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					                                                                                January 2009

                         Crawfish Chronicles
                                                          Happy Holidays!


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                         18791 SW Martinazzi Ave—PO Box 701—Tualatin OR 97062—503-692-0780—
 Upcoming Events
                                    ACTIVE COMMITTEES
                                   Ambassadors Committee: Help our members prosper through Valentine’s Day Auction Committee
      Networking AM                networking; educate and retain members by encouraging participation in
                                                                                                          Alex Carney, Tualatin Auto Body
  Friday, January 9th, 7:30am
                                                                                                             Cindy Haldorson, Meridian Park Hospital
      Take Shape For Life
                                   Joy Flaming, Chair, Mary Kay Cosmetics
    Tualatin Senior Center                                                                                   Dan Snyder, Active Media
                                   Stefani DasGupta, Co-Chair, Umpqua Bank
                                                                                                             Debbie Borges, Prudential NW Properties
                                   Dale Potts, World Financial Group
      Lunch n’ Learn
                                   Diane Mead, Pet’s First Priority Care                                     Diane Raynor, Oregon Community CU
Tuesday, January 20th, 11:30am
                                   Brittney Hartzell, West Coast Bank                                        Erika Eskew, Community Newspapers
   Fearless Public Speaking
Donn Rochlin, Creativity Coach Tom Gudekunst, Marco Ideas Unlimited                                          Matt Ivey, Country Insurance & Financial
           & Pianist           Courtney Stewart, Woodbury Financial Services
                                                                                                             Deb Bower, Wilsonville Chevrolet
                                   Dodie Starbuck, Your Style Design
                                                                                                             Nancy Truax, Oregon Dog Rescue
      Alive After Five             Michele Kaiser, Edward Jones
   Wednesday, January 14th         Jerry Anderson, Wine Styles                                               Patrice Demmon
                                   Staci Rizzo, Community Newspapers                                         Linda Moholt
                                   Ed Casey, Wetlands Conservancy
                                                                                                             Kelly King

      Networking AM
  Friday, January 16th, 7:30am
                                                                             Next Meeting Date:
      Speed Networking
                                   Currently Recruiting Ambassadors          January , 2008
                                                                             9:00 am
                                   If you’re interested call the Chamber
    Monthly Luncheon                                                         Location: Pacific Continental
                                   at 503-692-0780!
    Thursday, January 22nd                                                   Bank

           11:30 am
    Tualatin Country Club
                                                                                               Coca Cola
      Networking AM                                                                            Chocosphere
 Friday, January 23rd, 7:30am
                                                                                               Class Act Events
           Coca Cola

      Networking AM
  Friday, January 30th, 7:30am
                                   This month’s featured ambas-                  as a registered dietician. Tu-       Golden Rule.
                                   sador is Joy Flaming. Joy has                 alatin has been her home for
                                                                                                                      Visit Joy’s website at http://
                                   been building her Mary Kay                    the last 4 years.
                                   business for over three years
                                                                 In January, Joy will begin her             
                                   now and has been an active
                                                                 new duties as the Chamber’s
                                   Tualatin Chamber member for
                                                                 new Ambassador chair, which
                                   a year and has served on many
                                                                 is an exciting step in her ca-
                                                                 reer and business.
                                   She is an alumni of Oregon
                                                                 Joy believes that success
                                   State University and OHSU
                                                                 comes from living life by the
                                   where she received her degree
                                        CEO’s Corner

With Sincere Thanks:

    As we pause at the end of the year, I want to express the intense gratitude I feel for the partner-
ship, support and friendship that you have shown me as your new CEO. When I look back over the
last four months, there are so many people I would like to thank for making the transition easier.
First and foremost, my heartfelt thanks to Kelly King, our Chamber Office Manager. She has been a
trusted associate and friend whose guidance has turned a difficult learning experience into a positive.
Secondly, many thanks to Cheryl Dorman, Chamber President, our Chamber Board of Directors and
the Finance Committee for their leadership and hands on involvement to ensure that we all succeed.
Finally, my sincere thanks to each and every one of you for making me feel welcome and a part of
your Chamber community. I feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to serve you and look
forward to the many years ahead.
    Martin Luther King Jr. once said “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in mo-
ments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”.
There is no doubt we are currently in the middle of one of those times of “challenge and contro-
versy”. Most of us cannot remember a time when there was such uncertainty in the workplace, eco-
nomic climate or our world. Nonetheless, we can still find hope. Our human spirit allows us to not
only survive but overcome obstacles and thrive. Now more than ever, we need to turn to each
other and support our local businesses first. For some businesses this Christmas season will deter-
mine whether or not they will be around in 2009. As a community we cannot afford to let that hap-
    The Chamber is an organization dedicated to our members and the entire community to make
sure that we all thrive. It is the mission of the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce to promote, educate
and support a vital business community and to enhance the livability of the greater Tualatin area. We
are here to serve you and offer many advertising vehicles to help you market your business to each
other more effectively. Our weekly e-blasts feature member to member discounts at no additional
cost to you. We also offer monthly newsletters, networking events and educational opportunities for
you to inform our members and share the goods or services that you offer. If you need help or have
an idea, please don’t hesitate to call us.
   Finally, I want to mention a special thanks to our Non-Profit partners that serve our community all
year long. Please consider ways that you can support their efforts through direct funding, donations
of goods or services or your time. The compassion they show all year long is the best example I can
think of why we will survive this crisis and move on to better times.
   Happy Holidays, Linda

                                             Test System offered by Martin Diagnostics           buildings.
With Deepest                                 International, Inc. This accurate test de-
                                             tects illegal drug use.
                                                                                         •       Retail and wholesale establishments.

Sympathy                                     Free: The Parent Aid test is free of
                                             charge to a parent of any child under 18
                                                                                         •       Manufacturing mills and plants.
                                                                                         •       Truck stops.
Our thoughts and prayers are                 years of age.
                                                                                         •       Child and adult daycare.
with the City of Woodburn Po-                Quick: Once a sample is taken, Parent       •       Assisted living facilities.
                                             Aid test results are usually ready in under
lice Department, the Oregon                  8 minutes.                                  •       Movie theaters and indoor entertain-
State Police, and their fami-                                                                    ment venues.
                                             Accurate: Rapid testing with the Parent
                                                                                           • Hotels and motels (Exception: 25% of
lies.                                        Aid InstaCup™ is proven to be as accu-
                                                                                               guest rooms may be designated as
                                             rate as laboratory screening tests. The
                                             test is performed in a confidential and           smoking rooms by the owner or en-
The grief and profound sense                                                                   tity in charge).
                                             convenient setting. In the event a parent
of loss we share draw us                     questions the results of a test, a labora-    • Work vehicles that are not operated
                                             tory confirmation test is available at a rea-     exclusively by one employee.
closer to one another as a                   sonable cost.
                                                                                           Exceptions to the law will include:
community, as friends and as                 Confidential: The testing is completely      •      Smoking in certified smoke shops.
family.                                      private, results are confidential and no
                                             personal information about the test is       •      Smoking of cigars in certified cigar
                                             kept by the police department.                      bars.
                                        .                                                 •      Smoking in hotel or motel rooms that
                                             For additional information, please call             specifically allow for smoking.
                                             (503) 691-4800 or stop by the Tualatin
                                             Police Department.                           •      Smoking of non-commercial tobacco
                                                                                                 for American Indian ceremonial pur-
                                             New Smokefree Workplace Law                  For more information, contact Debi Liven-
                                                                                          good at 971-673-1020 or at
                                             Beginning January 1, 2009, Oregon’s new
                                             Smokefree Workplace Law goes into ef-
                                             fect. Under this new law, smoking will be
                                             prohibited in most public places and work-
                                                                                                       Take Shape For Life
                                             places with few exceptions. Smoking will
                                             also be prohibited within 10 feet of all           Super Saturday Raining on Dr. A’s
                                             entrances, exits, windows and air intake                     Habits of Health
                                                                                            Dr. Wayne Scott Anderson co-founder of
                                             Workplaces and public places that must        Take Shape for Life and Medical Director of
                                             be smokefree include but are not limited       Medifast and Take Shape for Life will be in
                                             to are:                                      Portland for a rare appearance. There will be
Do you suspect that your son                                                                numerous opportunities to learn from him
                                             •   Bars and taverns, including bar areas
or daughter is using drugs?                                                                over his 4 day visit. There will be book sign-
                                                 of restaurants.                           ings (his new book Dr. A's Habits of Health
Now there is help, Parent Aid.                                                            just came out last month), there will be pres-
                                             •   Bowling centers.
Parent Aid is a new, simple and confiden-                                                 entation Friday night, an all day training Satur-
tial urinalysis drug-testing program de-     •   Bingo halls.                             day, and opportunities for health professionals
signed to help parents identify drug abuse                                                         to meet with him on Sunday.
                                             •   Private and fraternal organizations.
problems in their kids before disaster
                                                                                              For more information on specific events call
strikes.                                     •   Employee break rooms.                             Jerry at 503.799.4317 or email at
                                        •        Restaurants.
The centerpiece of the Parent Aid pro-
gram is the InstaCup™ Multi-Drug Screen •        Private offices and commercial office

“A Dream come true.”

Emily Preator
Over eighteen months at optimal health

Fifty-five years ago, this tiny baby girl had no clue her life would be filled with depression and unhappiness, living in a
body larger than every other kid.
At age 42, morbidly obese with high blood pressure, I suffered a stroke. A few years later, I tipped the scales at 302
pounds. I tried diet after diet, always looking for the “magic pill.” But any pounds I did manage to lose came off so
slowly that I lost my motivation to continue.
Then I took a trip I’ll never forget. I needed a seat belt extender for the airplane, and I couldn’t even walk a few blocks
without lots of rest breaks. I felt more hopeless than ever, and resigned myself to dying as a fat-bodied person I knew so
well. Little did I know that the very next month would be the start of a dream come true.
My husband was determined to lose 25 pounds, and I thought it would help him if I tried the recommendations Dr. Ander-
sen made to create optimal health too. “They probably won’t work for me.” I insisted…Well, Jerry lost his weight in ten
weeks. And Me? In eighteen months, I’ve lost 132 pounds and 131 inches following Dr. A’s suggestions and Take
Shape for Life! My stepson’s in-laws didn’t recognize me at his wedding – and was it ever wonderful fitting into the air-
plane seats and taking a walking tour of Philadelphia with ease!
I’ve begun to dream, and to live life. I’ve set and accomplished goals like going horseback riding and downhill skiing –
physical activities I never could have considered before. I now use the Habits of Health, which Dr. A says are necessary
to stay healthy. I work out regularly and enjoy being out in the world. And I’ve only just begun! Instead of spending time
at the drug store buying multiple medications (I’m off them now!), I’m busy buying new clothes – having gone from a size
3XL to a 8 petit! I’ve never felt so alive and thrilled to wake up every morning!
This is my wife’s story of her transformation due to the Take Shape for Life program as published in our co-founder’s
new book Dr. A’s Habits of Health which came out last month.
By the way Dr. Wayne Anderson Medical Director of Take Shape for Life and Medifast will be in Portland at the Red Lion
Inn on the Columbia River starting 1/9/09 at 7PM. Please call Jerry Preator at 503.799.4317 for details or email

                                                                              WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT
                                                                              FOR THE NEW YEAR? WE
                                                                                       CAN HELP!
                                                                             My wife and I have lost 164lbs be-
                                                                             tween us & are off 5 medications!
                                                                              Lose 2-5 lbs/wk on this clinically
                                                                               proven, affordable program!

                                                                                       Jerry Preator
                                                                             Health, Life and Business Coach


Class Act Events
Since 1987, Class Act Event Coodinators,     Class Act provides non-profit clients with    to silver candelabras to reflections
Inc. has been serving clients throughout     an unmatched level of service, attention to   bowls to garden aisle stakes!
the Northwest. Class Act’s team of co-       detail and organization.                      Please contact us today to schedule a
ordinators has designed some of the
                                             With each year of oour involvement, our       complimentary consultation.
most creative and memorable corporate
                                             clients see an average increase in their
and private events in the area. The
                                             overall profits varying from 15% to nearly
events include Weddings, Conferences,
                                             40%. The bottom line is, our professional     910 Comercial St. SE
Business Meeting, Seminars, Ground
                                             involvement helps you to realize maximum
Breakings, Auctions and Galas, Company                                                     Salem, OR 97302
                                             profit. We look forward to serving you
Pinics, Legislative Events, Open Houses,
                                             and taking your fundraiser to the next        503-371-8904 or 503-636-1083
Retirements, Appreciations, Holiday
Events, and Private Dinner Events.                                               

                                             Class Act offers a wide range of specialty
                                             event rentals, from iridescent crush linen

Coca Cola
    The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of            leader in every community in which            We believe that responsible and
    Oregon is a division of Coca-Cola            we do business by building and ex-            sustainable business practices will
    Enterprises Inc., which is the world’s       panding opportunities for all of our          assure the long-term growth and
    largest marketer, distributor, and           people and our community partners.            profitability of our company. Sus-
    producer of bottled and canned liq-                                                        tainability is about improving our
    uid nonalcoholic refreshment. Coca-                                                        overall business performance while,
    Cola Enterprises sells approximately         In addition to providing jobs that sup-       to the extent possible, meeting or
    80 percent of The Coca-Cola Com-             port the local economy, we provide            exceeding the expectations of our
    pany's bottle and can volume in              internships and scholarships, and sup-        employees, customers and stake-
    North America. We have a wide                port youth organizations, schools and         holders, and we are focused on
    variety of products, including low-          community centers. The Coca-Cola              successfully integrating sustainability
    and no-calorie products.                     Bottling Company of Oregon actively           into every aspect of our operations.
                                                 gives to charitable organizations in
                                                 neighborhoods and communities in
    The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of            our franchise territory.
    Oregon is committed to being a

Chocosphere offers up the world’s            fillings, semi-sweet chocolate shaped
best chocolate, crafted by 47 world          into household tools and tiny hot
renowned chocolate makers such as            chocolate cups heated with candles.
Valrhona and Nirvana. Selections
                                             There are also plentiful gift bags and
range form Fudge Fatale’s dark
                                             baskets that can be filled with your
chocolate espresso sauce to Domori’s
                                             favorite gourmet treats.
hazelnut dragees.
                                             Simply go to
Click on the company logo to view
                                             and peruse to your hearts content!
luscious goodies by Chocovic (Spain)
or Hachez (German), and find them
described in delicious detail such as
“candied citrus tones” or “earthy and
toasty with a hint of spice.”
Browse through Gift Ideas, and you’ll
find chocolate cigars with nougat

                                                         Oregon Heat
During the last couple of weeks of below freezing weather, there are many families in need of emergency energy assistance. Surg-
ing fuel, energy and food prices have left some 429,000 Oregon households at risk of choosing between feeding their families and
warming their homes. With the economic downturn, we are seeing a large increase in families that need our help. Oregon HEAT
helps families in crisis by providing emergency help with energy costs. Oregon HEAT’s primary program is to prevent disconnec-
tion of utility service during inclement weather by providing bill payment assistance to low-income households in emergency situa-

During this holiday season, please consider helping the low-income households in your community with their electric bills. You can
also contribute to heating homes with oil and other fuel sources, leveraging energy conservation tools and self reliance education
for households, or support areas where the need is the greatest.

Tualatin Chamber members can help keep their neighbors warm!

     •       Make a gift through our website:
     —       Contribute through workplace giving programs or match employee donations.
     —       Donate home-heating oil
     —       Donate your business’s waste petroleum products
     —       Donate gifts of stock.
     —       Include Oregon HEAT in your estate planning.
     —       Sponsor a fundraising event
     —       Make a gift through the donation envelope in your November and February utility bills.
     —       Provide in-kind goods and services
     —       Donate a percentage of sales and/or services.
     —       Contribute through the Combined Federal Campaign for federal employees (Charity Number: 14578)
     —       Help with one of our fundraising events
     —       Host a table at a community event

Oregon HEAT Mission: To develop and coordinate resources to help low-income Oregonians meet their energy needs and achieve
energy self reliance through energy education and advocacy.

Rachel Carillo, Development Director
Oregon HEAT
Phone (Direct) 503-612-3860
Phone (Main): 503-612-3790
Fax: 503-612-3716 or 503-612-3799 (alternate)
Direct Email:
Organizational Email:

No one among us should ever have to go without heat or lights.

                        Friday, January 16, 2009
                           7:30 am to 9:00 am

                              ClubSport Oregon
                         18120 SW Lower Boones Ferry Rd

       Bring lots of business cards to this fast, fun event!
       This event is sure to get you the connections and
                    referrals that you need!
                      RSVP at

Tualatin Chamber of Commerce


                  LET’S DO LUNCH                                                   ALIVE AFTER FIVE
      Thursday, January 22 , 2009 at 11:30 AM                                       January 14th, 2009 5:30 pm


            Hosted by the Tualatin Country Club

          RSVP deadline Tuesday, January 22, 2009
                                                                                             Located at
                          (503) 692-0780
                                                                               17020 SW Upper Boones Ferry Rd, Ste 303
       Cost: Members $20.00 Non Members $25.00
                                                                                         Portland, OR 979224
 *If a reservation is made, you are responsible for it. If your reser-
 vation has been included in our final count, we have to pay for
 your lunch even if you don’t show up.

                                    11:30 am Tuesday, January 20th, Tualatin Library
                                     Hosted by Donn Rochlin, Creativity Coach and Pianist

                                                         Fearless Public Speaking

         Designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, salespeople and anyone interested in overcoming what is con-
         sidered to be one of life’s greatest fears. Since 1995 and in over 56 cities, Donn has been teaching others to
         overcome their fears and share their stories to inspire others. Donn is an outspoken and totally irreverent
         instructor who teaches others how to lead outrageously successful lives. His high-energy style and humor
         keeps the training at a fast and fun pace.

         Bring your lunch and join us! Cost $10. Drinks provided.

This last two weeks of freezing, unpredictable weather have been a bit of a challenge for Linda
and I. We have kept the Chamber running-sometimes at odd hours, I admit! We’ve delivered
Meals-On-Wheels, which surprisingly was a true blessing for both of us seeing the welcome on
the faces of the recipients; changed our Holiday Auction into a Valentine’s Auction, and tried
to run the Chamber as well as we always have, while still enjoying our families and the holiday
As for the Chamber, Linda has been a wonderful addition and I am grateful to be working with
her. I am looking forward to next year and all of the challenges that we may encounter!
Wishing all of you a safe and joyous Christmas and Happy New Year!

Warmly, Kelly King

                          Pacific Continental Bank presents the:
                                Valentines Day Auction & Luncheon
                       Thursday, February 12th, 2009, 11:30 am-1:30 pm
                        Tualatin Country Club, 9145 SW Tualatin Road

Due to inclement weather, the 13th Annual Holiday Auction and Luncheon presented by Pacific Continental
Bank has been re-scheduled to February 12th, 2009 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm at the Tualatin Country
Club, 9145 SW Tualatin Road, Tualatin, OR. 97062.

The new Pacific Continental Bank Valentines Day Auction & Luncheon will offer a great networking and
shopping event that you won’t want to miss. It’s also a great way to reward or entertain your staff and cli-
               Table Sponsors include:
                       Active Media
                       Allied Waste
                       Attrell’s Funeral Chapel
                       Centercal Properties
                       Comfort Inn & Suites
                       Community Newspapers
                       Legacy Meridian Park Hospital
                       Pacific Office Automation
                       Tax Services, Inc.
                       West Coast Bank

This is the largest and most festive Chamber event of the year. The luncheon will feature a buffet with all
of the trimmings and festive music by local pianist Donn Rochlin.

The Oral and Silent Auctions will offer a wide variety of goods and services generously donated by our
Chamber members and Associates and a balloon pop with fantastic prizes will round out the festivities.

Reservations are now being taken, so call the Chamber at 503-692-0780. The deadline to reserve a seat is
Friday, February 6th, 2009. Companies seeking to donate an Auction item should contact the Chamber of-
fice immediately. All items must be received at the Chamber office by Friday, January 30th. 2009. If you
have already made or paid for your reservation in December, your reservation is good. Please notify us if you need
to make a change.

                                                                       MEMBERSHIP REPORT
                                                                       Renewing members between October 31, 2008 to December 23rd

                                                                       •   Community Action                     •     Bridgeport Village

                                                                       •   Gramor Development, Inc.             •     CB Richard Ellis

                                                                       •   Comfort Inn & Suites                 •     Mary Kay Cosmetics-Joy Flaming

                                                                       •   Tax Services, Inc.                   •     Pascuzzi Investment LLC

                                                                       •   Tualatin Historical Society          •     Sherwood Ice Arena

                                                                       •   Veterans of Foreign Wars Post        •     Superior Metal Finishing, Inc
                                                                                                                •     Xomox Corp.
                                                                       •   Banner Bank

                                                                                      The most beautiful experience we can
                                                                                      have is the mysterious. It is the
                                                                                      fundamental emotion that stands at the
                                                                                      cradle of true art and true science….

                                                                                                         Albert Einstein


Great News! The Tualatin Chamber of Commerce is now offering an advertising program within its Monthly Newsletter! Below is
a pricing schedule and a description of the advertising options available. If you are interested in taking advantage of this benefit,
please contact the chamber office.
Full Page—$100.00 a month**
1/2 Page—$75.00 per month, or purchase 6+ months at $60.00 per month**                                                PAGE                   1/3
1/3 Page—$60.00 per month, or purchase 6+ months at $45.00 per month**
1/4 Square—$40.00 per month, or purchase 6+ months at $30.00 per month**

1/6 Horizontal—$35.00 per month, or purchase 6+ months at $25.00 per month**                    9 1/4” X 8”           5”X 8”               31/2”X 8”
Newsletter Inserts—$75.00 per month**

**Additional fee’s apply in May and November.                                                              1/4
                                                                                                         SQUARE                    1/6
All newsletter ads must be to the chamber by the 20th of the month to ensure printing in
subsequent months.

                                                                                                              4”X4”               3”X4”

                            Get Involved Through Chamber Committees

Board of Directors will be responsible for the government of the organization, the direction of its work and the control
of its property. It is also responsible for establishing procedure and formulating policy of the organization. The Board
shall consist of not less than 9 and no more than 15 active members, which shall include the President, President Elect,
Secretary, Treasurer and Past President. Directors shall serve for a period of two years; one half of those Directors are to
be elected in odd numbered years, one half of those Directors are to be elected in even numbered years. A Director is
eligible to serve for a maximum of three consecutive terms. No Director shall chair more than one Standing Committee.
Executive Committee shall act for and on behalf of the Board of Directors when the Board is not in session but shall be
accountable to the Board for its actions. It shall be composed of the President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and
Past President. The President will serve as the Chair of the Executive Committee. The Executive Director shall be con-
sidered a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.
Finance Committee shall be responsible for reviewing the monthly financial statements and preparing the annual budg-
ets. They will oversee monthly reports prepared by the Executive Director and make recommendations to the Board.
The Finance Committee shall be composed of the President, Treasurer, 1 member at large and the Executive Director.
Ambassador's Committee serves as a vital part of the Chamber’s public relations outreach. Ambassador’s volunteer
their time to insure that Chamber events run smoothly and that the organizations membership remains strong and well
informed. They coordinate, schedule and staff Networking AM’s, Alive After 5’s and Monthly Luncheons. The Ambas-
sador’s Committee will have up to 25 members.
Government Affairs has the mission to educate our members on issues affecting their business and to provide a basis
for the Chamber to act on local, region and state wide issues, thus creating a favorable and profitable business climate.
The purpose of the Committee is:

1. To identify business issues, research and recommend policy positions that provide for a positive business climate for
our members and the quality of life in the Tualatin area.
2. To advocate for business on a local, regional and state wide level. Issues that impact the business community are re-
viewed by this committee and they will talk an active role in ensuring the pro-business interest is represented. We are
committed to pursuing those public policy issues that are the highest priority to our members based on member out-
reach and feedback.
3. To provide education and awareness of issues to our members through our newsletter and other communication ve-
hicles. The Chamber is currently working actively and taking a position on Transportation and Commuter needs in our

Task Force Committees
 Transportation Task Force-the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce has formed a coalition with the Wilsonville Chamber of
Commerce and the Sherwood Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of solving the Regional Transportation issues fac-
ing our communities like the traffic congestion challenges that impinge on local businesses. We are keenly interested in
issues affecting the quality of life and will continue to be involved in the I-5 to 99W Connector project. There are numer-
ous opportunities to get involved at the local, county and regional levels.
Commuter Task Force-the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce has joined forces with the City of Tualatin, Office of Eco-
nomic Development to develop a plan to move Area Employees from TriMet and WES (February 2009) to their Em-
ployer Job Sites. The plan will consist of short term, mid term and long term solutions. The Task Force meets on the
first Thursday of every month.

                                                                          JOIN US AT ONE OF OUR
                                                                               MANY CHAMBER
Bob Dye, President
Bridgeport Village, 503-968-8940
Christine Moore, President Elect
Community Newspapers 503-684-0360
                                                              Monthly                                      Ribbon
Bob Harding, Secretary
Pacific Continental Bank 530-350-5358                        Luncheons                                    Cuttings

Cheryl Dorman, Past President                                                      Crawdaddy
West Coast Bank 503-691-9929                                                         Open


Sue Ellison
Legacy Meridian Park Hospital                                     Holiday
503-692-1212                                                      Auction
Ryan Miller                                                                          Festival
Miller Insurance 503-692-6580

Terri Ward
Terri Ward CPA, CFP 503-692-1949
                                                             Networking                                    Alive After
Robert Knight
                                                                AM                                             Five
Express Employment Professionals
Debbie Borges
Prudential NW Properties, 503-684-2125                                         Chamber Mission
Kevin Ferrasci O’Malley                                                   It is the mission of the Tualatin
Pro-Forma, 503-885-1290
                                                                          Chamber of Commerce to pro-
                                                                            mote, educate and support a
Lou Ogden                                                                vital business community and to
Mayor of Tualatin 503-692-0163                                              enhance the livability of the
Sherilyn Lombos                                                                greater Tualatin area.
Tualatin City Manager 503-691-3011


Linda Moholt, CEO                                 Our thanks to DocuMart Copy & Print for printing this newsletter each month!
Executive Director

Kelly King
Office Manager                                                                                                              PRSRT STD
Tualatin Visitors Information:                                                                                              US Postage
Office Ph: 503-692-0780                                                                                                  Tualatin OR 97062
Fax 503-690-6955                           PO Box 701
                                                                                                                            Permit # 54
Email:          Tualatin OR 97062

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