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    Victor Harman samples the latest
   development in electronic engine
tweakery: tuning from the passenger seat

     April 2003   62 Diesel Car
                                                                     Bromleys Tuning

The Laptop Tune now makes it possible to have your car tuned in the workshop and then make the final adjustments while driving down the road
                  e’re becoming       mpg in cars, by virtue of the           requirements, which may not           the front passenger seat, we set

W                 more and more
                  accustomed to the
                  vital part that
                  electronics play
in today’s engines, petrol and
diesel, even if it has deprived
former home mechanics of
                                      improved flexibility and low rpm
                                      pulling power that accompanies
                                      the typical 20-25% increase in
                                      maximum power output that a
                                      Bromley conversion delivers.
                                         The heart of a Bromley
                                      conversion is the Tunit module,
                                                                              always necessarily be for
                                                                              maximum boost.
                                                                                 But Mike Bromley reasoned
                                                                              that, these days, there’s little a
                                                                              PC can do that a laptop can’t,
                                                                              and verified that it was possible
                                                                              to alter the parameters while the
                                                                                                                    off into the country; it then took
                                                                                                                    only a few on-road tweaks by
                                                                                                                    Mike before a test run up a
                                                                                                                    suitably demanding hill spread a
                                                                                                                    big grin over the face of the
                                                                                                                    Rover’s owner, as he sampled
                                                                                                                    the significant added grunt
excuses to avoid other less           typically about the size of a           engine was running. So following      provided by the Tunit module.
pleasurable domestic tasks.           compact camera, which is                a little more lateral thinking,          Mike usually stops at the
    There’s little scope now for      connected into the engine’s             and considerable hands-on             roadside for adjustments, and to
much in the way of Sunday             existing ECU harness. The               experimentation, Mike is now          discuss his proposed actions with
morning under-bonnet activity,        module is easily removable,             able to offer the option of the on-   the owner – but, providing that
other than vital fluid level          returning the engine to standard        the-road “Laptop Tune”, for a         one is prepared to accept a small
checks, and the appropriate           specification, or it’s alternatively    very modest £30 + VAT                 jerk, (Well, we’ve put up with
oil and filter changes – which        a simple matter to arrange for          supplement to the normal £400         Dr. Diesel for a good many
themselves are becoming less          its power supply to be switched,        + VAT cost of fitting and setting     years! Ed) there’s no real
frequent.                             allowing it to be easily                up of a ‘Tunit’.                      necessity to actually stop the car
    But that the day should           deactivated if, and when,                   I was able to join Mike, Eric     or the engine during the laptop
arrive when a passenger with a        required. The module usually            (his chief technician) and the        tuning process. On this occasion
laptop computer connected to an       tucks away neatly, close to the         owner of an automatic Rover 75        Mike knew that he had a little
engine’s ECU could vary the           engine’s ECU, which itself may          CDT on just such a laptop tuning      more boost up his sleeve, which
engine’s torque and power in          be located in a number of places,       exercise. The owner had been          he offered to unleash, but the
real time “on the road” is            according to the manufacturer.          somewhat underwhelmed by the          Rover’s owner was already more
perhaps a little more than some          Hitherto, most Tunit modules         low-down pulling power of the         than satisfied with the
of us of earlier generations can      have offered a variable boost to        Rover, although it had already        impressive level of added
easily absorb. But that’s exactly     engine power and torque output,         had a modified ECU fitted by his      flexibility and torque achieved,
the point at which Mike Bromley       by alteration of two or three           local dealer. Apparently early        and happily called a halt to the
at Bromley Performance Tuning         vital parameters relating to fuel       automatic 75 CDTs were                proceedings.
has now arrived, and I recently       injection – pressure, flow              reluctant to change up into the          The unique features of the
visited Mike at Chorley, in           volume, etc. These were adjusted        higher gears, sometimes not           Bromley Laptop Tuning package
deepest Lancashire, to find out a     after connecting the module to a        dropping into top until well into     put the icing on an already tasty
little more about this ground-        PC, but away from the car and           illegal speed territory, with         cake. Bromley’s had a brand
breaking development.                 strictly “on the bench”, by             resultant and understandable ill      new, state-of-the-art rolling road
    Mike’s business focuses           instructing customised software         effects on fuel economy. A            dynamometer installed in
almost exclusively on tuning          to vary the settings for the            modified Rover ECU has largely        January, and Laptop Tuning can
diesel engines – and that means       instructions issued from the            solved this phenomenon, but           now run in parallel with this to
trucks and vans as well as cars.      Tunit module. This facilitates          appears in the process to have        record full bhp and torque
There’s surprising scope for          compensation for the normal             somewhat over-corrected the           measurements on a ‘before and
tweaking HGV engines, with the        variations of performance from          situation, at times leaving the       after’ basis.
benefits frequently translating       one engine to another – Land            car struggling in too a high gear,       Full details of Tunit
into significantly better fuel        Rover’s Td5 engine being an             with insufficient torque to           conversions, which are also
economy, as the extra torque          example that exhibits significant       provide meaningful acceleration,      available throughout a
allows these laden heavies to         such variation, and where the           yet seemingly now reluctant to        nationwide distributor network,
pull a higher, and more               module’s adjustability is vital for     execute the appropriate down-         are to be found on
economical gear. That can mean        optimum results. It also allows         change.                     , and in
serious fuel cost savings for the     the level of performance                   After fitting the module, with     Bromley Performance Tuning’s
operator. These same benefits         enhancement to be tailored              trailing leads from it to Mike        full-page advertisement Diesel
similarly translate into better       precisely to the owner’s                Bromley’s laptop, on his knees in     in this issue.           CAR
                                                             April 2003   63 Diesel Car

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