £2.19                                      artists canvases.
                                   Purdy comb                PBR814                 £6.34             Stretching Pliers                code                          each
1.48                               For brush cleaners and restorers see page 1.36. For                                                 PBR751                       £35.75
                                   hand cleaners, barrier cream and wipes see house-                                                    Flickatex The Flickatex is a
                                   keeping section page 3.64                                                                            hand operated machine used for
                                                                                                                                        the application of texture coat-
                    GRAINING TOOLS                                                                                                      ings. The crank can fixed on the
                                     Rubber Duplex Comb Used for pine and                                                               left or right side of the tank and
                                     oak graining. The teeth are graduated.                                                             there is a large comfortable han-
                                     Rubber Comb                         code   each                  dle on the back. Great fun!
                                     Duplex Comb (3” top 4¹/₄" bottom)   PBR390 £4.07           Flickatex Machine                      code                          each
                                     Triangular Comb                     PBR391 £4.24                 Machine                          PATMISFLIC                   £40.93
                                                                                                      Replacement comb roller          PATFLICROLL                  £16.47
                                      Graining Comb Set A set of 12 steel combs
                                      with fine, medium and wide teeth. Supplied in 100,
                                      75, 50 and 25mm widths complete with vinyl carry-
                                      ing wallet.
                                      Graining Comb Set                 code       each            We stock a large range of rollers for every purpose. For painting very
                                                                        PBR392 £11.50              large areas we stock sleeves up to 18” wide, see page 1.49. If you are
                                                                                                   painting scaffold tube look at the Pipe Roller on page 1.50. For tex-
                                      Heart Grainer Used for graining pine and                     turing, foam rollers can be cut away to add depth and interest to your
                                      oak. Also useful for creating a painted moire effect.        work. For gloss work choose a top quality short pile roller such as the
                                      Made with reversible plastic handle.                         Purdy Parrot or why not try the Jenny roller system used by profes-
                                      Heart Grainer                         code     each          sional yacht painters on page 1.47.
                                       3"                                   PBR393 £3.40
                                                                                               STANDARD 9 x 13/4” ROLLER FRAMES AND SLEEVES
                                      Check Graining Roller Designed to make                                                    Birdcage Roller Frame 9”x
                                      small indentations in the paint surface to pick up a                                      13/4” A good quality Acorn frame with a
                                      deeper colour whilst wood graining.                                                       hollow handle to allow an extension pole
                                      Check Graining Roller                code      each                                       to be added.
                                       2"                                  PBR394 £18.78                                        Birdcage Frame      code           each
                                                                                                                                                    PBR500        £7.95
                                     Rubber Rocker Heart Grainers
                                     Heart Grainers                        code     each                                        Acorn          Roller         Sleeves
                                     3&4" Fine Grainer[double sided]       PBR396   £7.53                                       Professional quality roller sleeves to fit
                                     5" Coarse Heart Grainer               PBR399   £8.98                                       13/4“diameter birdcage frames.
                                     5" Fine Heart Grainer                 PBR398   £8.98                                           Short Pile - for primer, undercoat, and
                                                                                                                                eggshell on flat surfaces.
                                     For larger areas consider using a squeegee page                     Medium Pile - for emulsion on smooth and textured surfaces.
                                     3.62.                                                               Long Pile - for emulsion on rough surfaces.
                                     Swan Feathers Used for creating marbling                         Acorn 9"                                        code           each
                                     effects. When in season.
                                                                                                      Short Pile Roller Sleeve                        PBR501         £6.32

                                     Swan Feathers                     code     each                  Medium Pile Roller Sleeve                       PBR502         £5.38
                                 D                                     PAT640 £0.73                   Long Pile Roller Sleeve                         PBR503         £5.18

                    Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                     tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                
                                                                                          This page was updated 13/04/11
    ECONOMY ROLLER FRAMES AND SLEEVES                                                      WIDE DOUBLE ARM ROLLERS AND SLEEVES
                                 9” Roller and Tray Set plus                            Perfect                               Double Arm Roller Frames
   new                           extra sleeve Wooden roller frame [9x1                                                       These roller frames need an extension
                                                                                       for studio
                                 /4”], 2 x tiger medium pile rollers and tray.
                                                                                          use.                               pole as they have no handle [for
                                 Great quality and value.                                                                    adjustable extension poles see page

                                                                                                                                                                           S ECT I O N O N E
                                 9” Roller Set            code          each                     1.50 for broom handles see page 3.62]. They are ideal for photo-
                                                          PBRMA28062 £7.43                       graphic coves and painting very large floor areas. The adjustable
                                 Economy    Birdcage         Frame                               frame will take 12”, 15”, and our largest 18” sleeves.
                                 9”and 7”x 13/4” Birdcage frames with                       Double Arm Roller Frames              code                       each
                                 hollow plastic handles to take extension poles.                 12"                              PBR510                     £7.35
                                                                                                 15"                              PBR580                    £10.25
                                 Economy Range Rollers      code             each                Variable 12”-24” frame           PBRVARFR                   £9.94
                                 7" x 1 ³/₄" Birdcage Frame PBR4018          £2.22
                                 9" x 1 ³/₄" Birdcage Frame PBR4034          £2.98        new                        Sleeves for Double Arm Frames
                                                                                                                     Roller sleeves                  code       each
                                                                                                                     12" [polyester] Short           PBR3514 £3.86
                                          Economy Roller Sleeves                           Up                        12" [polyester] Medium          PBR3515 £3.86
                                          Economically priced roller sleeves so          to 18”                      15" [polyester] Medium          PBR3521 £4.56
                                          you don’t have to go completely                 wide!                      18” [Nylon]     Medium          PBRNYBS18 £5.80
                                          berserk when your staff leave them to                                      12" [polyester] Long            PBR3516 £3.86
                                          go rock hard. Fits 13/4“ diameter                                          15” [polyester] Long            PBR3522 £4.56
                                          birdcage frames.
                                                                                           FOAM ROLLERS                                                                    1.49
     Pile Type                  width          code        price          per 5
            ¹/₄" Smooth         7"             PBR54020 £1.99             £7.90                                            Budget Foam Rollers These
            ¹/₄" Smooth         9"             PBR54026 £2.36             £9.45                                            rollers are cheap enough to throw away
            ¹/₂" Medium         7"             PBR54021    £2.12          £8.50                                            after each job. They can also be cut into
            ¹/₂" Medium         9"             PBR54027 £2.60            £10.35                                            and torn away to add texture and depth to
            ³/₄" Long           7"             PBR54014 £2.53             £9.35                                            flat painted areas.
            ³/₄" Long           9"             PBR54015 £2.63            £10.55             Budget Foam Roller                       code                      each
            ³/₄" Sheepskin      7"             PBR54025 £9.00            £40.50                   7" Roller with handle              PBR531                    £1.71
            ³/₄" Sheepskin      9"             PBR53513    £11.11        £49.95                   5 x 7" Foam Refills (5 pack)       PBR530                   £5.95
                                                                                                  7" Foam Roller and Tray            PBR529                   £2.67
                                                                                              The large increase in cost of PBR530 is due to temporary resourcing
                                               Purdy     Pro-Extra                                See also Jenny Foam Rollers on page 1.47.
                                               Cageless 9 x 13/4”
                                               Frame The ultimate roller                   4” ROLLER AND TRAY SETS
                                           frame with space age aluminium                                          4” Roller and Tray Sets A choice of
                                D                                                         new
                          NTINUE           alloy rod, nylon bearing surfaces
                                           with beechwood handle and
                                                                                                                   either a set with five medium density foam
                                                                                                                   rollers ideal for texture effects or a set with 2

                     DISCO                 optional quick release snap-on
                                           adapter. See poles on page 1.50.
                                                                                                                   micro fibre sleeves. Both sets are complete with
                                                                                                                   a short frame and tray.
            Purdy Pro-Extra Cageless Frame              code           each                                        4” Roller and Tray Sets                code     each
            Cageless Frame                              PAT755009 £10.89                                           5x4” foam rollers, arm and tray        PBRRKIT5 £2.86
                                                Purdy Pro-Extra                                                    2x4” micro fibre rollers, arm and tray PBRMKIT2 £3.24
   1”                                           Colossus Roller
long nap!                                       Sleeves 9x13/4”                            RADIATOR ROLLERS
                                                   Professional grade sleeves                                       Radiator Rollers The long arm and nar-
                                                   including one with a remarkably                                  row diameter of the sleeves allows the radiator
                                                   high capacity 1” long nap! Nylon.                                roller to access awkward spaces. They are very
     Purdy Pro-Extra Sleeves                                    code           each                                 popular for painting steel tube fabrications.
          1/2” nap [for enamel and emulsion on smooth surfaces] PBR665093A £5.76                                    Scenic artists cut away the foam to create spe-
          3/4” nap [for emulsion on semi rough surfaces]        PBR665094A £5.98                                    cial effects.
          1” nap [for emulsion on semi rough to rough surfaces] PBR665095A £6.29
                              Purdy Parrot A 1/4” pile mohair roller
                             designed for high gloss, semi gloss and clears to                                             lambswool                 foam
                             smooth surfaces. Use it for large areas of oil
                             based varnish. You will get no hair loss using this            Radiator Rollers                        code                         price
 gloss and
                             quality roller. See also Jenny Rollers on page 1.47.                 Radiator Roller Arm 21" x 4"      PBR524                       £1.70
            Purdy Parrot Sleeves                            code           each                   4" High Density Foam Refill       PBR525F                      £0.97
           1/4” nap                                         PBR140644091 £5.77                    4" Simulated Lambswool            PBR525                       £1.58
           9x11/2” Purdy wooden handled roller              PBR140744009 £6.35                    4" Simulated Mohair [for gloss]   PBR526                       £1.03
           9x11/2” Economy frame                            PBRJF9         £2.51
     Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                              tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                   
                        This page was updated 13/04/11

                        PIPE PAINTERS                                                                     EXTENSION POLES
                                                           Pipe Painters For such a small
                                                           outlay you could save hours with these
                        Save                               handy rollers. The long handled small                Purdy JiffyLoc Extension Pole New improved design
                    time painting                          roller is suitable for painting scaffolding          with a metal claw which locks at 150mm intervals. Strong GRP pole

                    tubes or rail-                         and the large sprung roller will cope                with an anodised aluminium extension to reduce “whip”. Fitted
                        ings                               with pipes from about 100mm diameter                 with a heavy duty thread to fit directly to rollers or the extension
                                                           upwards.                                             brush holder [see page 1.46]. Supplied complete with a cone spigot
                                                                                                                for hollow roller handles.
                         Pipe Painters                                   code                   each      Purdy JiffyLoc Poles                 code                            price
                               Small long handle version                 PBR1374                £3.23           [0.6 - 1.2m approx] 2-4ft      PBR599+PBRP003                 £22.65
                               Large sprung version complete             PBR2136               £17.54           [1.2 - 2.4m approx] 4-8ft      PBR5991+PBRP003               £30.20
                                                                                                                [1.8 - 3.6m approx] 6-12ft     PBR598+PBRP003                 £37.64
                                                                                                                [2.4 - 4.8m approx] 8-16ft PBR600+PBRP003                    £50.84
                        CORNER ROLLERS
                                                                                                                Pro-Extra Snap on Adaptor PAT755009A                            £4.11
                                                Corner Roller A foam roller that gets at the                                              The cone spigot fits hollow handles and
                                                bits that other rollers normally miss. Also useful                                        scrapers [page 1.51]. The poles above are
                                                for scenic effects.                                                                       supplied complete with the cone spigot.
                                                                                                          Spare Cone Spigot                    code                            price
                                                Corner Roller            code                   each                                           PBRP003                         £1.05
                                                                         PBR591                 £4.23                                   Purdy Poles as Clearing Sticks
1.50 LINE MARKERS                                                                                                                           Purdy poles can act as useful clearing sticks
                                                                                                                                            by ordering this special threaded hook.
                                               Purdy Line Marker A 4" wide roller with                                                      Flints bolt these hooks to the poles. Always
                                               large diameter for good paint carrying capacity.                secure a lanyard to the extension when working at height. Choose
                                               Designed for painting lines but also useful because             your pole from the section above and add the code below.
                                               it is able to access awkward areas.                        Purdy JiffyLoc Poles                                     code            price
                                                                                                               Threaded hook fitted to any of above                PBRCSP         £15.00
                                               Purdy Line Marker          code                  each
                                               Handle                     PBR509304C            £4.22
                                               Roller ¹/₄" White Dove     PBR558                £2.62
                                               Roller ³/₈" White Dove     PBR557                £2.62
                                                                                                               Economical Telescopic Extension Poles PVC coat-
                        PAINT TRAYS AND SCUTTLES                                                               ed red poles suitable for smaller jobs rather than full time profes-
                                                                                                               sional applications. Fits ”push in“ and ”screw in“ roller frames.
                      new                                                                                 Economical Telescopic Extension Poles              code            price
                      size                                                                                     4ft Extended                                  PBR521          £3.27
                                                                                                               6ft Extended                                  PBR522          £3.99
                                                                                                               10ft Extended                                 PBR523          £5.42
                                                                                                               See page 3.62 for plain broom handles.

                               A comprehensive selection of trays        for every task. See also the
                               New Freehand System on page 3.68.
                         Roller Trays
                               9" Hamilton Plastic Tray
                                                                                                          DECORATORS SUNDRIES
                               9” Economy Plastic Tray                   PBR1386                £2.35                               Traditional Galvanised Paint
                               9" Purdy Metal Tray                       PBR504P                £3.65                               Kettles
                               12" Economy Metal Tray                    PBR514C                £8.93                               Galvanised Paint Kettles code                 each
                               17” Plastic Roller Tray for 15” Rollers   PBR2066                £7.58                               6"                       PBR602               £4.50
                               18" Tray Liebco ‘The Tub’                 PBR141462400          £22.50                               7"                       PBR603               £4.75
                               6ltr Plastic scuttle for 7” Rollers       PBR6500902              £6.11                               Pot Hook for Ladders
                               25ltr Plastic scuttle for 15” Rollers     PBR2060                £7.56                                Pot Hook for ladders        code             price
                                                                                                                                     Pot Hook                    PBR606           £2.59
                        SEAM ROLLERS
                                                       Seam Roller 35mm diameter x 38mm                                                                Buckets A traditional gal-
                                                       wide wooden roller with soft grip handle for                                                    vanised bucket ideal for tradi-
                                                       rolling down seams and applying pressure                                                        tionally galvanised painters
                                                       to bonding tapes etc.                                                                           who want to warm their tradi-
                                                                                                                                                       tionally smelly paint and the
                                                       Seam Roller              code           price                                                   ever popular builders bucket.
                                                                              PBR810           £3.36      Buckets, Kettles and Containers                        code           price
                                                                                                               Galvanised Metal Bucket                           PBR619        £12.83
                                See page 1.79 for wall paper paste and lining paper.                           Builders Bucket, black lipped                     PBR614L        £2.30

                         Flint Hire & Supply Ltd., Queens Row, London SE17 2PX                           tel 020 7703 9786 fax 020 7708 4189                   
                                                                              This page was updated 04/01/11
PLASTIC PAINT KETTLES                                                           FILLING KNIVES AND SCRAPERS
                         Plastic Paint Kettles with lids                                                         Filling Knives Stainless steel blades
                         Useful for both mixing and storing mixed paints.                                        with comfort soft grip handles. 25mm and
                         Plastic Paint Kettle with lid code        price                                         75mm.
                         1 litre                     PBR613        £1.38

                                                                                                                                                                S ECT I O N O N E
                         2.5 litre                   PBR611        £1.57                                         As above but with super wide 200mm
                         5 litre                     PBR610        £2.18                                         flexiknife.

STRAINERS AND STIRRERS                                                                                           Traditional 75mm [3”] filler with rose-
                                                                                                                 wood handles.

                                                                                Filling Knifes                                 code                   each
                                                                                       25mm Stainless filler                   PBRSGF1               £2.44
                                                                                       75mm Stainless filler                   PBRSGF3               £3.68
                                                                                       200mm Flexiknife                        PBRSGFLX20            £5.19
                                                                                       75mm Rosewood filler                    PBR836                £5.37
      Paper Cone Paint Filters 400 micron mesh.                                                                Scrapers Strong stainless steel blade
      Metal Strainer + Three Mesh Filters 300mm diam-                                                          running right through a soft grip handle to a
      eter metal cone with three different steel mesh filters.                                                 solid head capable of taking hammer blows.
      Ena Sharples Nylon bag strainer which holds one gallon.                                                  75mm wide.
                                                                                                               As above but with a screw threaded handle
Paint Filters                                code                     price
                                                                                                               to fit extension poles [see previous page].
      Paper Cone Filters                     PBR757                  £0.32
                                                                                                               Available 100mm and 177mm [4” and 7”]           1.51
      Metal Strainer with three filters      PBR759K                 £31.77
      Set of three spare filters for above   PBR759SF                £10.63                                    Hamilton Perfection Combination Shavehook
      Ena Sharples                           PBR758                  £0.75
                                                                                Scraping Knives                            code                     each
                             Stirring things up                                       75mm Heavy Duty Scraper              PBRHDS                   £4.56
        Stirring paint really is important, a quick shake of the can sim-             100mm Screw Thread Scraper           PBR4742                 £6.06
         ply won’t do! As much as the manufacturers try, the different                177mm Screw Thread Scraper           PBR4744                 £7.00
        chemicals in the paint will tend to settle out. All the matting or            Hamilton Combination Shavehook       PBR748                  £6.84
         bonding agents may be at the bottom of the can giving you a                  For the incredible Bahco Wolfram Carbide Paint Strippers see p 1.36.
                patchy or translucent finish with poor adhesion.
                        Please give your paint a chance.                        LINING PAPER AND WALLPAPER GLUE
                                                                                      Lining Paper Roll size: 10.05m x 560mm.
                       Paint Stirrers For mixing large quantities of            Lining Paper                                  code         each       box
                       paint or textures see the heavy duty mixers on                 F800 [24 rolls]                         PBR6F800     £1.80    £32.00
                       page 1.39.                                                     F1000 [20 rolls]                        PBR6F1000    £1.90    £33.00
                       Stirrer                         code       price
                       Mixing blade [for power drill] PBRPADDL120 £4.99                        Wallpaper Adhesive. Solvite Fast Mix All Purpose
                       Economy Mixing Tool Small PBRPADDL80       £3.52                        Hangs up to 15 rolls giant sachet.         Tradeline
                       Hand Paint Stirrer [shown left] PBR5340    £0.52                        Solvite Wallpaper Adhesive code sachet per 24 sachet
                       Tongue Depressors per 100 PBR608           £2.40                                                      ADH110 £4.95 £4.10 each

SPONGES, RAGS, BLUE ROLL AND DUST SHEETS                                                           Peel Walls or flats sized with Peel before decora-
                                                                                                   tion provide an ideal glueing surface yet this unique
                                                                                                   coating allows the wallcovering to be peeled off with-
                                                                                                   out the need for soaking, scraping or steaming.
                                                                                                   An average room can be stripped in just 8 minutes!
                  All those essential items to make the job go smoothly.        Peel        code                    1L         code                   5L
                  Tack rags are my personal favourite for a perfect dust                    ADH111              £17.62         ADH112             £51.25
                  free finish. For real sponges see page 1.48. For Power             See also Mask It on page 2.85.
                  Wipes see page 3.64.
Sponges, rags and dust sheets                   code                price       WIRE WOOL
     Jumbo Sponge                            PBR620                 £1.54                                Wire Wool If you are using wire wool for abrad-
     Decorators Sponge                        PBR616               £2.40                                 ing why not also consider using the very effective
     Blue Roll [400 paper wipes 380x205mm] SAF582103               £8.50                                 abrasive pads listed on page 3.35.
     Chamois (2.5sq ft)                      PBR630                £7.65
     Stockinette roll 250gm                   PBR615                £2.31       Wire Wool                                  code                   price
     White Rags (1kg)                         PBR631                £9.83             Grade 0, very fine, ¹/₂ lb           ABR192                 £3.32
     White Rags (6kg)                        PBR632                £51.47             Grade 1, fine, ¹/₂ lb                ABR193                  £3.21
     Dust Sheets Cotton Twill [12x9ft]      PBR3050                 £9.69             Grade 2, medium, ¹/₂ lb              ABR194                  £3.21
     Tack Rags (each)                        PAT340                 £0.74             Grade 3, coarse, ¹/₂ lb              ABR195                  £3.21
                                                                                      For brush cleaners and restorers see page 1.36. For hand cleaners,
      For Polythene Sheeting see p3.63 For “Wet Paint Tape” see p2.85.                barrier cream and wipes see housekeeping section page 3.65.
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