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					                               HVSH - HONEST                VITAL        SINCERE           HELPERS

                                               Auxiliary Chatter
                                                                                 Volume VIII, Issue 4 Fall 2009


Your President Sue Cerri –
      It’s amazing that half my term has passed. I hope that everyone enjoyed the annual Volunteer
       luncheon this year and the baseball theme. It’s always fun to try something different. The
       weather couldn’t have been more perfect.
      Welcome to all the new volunteers and to our new students. Let’s everyone be sure to give
       them a warm welcome and help them in every way we can so their experience at Huron Valley-
       Sinai Hospital is a warm one.
      We were presented with a $40,000 check from the Gift Shop in May and $10,000 at our last
       Board Meeting. Thank you Gift Shop workers. We appreciate all the time and effort you put
       into making our Cricket Shop a success.
      We have also been busy with Gold Sales, Pearl Sales, Our Own Special “Gently Used Sale”
       and most recently a Uniform Sale. Our volunteers certainly have been busy. Everyone is
       welcome to sign up for a sale. They are easy and fun to do. It’s also a great way to meet more
       of your volunteers.
      I attended the MAHA Annual convention in June. This year’s theme was, “Volunteers and
       Lilacs, 60 Years of Blooming”. I was accompanied by Barb Brennan, Thelma Hopkins, and
       Candy Sokol. Barbara Bergin was at the event ending her term on the MAHA Board. I am
       proud to announce that she is one of 16 people across the nation that is now on the national
       Board for Hospital Awareness.
      The Open House for the new Sinai Guild Medical Office Building took place September 13.
       Thank you to all for your help that day as we celebrated our newest addition.
      Thank you, everyone, for giving your time!

Your Volunteer Coordinator Deb Moraitis –
      I just arrived back from Europe after spending two weeks with my grandkids! It was an amazing
       trip, but I am available now if you need me.
      Get well wishes to: Kathy Bettelon and Joe LaChappelle.
      Thanks to all of you who donated food for the Harvest Food Gathering. The hospital donated a
       record amount of food and monetary donations.
      Those of you who have not completed Net Learning will be getting a letter from me with
       instructions on the new program. Stay tuned!
      Our office will be adopting another family from Lakes Area Youth Assistance, and if you are
       interested in helping with this, please let me know. I will have a wish list available soon. All
       donations are to be in by the beginning of December.
      If you have not completed the survey I sent you, please bring in and deposit in the blue box near
       your sign-in sheet. It is totally anonymous and this will help me improve the volunteer program.
      Congratulations to Candy Sokol who is our “Thanks for Giving” winner to be honored on
       November 3rd by Chuck Gaidaca at the annual Thanks for Giving event. Candy has truly
       exemplified what outstanding volunteerism is. She has taken on many extra duties this year
       besides being president-elect of your auxiliary, and she brings so much energy to all of our
       activities. Speaking of that, she could really use your help with the upcoming fundraisers listed
       in the calendar section. This is a great way to meet other volunteers, as well as staff, and a way
       to help contribute to the Auxiliary’s bottom line!
     Welcome new Volunteers: Patricia Baaki-gift shop; Kelly Brittingham-Gift shop; Charles
      Augenbaugh-Phase II Recovery; Becky Cherrin-Therapy Dogs; Karlene Goedde- Charach
      Cancer Treatment Center; Dennis Garrone-ICU Wait Room/Shipping/Receiving; Helen
      Germaine-ICU Wait Room; Lorna Green- gift shop; Sharon Sterling-gift shop; Cathy Hall-
      administration; John Harris-mail/shipping; Norma Kleiff-surgical wait room; Elizabeth Horn-3E;
      Regina Lockwood-gift shop; Terrie Marks-Orchard Entrance greeter/surgical wait room; Irene
      Paciocco-Sinai Center for Women; James Porchik-Biomedical Engineering; Gina Vaitkaitiene-
      2E; Margaret Zahn-ED; Larry Wells-gift shop; Tracy Brown-Radiology; Sheran Baunoch-
      Inpatient Pharmacy; and many student volunteers!
     Welcome back: Cheryl Youd and Gail Raben- ICU Wait room. Glad to have you back!!!!


Your Gift Shop Manager Vanessa Robar –
     Announcing two exciting events in November:

                              PREVIEW HOLIDAY SHOW
                               Tuesday, November 3, 2009
                                    9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
                         Be the first to view the holiday splendor!

                               FREE CANDY KISS TREATS
                         WE WANT TO KISS YOU WITH KINDNESS!

                              Thank you for shopping for charity
                               at your favorite hospital gift shop!
                        Gift Shop is the #1 HVSH Auxiliary Fundraiser!

                                    GIRLFRIEND GALA!
                                 Friday, November 13, 2009
                         GIFT SHOP REFRESHMENTS 5:00 p.m.
                       Chinese Auction Gift Basket! Win the Perfect Gift!
                       Holiday Dining Displays! Centerpiece Strategies!

                       SPEAKERS & DESSERT, 6:15 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
                        "Surviving the Holidays!" Michaeline Raczka
                    "Dress Your Best!" Austen Isbell, Accessorizing Divo
             Each attendee will receive a personal shopping card with color chart


                    Limited Seating Available        RSVP 248-937-4066
                                   MARK YOUR CALENDAR

   HVSH Auxiliary fundraisers Update:
   Recently held:
    Sept 23rd       Spencer Douglas Fine Jewelry
    Oct 7th & 8th   Silvique Jewelry
    Oct 13th        Uniform Sale
    Aug             Gently Used Jewelry Sale – we made over $400! Thanks to all who supplied
                     jewelry, the volunteers who worked the sale, and those who shopped!

   Fundraisers planned for the remainder of 2009 and beginning 2010:
    Nov 4th        Chu’s Pearl’s
    Nov 30  th
                    Set up for Holiday Ornament Sale after 9pm
    Dec 1st        Holiday Ornament Sale, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., Conference Rooms A & B
    Dec 2nd        DJ Max
    Jan. 27  th
                    Uniform Sale

   Please sign up to help with any of the fundraisers! Sign up sheets will be in the Volunteer
   Office next to the computer. Call Candy Sokol, 248-363-0890, if you have any questions.
    A reminder to please keep the Holiday items coming in! We are getting a good supply so far,
       but could always use more. We look forward to another fabulous Holiday Ornament sale on
       December 1st.
    The annual student artists reception was held at HVSH on October 14th, celebrating the
       amazing young artists in our community. As you circulate throughout the building, take a
       moment to enjoy their works displayed on the ground floor in the Student Art Gallery.

                                   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU…

     September                   October                  November                  December
2 – Pat Rothley          4 – Marilyn Moore           1 – Annette Dewey         1 – Nancy Olson
9 – Mary Sands           6 – Joan Murphy             2 – Marty Bautista        5 – Thelma Hopkins
15 – Jacqueline Bagley   11 – Larry Wells            11 – Sheran Baunoch       6 – Karlene Goedde
16 – Dottie Mengel       12 – Julia Kamenoff-Ligon   21 – Stephanie Pallo      9 – Karol Breen
17 – Beverly Wynn        16 – Stella Koshkarian      23 – Linda Poppelreiter   12–Charles Augenbaugh
18 – Diane Rancont       16 – Barbara Call           24 – Ronald Carter        14 – Helen Germaine
20 – Deb Moraitis        16 – Deloris Gronowicz      29 – Debbie Clayton       16 – Cathy Hall
22 – Michele Diacono     21 – Vanessa Robar          29 – Helen Graski         16 – Tami Schneider
23 – Enid Madgy          28 – Irene Paciocco         29 – Barbara Haggerty     21 – Kelly Brittingham
24 – Bob Dombroski       29 – Barbara Broker         30 – Joan Geary           21 – Harold Crones
26 – Doug McClelland     31 – Barbara Brennan                                  23 – Gina Vaitkaitiene
27 – Elizabeth Pace      31 – Patrick Stempien                                 24 – Pete Cenzer
                                                                               24 – Barbara Ginotti
Volunteer Services
    1 William Carls Drive
    Commerce, MI 48382
    Phone: 248 937-3505

    Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital
    Detroit Medical Center

    Miles Ahead, Minutes Away

           Please cut out the list below for your future reference:
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                                      HVSH Auxiliary Slate of Officers – 2009
        President:                                                  Sue Cerri
        President Elect:                                            Candy Sokol
        Vice President of Service:                                  Bev Wynn
        Vice President of Community Relations:                      Barbara Call
        Recording Secretary:                                        Barbara Brennan
        Corresponding Secretary:                                    Sharon McClelland
        Treasurer:                                                  Barbara Bergin
        Assistant Treasurer:                                        MaryLu Cramer
        Counselor and Nominating Committee Chair:                   Dorothy Bonnell-Tracy
                Committee Member:                                   Betty Zann
                Committee Member:                                   Yvonne Pirosek
                Committee Member:                                   Yvonne Schuermann
        Appointed positions:
                Fundraiser:                                         Doreen Fisher
                Historian:                                          Yvonne Schuermann
                Legislative:                                        Barbara Brennan
                Scholarships:                                       Jane Maximovich
                Membership:                                         Yvonne Pirozek
                Parliamentarian:                                    Thelma Hopkins
                Newsletter:                                         Debbie Clayton

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