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					                                  June /July 2006 – Issue No. 20

                   The New Zealand Fire Service Magazine

On the ball:
The 2005 Sportsperson
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                         June / July 2006
                            Issue No. 20

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Front cover: Black Fern Rochelle Martin
after receiving her Sportsperson of the Year   Fire safety     A sizzling start to Tauranga Fire Safety Week .....................7
Award, Wellington College, May 2006.                           Ceiling whacks .......................................................................................7
Story on page 22.                                              The true cost of home sprinklers................................................8
Picture: Lance Lawson                                          Pet hate to continue... for now ......................................................9
Back cover: The father of 15 month old
                                               Incidents       Black Days............................................................................................10
Falcon Whaiapu is inconsolable after
losing him in a house fire.                                    Need a lift? ...........................................................................................12
Story on page 10.                                              Miracles do happen ........................................................................12
Picture: Iain McGregor,                                        All white on the night .....................................................................13
Waikato Times                                                  Black spot strikes..............................................................................13
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the plan,

                                                                                                                                Picture: Lance Lawson
Civil Defence’s outgoing director talks frankly about what’s going right and wrong with
emergency planning in New Zealand.

May 4 was a defining date for Civil      A recently-launched ad campaign             put in place plans of action for
Defence (CD).                            presses home the point that                 emergencies, but on the big day they
                                         communities – and that includes the         need to be able to work independently
An earthquake near Tonga that
                                         local emergency services – need to          of CD to get help to those in need.
morning triggered the most sensitive
alert system in the world – the          know what to do without centralised         If that sounds like a fraught way of
international media – with the news      assistance for the first three days.        running emergency management,
that a tsunami could be heading right    “It’s important to have an emergency        John says it compares favourably
for New Zealand.                         kit, but it’s more important that they      with how the response to Hurricane
                                         have a plan that they have talked           Katrina was organised.
For many people, the image of
Gisborne locals jamming the roads in     about, so they will know what to do.        “There, everything was run by a
a desperate bid to get to high ground    “People have this impression that [in       centralised system, but there was no
and away from the “tsunami” was a        an emergency] CD will come striding         contact with people [in New Orleans].
symbol of CD’s failings.                 over the hill with blue and yellow shirts   They had a massive response – but
                                         on. But the reality is … there will be a    not until day six or seven.
For outgoing CD director John
Norton it was quite the opposite.        physical presence of half-a-dozen           “We’re trying to move away from the
                                         people in each region. Most local auth-     military approach of telling everyone
“The media were asking me about it       orities only have three CD people.”         what to do, because you don’t know
and I was saying, wasn’t it great that
                                         The system John has set up relies on        what’s actually needed.”
all these people got organised and got
themselves out.”                         information flowing up, from local          It will take three years for the system
                                         CD coordinators and community               put in place to be fully effective, John
Because that is the over-riding
                                         groups to regional and national CD          says, but once it’s up and running it
philosophy the organisation has been
                                         staff, in order that the appropriate        will be structured enough to overcome
working on for the eight years John
                                         support can flow down.                      the panic after a disaster, but nimble
has been in charge: in a disaster, you
                                         For firefighters in remote areas this       enough to respond to the unexpected.
are responsible for getting through
the first few days.                      means that they will be supported to        In the meantime, get planning.

The New Zealand Fire Service Magazine                                                                      June/July 2006       3

                        As volunteer fire brigades increasingly struggle to cover day-time call-outs they are turning
                        to a source of ready and willing help – the local high school.
Picture: Lance Lawson

                                                                                                                                               a’s young
                                                                                                                                 Wainuiomat ght:
                                                                                                                                 guns, left to         (17),
                                                                                                                                 Nathan   iel Ormsby
                                                                                                                                                rd (18) and
                                                                                                                                  Emma Picka on (16).
                                                                                                                                  Craig Nicho

                        How young is too young?
                        Firefighting is in Craig Nicholson’s     who are around during the day.            under-18s play in a fire brigade.
                        blood. The 16-year-old Wainuiomata
                                                                 And Craig’s not the only youngster        “I don’t think under-18s should be in
                        High School pupil didn’t do anything
                                                                 Eric has taken on, three of the brigade   the Fire Service. They don’t have the
                        extraordinary by joining the local
                                                                 are under 18.                             maturity.”
                        volunteer fire brigade recently – his
                        brother and uncle had done the same      Emma Pickard (18) started                 Eric says the three youngest
                        at about the same age.                   volunteering in the Fire Service when     firefighters also kept off the truly
                                                                 she was 17 and doing her Duke of          grim work, such as car accidents and
                        He has the same philosophy as his
                                                                 Edinburgh medal.                          he chooses crews carefully.
                        chief when it comes to his decision to
                        join: why not?                           For a year she was part of                “We’ve got a very experienced
                                                                 Wainuiomata’s Fire Police while a         brigade so there’s normally guys
                        Wainuiomata CFO Eric Speck is
                                                                 pupil at the local high school, before    [working with the under-18s] who’ve
                        happy to have Craig on board as
                                                                 joining up as a firefighter.              been there many, many years.”
                        he is one of the few volunteers in
                        the valley – within an easy commute      But despite staying on, she has a         But the examples Emma cites as
                        of Wellington and the Hutt Valley –      surprising position on the place          testing her maturity show there is

         4                 Issue No. 20

sometimes nowhere to hide in a            realise that young people are different.   not technically a workplace, a
volunteer brigade.                        They have different life experience        volunteer fire station can be a tough
                                          and outlook…we want to make sure           place to get to grips with.
“Attending a heart attack where it’s a
                                          they stay in the brigade rather than       “We’re not talking about baby stuff
really old person – even in the fire
                                          be traumatised out at an early age.”       here, we’re talking about things that
police you’d get abused and get cars
coming towards you really fast.”          The key risks to a young volunteer         [adult] firefighters find traumatic.”
                                          come from trauma at a motor vehicle        Firefighting certainly seems to have had
Emma isn’t the only one with doubts
                                          accident or fatal fire, particularly       an effect on the Wainuiomata trio.
about putting young people in the
                                          when in small rural communities the
firing line when it comes to volunteer                                               Emma: “I think I’ve grown up a hell
                                          chances of it involving someone they
firefighting.                                                                        of a lot faster.”
                                          know are high.
While a look at the number of 50-                                                    Craig: “I’ve matured a lot since I’ve
                                          Rosy says medical research shows
year Gold Star recipients shows                                                      been here.”
                                          that people under the age of 25 are at
plenty who started volunteering at
                                          greater risk of physical and emotional     The question is, for better or worse?
age 14 or 15, attitudes to people at
their most impressionable stage have      damage in the workplace and, while         The full guidelines are on page 27.
Recently, that attitude shift resulted
in a set of guidelines for working with
young volunteers, formalising their
mentoring and training already
taking place.
In some stations, that has been
happening already because of the
management style of the local chief.
Levin CFO Linsday Walker is another
volunteer chief who has had to
increasingly rely on under-18 recruits
to keep numbers up.
When he took on 16-year-old Jessica
Hicks he initially put her on fire
police duty assess her ability to cope,

                                                                                                                                 Picture: Mike Heydon
before moving her – at her behest – to
a full operational role.
And while Jessica (now 18) is “one of
the boys”, she still has a mentor in
the brigade.
“I buddied her up to make sure she
was supported.”
Most of Lindsay’s young recruits ride
in the number three seat, running
equipment, before being gradually
introduced to the hardest parts of
firefighting, like dealing with a fatal
National medical officer Rosy
Fenwicke says the guidelines are
about keeping young people in
brigades for longer, not making it
harder to get in in the first place.                                                                     Jessica Hicks
“The main thing for working with
young people is that you’ve got to

The New Zealand Fire Service Magazine                                                                       June/July 2006                              5

    Band of
    (and one
    By Maria Cowin
                                                                                                                      r Fire Brigade,
                                                                                                    gaville Voluntee
                                                                       Some of    the current Dar Mitch King, Senior Station
                                                                                         Fire Officer                           , Station
    On the streets of Dargaville, people will tell                     from left, Chief e, Station Officer Brian Clune hter
                                                                       Officer  Jim Vallanc                er Joe Se ar le, Firefig
    you the Murdoch boys are legends in the                                              l Ross, Firefight
                                                                        Officer Michae fighter Anthony Mager.
                                                                        Jarr yd Booth, Fi
    Kaipara, but they don’t think so.

    Collectively Gary Murdoch and his        serving member, having notched up              Ford 4 x 4, which was still being used
    three brothers have given more than      47 years of continuous service.                when Gary Murdoch joined in 1956.
    150 years of service to the Dargaville
                                             Most of the brigade have been there            Today’s vehicles and equipment are
    Volunteer Fire Brigade, but only Gary
                                             for yonks though – SSO Jim Vallance            far superior, but nothing is a gift. In
    is still on the job.
                                             joined 37 years ago, CFO Mitch King            fact much of Dargaville’s “kit” was
    Inexplicably but affectionately known    almost 27 years ago, and SO Brian              bought with fundraising money.
    as “Maggot”, Gary is now brigade         Clune 25 years ago. In fact, they              Fundraising is essential to the
    secretary. He’s been in the ranks for    were crewing the fire appliances of            volunteer service, and the yields are
    42 years - it would have been 50 but     Station 62 (Dargaville) long before            sure reminders of just how much this
    for a break a few years ago – and he’s   its youngest member – 17-year-old              group of 22 men and one woman is
    seen many changes in the volunteer       Jarryd Booth – was even born.                  appreciated by its town.
    service since first joining as an 18-
                                             Gary doesn’t think much of the                 Around nine months ago a fund-
                                             “legend” label, but even if he did the         raising initiative raised the $26,000
    Younger brother Ross holds the           rest of his brigade buddies would              needed to buy a thermal imaging
    record in Dargaville for longest         take care of that.                             camera, with locals and organisations
                                                                                            contributing a total of $30,000.
                                                  Egos don’t flourish here; in fact
                                                  they’re pretty much hit with the          The thermal imaging camera is one
                                                  verbal equivalent of ‘Round-              of only two owned by volunteer
                                                  Up’ at first sight.                       brigades in Northland. It’s already
                                                                                            proved invaluable in search and
                                                   Good-natured jibes, criticisms,
                                                                                            rescue, “seeing” what the naked eye
                                                   insinuations, and wisecracks
                                                   fly thick and fast – legends are
                                                   not revered here – but it’s all in       Since it was purchased the camera
                                                    jest and the camaraderie that           has been used on almost every
                                                    exists among the group is the           callout.
                                                    glue that holds this brigade
                                                                                            Having to fundraise for equipment is
                                                                                            tough, but the positives far outweigh
                                                    The Dargaville Volunteer Fire           any negatives. The volunteers all
                                                    Brigade was started in 1913.            agree there is a genuine “buzz” being
                                                    One of its first appliances was         on the frontline of helping their
     The ear liest crew, known                      an ex-Air Force crash tender            community.
                                then as
     the Dargaville Borough
                             Fire Brigade.

6      Issue No. 20
                                                                                                                                  Fire safety

                         A sizzling start to Tauranga
                         Fire Safety Week                                                       Story and picture by Megan Dromgool

                         Tauranga’s hottest event is undoubtedly Fire Safety Week.
                         An event conducted in Tauranga Fire District for nearly a
                         decade, this year’s programme took a different format with
                         the main focus being on fire safety education in Tauranga’s
                         secondary schools.
                         The main attractions were the             economics, science and
                         Bay-Waikato Fire Region’s sparkling       health and safety. Many
                         new kitchen fire unit, a modified         have now booked the Fire
                         version of the secondary school           Service in for further sessions
                         programme “Party at Our Place”            over the coming year.
                         and the region’s popular Speed of
                                                                   The week’s grand finale
                         Fire Show.
                                                                   included a “great escape” with
                         The momentum gathered in schools,         the local radio station
                         as school teachers were quick to pick     participating in a rescue from                   Tauranga Boys’ College
                                                                                                                                           pupils catch the glare
                         up on the “curriculum links” in home      the “burning” multi-storey                       from the sparkling new
                                                                                                                                           kitchen fire unit.

                                                                                                              building in which they are housed and

                         Ceiling whacks
                                                                                                              an open day held at Mount Maunganui
                                                                                                              Fire Station on the Sunday.

                         What do you get when you mix a room full of women, power tools and a plaster-board ceiling?

                         It sounds like an un-PC joke, but the     and Hayden Boag put together a             that the expo ran for, all in all it was
Picture: SFF Nick Pine

                         answer is the Fire Service’s display at   mock room with a removable ceiling         a good weekend.”
                         the recent Women’s Expo in                to let expo-goers have a crack at          Nick was the brains behind the idea,
                         Palmerston North.                         installing smoke alarms.                   while Hayden provided the building
                         Local senior firefighters Nick Pine       “There was a lot of interest from the      expertise for what is a versatile display.
                                                                   public,” Nick says, estimating they        “All the walls and the ceiling are
                                                                   assisted someone to put in an alarm        bolted together, the ceiling sheet of
                                                                    every 15 minutes on average over          gib can be changed and its back to
                                                                        the weekend-long event.               work.
                                                                           The idea was to build              “It can be set up in minutes, the
                                                                            confidence so those               display can easily be sent off to another
                                                                              attending the expo felt         station for a promotion. The next
                                                                               able to put in alarms in       place it’s going will be to the new
                                                                                 their own homes.             Bunning’s Warehouse in Palmerston
                                                                                   “They were keen to         North. They are giving away smoke
                                                                                    use the tools and         alarms and will also be showing
                                                                                     wreck our ceiling        people how to install them, (with a bit
                                                                                     and not theirs.          of help from the on duty crew).
                                                                                     There was a lot of       “After that I will change the backdrop
                                                                                     good advice given        and install home sprinklers in the
                                                                                     from brown watch         ceiling for the Palmerston North
                                                                                     on the two days          Home show.”

                                                                                                                                        June/July 2006              7
    Fire safety

    The true cost of home
    sprinklers                                                                         National safety integration
                                                                              manager Gary Talbot puts the cost of
                                                                                        sprinklers in perspective.

    What is it the Winstone’s Wall Board
    woman said on television?
    “The cost of getting it is nothing
    compared to the cost of not
    getting it.”
    Today this is true of most house fires,
    even if the home is not in full post-
    flashover stage when the first fire
    engine arrives. We all know as
    firefighters that even that small
    kitchen fire, or the bedroom fire that
    takes two minutes of water from a
    ‘gun’ to put out will have done
    hundreds if not thousands of dollars
    of damage to the rest of the house.
    Let’s face it, for the homeowner who

                                                                                                                                             Picture: Dean Treml
    is insured the big ticket items in
    the home are most likely going to
    be replaced, but it will be the
    little things, photographs, trinkets                                a singed carpet vs
                                                   It all boils down to
                                                                         ce is it?
    from fun holidays had, and the                 It’s not rocket scien
    plastic figurines off your wedding
    cake in the blackened china cabinet
                                              including availability of water                      smashing glass and crumpling steel
    that won’t ever be part of your
                                              supplies, water pressure, distance                   and plastic around you. The bill for
    home again.
                                              from the road, and of course the size                the three cars you just nose-to-tailed
    The material cost of fire sprinkler       of your new home or extensions. The                  doesn’t seem half as bad does it?
    systems is easy to measure and            design planning stage is when these                  You’ll be more worried about the
    compare against the cost of other         issues can be identified and resolved.               ‘careless use of a motor vehicle’
    material items that will go in your                                                            infringement the highway patrol
                                              If you consider that someone who is
    home. So what is the cost, you ask?                                                            officer just handed you! Remember
                                              building could be spending on average
    All the research in preparing for the     $400,000 to $600,000 on his or her                   too that the plumbing bill will be
    public launch of the home sprinkler       new home, then the cost of the home                  offset, as the pipe work for your
    campaign has revealed the cost is         sprinkler system is only about one                   sprinkler system is the same system
    between $3000 to $4000 for a 3 – 4        percent of the total cost, and that                  your bathrooms, laundry and kitchen
    bedroom home, if installed to             includes some of the conventional                    will use.
    NZS4517:2002. Plumbers who are            plumbing work you would have to                      Home sprinklers will save your family
    currently installing these systems        pay for anyway. At worst, you could                  home from extensive damage in a fire
    suggest a realistic price is around       compare it to the money you spend
                                                                                                   and increase the chance of saving
    $350 – $400 per fully recessed            on car insurance. That $600 bill
                                                                                                   your family’s life.
    sprinkler head. There are a lot of        (about two percent of the value of
    factors that determine if it is cost-     your car) hurts every year until you                 If that’s not money well spent, I don’t
    effective to install home sprinklers,     experience the screeching brakes,                    know what is!

8      Issue No. 20
                                                                                                                             Fire safety

                         Pet hate to continue…
                         There will be at least one more
                         Guy Fawkes with retail sales to
                         the public, but those in favour
                         of a ban are taking heart from
                         some small progress.

                         SPCA Auckland chief executive Bob Kerridge
                         has been a passionate opponent of public
                         sales of fireworks for some time because of
                         the effect they have on animals.
                         In 2004 he persuaded then Environment
                         minister Marian Hobbs to review fireworks
                         legislation “when a majority of public opinion
                         supported it”.
                         That time came last year, when polls – including

                                                                                                                                                    Picture: courtesy of Bob Kerridge
                         the Fire Service’s own public behaviour survey
                         – found more people wanted the law changed
                         than wanted it to stay the same.
                         Despite no longer being in Cabinet, Ms Hobbs
                         was true to her word and is working on a
                         private member’s bill requiring all purchasers                                                                 ponent
                                                                                                                         : long-time op
                         of fireworks to be licensed through the                                          Bob Kerridge                ks.
                                                                                                                         s of firewor
                                                                                                          of public sale
                         Environmental Risk Management Authority.

                                                                                          ...for now
                         This would mean that groups wanting to put on a Guy
                         Fawkes display, celebrate New Year, Diwali or even a
                         wedding where fireworks are part of the fun would apply
                         for a licence and organise their own import of fireworks.
                         Ms Hobbs is confident of getting support for the            Private members’ bills need to be drawn from a ballot,
                         measure in Parliament, but that doesn’t mean the            meaning there is a high element of luck in the process.
                         sparklers will be stamped out any time soon.
                                                                                     Then there are several readings of the bill in the house
                                                                                           and select committee consideration.
                                                                                           If there is an election during the life of a private
                                                                                           member’s bill, it is up to the incoming government
                                                                                           to continue putting the bill through the voting
                                                                                           All this means there is next to no chance of a new
                                                                                           law taking effect before November 5 this year.
Picture: Emanuel Druckmann

                                                                                           However, the former school principal says she
                                                                                           will not let the bill languish in the ballot
                                                                                           “If it hasn’t come out of the ballot by October, I
                                                                                           will look at taking it to caucus [to become a
                              Fire on Mo                                                   Government bill].”
                              caused by nt Victoria (2005)

     The New Zealand Fire Service Magazine                                                                                         June/July 2006                                       9

                     The onset of winter brought with it the annual house
                     fire season – with tragic consequences.

                                                                           West Auck
                                                                           on a heate nd: a towel
                                                                                     r led to th

                     Fatal fires, injury fires and near misses   A second house fire in the Waikato
                     were seen the length of New Zealand         claimed the life of Tokoroa woman
                     over May.                                   Susan Seymour on June 8.
                     In Morrinsville, 15-month-old Falcon        Further south a Levin man was
                     Whaiapu died when the house he              rescued from his burning home after
                     lived in with six of his family caught      calling 111 on his cellphone with
                     fire in the early hours of May 19.          thick smoke all around him, while a
                     A family member passing by raised           family had a lucky escape after a
                     the alarm, while the surviving              suspicious fire started on their porch.
                     members of the Whaiapu family were          In Bluff an elderly man learned a
                     coughing for air outside the blazing        lesson about looking while you’re
                     house.                                      cooking when a kitchen fire left his
                     The fatality was the result of some         house “absolutely, 100 percent stuffed”
                     tragic misjudgement – a piece of            in the words of SSO Paul Taylor.
                     furniture set alight by a child playing     In Auckland, the benefits of Firewise
                     with the woodburner was moved to            in schools was obvious as young
                     the hallway, blocking the way to            members of the house took the lead
                     Falcon’s room.                              in two separate fires.

10    Issue No. 20

                                                                        y example
                                                               leading b
                                                     Panmure: Taua’s family out.
                                                     got Soph

                                               Panmure 15 year old Sophie Taua      In Grey Lynn a few weeks later, 10
                                               did everything right when a          year old Anthony Kalolo raised the
                                               freezer caught fire, leading eight   alarm, waking his parents and baby
                                               people, including her 80-year-old    sister up as firefighters began tackling
                                               grandmother, out of the house,       the fire from the outside.
                                               and closing the door on a rapidly
                                                                                    The house had no smoke alarms as it
                                               growing fire.
                                                                                    was being painted.
                                                                                    On the downside, the perils of
                                                                                    covering heaters with washing
                                                                                    were all too clearly seen in a West
                                                                                    Auckland fire.
                                                                                    A towel caught fire, and the
                                                                                    householder’s attempt to move it saw
                                                                                    it drop onto the heater’s gas pipe,
                                                                                    burning through it and causing an
                                                                                    The explosion blew out a door and
                                                                                    windows, and the fire killed a dog,
                                                                                    but the three people in the house at
                                                                                    the time escaped alive.

                                                                                    Pictures: Jason Oxenham,
                                                                                    Auckland City Harbour News
    Grey Lynn: no smok                                                              and courtesy of Mike Barrat.
                        e alarms meant Vao
    Kalolo and family we
                         re lucky to escape.

The New Zealand Fire Service Magazine                                                                          June/July 2006   11
     Incidents                                                                                              Pictures: New Zealand Herald

     Need a lift?
     Ah, Auckland; 1.3 million people, 500,000 cars,
     48 volcanoes…one electricity sub-station.

     That was the big problem on June 12     thought it was a fire.
     when the lights went out over large
                                             Then came the storm-
     parts of Auckland, leaving traffic
                                             related call-outs as
     lights out, heating and refrigeration
                                             rain and high-winds
     down and lifts, well, up.
                                             added to the chaos.
     In fact, the only thing working was
     the Fire Service, with Auckland crews   Barry says the day was the first test           Northern ComCen answered the
     attending about 350 incidents in one    for the new multiple incident                   bulk of its hundreds of 111 calls
     hectic shift.                           procedures (MIPs) that were redrawn             within the required eight seconds,
                                             a few months ago, whereby one truck             dispatching help as fast as it was
     SSO Barry Fox says the main initial                                                     available.
                                             is sent to each incident to spread the
     source of calls was people stuck in
                                             available resources are far as possible.        The only hiccup, Barry says, was the
     lifts, with some good intent calls
                                                                                             confusion caused by the fact that lift
     where people saw the smoke from         MIPs did not fail, with response times
                                                                                             keys are only kept in rescue tenders,
     diesel generators firing up and         acceptable throughout the busy day.
                                                                                             and a brief loss of radio contact with
                                                                                             the North Shore – fixed ingeniously
                                                                                             by using the hazmat/command unit
                                                                                             to channel hand-held radio back
                                                                                             into the wider network.

                                                               do happen
                                                               The result of this plunge in Papaiti Rd, Wanganui, was only
                                                               a few scratches for the young driver.
                                                               The 17-year-old woman was wearing her seatbelt when her
                                                               car left the road, and that was credited with her minor
                                                               miracle survival story.
                                                               Pictured is Nick Eddy from the Wanganui fire brigade
                                                               climbing the bank after inspecting the car.

                                                               Picture: Wanganui Chronicle

12      Issue No. 20

           All white on the night
Snow in early June came to South and Mid
Canterbury in volumes not seen in living memory.

At the same time as Auckland’s power was out because of a

                                                                                                                                Pictures: Phil de Joux, and Geraldine Fire Brigade.
single downed wire, dozens of lines came down around
towns like Geraldine and Timaru causing black outs that
lasted days in the most remote areas.
Blanketed brigades just had to rug-up and get on with it, as
these photos show.
However, while it was pretty, the snow was also deadly, with
a rural Ashburton man caught in a fire initially thought to
have started as he used open flames to heat his home.
Heavy snow slowed the response from the Fire Service,
reducing the man’s minimal chance of survival to zero.

Black spot strikes
An accident on the roads between Napier
and Hastings is fast becoming routine for
emergency services.

                                                                    This prang in early June was minor, but there have been
                                                                    numerous more serious crashes in recent months in the
                                                                    Hawke’s Bay, including a fatal crash at Te Aute and a
                                                                    Napier crash involving a number of teens in a souped-
                                                                    up car. It was chillingly reminiscent of the multiple
                                                                    fatality crash last year that highlighted the bad driving
                                                                    culture in the Bay.
                                         Pictures: Kerry Marsh

The New Zealand Fire Service Magazine                                                                       June/July 2006      13
     World of Fire & Rescue

          United Kingdom:
          Fitting in
                                                                       Coping in
           Story courtesy of Fire Ma

                                        ghters to promote
                                                                       the chaos
           It’s one thing for firefi
                                        another to install
           sprinklers, but quite                                      Nihan Erdogan from Turkey’s
                                           most need, but
           them for those in the
                                          s ar e do ing jus t         urban search and rescue taskforce
            M ers ey sid e fir efi gh ter
            that.                                                     talks about the lessons learned
                                        bourhood Renewal
            Money from the Neigh                                      from a North African quake.
                                           lping Merseyside
            Fund in Liverpool is he
                                         e install sprinklers
             Fire and Rescue Servic
                                             le residents.
             in the homes of vulnerab                                On May 21, 2003 an earthquake
                                                                                                         measuring 6.7 on
                                         be en fit ted wi th         the Richter scale hit Algeria. It
             Tw o ho us es ha ve                                                                        caused more than
                                            are set to benefit.      2000 deaths and injured 9500. The
              sprinklers and 10 more                                                                    Istanbul University
                                                                     Natural Disasters Search and Rescue
                                           ity Fi re Sa fet y                                              Team (ISUDAK)
              Li ve rp oo l Co mm un                                 was dispatched to the most affected
                                               says the group                                            area Bourmerdes,
              manager Tony Harland                                  50 kilometres east of the capital Alg
                                             out who gets the                                             iers.
               thinks long and hard ab
                                                                    It was a successful operation, but
               sprinklers.                                                                                 we learnt many
                                           teria of who can
               “We have a strict cri
                                           kler. If we can’t         Although rescuers naturally want
                receive the full sprin                                                                  to start working as
                                            from our normal          soon as possible, it is very importa
                reduce the risk of fire                                                                   nt to coordinate
                                              to go that step        the response to an earthquake. Lac
                measures and we need                                                                     k of coordination
                                               ide r fit tin g a    may cau se dup lica tion of effo
                fu rth er we wi ll co ns                                                                 rts. In Alg eria ,
                                                                    coordination meetings were org
                 sprinkler system.”                                                                     anised by United
                                                                    Nations On-Site Operations Coo
                                                s th e sec on d                                          rdination Centre
                 To ny Co ult er (5 3) wa                           (OSOCC) and there were benefits
                                              ne and is blind                                          for ISUDAK.
                 recipient. He lives alo
                                               puts him in a       A disaster environment is an extr
                  and a smoker, which                                                                 aordinary situation
                                             fire.                 for health and hygiene conditions
                  high-risk category for                                                              . Urban search and
                                                                   rescue teams should be very careful
                                             a lucky escape                                               and take care of
                  He has already had                               themselves. In the Algeria earthqu
                                              hat was a close                                          ake, ISUDAK was
                  from a kitchen fire. “T                          based at the Bourmerdes Stadium
                                               re was a fault                                         , which was hardly
                   shave,” he says. “The                           affected by the earthquake.
                                               woke up one
                   on my cooker and I
                   night to my smoke ala
                                                s, Mr Coulter
                    As well as the sprinkler
                                                  na l sm ok e
                    ha s re ce ive d ad di tio
                                                nt bedding.
                    alarms and fire-retarda
                                                sleep safe at
                    “I’m delighted. I can
                                                  much more
                    night now. It gives me
                    confidence and peace of
                                                   klers were
                     The other home sprin
                                                 of a woman
                     installed in the home
                     with epilepsy who also

14     Issue No. 20
                                                                                    cameras’ lights turned to their face
                                                                                                                         s. At the Algeria
                                                                                    earthquake, ISUDAK was approache
                                                                                                                          d for interviews
                                                                                   and the team’s media representa
                                                                                                                        tive had a very
                                                                                   suc cess ful inte rvie w pro cess –
                                                                                                                        alth oug h som e
                                                                                   journalists tried hard to get som
                                                                                                                        e off-the-record
                                                                                    Lastly, with all the different team
                                                                                                                        s working in the
                                                                                    earthquake area, we found it nec
                                                                                                                          essary to have
                                                                                    som e inte rna tion al stan dar ds
                                                                                                                       and a com mo n
                                                                                    lan gua ge, suc h as inte rna tion
                                                                                                                       al mar kin g and
                                                                                    signalling systems. Since the Alg
                                                                                                                       eria earthquake,
                                                                                   ISU DA K has bec om e a mem ber
                                                                                                                          of the Uni ted
                                                                                   Nations International Search and
                                                                                                                       Rescue Advisory
                                                                                   Group to encourage other USAR
                                                                                                                         teams to apply
                                                                                   these standards.

    Remarkably, the toilets were wor
    use for five days by various USAR
                                      king, but heavy
                                       teams soon put
                                                           East Timor:
                                                           The ultimate volunteer
    them out of action and mobile toil
                                       ets were set up.
   This taught us the importance of hyg
                                          iene tools at
   disasters. From this experience our
                                           team learnt
   that no matter what happens, sett
                                       ing up a toilet
   and shower facility at the base                                                                        arson to vent their displeasure.
                                       of operations       Thi s is one of Eas t Tim or’s
   should be one of the first duties
                                         of the camp       volunteer firefighters tackling an             The sma ll cor e of ligh tly-
                                                           arson in the strife-torn country.              equipped firefighters struggle
   An increase in the number of USAR
                                          teams around     After a group of ex-police and                 with conditions at the best of
   the world is a positive developmen
                                            t but also a   army members ran amok in the                   times, with unreliable water
   challenge for information manage
                                         ment. So it is    capital Dilli, New Zealand and                  sources and little in the way of
   very important to inform the coordin
                                            ation bodies   Australian armed forces were                    fire prevention equipment in
   – in this case OSOCC – as soon as                                                                       Dilli homes.
                                         they decide to     sent in to keep the peace.
  disp atc h. ISU DA K ma de the
  declaration via faxes at the Algeria
                                          info rma tion
                                                                Local police and army personnel            Now though, local firefighters
  but we learnt from the drawbacks
                                                                withdrew to calm tensions.                 are caught in the middle of
                                      to this that you                                                     armed conflict, putting out fires
  should use “Virtual OSOCC” – an
                                        internet based          However, with most of the rebels           und er arm y gua rd and
  coordination tool developed by Uni
                                           ted Nations          dis arm ed and no pol ice on               som etim es bei ng thr eat ene d
  – before even getting on the plane.                           patrol, disaffected locals took to
                                                                                                           while doing their unpaid work.
  Another important point at an                                 ma che te atta cks , loo ting and
 operation is safety and security. Peo
                                        ple who have
 lost their family, friends, home or
                                     workplace may
 not be receptive to the rescue
                                     teams. At the
 Algeria earthquake, while making
                                       an assessment
 at a debris area, the local commun
                                      ity around the
 area was very angry, saying there wer
                                         e still victims
 under the debris and that no interna
                                         tional teams
helped recover them. Security in
                                       the area was
very weak and it was very difficult
                                      to control the
anger of the people. We learnt that
                                     it is important
to find out security and the general
                                        mood before
going into an area.
                                                           Picture: Getty Images

In the first 72 hours after a disaster an
urban search and rescue team can
                                         often find the

         The New Zealand Fire Service Magazine                                                                      June/July 2006           15

                                      Firewood and poker:
                                      how to raise $17K
Picture: Dean Treml

                                      Completing the Sky Tower Vertical Challenge is a feat in itself,
                                      but when first time starters from Paihia Volunteer Fire Brigade
                                      collected $17,286. 61 for charity, it exemplified the community
                                      spirit of the small Bay of Islands community.

                                      By Maria Cowin

                                      This was the first time Paihia had
                                      entered a team in the history of the
                                      six-year event, and the initiation was
                                      a grand success. Not only did Paihia’s
                                      contribution to the Leukaemia &
                                      Blood Foundation of New Zealand
                                      represent two thirds of the total
                                      $26,000 raised – eclipsing last year’s
                                      grand total of $16,000 – but they
                                      also walked away with the silver
                                      medal in the team event.                 had about $3,800 in the bank, but
                                      Firefighter Hughie Blues, one of the     we got more than $12,000 from that
                                      five entrants from Paihia, says the      one night. It was a miserable, wet
                                      community rallied behind the brigade     night, but more than 170 people
                                      from the very start.                     came out for it.”
                                      When Hughie, DCFO Rex Wilson,            So with a cheque for $17,000 in their
                                      FF Peter McCorkindale and FF             pocket, 10 members of the 26-strong
                                      Wayne Flood first decided to enter       Paihia brigade headed to Auckland
                                      the event in August 2005, they were      for the challenge; five on the support
                                      – according to Hughie – not in the       team, the four members who had
                                      finest physical form of their lives.     been in training for the better part of
                                                                               nine months, and a fifth challenger –
                                      “We started by running just two
                                                                               FF Brent Webb.
                                      kilometres – with no equipment,”
                                      he says.                                 At the beginning of June, the Paihia
                                                                               Fire Brigade held a spit roast barbeque
                                      But they persevered, diligent with a
                                                                               to thank the community, particularly
                                      training regime that culminated in
                                                                               the sponsors, who helped them raise
                                      the Cape Brett Challenge – a daunting
                                                                               the $17,000.
                                      35kms of off road running.
                                                                               “We just wanted to say thanks to
                                      By race day – May 6, 2006 – the guys
                                                                               everyone who helped us. We couldn’t
                                      were ready to take on the Sky Tower.
                                                                               have done this without them.”
                                      In the meantime, Paihia residents had
                                                                               Paihia Volunteer Fire Brigade would
                                      been out in support of the brigade’s
                                                                               like to thank the following for
                                      fundraisers, including a garage sale
                                                                               their support: GreenPiece Fruit &
                                      and macrocarpa firewood sale.
                                                                               Vegetables, Rotary Club B.O.I,
                                      However Hughie says the brigade
                                                                               Copthorne Hotel & Resort B.O.I,
                                      really hit the jackpot with a casino
                                                                               Kauri Cliffs, Pure Tastes Ltd, Bay of
                                      night, which they ran in conjunction
                                                                               Islands Swordfish Club and the
                                      with the local Rotary Club.
                                                                               families of the team for all of the
                                      “That was in March. Until then we        time not at home.

16                     Issue No. 20

                    Here comes the son
                    When Apiti 6-year-old Caleb Jensen’s
                    house filled with smoke, he didn’t panic,
                    he just went to get Dad.
                    Dad is Malcolm, who just happens to be the Apiti
                    Malcolm and colleagues turned out to the property in
                    northern Manawatu to find Caleb had evacuated his
                    babysitter, sister and dog to the safety of a near-by
                    shed before raising the alarm.
                    The house was alright – the smoke was from the coal
                    range playing up – but it was a lesson in the value of
                    teaching kids about fire safety.
                    For his efforts, acting Western Fire Region commander
                    Mitchell Brown and VSO Tiger McCleary presented
                    Caleb with his very own level 2s.

                                                                             Picture: Manawatu Standard/Murray Wilson

                    Ladder Be
                                                                             Nothing beats the feeling of getting a new truck, so
                                                                             there are understandably a few smiles on the dials in
                                                                             Napier as they train with their new 17-metre Bronto.

                                                            The Type 4 Scania is one of 15 such trucks being delivered to stations
                                                            literally from Whangarei to Invercargill.
                                                            The Bronto is not the only new arrival for the
                                                            Hawke’s Bay brigade, although the other
                                                            has a sense of deja vu about it; CFO
                                                            Paul Baxter returns to the helm at
                                                            the conclusion of his secondment
                                                            at National Headquarters in the
                                                            Media, Promotions and
                                                            Communications team.
y Mar shall

                                                            Thanks for all the hard work, Paul.
   Pictures: Kerr

                    The New Zealand Fire Service Magazine                                                                June/July 2006   17

     Trust me, I’m a firefighter…
     For the fourth year running, it’s firefighters who come out on top of the annual Reader’s
     Digest New Zealand’s Most Trusted poll.

     Firefighters pipped ambulance officers
     and pilots to the top spot in the poll
     of thirty occupations. Last year’s
     silver and gold medallists, nurses and
     doctors, slipped two places each.
     The survey threw up some surprises,
     with people putting more faith in
     their bus driver or hairdresser than
     their religious minister, but when it
     comes to who to call on when the
     chips are down, it helps once again to
     have a red truck handy.
     The most trusted individual was Sir
     Edmund Hillary, making this
     combination of Sir Ed, Lady Hillary
     and Manukau CFO Larry Cocker
     possibly the most trusted ever to sit
     on the back of a truck.

                                                                                    Picture: Brendon O’

     New Zealand’s Most Trusted Occupations:
     1. Firefighters                16. Builders
     2. Ambulance Officers          17. Accountants
     3. Pilots                      18. Religious ministers
     4. Nurses                      19. Lawyers
     5. Doctors                     20. Domestic cleaners
     6. Pharmacists                 21. Financial planners
     7. Teachers                    22. On-the-street donation collectors
     8. Dentists                    23. CEOs
     9. Police Officers             24. Taxi drivers
     10. Judges                     25. Journalists
     11. Childcare providers        26. Real estate agents
     12. Bus/train drivers          27. Psychics
     13. Hairdressers               28. Telemarketers
     14. Chiropractors              29. Car salesmen
     15. Personal trainers          30. Politicians

18      Issue No. 20

                                        The recruit’s recruit
                                        Geoff Purcell has been national recruitment manager for just over six months,
                                        he tells Fire & Rescue the truth about training new blood.

                                        Former Tauranga SSO – now national recruitment                   Potential recruits face a cognitive test, followed by a
                                        manager – Geoff Purcell is on a mission of two halves: to        physical pre-entry test (PPT), which Geoff describes as
                                        keep the number of operational staff up to the required          “similar to the PCA – but harder”.
                                        levels in a time of relatively low unemployment, and to
                                                                                                         The PPT is followed, a few weeks later, by PAC day – a
                                        increase the diversity of a service that is no longer as white
                                                                                                         further four-and-a-half hours of testing in 20-minute stints.
                                        and homogenous as blue-top milk.
                                                                                                         At each stage potential recruits drop off, leaving the best
                                                                                                         for interviews.
                                                                                                         “We went from 720 applicants to 320 after the PPT last
                                                                                                         “People also think we make the test easier for women, but
                                                                                                         that’s not the case.
                                                                                                         “It’s true that women sometimes struggle to pass the PPT,
Pictures: Lance Lawson and Dean Treml

                                                                                                         but it goes in swings and round-abouts.
                                                                                                         “The course before last, no women
                                                                                                         passed. But last time 10 female
                                                                                                         applicants got through to the
                                                                                                         final stage of testing, with nine
                                                                                                         going on to interviews.”
                                                                                                         Where the recruitment strategy
                                                                                                         focuses on minorities is in its
                                                                                                         For instance, a Maori and Pacific
                                                                                                         festival in Porirua soon will
                                                                                                         feature a stand from the Fire
                                                                                                         Service trying to attract
                                                                                                         more brown faces for a
                                                                                                         city that is predominantly
                                                                                                         Look on the public
                                                                                                         website under recruit-
                                                                                                         ment and you will find a
                                                                                                         video designed to show
                                        It’s a fine line to walk; targeting women and recruits from      women what is involved
                                        different ethnicities can be seen as favouritism, but Geoff      in passing the PPT.
                                        is quick to dispel that idea.                                    Neither initiative will
                                        “There’s a lot of misinformation about recruitment.              give applicants the
                                                                                                         motivation or fitness
                                        “People think there’s a quota system. They also don’t
                                                                                                         to get ready for testing,
                                        understand who to contact and how to go about directing
                                                                                                         but those are the sorts
                                        an inquiry about joining.”
                                                                                                         of qualities potential
                                        First things first, says Geoff Purcell, the recruitment          firefighters should have
                                        testing programme is not soft on anyone, and only the            anyway, Geoff says.
                                        best get through.                                                                                                        Munro          ent
                                                                                                                                                         Angela s a recr uitm
                                                                                                                                                         pre  sent        b site.
                                                                                                                                                                   the we
                                                                                                                                                          film on
                                        To get a paid firefighter application go to or call 0800 FIRE RECRUIT
                                                                                                                 (347 373)
                                        The New Zealand Fire Service Magazine                                                                        June/July 2006              19
     Fun & Games

     Wheel meet again

                                                                 There were some neat wheels on display at a Rangitikei
                                                                 open day recently. All the emergency services had a
                                                                 display, demonstrating safety tips and techniques, but
                                                                 the kids (including the older ones) were distracted by
     There are many good points                                  some of the other sights.

     about being a firefighter…

     Too cool for school

                                                                                                                             Pictures: Taup
     …the pride in service, the adrenaline of a call-out, the

                                                                                                                                  o Times
     life-long friends, but the best perk has to be getting to
     drive everywhere in a fire truck.
     Which is why Wairakei School’s idea for an “arrive at
     school in style day” – the idea being to find a method of
     conveyance to be the envy of your school mates – is so
     suited to a firefighter.

                                                                                             On the day in question
                                                                                             there were motorbikes,
                                                                                             freight trucks and all
                                                                                             manner of transport
                                                                                             options, but the kids all
                                                                                             went flocking to Kevin
                                                                                             Congdon and his big red
                                                                                             truck from Taupo…until
                                                                                             this little girl turned up in
                                                                                             her helicopter.

20      Issue No. 20
                                                                                                                                              Fun & Games

                                                               Under the mountain
                                                                   The third annual Toughest Firefighter Around (the Mountain)
                                                                  competition brought out the best in South Taranaki firefighters.

                                                The competition was held on                sledgehammer; run 100 metres;
                                                Mothers’ Day, May 14, which                negotiate an obstacle course
                                                attracted some comment from                comprising a pipe, fence and dummy-
                                                spouses denied breakfast in bed by         drag; carry an extinguisher, and run
                                                a record number of entries in the          30 metres of hose over the shoulder
                                                event.                                     from a truck – all done against the
                                                                                           The competition is performed while
                                                                                           dressed from the waist up in full level
                                                                                           2s with BA set (minus the mask, so as
                                                                                           not to disguise the looks of anguish).
Pictures: Dave Rielly and Taranaki Daily News

                                                                                           The Taranaki weather had its say
                                                                                           during the day and the final few
                                                                                           competitors had to add slippery
                                                                                           ground and torrential rain to the list
                                                                                           of obstacles, but all performed with
                                                                                           great spirit.                                                                   t, Oakura
                                                                                                                                                             cer Craig Scot
                                                                                                                                           Chief Fire Offi

                                                                                                                                     Andrew Meuli (Okaiawa) won the
                                                                                                                                     overall title, having been bridesmaid
                                                                                                                                     at the previous two TFA(TM) events.
                                                                                                                                     He notched up a time of 4 minutes
                                                                                                                                     52 seconds.
                                                          Nicola Evan                                                                Two-time defending champ Dennis
                                                                     s, Stratford
                                                                                                                                     Gibbon (Eltham) had to settle for
                                                                                                                                     second, with 5 minutes 3 seconds
                                                Twenty-eight firefighters and one
                                                                                                                                     his time.
                                                ambulance officer (New Plymouth’s
                                                Rob Berry) took part at Corbett Park,                                                Nicola Evans (Stratford) was the
                                                Oakura.                                                                              fastest woman, just three seconds
                                                                                                                                     ahead of Jo Scott (Oakura).
                                                The competition was its usual
                                                gruelling self, with competitors in                                                  For the first time, three crews had
                                                five divisions required to undertake                                                 three or more competitors (Oakura,
                                                the following: run two deliveries                                                    Eltham and Manaia), allowing a team
                                                of 70mm flaked hose (branches                                                        challenge to be thrown into the mix.
                                                attached); carry a 25kg weight;                                                      Hosts Oakura – able to draw on
                                                climb a ladder and raise a                                                            12 entrants – won hands down.
                                                drum of foam to a six metre                                                             While it might not be on Mothers’
                                                platform; hit a block of                                                                 Day, it will be on again next
                                                wood 50 times with a                                                                      year, so get training!

                                                                                    Rowan Oldfield, Oakura

                                                The New Zealand Fire Service Magazine                                                                           June/July 2006         21
     Fun & Games

     Here to play
     An Auckland firefighter proves winners make their own luck.
                                                                                         New Zealand’s 2006 Women’s Rugby
     Rochelle Martin knows how to win.        Fire Service to take credit for            World Cup dates:
     The captain of Auckland’s women’s        Rochelle’s 2005 achievements, but
     national provincial championship         the player disagreed.                      Vs. Canada, August 31
     rugby team has never presided over
                                              “The Fire Service can take credit          Vs. Samoa, September 4
     a defeat.
                                              because of all the support I’ve had to
     In fact, the last time her team lost a   achieve my goals in rugby.”                Vs. Scotland, September 8
     match under anyone’s watch was
                                              Support ranged from time off to play       Semi final, September 12
     more than 10 years ago when
                                              overseas (the World Cup will take
     Rochelle was playing for Wellington.                                                Final, September 17
                                              Rochelle out of Otahuhu green watch

                                                                                                                               Pictures: Lance Lawson and the New Zealand Herald
     Her other team isn’t doing too bad       for six weeks) to help training and
     either. The Black Ferns will defend      just the odd pat on the back.
     the rugby world cup in Edmonton,
                                              If Rochelle is given the chance to
     Canada, in August and September
                                              repeat the privilege of captaining
     this year, hoping for a hat-trick of
                                              New Zealand this year, it will
                                              mean both men’s and women’s teams
     But 2005 was special, with the flanker   are led by the player wearing
     captaining New Zealand to a 33-8         number 7.
     whipping of England in a test at Eden
                                              Whether or not that happens,
     Park in the absence of regular leader
                                              Rochelle – who has been
     Farah Palmer and then claiming the
                                              talking about retiring from
     New Zealand and Auckland Woman
                                              rugby since 2002, but
     Player of the Year titles.
                                              keeps turning out –
     And recently, the 33-year-old added      clearly has the attitude
     another win to her already impressive    to succeed.
     CV – taking out the Fire Service
                                              Here’s what she said
     Sportsperson of the Year Award for
                                              after Auckland beat
     the second time.
                                              Canterbury in the
     She and powerlifter Derek Pomana         national provincial
     are the only two-time winners of the     final last year:
                                              “We’re not pros but
     At the presentation of the award in      we’re here to play. We’re
     Wellington, Dame Margaret Bazley         high achievers in our
     hinted that it was a bit cheeky of the   area. We strive for that.”

        SPORTS                         Ohakune Ski Racing              New Zealand Trout
                                                                       Fishing Tournament
                                                                                                         Sth Island Basketball
        COUNCIL                        Ohakune
                                       August 3 & 4, 2006              Turangi • August 21 – 24, 2006    Waimate
        Event Calendar                 Email:                          Email:                            August 26 – 28, 2006

        Entry forms and contacts for some events are available online at Firenet or

22      Issue No. 20
                                                                                           Fun & Games

 The Fire Service National Volleyball Tournament
 was held at the Wellington College Sports Hall,
 Wellington on April 20 & 21.
 By CFO Jon Graham

 Eighteen teams from as far afield as Whangarei competed
 in the event that has become an annual fixture for many
 participants. This year’s event was hosted by the
 Wellington District, assisted by Wellington College,
 Capital City Volleyball and many local businesses,
 bars and manufacturers.
 Teams from Whangarei, Auckland, Tauranga, New
 Plymouth, the Hutt Valley, National Headquarters
 and Wellington competed. ‘A’ grade was won by
 Whangarei ‘A’, the ‘B’ (or open) grade by “Bring
 Back the Funk” from Wellington, while “Hair of the
 Old Dogs” from Lower Hutt scooped the treasured
 social grade trophy.
 A smaller venue than usual boosted the festive
 atmosphere. Teams and many onlookers crowded in
 to partake in yelling, shouting and musical interludes.
 SFF Vern Greenham entertained the crowds with his
 trumpet while SFF Spencer Greenham provided
 percussion support. The only injury was to SFF Clark
 Tasker from Wellington who is consigned to a leg brace
 and six months off work due to ruptured knee tendons.
 Get well soon, Clark !!
 All participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the
 three Auckland firefighters (and two Auckland regional
 staff) who attended will try to inspire some interest from
 personnel in New Zealand’s biggest city in hosting the
 event in 2007. The challenge is for Auckland firefighters
 to support a superb, fun and morale raising Fire Service

National Rugby Tournament                            National Ski Championships          Indoor Rowing
Dunedin • September 15 & 16, 2006                    Treble Cone, Wanaka                 Competition
(15-a-side, 10-a-side and Golden Oldies)             September 18 – 21, 2006             Dunedin
Contact: Peter Leckie, 03 489 7999 or                                                    September 30, 2006
021 137 6616 Email:                                             Email:
                                                     or visit

                            To list your sporting event on this space please send details to:

     The New Zealand Fire Service Magazine                                                             June/July 2006     23

     Paul Hunter
     19/01/1932 – 27/04/2006

     Paul Hunter joined the Point Howard Brigade in 1974 and retired
     from service 18 years later holding the rank of Station Officer. For
     much of this time Paul was also a member of the Petone Fire Brigade
     turning out during the working week for them. Both of Paul’s sons
     Dave and Rob followed him into the Fire Service and also served for
     many years at the Point Howard and Petone stations.
     Paul will always be remembered for his resourcefulness at a time
     when volunteer brigades were under-equipped and under-funded.
     He organised the building of numerous bits of gear for the old Point
     Howard appliance and also acquired resuscitation equipment at a
     time when many appliances did not carry it.
     Paul succumbed to a terminal illness aged 74.

     Eni Toafa                                                               Don Cowper
     03/02/1957 – 02/06/2006                                                 Died 05/06/2006

     Eni has been a valued staff member of the Fire Service for 18 years     A well-travelled North Island fire-
     starting with us in July 1988. As a member of the Human Resources       fighter, Don served in the Helensville,
                                             team Eni coordinated the        Matamata, Kaponga and Katikati
                                             medical and security            volunteer fire brigades. He made
                                              screening process for all      Deputy Chief at Kaponga and
                                              permanent and volunteer        Katikati.
                                              recruits.                      He also found time to be the secretary
                                                Eni will be greatly missed   of the Auckland Provincial Gold Star
                                                by all her colleagues here   Association for a number of years and
                                                at the Fire Service.         was Past President of the same
                                                 Eni’s funeral was held at
                                                 the North City Apostolic    Don’s funeral was at the Seddon Park
                                                 Church in Porirua.          Funeral Home in Hamilton on June 9.

     Jim Morrison
     01/01/1931 – 04/04/2006

     Jim joined the Eastbourne Fire Brigade in Lower Hutt in
     1955, eventually becoming a third officer.
     A keen sportsman and artist, Jim was heavily involved in
     firefighters’ competitions in an era when these were fiercely
     He was given full brigade honours at his funeral on April 11.

24      Issue No. 20
                       By order of the Fire Service Commission

                               Notices                     pages 26–27
                               Appointments                pages 28–29

                               Notices for the Fire Service Gazette should
                               be emailed to:

Fire Service Gazette                                                         June/July 2006   25

     Notice N0: 82 William Hanna Estate Gift
                        Local fire safety education/promotions work
                        Invitation to submit projects for funding
     Mr William Hanna, a retired civil servant, left a gift in his will to the New Zealand Fire Service to use “for its
     charitable purposes”. The gift is an annual payment from a trust administered by the Public Trust Office.
     The Chief Executive has decided to use the gift to fund local fire safety education projects.
     The amount available this year is $1300.
     All brigades (paid, volunteer, and composite) are invited to apply to use the amount received for a local fire
     safety education project. The Director Media, Promotions and Communications will consider applications and
     decide on which projects to fund.
     In order to be considered for funding, projects must:
        • Meet the charitable purpose of being educational
        • Contribute to the national fire safety promotion objectives
        • Give a defined benefit to the community served by the brigade
        • Be timed to be completed by 30 June 2007
        • Have a detailed budget showing how the funds will be spent
     Applications can be made for part or all of the funds available.
     Applications must be made in writing detailing how the project will meet the above requirements and sent to the
     following address:
       William Hanna Fire Safety Promotion
       New Zealand Fire Service Headquarters
       P O Box 2133
        Attention: Amber Ryan
     The closing date for receipt of applications is Friday 18 August 2006. Any queries regarding the application
     process should be directed to Debbie Barber, ph: (04) 470-3310 or

     Notice No: 83 Waitara Volunteer Fire Brigade Centennial
     Waitara Volunteer Fire Brigade centenary celebrations are planned for Labour Weekend 2010.
     Register your interest in attending by post to: Centenary Convenor, Waitara Fire Brigade, Grey Street Waitara
     or Email to

     Notice No: 84 Featherston Volunteer Fire Brigade Centennial
                        November 10 – 12, 2006
     A celebration is to be held for all past and present members of the Featherston Volunteer Fire Brigade who
     have served for five years or more.
     For further information, contact: Centennial Secretary Toots Boswell, PO Box 110, Featherston
     Ph: (06) 308 6155


Notice No: 85 Guidelines for recruiting and training volunteer firefighters under age 18
The following guidelines have been drawn up by a group comprising members of the UFBA, volunteer CFOs,
volunteer firefighters and representatives from the Fire Service.
The guidelines aim to provide a safe introduction to the Fire Service for these young people while encouraging
their ongoing involvement. Additionally a parental consent form has been written to cover our legal obligations
when recruiting under 18 year olds.
   1. Where possible it is recommended training to operational status for under 18 firefighters could be
      individually tailored to the young person based on the assessment of their maturity and mental and
      emotional readiness, by nominated and senior members of the brigade. It is generally thought to be
      better that young people spend as much time as possible being supervised in non-operational roles
      before progressing through basic training.
   2. Young firefighters under age 18 should not be actively involved with MVAs until they have passed the
      appropriate course. Attendance at this course should be delayed until they are deemed by senior brigade
      staff to be emotionally and mentally capable of dealing with stressful incidents.
   3. It would be preferable for brigades to assign a senior staff member to act as a buddy, supervisor or
      mentor to each young firefighter to assist them in the early years of training and work with the brigade.
      This mentor would also liaise with the young person’s parents or caregivers. Mentors will themselves
      need some form of supervision (which could be informal) by the CFO of the brigade.
It is expected unless there are good reasons to the contrary that the accompanying consent form needs to be
understood and signed by all parents or caregivers to all applicants to the volunteer fire service under age 18.

Notice No: 86 K99 on DVD
K99, the quarterly Fire Service video, is available as a DVD. If you would prefer to receive your copy as a DVD,
contact your region admin manager and ask them to change your order.
K99 will continue to be available as a video for stations that do not have a DVD player. You can have one or
the other.

Notice No: 87 POLHR 6.3 Personnel Facing Legal Action Policy
A policy covering processes for Personnel Facing Legal Action has been approved by the NZFS Commission
following the standard consultation process.
The new policy is available to all personnel on FireNet.

Notice No: 88 POLHR 6.7 Visual Display Unit (VDU) – Eyesight Testing/Reimbursement Policy
An new Visual Display Unit (VDU) – Eyesight Testing/Reimbursement Policy has been approved by the NZFS
Commission following the standard consultation process.
It supercedes ‘P’ circular P94/14.
The new policy is available to all personnel on FireNet.

Fire Service Gazette                                                                              June/July 2006   27

     Vacancy    Position Filled                        Person             Proposed     Previous Position Held
                                                       Appointed          Start Date
     .          CBRE Development Team Project          Denis              5 June 06    Chief Fire Officer North
                Member, NHQ                            O’Donoghue                      Shore District
     .          Deputy Chief Fire Officer,             Peter Ford         .            Station Officer, Kaponga
                Kaponga Fire Brigade                                                   Volunteer Fire Brigade
     .          Deputy Chief Fire Officer,             Greg Rendall       .            Station Officer, Thames
                Thames Volunteer Fire                                                  Volunteer Fire Brigade
     .          Senior Station Officer,                Shane Rutherford   .            Station Officer
                Beachlands Volunteer Fire Brigade
     .          Station Officer,                       John Bowen         .            Senior Firefighter, Bulls
                Bulls Volunteer Fire Brigade                                           Volunteer Fire Brigade
     10/2006    Communicator Part-time,                Stephanie Boyd     20 Feb       .
     - 3031B    Northern Communications Centre
     14/2006    Fire Safety Officer,                   Kevin Holmes       8 May        Deputy Chief Fire Officer,
     - 8006     Bay/Waikato Fire Region                                                Raglan Volunteer Fire Brigade
     17/2006    Station Officer,                       Ken Lousley        22 May       Senior Firefighter, Auckland
                Auckland City Central Fire District,                                   City Central Fire District
                Auckland Fire Region
     17/2006    Station Officer,                       Lyall Kennedy      18 May       Senior Firefighter, Waitakere
                Auckland City Central Fire District,                                   City Fire District
                Auckland Fire Region
     176/2005   Communicator,                          Sarah Bowles       23 Feb       .
     - 3142     Northern Communications Centre
     18/2006    Station Officer,                       Chris Todd         20 Feb       Senior Firefighter, Auckland
                Auckland City Central Fire District,                                   City Central Fire District
                Auckland Fire Region
     18/2006    Station Officer,                       Brad Mosby         20 May       Senior Firefighter, Auckland
                Auckland City Central Fire District,                                   City Central Fire District
                Auckland Fire Region
     19/2006    Station Officer,                       Graham Grace       26 May       Station Officer, Auckland
                Manukau Fire District,                                                 City East Fire District
                Auckland Fire Region
     20/2006    Station Officer,                       Dave McKeown       30 May       Senior Firefighter, Manukau
                Manukau Fire District,                                                 Fire District
                Auckland Fire Region
     21/2006    Station Officer,                       Mark Griffin       28 May       Senior Firefighter, Manukau
                Auckland City Central Fire District,                                   Fire District
                Auckland Fire Region


 Vacancy         Position Filled                        Person               Proposed     Previous Position Held
                                                        Appointed            Start Date
 21/2006         Station Officer,                       Ross Leadley         30 May       Senior Firefighter,
                 Auckland City Central Fire District,                                     Auckland City East Fire
                 Auckland Fire Region                                                     District
 22/2006         Station Officer,                       Doug Lyell           18 May       Senior Firefighter,
                 North Shore Fire District,                                               Silverdale Fire District
                 Auckland Fire Region
 23/2006         Fire Safety Officer,                   Terry Glass          26 May       Senior Firefighter,
                 Education & Youth Awareness,                                             Manukau Fire Brigade
                 Southern Fire Region
 41/2006         Senior Information Officer,            Kate Morrison-       19 Jun       .
 - 3059          NHQ                                    Smith
 49/2006         Firefighter,                           Kate Payne           17 Jun       Senior Firefighter,
                 Dunedin City Fire Brigade,                                               Napier Fire Brigade
                 Southern Fire Region
 51/2006         Senior Communications Adviser,         Susan Grant-         22 May       Senior Communications
 - 2021          NHQ                                    Mackie                            Adviser, NZFS (Temporary
  .              Chief Fire Officer,                    Donald Paul          10 Jun       Deputy Chief Fire Officer,
                 Southbridge Fire District              McMillan                          Southbridge Fire District
  .              Deputy Chief Fire Officer,             Peter Daymond        29 May       Senior Station Officer,
                 Eastern Fire Region                                                      Pahiatua Volunteer Fire
  .              Senior Station Officer,                Jeff O’Sullivan                   Station Officer,
                 Kawakawa Bay Volunteer Fire Brigade                                      Kawakawa Bay Volunteer
                                                                                          Fire Brigade
 21/2006         Station Officer,                       Martin Campbell      22 May       Station Officer,
                 North Shore Fire District,                                               Auckland City East Fire
                 Auckland Fire Region                                                     District
 33/2006         Training Development Adviser           Angela de Villiers   22 May       .
                 (Auckland), PDU NHQ
 36/2006         Senior Station Officer,                Dennis O’Leary       To be        Senior Station Officer
                 Hastings Fire Brigade,                                      confirmed    (Acting), Hastings Fire
                 Eastern Fire Region                                                      Brigade
  .              Station Officer,                       Shaun Wooller        .            Senior Firefighter,
                 Waitara Volunteer Fire Brigade                                           Waitara Volunteer Fire

Fire Service Gazette                                                                                     June/July 2006   29
Picture: Iain McGregor, Waikato Times

                                                           Published June 2006

                                                  By the New Zealand Fire Service
                                                  Media, Promotions & Communications
          The New Zealand Fire Service Magazine    National Headquarters, Wellington
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                           Give us your feedback on Fire & Rescue
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